Where Does Her Heart Lie
Published Jul 21, 2009

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This is my first story. The first chapter in a story, hopefully, if this one goes over well. Some intro stuff, the story is focusing around Shannon and her wandering heart. She is torn between lovers and its causing some turmoil in her life. She has built a life with Derek, they have kids a big house, nice cars, financial security (you know the typical 'American Dream'). But she has been growing more and more attached to Melody, a long time friend of hers who is engaged to a brute named Jeremy.

This is my first story. The first chapter in a story, hopefully, if this one goes over well. Some intro stuff, the story is focusing around Shannon and her wandering heart. She is torn between lovers and its causing some turmoil in her life. She has built a life with Derek, they have kids a big house, nice cars, financial security (you know the typical 'American Dream'). But she has been growing more and more attached to Melody, a long time friend of hers who is engaged to a brute named Jeremy. Derek: Have I told you today how much I love you.

Shannon: Hmmm, perhaps, but you know how much I enjoy hearing it

Derek: Well I love you more than a gangster loves his bling, how do you like that?

Shannon: Ha, ha. I like it just fine. What do you have going on today?

Derek: Was going to get some fishing in, visit the art museum, come home do some gardening. Just another regular day. What about you beautiful?

Shannon: I haven't decided yet. I should be home before the kids get out of school though. Maybe I will even cook tonight.

Derek: Somebody call the Vatican, its the miracle.

Shannon: Hush up fool. Give me kisses and I'll see you later.
Shannon had no idea what the day was going to have in store for her. How it was going to start with I love you's and end in so much anger and mistrust. At the moment all that was on her mind was finding an empty bench in her favorite park to sit on and just enjoy the beauty of the day. She sat there reading with the ambiance of nature as her soundtrack. The surroundings were so peaceful and the book so engrossing that time started to fly by. It was already lat in the afternoon, almost time for nightfall. She couldn't believe she had let time get away from her like that. She was getting up to leave the park and hurry home to her kids and her fiance when her cell rang. Shannon: Mushi, Mushi

Melody: You are so silly.

Shannon: Melody, oh my goodness its so good to hear from you. How have you been?

Melody: Pregnant.

Shannon: What, again. I can't believe you're just telling me. Why have we let so much time pass between meeting.

Melody: Life got to us I guess.

Shannon: Well what's up?

Melody: Was wondering what you were up to?

Shannon: Nothing right now, want me to come over, we could catch up and I could see you all barefoot and pregnant.

Melody: Ha, ha. Sure, I would like that a lot.
So she hopped in her car and drove to her old friends house. She found herself getting strangely excited. Butterflies were beginning to flap around in her belly. Shannon didn't understand these feelings, but it made her feel energized and she liked it. Shannon: Look at you, you're glowing. Your belly is getting so big.

Melody: Ha, Ha don't remind me. When I look like this Jeremy barely even notices me. Its like he forgets I exist. Then the baby comes, and we are all a happy family again.

Shannon: You don't have to stand for that Melody. You deserve so much better. You're beautiful, funny, intelligent, caring, the perfect woman.
Melody: Why are you always so good to me?

Shannon: Why? Well, I don't know, because you don't deserve any less than the very best someone has to give you... and I...

Melody: And you?

Shannon: And I shouldn't say this to you, but I can't keep it to myself anymore. I think I love you Melody. I've been having these feelings, these thoughts... I want too... can I just..
Melody: No, wait. What about Derek? Jeremy? The children? We can't do this to them, we can't be this selfish.

Shannon: Why do you always have to think so much, talk so much, always try and be so logical and make so much sense. Can't you just this once give in, let yourself have something. Put yourself and your desires above everyone else... just this once.

Melody: You can't do this Shannon, we can't do this.

Shannon: Please! Just shut up
So Melody shut up, and for the first time in her life she let herself go. Shannon embraced her, and kissed her for the very first time, soft and sweet. It was so beautiful, so tender, so full of uninhibited passion that it transcended Shannon and Melody's field of comprehension. They both felt that something almost otherworldly had just taken place. Melody: Um... May I speak now?

Shannon: Ha, ha. Yes please do.

Melody: That was... I mean I feel... I can't believe... I... Ha, I wanted to speak and now I can't find the words.

Shannon: It's o.k. Melody I know exactly how you're feeling because I'm feeling it too. You don't have to say anything.

Melody: What do we do now. Where do we go from here.

Shannon: Can't we leave thinking for the morning. Right now can't we just revel in this moment, the most marvelous moment of my entire life.

Melody: Oh, Shannon. Yes we can, but we will have to do it separately and privately. Jeremy will be home soon and your fiance is probably wondering why you are not home by now.

Shannon: I'll have the most divine dreams tonight, dreaming of you and what we just shared here. Sweet dreams Melody.
Shannon walked into her home hoping everyone would be in bed by now but instead found one of her daughters, Heather, and her fiance standing in the hallway. She knew what was going to happen and didn't know if she could handle it. The anger that was in Derek's eyes was so intense it shook Shannon to her core. She gathered all her strength and braced herself for what was coming. Derek: Where have you been?!

Shannon: What happened to hello?

Derek: Don't get cute with me, I'm in no mood. It's after midnight. The kids and I were worried about you. You didn't call or anything to tell us where you were and if you were ok.

Shannon: I'm sorry, you're right, I should have called to let you know I would be home later than I had earlier anticipated.
Derek: Don't you patronize me woman. I don't deserve that.

Shannon: I'm not trying too sound like I'm patronizing you Derek. I'm being completely sincere right now.

Derek: I can't even listen to you right now. You sound so full of it. Your words are drenched in that sickening sugary sweetness. Your lying to me right now, looking me in my eyes and LYING!
Shannon: Do we have to do this in front of the kids? Heater you and your sister go upstairs and let your father and I work things out.

Derek: No Heather you stand right there. I want your mother to have to spew her filth to all of us at one time, instead of being able to use her usual divide and conquer method.
Shannon: What are you accusing me of? Why don't you just come right out and say it and stop with the double speak and tiptoeing around. What's really the problem here Derek.

Derek: Being coy, playing miss innocent you are just so good at that.

Shannon: Stop it Derek. Stop it!
Derek: Me stop it?! Why don't you? We are suppose to be getting married in a month Shannon, and you are out with God knows who doing God knows what. People talk in this town.

Shannon: What does that mean, people talk.

Derek: Jesus Shannon, you are not this dense, I wish you would cut the bull.

Shannon: Derek, I honestly don't...
Derek: Do you even love me anymore Shannon. Do you even want to get married. Does this life we've built together, this house our children, does any of it even matter to you?

Shannon: Of course it does, I don't even know why you have to ask me that.

Derek: Because you haven't been acting like it. Going off and coming back at all hours of the night. We haven't even... Well you know. It makes me feel like you're getting it elsewhere, and like I said, people talk.
Shannon: Who are these people and why are you even listening to them. Then bringing it home with you and accusing me like this. In front of my kids. What do you mean getting it elsewhere? From whom am I suppose to be getting "it" from. How dare you accuse me of not caring. I've given this family so much of me. So I take a personal day for myself and forget to check in and you turn it into an opportunity to crucify me. I don't have to stand for this... I wont stand for this. Derek: Well aren't we just little miss dramatic tonight. Crucify you Shannon, could you possibly get a little more extreme.

Shannon: I'm leaving!

Derek: Yeah that's what you always do. Run away when things get to heavy for you. Instead of staying here and standing your ground, instead of trying to work this out with me, you run.... Well GO! I'm sick of this!

Shannon: FINE, I'M GONE!
So that's the end of chapter 1. I really hope you guys enjoyed it.

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#4spitzmagicJul 21, 2009

The little lady should be careful may end up with no one!..OH Dear....

#5Chuck66Jul 21, 2009

very cute

#6JillebethVIPJul 22, 2009

Nice story, but she is playing with fire.  Losing the man she loves and her friend.  Hope it all works out since children are involved.  Looking forward to more.

#7fredbrennyJul 22, 2009

...AGHHH...Melody and Derek..they sure are feeling BLUE...Shannon has to GROW up! Good...let's see the next chapter!

#8tykijonesJul 22, 2009

Wow! So much drama already. LOL! I loved it can't wait for the next part.

#9charrayJan 15, 2010

Very good story \:rah\:  5.0 \:\)

#10Dec 23, 2010

great story

#11ShokkyOct 23, 2011


#12are-himeApr 13, 2012

Nice! short and funny!

#13Sims2CrazeApr 14, 2012

haha frame 41 you can see the llama in the back :P

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