The Sim Life: Episode 2
Published Jul 26, 2009

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Well hello again, I have an issue? This is my second part but for some reason it thinks I have edited my first part and now my page or the stories page does not show it exists? I don't know exactly what I did but I haven't changed it but I really would like it to appear again and so if you could help me with that that would be great. Hope you enjoy this part though, leave comments and rate please.


Well hello again, I have an issue? This is my second part but for some reason it thinks I have edited my first part and now my page or the stories page does not show it exists? I don't know exactly what I did but I haven't changed it but I really would like it to appear again and so if you could help me with that that would be great. Hope you enjoy this part though, leave comments and rate please.

Like an old black and white film, Jane and her mystery man stood together in a hall at the dorm in their finest clothing, talking to each other in a dreamy manner. One part of Jane was screaming, "JANE it's HIM! Why are you not freaking out...Find out his name, what are you doing?!" But her body was not being controlled by her brain at the moment.

Her body, unlike her brain, seemed to have already met and established a relationship with this mystery man. She stood there peacefully caring on a nonpractical conversation like it was just another day at college.

"Your tux looks very sleek for the occasion darling," Jane said her hand brushing against his shoulder wiping a piece of dust from it.

A smile appeared on his face, "Why thank you, your looking quite marvelous as well."
Jane blushed and replied, "You’re quite a charmer I must say."

He laughed and said, "Why of course dear." In that next moment it was probably best that her brain was not attached to her body, for her brain died of a massive heart attack, after having a seizure and then going into cardiac arrest. Why? Well because the mystery man leaned in and his lips brushed gently against hers in a kiss. It was only a tender, loving, kiss and her body responded in a respectable manner while her brain twitched trying to remember to function.

And then began a strange noise... BUZZ.

Jane's entire head looked up to the ceiling since the sound sounded like it had come from the heavens, and her brain questioned the sound too. She looked up at her mystery man and asked, "Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" He replied and again it sounded... BUZZ.

"That... that buzz," Jane said quickly and it happened again... BUZZ.

"I don't hear anything," he answered giving her an odd look.

She listened closely to the sound trying to comprehend what it might be.


"Wait a second," Jane said to herself.

Jane's eyes became wide as she looked over at the mystery man who had a concerned look on his face and then she suddenly cried out, "NO!" "NO!" Jane cried out as her body slammed straight up in her bed. Her entire self quickly turned from side to side looking around the room like she actually didn't know where she was. She sighed and her eyes drifted down taking self pity as she discovered it all had been a dream.


She groaned at the sound and her hand slammed down on to the alarm clock at the side of her bed. Her body slowly slipped out from under the covers and she headed for the showers to get ready for her day.
After Jane had completed her morning routine, she sat down at the desk in her dorm room and pulled out her college studies. She had decided to devote sometime to studying since she was a little behind and her grades were suffering. She sat there for about an hour slamming the pen on the paper as she read through old notes. Suddenly she jumped at the loud knocking on the door. She looked up wondering who would be at her dorm door. She got up out of her chair and walked over to her door. She pulled it open and looked out at the boy standing there. Her hand hit her head with a loud smack as she cried, "Oh come on! When did I fall asleep! How could I be dreaming AGAIN!" Danny quickly dropped her suitcase on the sidewalk and ran up to greet Bob, her best friend throughout high school. Her arms swung around his large body and she pulled him tightly against her and exclaimed, "Bob! It's so good to see you!"

"Oh I've missed you too Danny," he replied hugging her back. Behind them stood Zane, the other roommate who would be staying with them, all he did was give a small wave, feeling awkward not wanting to interrupt their moment.
Danny let go and turned to Zane, "Why hello there to you too. My name is Danny, not like you didn't already know that."

"Quite right and I'm Zane," he replied with a cute, boyish grin.

"Well it's very nice to meet you Zane."


Bob starred at the both of them and added, "You guys are talking like robots....Anyways! Danny your room is up the stairs in the back of the two story house, you probably want to go move in and check out so have at it." Danny smiled accepting this request and grabbed her bags and headed on up to her room.
Once to her room, Danny took no time at all to design and redecorate. She went with a basic green and pink theme and from there made the whole entire space look amazing. Danny planned on covering most of the walls with her artwork as she finished more and more of it, but for now the walls were bare and her room looking quite new. With the fresh smell of paint in the air, she lit a fire in the small fireplace and looked down into it. She starred deep into the fire as she wondered how her best friend Jane was doing back at the dorms.

Awhile later there was a few light taps on the door. Danny didn’t look up but said, “Come in.” Assuming that it was Bob to come see how she was doing.
When Zane walked through the door she was quite surprised. She didn't even have to turn to know it was him though, his footsteps were much lighter and more appeasing to the ear then Bob's heavy stomps and loud thumps were. She sighed looking past the fire.

"Hello Danny," Zane said softly in a shy voice, "Your room looks nice. You did a great job with it."

Danny smiled and turned and replied, "Thanks..."
Wesley looked over at Jane and said, "Err excuse me?"

"This is a dream, your here at my front door and hopefully were just going to do what we did last ni..." Jane starred, Wesley's face had grown more and more scared of her as she talked, and then a creative thought hit her, 'What if it's not a dream?' She stood there for a moment and then grinned, "Just KIDDING!" She laughed trying to uplift the mood and he began to laugh too. Jane smirked, "You know, just seeing how freaked out I could get you."

"Well I have to say you’re convincing! Well I just came to say hello, I'm your new dorm mate, I live in the room across the hall, and since were the only two in the hall I thought I'd come introduce myself. I'm Wesley," he replied still laughing.

Jane should have freaked, should of smiled and replied joyfully, glad to know the mystery man's name, Wesley. But she didn't, instead her focus went to his dorm door. That had been Danny's room before his and now she deeply missed Danny again.

Wesley noticed the change and looked back at his door and then to her and said, "Is something the matter?"

"No, it's just my best friend lived in that dorm before you and then she moved, I just miss her very much."

"Oh I see, well I'm sorry, umm what’s your name by the way."

"I haven't told you? Geeze I'm sorry, I'm Jane...Jane Doe."

Wesley smiled, "What they aren't allowed to know your real identity?"

Jane rolled her eyes. Wesley looked around and said, "Well I got to get off to class right about now so I'll see you around ok?"
Wesley turned and walked away down the hall. Suddenly he turned back and asked," Hey you know I've been looking for a tutor to help me in math, are you any good at it? Could you help? We could be study buddies."

Jane laughed, "Oh alright and yeah I would help you."

Wesley smirked, "Great, see you Friday night then, we can meet in the study hall, see ya Jane."
"Bye Wesley," Jane replied in a dreamy fashion, even though he could not hear her.
Meanwhile Courtney and Dickson’s relationship had shot into outer space. They were completely and utterly in love with one another. They spent many nights hanging out with each other in the living room of the dorm just eating Chinese food and talking. Just like tonight, yet this one was a little different. Courtney ate her rice quickly tonight, once finish she sat the box aside and her attention drifted over to Dickson. She watched Dickson eat afterwards, she starred deeply at him for awhile hoping he would never change and that moment would last forever. No matter how simple it was, she loved this moment because she was with him… Dickson's head finally turned and caught her starring, she smiled turning her head away and he laughed, "Oh Courtney..."

"Dickson?" she replied wanting to tell him something.

"Yes?" he answered.

"I have something to say."


"I...I...I love you Dickson."

His eyes widened and he replied, "Really?"

"Yes Dickson, I love you more than anyone in the entire world, and I always will," she smiled touching his face.

He starred into her eyes then smiled pulling her closer...
Next thing either of them knew they were making out there on the couch, deeply in love. Once things became too heated for the living room of the public rooms then took it to his room. Courtney’s eyes peeked open as the sun began to shine brightly threw the window. She smiled, the night before had been the best night of her life and she would remember it always. She gently got out of Dickson’s loving embrace making sure not to wake him and headed out to go take a shower before class. Little did she know that last night would change both hers and Dickson’s life forever. Danny stood out in the open sun trying to tan and paint at the same time. She hadn't painted for a long time since college had begun and she was taking this time for herself now. While Danny was painting Zane walked up on to the deck at their home and looked off into the distance. Danny had heard his footsteps again so she didn't turn to actually see if it was him again and said, "Hello Zane."

"Hello," Zane replied then added, "You can paint?"

"Yes, I've been doing so since I was five."

"Oh wow Danny."

"Yes, you know..."

"What are you painting?'

"I...I'm painting you actually."

"Oh really? That’s cool."
"Cool? Really I thought you might freak," Danny replied smiling.

"No but I want to see it when you’re done ok? Make sure I approve you did a good job."

Danny laughed, "Well if you pose on the couch I can make it perfect." Zane seemed to like that idea then spread out across the couch as she began to paint him.
Jane sat down with Wesley discussing his homework and how to do it. They worked on that for quite some time. Afterwards Wesley folded up the notebook and smiled at her, "Thanks!" "You’re welcome Wesley," she replied.

"I was wondering Jane..."


"You know if you’re not busy we should hang out together again sometime."
"OH I will always help you with your homework Wesley," Jane replied not understanding what he was saying.

Wesley shook his head, "No I meant like out on a date perhaps?"

Jane's eyes got big and she replied, "Oh! Well of course I would, I mean I’d love to go on a date with you Wes, that would be fantastic..."

He smiled, "Great. So what day are you free next weekend?"
Danny worked hard on her painting the next few hours. Zane was quite impressed with what she was doing; it was incredible in his eyes. He watched from the sofa he lounged on, waiting for her to be done. Finally while she was deep in thought in her artwork he steadily and silently got up and went to her room. While in her room Zane opened her closet door and snooped through her clothes looking for something.

Back at the balcony Danny noticed he was gone. She walked back to the main house and then saw that her bedroom door was open. She found him looking through her closet and said, "Zane?"

Zane jumped back and said, "It's not what you think, I was looking to see if you had anything formal to wear, and see the skirt? Wear that and meet me downstairs ok?"

Danny stood there as he disappeared to the first floor, she wondered what the he was doing.
“Oh dear… Boys are scary,” Danny said to herself as she headed downstairs in her skirt just as he had asked. She went into shock when she saw downstairs. “Zane, this is so amazing,” Danny said wide eyed.

Zane looked up and grinned, “You think so? Sorry I can’t really cook, the Mac and Cheese might not be great but I hope you enjoy it.”

Danny smiled, nodding, and sat down to eat.
“You’re so interesting Zane, I mean really impressive and creative,” Danny said eating up her Mac like it was the best thing ever.

Zane smiled, “Thanks… God Bob didn’t warn me how pretty you were…”

Danny blushed, “Oh well thanks Zane.”

Zane smiled and continued to eat.

“Dance with me Danny,” Zane said awhile later after they had finished their meal.

“Excuse me?”

“Dance with me,” he said going over and turning the music on.

“I don’t dance Zane.”

“Too bad get over here.”
They danced for hours flinging their bodies back and forth to the music. Finally Zane pulled Danny closer his arms tenderly wrapping around her waist… …and he kissed her! “Oh god,” Courtney said as sweat poured from her forehead and then she puked in the toilet again. She leaned back and sat against the wall, ‘What’s wrong with me?’ she would ask herself in her head. She started to stand up to go lay down in bed but then dropped down to her knees to puke again.

“Courtney… Hun were taking you to the hospital,” Ashley said hearing her poor friend puking.

“We know you don’t wanna go and your fine, but your obviously not, now come on. Let’s go,” Hannah added on. Ashley and Hannah helped her up and took her down to the taxi below which drove all three of them to the hospital.
Once at the hospital then nurse led Courtney up to a room and had a doctor check her out. Meanwhile Ashley and Hannah sat in the lobby waiting for her to come back, hoping their best friend would be just fine. For awhile they began to deliberate what could be wrong with her. But they stopped as the idea of pregnancy shot into both of their brains at the same time. Neither of them wanted her to marry Dickson but both knew if she did get pregnant her father would force her before the child arrived. Courtney sat on the bed feeling a little better. She waited for the doctor to return with a few test results he had done on her. She sat impatiently wishing he would just come and tell her already wanting to get out of the hospital as quickly as possible. The doctor finally came in minutes later.

“Well Courtney I know why you have been sick,” the doctor began in a professional voice.

“Really? That’s great news to at least know I will know what wrong with me,” she said sitting up and giving a soft smile.

“Well nothing truly is ‘wrong’ with you Courtney it’s just your body is changing…” he replied.

“What do you mean?”

“Well I mean to say is that…”

“You’re pregnant.”

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#1deaghJul 27, 2009

deebe, I have fixed part one of your story.  It is a glitch in the story submission system that comes up from time to time.  If this happens again to you (or to anyone) then please send a PM to either me or Saoz and we will manually put it back into submitted status for you.  Do note the story will have to be reviewed again to ensure that nothing inappropriate has been added while it was in edited status \:\)

#2candy820Jul 27, 2009

Another good part. I loved the painting danny did of zane.\:D \:cool\: \:D  Waiting for the next part.

#3smiley00girlJul 27, 2009

Amazing part! Can't wait for more! \:D

#4PriyaJul 27, 2009


#5urm0mJul 27, 2009

I love the last screenshot \:D haha

#6Little Cloud Jul 27, 2009

Cool, but doesn't Zane seem a bit strange, and demanding to you? Other than that, I loved it, and can't wait for more \:D \:rah\: \:wub\:!

#7plyangel456Jul 29, 2009

Beautiful chapter! I loved how they all found a guy! It's so sweet! Loved it! -plyangel456- \:D

#8charrayAug 6, 2009

Wonderful chapter \:\) \:rah\:

#9AmbarTapia11May 18, 2013


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