The Sim life: Episode 1
Published Jul 26, 2009

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Hi, this is my first story, it's quite interesting and quite drama filled, hopefully the plots and storylines will get better as I get more into it, I mean I already have started numbed two and it's looking a whole lot better. It's also a little jumbled I think and I'm working on a overall better flow of the entire thing. Please I love feedback and I want to learn from mistakes so leave a comment and rate it too ^^. Oh and thank you for all your lovely custom content it makes my sims look amazing.


Hi, this is my first story, it's quite interesting and quite drama filled, hopefully the plots and storylines will get better as I get more into it, I mean I already have started numbed two and it's looking a whole lot better. It's also a little jumbled I think and I'm working on a overall better flow of the entire thing. Please I love feedback and I want to learn from mistakes so leave a comment and rate it too ^^. Oh and thank you for all your lovely custom content it makes my sims look amazing.

Jane Doe starred around her dorm room. It definitely didn’t feel like home. Since she had arrived she had painted the walls the same green as her bedroom back home, got a matching comforter like the one on her old bed and even tried to stain the desk a color similar to the one in her father’s office. But everything she tried she ended up feeling farther and farther away from home which made her quite depressed. She was 1000’s of miles away from home and was definitely starting to feel homesick already. On top of that she had only been away from her family, friends, and home for 12 hours.

Jane sighed as she looked around the room and spoke aloud to herself, “No worries Jane deary, your at college now! Time for new friends and love right? RIGHT!” And she was right, for this was only the beginning. Her story was starting now.
On the other side of the dorm hall stood Danny Kale in her nicely set up dorm room. She was working on majoring in art and was excelling in the subject. She really was passionate for all art styles: music, painting, interior design, and make-up and hair as well. Homesickness was not an issue for her, she actually had lived her whole life in Smithville and now was attending the college here, Smithville State University, she could go home for a good meal anytime but she’d rather not. Danny was more of the type to leave home and never return. She wanted new friends and a new life, and that was what she was going to get. At the same exact moment Jane and Danny both walked out of their rooms into the very small and crowded hall. Then smacked into each other and turned quickly to apologize. Jane got to it first and mumbled, “Oh I’m so sorry, this hall is so crowded…”

“Oh no it was me I should have looked before bustin’ out of my room like that missy,” Danny replied right after.

“No not at all! It was definitely me, I mean your door was open way… and I mean WAY before mine was,” Jane quickly restated the fact she wanted to take the blame.

“Umm, were fighting over who needs to say sorry? How about we let it go, it might work better,” Danny said with a laugh.

Jane laughed with her and replied, “I’m Jane by the way and you are?”

“Danny! Danny Kale,” Danny replied with a smile and with this introduction started a beautiful friendship.
Danny and Jane were not the only sims of this story, there were others to be named. Courtney, Ashley, and Hannah, the ‘popular girls’ of Smithville State University, they were rude to each other and to other people. Courtney Morgan, the blond to your left would be the ring leader. Though the quietest of the group she is pure genius. She is the most open one of them too, she likes to date nice and sweet boys, and she doesn’t go for the idiots or the bad boys. Coming up from a rich and powerful family she is paid in full when it comes to college though her father had forced her to live in the dorms for a semester or more so she understood life was not all peaches and cream.

The blond in the middle is Ashley Smith of the Smith’s of Smithville who also own Smithville State University and anything else that is anywhere near this place. She is close to being a complete idiot but because she is so outspoken and snobby many people believe her to be the leader of the group but those who take a closer look see she is only Courtney’s puppet.

Last the brunette, this would be the kind one out of all three of them. Her name is Hannah Dawn, her father is head at the local hospital and she loves life. She wants a family, kids, the whole bit. She is nice to all but would follow her friends to the end, she is almost oblivious to how mean they are to some poor sims but she is always a cheerful note to any day.
Danny smiled as she ate her warm and fattening pancakes while listening to the conversation Jane was having with the others at the table. She looked up and over as Jane and said, entering into the conversation, “So Jane what are you majoring in have you decided?”

Jane looked over and smiled, “Yes I did! I’m majoring in physics. It’s going to be so exciting I’m so ready to become a docter, I think I would make a great head of staff someday….”

“Whoa chica! Hold your horses, I think you gotta get through college first and then even to find a job may be difficult. I’m going for my major in art as you know,” Danny replied stopping herself before she got too into the art subject.

“Ya, too bad when school starts next week we wont be able to have breakfast with each other anymore, I mean unless you wanna get up at 5 in the morning,” Jane said sadly.

“Umm well I do love you lots sista but I’m gonna pass, I can eat breakfast with other people, no issue…”

Jane smiled and laughed, “Alright then ‘sista’ you be like that, I just don’t understand why you don’t wanna get up so early?” The sarcastic overtones in her voice made Danny laugh with her. They continued chatting throughout breakfast about everything from aliens to babies as they enjoyed their day that included no classes for either of them.
Later that same day Jane suggested they check out the local University Park. Danny was unsure about going, she thought it was a boring idea; she was more of the type to go to clubs and head out to the mall shopping. But Jane dragged Danny to the park and they both found out what a real treat it was.

“Oh my goodness Danny, we should go swinging!” Jane exclaimed running down the path towards the swing sets.

“Oh dear Jane, we’ll probably break them, there for LITTLE KIDS,” Danny said shaking her head.

“You’re no fun! And it’s at the ‘University’ park, so I’m sure they made them tough enough to handle us.”

“Well I’m not swinging, you can, but I’m not.”

“Danny! Please, come on that is stupid; you know you want to swing.”

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you do! Come on see how fun! Yay!” Jane yelled now on the swing set getting started to go into the air with it. Peer pressure did kick in adventually as Danny went up and got on a swing to join Jane.
“See how much fun this is Danny,” Jane called out to her as she begun swinging higher and higher.

Danny laughed trying to match her height and replied, “Yes very fun, I guess it was a good idea.”

“I told you so! We are going to have so much fun this year Danny, you’re like the sister I never had.”

“Oh really? Well you’re the sister I wish would replace mine!” with that statement both girls broke out laughing tremendously.

After a couple more hours just swinging Jane looked up and starred at a couple of dressed up girls walking threw the park slowly. Jane frowned watching them each throw fits and complain about how the bushes were scratching up there legs. Jane slowed down on the swing set and turned to Danny, “Hey, who are they?”
Danny looked up to see what she was talking about and rolled her eyes harshly, “That’s Courtney, Hannah, and Ashley; they live in our dorms and are quite the ‘drama’ queens. They all come from extremely wealthy families and like to think they are the top of the world, everything in life is all about them. They went to my high school too so I have lots of backing to hate them dearly.”

“Oh? That’s not good, what do you think they are doing in the park?”

“I’m not sure, I don’t think they would come here volenteerly, they don’t like anything that includes getting dirty or having to move…”

“Interesting well they sure are loud.”

“Maybe there only loud because were whisphering Jane?”

Jane grinned and looked at Danny and replied, “Shush! They are loud, we are fine.”

“It’s a park Jane, you should be loud,” Danny laughed and went back to swinging.
When school began Danny was pretty depressed to see Jane not at breakfast anymore, she would just sit in her chair looking down ignoring her pancakes. On the other hand Courtney and Hannah flourished in the morning talking to new people and enjoying a late breakfast with much to say. Courtney had even found a new guy friend, Dickson Creelman, who she was finding herself liking him ever so quickly.

Courtney looked up at Dickson and smiled, he was being so sweet to her and though he was definitely not her type she really liked him, it was so strange. Hannah on the other hand was not so impressed and looked over at Courtney annoyed, waking her from her in love daze by commenting, “Courtney, why don’t to get out of here? These pancakes are gross and I need to go learn how to play chess….”

Courtney looked up and the quickly shaking her head as she saw Dickson’s face turn to a frown not wanting her to go, Courtney then replied, “Oh well I think I’ll stay and um hang out with Dickson more, you go right ahead.”

Hannah starred, then got up furious that she was being ditched for this random ugly guy. Courtney turned back to Dickson and smiled and continued to talk to him ignoring Hannah’s anger
After breakfast Courtney got up with Dickson and said, “You know I’m not really into guys like you, ever, but you seem to be an exception.”

Dickson laughed and gave her a funny look and said, “Should I be taking that as a compliment? Well I definitely have to say I like you too Courtney.”

“Then it’s settled this weekend we should go on a date.”

“Oh wow ok Courtney…I’ll um be there, I’ll meet you down here at about 5 then?”

“Yep bye Dickson…”

“Bye…wow…” and they departed, Courtney going to find Hannah and Ashley, Dickson going to his room trying to faint from anexiety of going on a date with what seemed to be his dream girl.
Hannah and Ashley were not exactly impressed with Courtney’s choice of ditching them for a loser (in their eyes). Ashley frowned as she watched Hannah make her move and said, “I don’t understand what she’s thinking! She could do WAY better then him. Why would she ever try and go for…’

Hannah shook her head cutting her off, “I don’t know either, it seems like he gave her a love potion or something, one minute we were making fun of him at breakfast and the next he’s her best friend. But I think she might be having boy withdrawals and that is why this is happening, I mean it’s not like she will marry him right?”

“Right there would be no way; at least I would like to think we would stop her from making such a terrible choice.”

“Too bad her father wouldn’t stop her, the Creelman’s are a wealthy family over in Sim City, and so Mr. Morgan would totally encourage the match.”

“Do you think Dickson knows about that? That her father will force her to marry rich?”

“I doubt it, he’s smart but not genius, and he’s a real nice guy but definitely not for Courtney,” Hannah snorted at the idea of them together.

“Well you never know we may be at their wedding someday. It’s your turn by the way so you might wanna concentrate on that.”
During the rest of the week Dickson went out trying to figure out what he would do with himself for the date. He knew he didn’t look great and that if he was going to take her out he should at least get rid of the bandana. His first stop was out a local Barber shop where he had his hair trimmed and then styled for later that evening on his outing with the girl of his dreams, Courtney. After that he headed to the local H&M to find a new suit. He tried on many stuffy ones but all felt too stiff and uncomfortable for his liking. Finally he came along the perfect one. The jacket seemed a bit small but was quite stretchy and fit his torso nicely. The undershirt was silver and had sparkling pinstripes. Dickson didn’t quite appreciate this part too much but the gay salesman helping him pick it out and insisted that he would not let Dickson leave the store unless he got it. Dickson watched himself in the mirror then purchased the suit and headed back to the dorms and waited anxiously for his date with Courtney Morgan. Morgan waited at the bottom of the stairs for Dickson to arrive, she stood away from her friends hearing them whispher about how she had lost it and this guy was a freak.” Dickson and me have the same interestes and ideas and I really liked him. My friends really needed to back off,” she thought to herself. She looked up the stairs wishing he would come down already. Meanwhile Ashley and Hannah stood there gossiping about Dickson. Ashley smirked as she said, “Oh this is going to be interesting. Maybe he will wear a gold lined bandana for his princess.”

Hannah giggled, “Of course! Matching his tie and socks, and the rest of the suit can be some ugly purple color, oh and lots of plaid stripes everywhere!”

“Oh how terrible true all that sounds… Were so bad Hannah!” Ashley exclaimed.

“Heck yes Ashley!” Hannah replied happy with herself.

Suddenly though Ashley’s face and body posture changed…
“Oh my GOD!” Ashley cried out her face looking like she had just seen her whole life pass by her.

“What? WHAT?!” Hannah exclaimed freaking out at her friends sudden face change.
“No way…” Courtney said astonished, “I…I think I’m in love girls.”

Hannah stood there dumbfound, “Hello! What is going on? What has gotten into you too?”

Ashley sighed, “Turn around idiot.”
He walked down the stairs completely changed; he might have even gotten a nose job if he had had the time. He winked at her mean friends and took Courtney by the hand and said, “Shall we go babe?”

“Ya let’s head to the bar,” Courtney replied and smirked at her friends as she walked out.
Once at the bar Dickson stopped in front of the steps and said, “Courtney did I mention how beautiful you look tonight? I know your friends don’t like me but I really hope you’re going to truly give me a chance because I find you to be the most amazing girl I’ve ever met.”

Courtney blushed and smiled, “I don’t care what my friends say or do, I enjoy spending time with you and that is what counts. Thank you for taking me out tonight, shall we go get drinks?”

“Yes that would be great,” Dickson replied.
“Hello,” Courtney said to the bartender.

“Two specials?” the bartender asked already pulling out the glasses.

“Yes please,” Dickson said wrapping his arms around Courtney.

“You want that on your tab Mr. Creelman?” the bartender asked as she made the drinks up.

“Yes Tamara, and keep the tab open for more if needed.”

“Yes sir.”

The night progressed as they had a few more drinks and chatted about their goals in life and how they each want a couple of kids and lots of money.
It got dark and soon things got quiet between the two. Dickson snuck up on her and suddenly pulled her into an embrace, she questioned what he was doing but he shushed her and kissed her as romantic as possible. They were in love and nothing was stopping them now. “Dickson, do you think will be together forever?” Courtney asked softly as they curled up together on the couch in front of the bar as it got close to midnight.

“Yeah Courtney I think even if stuff doesn’t work out we’ll be lifelong friends, but if I have anything to do with it I would want it to be like this with you forever,” Dickson whispered to her. Both of them went silent after that as they dreamed of a future life with each other.
The same night as Dickson and Courtney’s date Jane sat in the cafeteria trying to study up for her final exam in a few days of her first semester of college. She knew if she didn’t study hard enough she wouldn’t make the enough money to support herself at college which was one of her fears. She was so deeply into her studying she didn’t hear Danny at all.

“Jane…JANE!” Danny exclaimed over by the door.

“Huh, oh Danny Hun!” she jumped up out of her chair and ran over to greet her.
Jane looked at Danny and said, “Hey…wait, what is the matter sista, you don’t look very cheerful.”

Danny looked down then mumbled, “I’m moving out Jane, my best friend from high school asked me to come live with him in an apartment with another roommate, I tried to ask if you could join us but he said it would be too many people. And he’s paying for all of it and there would be room for me and anything I wanted, my own room…large nice room…I’m so sorry Jane.”

Jane’s eyes got wide as it occurred to her what Danny was saying and she shook her head, “No you’re my best friend I’ll never be able to see you again!”

“It’s not like that Jane really, will see each other all the time, I just won’t be living across the hall anymore.”

“I’ll miss you so much….Oh DANNY!!!”
At that point Jane went in for the hug and Danny quickly jumped back and said, “Whoa Jane, no tears or fits now, will see each other every day I promise and once I talk him into it you can come live with us and be another roommate, but calm down everything will be fine.” And in the moment both girls began to cry for one another. Danny headed her way out of the dorm and Jane turned away. She muttered, “Goodbye Danny.” Her eyes stayed on the floor not bearing to watch Danny leave knowing she’ll break out in tears. Danny climbed into the taxi that held all of her things, as tears rolled down her eyes she didn’t look back either, she could dare let Jane see how breakable she was. Jane was her best friend; even though they would still be going to the same college it would be different not having Jane by her side every moment of the day. The next morning Jane quickly headed over to her room to grab her bag before heading off to class. She didn’t turn to look over at Danny’s abandoned dorm door knowing it would just make her get all teared up again. Once she had gotten her bag she headed for the front door quickly afraid she would be late. But she got to the door and something stopped her dead in her tracks. Her heart began to race inside her chest as she looked at the door. She could barely breath; every bit of sense in her body was gone. All she could do now was stare and try to remember to breath. She looked at him, the man of her dreams stood before her. But who was he? Good question Jane, who was he?

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#2genalicious2387Jul 21, 2009

ahhh i love it, good start hun \:rah\:

#3smiley00girlJul 21, 2009

Good start! Keep up the good work! \:D

#4Antique~Jul 21, 2009

\:wub\: romantic <3

#5Chuck66Jul 21, 2009

nice story i like it a lot

#6candy820Jul 22, 2009

Great start. Hope to see more of this story.\:D

#7charrayJul 22, 2009

Great story \:\)  5.0 \:rah\:

#8JillebethVIPJul 22, 2009

Like your story.  Please keep writing.

#9MangioJul 23, 2009

great start. \:wub\:

#10SandraRJul 28, 2009

romantic style, good story

#11plyangel456Jul 29, 2009

Loved it. I thought that it was very interesting and I can't wait to read what happens next! -plyangel456- \:D

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