Confessions of the Heart - part one
Published Jul 25, 2009

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Hello and Welcome everyone to my latest story "Confessions of the Heart." This is my first story done in TS3 format so i really hope you all enjoy! As always much thanks to all the custom content creators for all there beautiful creations without which my stories will be so dull. Please feel free to leave a comment if you liked my story as i work hard on my screenshots and writing and love to receive positive feedback! Thanks!

Hello and Welcome everyone to my latest story "Confessions of the Heart." This is my first story done in TS3 format so i really hope you all enjoy! As always much thanks to all the custom content creators for all there beautiful creations without which my stories will be so dull. Please feel free to leave a comment if you liked my story as i work hard on my screenshots and writing and love to receive positive feedback! Thanks! As Marlena Peterson sat across from Ryan Duffman watching him chow down on his third burger, she wondered why she had agreed to another disastrous blind date in the first place. Not only had Ryan made it clear they had nothing in common within the first five minutes of conversation but he had an ego as big as his appetite and was a complete slob.

She endured another 30min. of mindless conversation before the date finally ended. She was never more relieved to be headed home.
At home, she settled behind her laptop and typed away. Marlena works as a relationship and dating advice column writer for the Sunset Valley Post. She is a hopeless romantic and dreams of finding her true love to start a family and grow old with. An hour later, Marlena's best friend and roommate Lauren Gibson gets home from work and joins her on the sofa. Lauren works as a lifeguard at the Cerulean Lagoon pool. She is quite the party-animal and always knows the juiciest gossip.

Lauren -- "So how did your date with Ryan go? I'm so jealous, he was so hot."

Marlena -- "Well don't be because he was a total slob and is only interested in himself. I don't know what Morgana Wolf was thinking when she set me up with him."

Lauren - "Well, since we're on the subject, you've never let me set you up with someone yet. Justin Lee has this friend who's single, totally gorgeous and..."
Marlena cut her off before she could finish.,"Oh no you don't! I'm done with blind dating so don't go getting any crazy ideas."

Lauren wouldn't be that easily defeated, "Look, i know you better than anyone, wouldn't you think i'd know who was right for you and who wasn't? At least give it one more try, you never know he might just be your perfect match."

Marlena just rolled her eyes sucessfully ending that conversation.
Meanwhile at central park, Warren Bradford and best bud Justin Lee were spending there afternoon playing a game of football, their favorite pass time. "Nice catch JT." Yelled Warren from across the field. "Hey go long!" Replied Justin.

Justin and Warren have been buddies since the third grade back in Riverview, there hometown. They moved to Sunset Valley and even attended the police academy together. They are now squad partners. When Justin's girlfriend Lauren suggested that Marlena and Warren should meet, Justin thought it was a great idea. All that was left to do now was pitch the idea to Warren.
After their game, the two sat down on a bench to cool off and Justin took advantage of the opportunity to bring up the subject.

Justin - "So, have you got any plans for Friday night yet?"

Warren - "No, not really.There is a llama game i thought about going to though,. why'd you ask?"

Justin - "Well, being as how you have no definite plans yet, how would you like to take out one of Lauren's friends? I heard she's smokin hot, and smart,.. just your type. And, I kinda promised Lauren you would already.." He admitted.
Warren turned his head slightly to gaze at the sophisticated dark-haired beauty who walked by. The woman smiled back suggestively in return. Warren was truly irresistibly good-looking.

"Not that it would be a problem for you anyway.. we all know how much you love the ladies," Justin added.

Warren thought about it. "As long as she's not some snooty, uptight chic who takes herself to seriously to let loose and have fun, count me in."

"Hey, Thanks man I owe you one."
As Marlena cleaned up the kitchen after dinner, she couldn't help but wonder if Lauren had a point.. maybe she'd never find love if she didn't take chances. She admitted to herself she had nothing left to lose, he couldn't be much worse than Ryan, and if he was atleast she'd known she'd given it a try.. Before turning in that night she finished up her article by anonymously including random events of her disastrous date. Even now thinking about certain moments made her cringe. It was pretty late when she settled in to bed that night. The next day, after their routine morning jog.. "So I was thinking last night that maybe you had a point about this date.. You do know me better than anyone else,.. and if you think this will work, it's worth a shot."

Lauren was elated-- "I knew you would come around! Which is why i made the arrangements anyway. He's picking you up Friday night at 8pm."

One thing Marlena loved about her best friend.. she took initiative.
Friday night...

Marlena put the final touches on her makeup and added a touch of her favorite floral scented perfume.

At exactly 8pm the doorbell rang. She made a mental note of his punctuality.
As she opened the door to great her date, Warren was instantly pleased with what he saw. "Justin was so right, she sure is hot," he thought with a smile.

Warren - "Good evening, I'm Warren Bradford. I'm assuming you are Marlena, though Justin's description of you did you no justice, you are stunning."
Marlena smiled in return. Being an expert on relationships and dating, It was easy for her to see he was laying on the charm pretty thick already. "He is incredibly good looking himself," She admitted in her thoughts.

Marlena - "Thank-you, Pleasure to meet you Warren."

Warren - "The pleasure is all mine. So, I thought we could catch the 8 o'clock movie and then grab a bite to eat to get better acquainted."

Marlena - "Sounds good, let me just grab my coat." As she turned her back Warren checked her out and couldn't help but notice her perfect set of legs.
Two hours later,.. As they exit the movie side by side, Marlena felt Warren's hand gently brushed hers, sending a pleasant tingling sensation up her arm. What she thought was a mere accident, he had planned as tactful flirting. Warren - "You have great choice in movies. I'm not a big fan of romantic comedies but that was great." In reality he hated the movie but he knew that flattery was everything on a first date.

Marlena couldn't tell if he was sincere or not. "Well i actually thought it was pretty bad, personally, to sappy and melodramatic. We should've stuck to the action one you suggested. But i'm glad you liked it.."
She smiled a little knowing she had wounded his manhood with that one.
Warren picked out a small little Italian Bistro on a corner which was walking distance to the theater. He had brought many of his dates here before and knew it would impress Marlena. The candlelight, beautiful starry night and soft classical music playing in the background all helped to set the mood. As they waited for their food to arrive they chatted and got to know each other better. Warren learned she had graduated suma cum laude from her college class with a degree in journalism and had goals of becoming a news anchor, but was currently working as a column writer in the meantime to pay the bills.

Marlena Learned that Warren had been a star football player in his highschool years in his hometown of Riverview, but an injury prevented him from going pro. His father was a judge and influenced him into joining law enforcement.
The waiter brought them out their food and they ate and continued asking each other random questions of each other's likes and dislikes, goals, and experiences.

The food was exquisite, Marlena had never had a more delicious meal.
After dinner, He drove her home and got out the car to walk her to her doorstep.
He knew all it would take was a goodnight kiss to have her swoon at his feet.
He leaned closer ready to kiss her as soon as she showed a sign of acceptance only to be shot down when she said abruptly, "Thank you for a beautiful night Warren. I really had an excellent time."

It was one of Marlena's golden rules to never kiss on a first date. She thought she saw the slightlest look of disappointment on his face but he must've shook it off quickly because he smiled widely back at her, "So did I, I do hope you'll consider meeting up again. We'll be in touch."

Marlena - "Yes we will, goodnight." And with that, she turned and headed inside. The sounds of her stilettos clapping the stone floor beneath her as she walked away served as a reality check for Warren who stood in shock of what just happened.
For the next couple of days, Warren couldn't stop thinking about Marlena.. a first in his book, he was never this prone to think of a woman he'd only dated once as a favor to a friend. The fact that she didn't kiss him when he brought her home or appear to fall for his attempts to charm her bothered the heck out of him. He was so use to being irresistible to women but Marlena was smart, witty, and obviously full of surprises. He would have to work harder at charming her but he was sure as soon as he swept her off her stubborn feet he would have her right where he wanted, his bed. He pulled out his phone and dialed her number which he had saved under 'hottie with nice legs'. After several rings he was about to hang up but she answered on the final ring before her voicemail picked up.

Marlena - "Hello?"

Warren - "Marlena? It's Warren. I'm standing here overlooking the sunset from my beach condo thinking of the last time i've seen something this beautiful when i thought of you.. How about you let me take you out to dinner tonight?"
A week later..

Warren and Marlena have been on 4 dates so far and Warren still appeared to be nowhere near first base. His interest in her only seemed to increase with each failed attempt. He couldn't explain it, usually women who played this hard to get turned him off but Marlena was giving him the adverse effect.
Marlena was a very smart girl and could easily spot Warren's sweet talking and flattery for what it was, but somehow she also could see past that to the man he really was, intelligent, funny, caring, energetic, and spontaneous. They would always have a fun time together and share interesting conversations.

She cuddled up under his arm until she was comfortable against his strong muscular chest.

The warmth of her body against his and sent of the floral perfume she always wore sent a wave of emotions through him.
Suddenly he couldn't fight the urge to hold her and for the first time all week she didn't resist him. He gently leaned forward so that there faces where mere inches apart and gazed into her gorgeous blue eyes.

"I've been wanting to do this all week.."
Then he kissed her. A slow, meaningful, intense kiss. Her lips were even softer than he had imagined.

Marlena was secretly anticipating this moment although she was the reason it had taken so long; the wait only making the experience that much more special.

It was the sweetest kiss they both had ever had.
The next day..

Warren finished his strength building workout out on his deck. Being a police officer, it was important he stayed in peak physical shape.
Kissing Marlena for the first time made him want her even more than he has before. She definitely wasn't like any of the women he had dated before.. she kept him on his toes, always wanting more, never predictable. He was sure as soon as they reached the bedroom however his interest would begin to fade, as it always did. He wasn't looking for love, just someone to have fun with. He didn't want to settle down at such a young age. When he reached his 40's maybe but not yet or anytime soon.

Knowing she checked her e-mail sooner than her voicemails, He sat down at his laptop and e-mailed her the details of tomorrow's date. He would pick her up tomorrow to go on a fishing and hiking trip.
Before he could finish however the doorbell rang and he was surprised to find Gretchen Sislo at his doorstep.

Gretchen and Warren's family are long time family friends back in his hometown of Riverview. Being of wealth, Gretchen was rather snobbish, bossy, and high maintenance, traits that prevented Warren and hers relationship from lasting throughout there highschool years when the dated.

The sight of Warren without his shirt nearly sent Gretchen on the floor.. Although she had seen him with much less on before, it was not what she had expected to see as he answered the door.

Warren looked at her in amazement, it had been a long time since he seen her, even longer since she visited him at his condo. "Gretchen? What are you doing here?"

Gretchen pulled herself together, "Hey Warren,.. I'm in town this week and i thought i'd drop in to say hi. I hope i'm not disturbing you," She gave him a quizzical look wondering if the reason he had his shirt off was because he had company..

Warren - "No, i just finished working out on the deck. Let me put some clothes and i'll join you in the living room." He turned and headed up the stairs.
Relieved to hear he was alone, Gretchen relaxed a little and entered the living room. Curiosity set in when she saw his laptop open and couldn't help but read the open e-mail he had been typing.

Jealousy struck when she realized he had been typing to another women about a date tomorrow.

Gretchen strongly believed that Warren had always been her man.. even though they weren't technically together she had laid a claim on him a long time ago during highschool.. She was going to be his future wife, and have his babies.. she was not going to sit back and let another women take over what was hers.
She quickly got up and sat on the couch when she heard Warren's footsteps descending the stairs.

For the next hour they made small talk and catched up about each other's families.

Gretchen then excused herself to Warren saying she didn't want to be late for a shopping trip with friends. They reality was she was growing more annoyed by the second and wasn't sure she could hide her feelings.
Gretchen didn't know who exactly the e-mail was meant for, But she was determined to make it her mission while in town to end whatever that woman and Warren had going on. Everyone in Sunset Valley would soon know that Warren Bradford was off limits.

I will have the conclusion posted soon! stay tuned! Please comment or rate if you liked! <3

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#48DragonQueenOct 20, 2009

Great story!  \:rah\:

#49nyviciousJan 10, 2010

Cool story, I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to see what happens next. \:rah\:

#50Cupcake101198Jan 23, 2010

lol at hottie with nice legs! This is a great story so keep up the good work.

#51staceface2009pFeb 6, 2010

Hey, I was just browsing through some stories and came across this one. It's a very good story and I was into it the entire time I was reading it. Very good job on it. P.S. I can already tell i'm not going to like Gretchen. \:D

#52mogan44Apr 8, 2010

Great story!  Thanks for sharing, Warren is hot :P

#53debee23May 12, 2010

love the story! can't wait to read the rest!

#54joxanthVIPJun 27, 2010

Great story! Thanks for sharing.  On to the next chapter! :P

#55Dec 20, 2010

thank you

#56emilymarie0201Mar 1, 2011

great story! Merlana is BEAUTIFUL!!<3

#57ShokkyOct 23, 2011


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