For a Few Simoleans More - Part II
Published Jul 31, 2009

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Carlos Diaz and Maria Villa escaped to Pleasantville, thanks to the kindness of Hesther Fortesque-Smythe. What or who they were running from was known only to them and to Hesther. A few days after arrival they were wed. Father Michael Oakley was happy to officiate.

Carlos Diaz and Maria Villa escaped to Pleasantville, thanks to the kindness of Hesther Fortesque-Smythe. What or who they were running from was known only to them and to Hesther. A few days after arrival they were wed. Father Michael Oakley was happy to officiate. The two took up an offer of employment from the Fortesque-Smythe's, tending to the household and minding their children. But it soon became clear why they had been in a hurry to get married...Maria was expecting a child of her own! So after the baby Elvira's first birthday they left their positions with their rich benefactors. Hesther arranged for Carlos to take the job of head chef with the Sim City Hotel, owned by the Philip Rich. They rented a little house in the valley and they were happy. Little Elvira grew.. ...and grew. Everything seemed to be going well for the Diaz family... ...but when the deeds of the hotel changed hands the new owner, Mr. Landgrabb, hired a less talented chef at half the wages. Which meant he could give Carlos the sack. Carlos was not the only Pleasantville resident out of work. The stock market crash had affected the economy badly and every company was laying people off. Maria and Elvira (who was now not so little) gladly accepted the charity of Guillermo and Lorena Hernandez. Guillermo was lucky enough to have found work with Langrabb construction after moving from a little town over the border. "That was a delicious dinner Mrs. Hernandez. What was the recipe?" asked Elvira. "Let's see, it was an old recipe your grandmother gave me..." "You knew my Grandmama? What was she like? Mother will never speak of her."
"Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned her. Um...blackened"
"It's alright Lorena. I haven't heard from my family since we left Pueblo Curioso. I hope she is well." sighed Maria.
"...first you must catch your catfish..."
"Lorena! How is my mother?"
"She is a patient with Dr. Noble in the city asylum..." Lorena mumbled.
"The asylum! How did she..." Maria trailed off.
"I met her a few months ago outside the grounds of the Castro family. It had been all over town that she had married Ignacio Castro."
"Mama married that brute! How could she?" spluttered Maria.
"We had assumed it was for the family's fortune, but she told me otherwise. She had married Castro and bore him a child to stop him looking for you Maria. You were all he talked about, but Tia distracted him as best she could." "Poor Grandma...her name was Tia? And I have an Uncle or Aunt that I didn't know about! How did Grandma end up in the asylum?" blurted Elvira.
"Well, she had never been the same since your Grandpa, Leandro, died. She was not of sound mind...poor thing...Ignacio grew tired of her attempts to entertain him and had her committed here."
"Did he bring her himself?" asked Maria.
"I believe so." replied Lorena.
"He came that close to finding us then?"
"I visited Tia when I heard what happened. She told me she threw a fit, put on a grand show, to embarass Ignacio into running back to Pueblo Curioso." Lorena giggled.
"Gracias Mama..." whispered Maria.
Maria resolved to see her mother and later that evening took Elvira to the asylum.

"Why was Ignacio Castro looking for you Mother?" asked Elvira.

Maria didn't answer for a moment.
"The Castros were ruthless. They ruined my family. And your father's family. We ran away from their home many years ago with the help of a kind stranger. We had to leave Papa's parents and my mother behind...and we could never contact them. I don't know how I will feel seeing Mama again." "This place is a little scary..." Elvira shuddered.
"It relies on charity...not something people think about in such hard times."
"What about the patients?"
"It may be frightening Elvira, but are going to meet your Grandma!"
"We are here to see Tia Castro." announced Elvira. "Ah yes. Tia is feeling well this evening. I will take you to the day room." said the night nurse. "Who is there?" Tia was a lot older than Maria remembered. Her face was full of wrinkles and there was a tiredness about her. But she was still beautiful. "Mother it is Maria. And I have brought your grandaughter, Elvira."
"Pleased to meet you Grandma."

Tia didn't respond.
"Mama please...after all this time...haven't you anything to say to me?" "I married that man...Ignacio Castro, because of you. I had a child with him to keep him away from you. And when he finished with me he dumped me here like a piece of garbage. Still I had to play the mad woman to keep him from you...I hope you are grateful."
"Of course...more than you will ever allowed me such happiness. And you have made such sacrifices..."
"I love you Maria. That is why I tried so hard to protect you...but I am angry for the sacrifice...after what they did to your father. I know it is not your fault didn't ask for this...but I cannot embrace you. I'm sorry." "Let us leave Grandma in peace..." Maria was crying.
"Of course Mama."
So they left the nursery and returned home. Little Carlito was happy to see his big sister.
Elvira put him in the crib, tucked him in and then went to bed herself full of thoughts about Grandma and the Castros.
The next day Elvira had returned from school. She was playing with Jose, her other brother, in the yard. Two girls approached them. She had never seen them in this neighbourhood. They looked quite well to do. "Pleased to meet you miss." said Elvira to the girl in the delightful hat as they shook hands. "My name is Meadow and this is Evita. I am head girl at the Sim City School for Girls and I wanted to welcome you to our school."
"The private school? There must be some mistake. We can't afford the fees there." replied Elvira.
"Nonsense, you are Elvira Diaz, yes?" Meadow said dismissively.
"Then you are to start school on Monday...."
"...Evita only started last week and I thought you two could be friends. Discover the school together."
"I am quite social." added Evita, "I will introduce you to everyone I know. I'm sure we will be best friends!"
"Mother! The strangest thing just happened. A girl from the private school in the city said - "
"I know."
"You do?"
"Yes. You have a visitor."
"Who is it?"
"You should know that you don't have to see him. Guillermo and the Hernandez boys can be here in two minutes."
"Who is it Mama?"
"I should have told you long ago...Ignacio Castro is your real father. He is on the roof terrace."
"Then Papi is not..."
"He has been your father for fifteen years. Castro can never be half the man the Carlos Diaz is!"
"...I think...I would like to speak to him."
"How can you! After what he did to my father! What your grandmother went through to protect us from that family!"
"Mama I just want to speak to him! He is my real father whether you like it or not!"
"Don't you care what he did to ME?"
"I just want to speak to my father! You cannot stop me!"
"Very well. I shall have nothing to do with this. Please ask him to leave when you have finished."
"And please...Elvira...remember my husband. He is your father, not that monster." "I will decide for myself."
"So ungrateful! I want nothing from him, tell him that, nothing!"
Sitting quietly on the roof terrace was a grand looking older gentleman. Elvira approached her father. "Senor Castro? I am Elvira."
"Ah like your mother. I have wished to see you for fifteen years. When Mrs. Fortesque-Smythe stopped coming for my music lessons I made enquiries. I found out about your mother's pregnancy and knew that you were my child. Your grandmother made sure it was difficult to find you. Anyone who emigrated to Pleasantville was warned to keep your prescence a secret."
"I will not ask forgiveness for what I have done to your mother's family. Or to the family of the man you call Papi, Senor Diaz. I do not deserve it. Every citizen of Pueblo Curioso is waiting for the day of my death. They will never forgive my family for the way they ran that town. And they should not.
I cannot atone for what I have done. All I wanted was to see your beautiful face."
"What about the Sim City School for Girls...did you pay for that?"
"Your education is secure. My daughter will not have poor schooling."
"You believe you can buy my affection?"
"No! I say I do not ask forgiveness and I do not ask for love. But you are the daughter of a rich man and should be living as such. If you wish, you may come back to Pueblo Curioso and live with all the trappings of wealth...servants, fine clothes, fine food."
"My mother will not accept."
"This is not her is yours."
"My family is more important to me than riches Senor. I cannot accept this. My father is Carlos Diaz...I love him." "You are a better person than I...not tempted by riches or darkened by vanity. Your mother must be proud."
"My mother is very angry with me for speaking with you. She wants nothing to do with you, but I had to meet you."
"I do not blame your mother for this...but you must attend your new school...and you must convince her to accept one thing...she must be recompensed somehow."
And what recompense it was! A grand villa over the Pleasantville bridge. It was peaceful. Maria leapt into Carlos' arms with joy. "Mama changed her mind very quickly Carlito. Yes she did. Si, si, si..." "Mama can never forgive Ignacio." replied Maria, "But she will accept his conpensation. He has set us free, we can ask no more than that."
"Cara mia...can I put you down now?" asked Carlos.
So the weeks passed, and the Diaz family were happy in their new home. Carlos had found work waiting tables and Elvira did go to the Sim City School for Girls though some of them laughed at her cheap clothes. When they were sitting down to dinner they received a phone call...
"Yes Carlos, it is me. We have not spoken for so many years...there is too much to tell you now. The reason I am able to contact you is beacuse the Castros are dead. I wish your father were here to see this day."
"Papa is...?"
"Yes son, I'm afraid so...but the news I must tell you first, because it concerns your child..."
"...Igancio is dead. He had been sick for some time, that is why he wanted to find Elvira so urgently. His father and mother passed away some years ago but the scourge of Pueblo Curioso is finished. We are free once more.
Senor Castro left instruction that Elvira was to come after the funeral. He was buried today with just two mourners and a priest. I would like you to escort your daughter Carlos, I would so like to see you again."
Carlos quietly told his wife the news.
"...I think it would be better if you told her." he whispered, "Perhaps the argument between you can be put to rest."
Maria agreed.
"Elvira...daughter...I do not wish to argue with you any longer. Ignacio Castro is dead. He asked that you go to Pueblo Curioso for the reading of his will. I shall not stand in your is your inheritance, not mine." "Forgive me mother!" she sobbed, "I don't know why I cry for him."
"Hush daughter. He showed you only kindness and nothing of El Diablo who surely lived inside him...but that is my prejudice. He sought to redeem himself through you. No one will think ill of you for mourning your father."
"But Carlos Diaz is my father."
"Now there will be no doubt in the matter." Maria smiled softly.
After a few hours journey by carriage they arrived at La Villa del Castro. Mama Diaz greeted them at the door.
"I am so happy to see you Elvira, so much like your mother!" exclaimed Blanca.
"More than either of them like to admit!" added Carlos.
"Carlos! This is a sad day for your daughter. Show some respect." she admonished.
"Forgive me Mama. I am so happy to see you after all these years."
"And I son...come...we will talk more later, but we must attend the reading of the will."
Waiting inside for them was a familiar face...
"Welcome to my father's house, it seems we will not only be school friends."
" are my aunt?"
"Let us not think of it like that. We are also sisters! I know I can bear high school with my sister by my side."
"I am sorry for the passing of your father."
"He was o u r father Elvira. We will remember him today as a generous man. He will bestow kindness on us both, I am sure of it." "Elvira, this gentleman is Senor Crumplebottom. He was the lawyer of your father these past few years and the executor of his estate." "Thank you Madam...Senor Castro tried to divide his wealth as fairly as he could. He wished to give recompense for past Blanca Diaz, for serving him against your will and doing so quietly and efficiently he gives 1000 simoleans. For raising Evita to be a fine young woman he awards you her guardianship and the deeds to the house. The deeds are to be passed to Evita on the day of her 18th birthday." "To Carlos Diaz he leaves the sum of 2000 simoleans, as Maria Diaz would never accept. In recompense of the atrocities toward her family and so that they should never again live as fugitives. "
"Por Dios! I can open my own restaurant with that money!"
"Shh Papa! That is Mama's money."
"And to Elvira Diaz...the fees will be paid anually for the Sim City School for Girls. There is also a trust fund to see you through college that you will recieve on your 17th birthday..." "...additionally, all his monetary wealth he leaves to you Elvira." "What!? No! That belongs to Evita. He has been more than generous to my family." ... "Ah...Evita Castro, yes...your father wished you to know that he loved you though he may not have shown it. He wanted to teach you the value of money. He has left you all his property, bonds, stocks and shares in trust. The equity will be released to you anually and should be sufficient for your needs. The entire sum of these will be passed to you or sold on and the profits given after your 21st birthday." "How am I supposed to run all Papa's businesses and manage his land? I'm just a child! With money I could hire staff to manage these but I must run them all myself...and what do I know? I shall not be able to study! My education is ruined!" cried Evita.
"No! I want to hear nothing from you!"
"Papa favoured you! I knew it. He loved your mother and not mine. He never loved me despite what he said. He has given an easy life to his favourite daughter!"
"I will - "
"I have nothing more to say..." "What do I do Grandma? I'm not interested in the money, I would give it all to Evita if she would let me."
"No dear. She would not accept that. You should know something about Evita..."
"...When she was born Ignacio and Tia were very happy. For a little while, they were almost a proper family..." "...But Tia soon sank back into depression and Ignacio resumed his quest to find you and your mother. Evita was all but forgotten..." "...because everyone was afraid of the Castros, no one would make friends with her. I would always find her with all the expensive toys - playing alone..." "...I think for a long time I was her only companion..." "Poor Evita...we never had much money at my house, but we always had eachother...what should I do?" "More than anything else she needs a friend. Don't take your love away if she loses her temper. I know you will find a solution. I think she is in the den." Elvira found Evita in the den and waited patiently for her half sister to break the silence.
"I don't want to speak to you." Evita sighed.
"I will wait." replied Elvira.
"You can offer me your money...I don't want it."
"I'm not going to give you my money. I want to share it with you. If we share the money and the responsibility of the businesses then we can both finish our schooling."
"You will help me with the businesses...with the property and the land? Hiring...firing and...and...I don't even know what else there would be for us to do..."
"We can do it together. That's what sisters are for."
"Truly Elvira, the greatest gift my father left me was my sister."
"Money is never as important as family."


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#2candy820Jul 14, 2009

Great story! I enjoyed reading it.\:D 

#3Sa*Jul 15, 2009

i love weddings ;D

#4MangioJul 15, 2009

I enjoyed this part. \:wub\: Great screenshots and i hope the sisters will became best friends. \:\)

#5dreamjuiceJul 16, 2009

Such a sweet story. I admire your creativity.

#6TUTULAJul 18, 2009

Great story\:wub\: well done\:rah\:

#7madkitty13Jul 20, 2009

I liked the moral \:\)

#8muggelx1Jul 24, 2009

very good story \:\)

#9bethjones1116Aug 1, 2009

Nice story.

#10madeaAug 29, 2009

Interesting story. good job.

#11queenmarci8284Sep 27, 2009

Really well done!

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