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Runaway Part Two
Published Jul 29, 2009

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Sunset Valley, it's a beautiful place. I just hope that this is the place where I will be able to live my life the way I want to. To grow, marry, have children, and not turn into my parents.

So where was I...

Ah yes, I remember...

Sunset Valley, it's a beautiful place. I just hope that this is the place where I will be able to live my life the way I want to. To grow, marry, have children, and not turn into my parents.

So where was I...

Ah yes, I remember...
My first day in Sunset didn't go as I hoped. I couldn't find a place to spend the night, so I ended up sleeping on a park bench in the middle of town. I was just thankful that the cops never patrolled the area, otherwise I would have been caught and most likly sent back to my parents. As soon as morning hit, I used a bit of the money I had brought with me and got the newspaper, hoping I would have more luck in finding a place to live within the black and white pages.

I found something; I just had to get there first.
I ran all the way to the small one bed roomed home that was advertised in the paper. It would be perfect for me.

"Hello," I greeted the woman standing outside the house I was hoping to rent.

"Well, ain't you a young un," she said as she sized me up.

"I maybe young Ma'am, but I want a home." I said softly, trying to seam more confident that I was.

"Aye, well..." she said as she paused and looked at me. I was dishevelled and not looking my best, as well as being in clothes that screamed rebellion.

"Please, I need a home, a place to call my own," I begged her, "I have money for rent for the next two months, and I plan to find a job here as well."

"You seam like a good un, so I'll let ya rent it. Though, make sure to go to school, you'll get a better job that way." she told me a smile on her aged face.

"Thank you so much," I said almost crying.
I went into my new home after Bessie left. The place came furnished and she even let me have the place at a bargain, half the rent. I have enough for four months rent.

I had a look around my new home; it was beautiful, decorated in black, red and white, my colours. It was as though this house was made for me. I gave a little sigh and went over to the window and looked out onto the street, I could see Bessie across the road, berating someone. I gave a sigh and thought of my parents, I still love them, even after what I heard.
I pulled out the newspaper and sat down. It was time to look for a job. Book store cashier. Grocery store clerk. Spa Specialist. There was only three available, the book store and Grocery store, didn’t pay to well. But the Spa one did. Well, there was only one thing for me to do.

I pulled out my phone and rang the number listed.

“Hello Sunset Spa, How can I help you?” came a strong female voice.

“Hi, my name is Mika, and I’m calling about the job of Spa Specialist.” I said, hiding my nervousness.

“Ah, come in for an interview tomorrow, and we’ll see if you fit the bill, oh and come in your normal clothes, no suits.” She said.

“Alright, thank you.” I said as she clicked the phone down after we said goodbye.

Well, I have a job interview, lets hope it goes well.
I went out to the local school and talked to the Headmistress. She understood that I lived alone, without any parents. She wasn't happy about that and called my Landlady, Bessie, who told her that she was keeping an eye on me. I was so relived when I heard. She gave me some form to fill out and I did so quickly.

"Well, Mika, welcome to my school," she smiled at me, "Please read through this book to familiarise yourself with the school's code. I look forward to hearing good things about you from your teachers in the future." she added giving me a pointed look as she handed over the student handbook.

"Thank you Ma'am," I said as I took the book and stood up, going straight home and relaxed in bed, to read through it. I yawn as I do, knowing I was getting tired and that tomorrow I would have a long day ahead of me, fist school and then the interview.
The school bus stopped out side my home and beeped loudly, calling me to hurry up. I change quickly and get on. I can feel the looks of the other students on the bus and it makes me nervous.

I get off the bus and walk up the steps to the school, other students rush pass me and I stop, taking a deep breath to steady my nerves.

Well, here I go, just hope I’m up to scratch.
School was over and I was heading down the road to where the Spa was. I looked at the building and saw how beautiful is was, the large sun shape as it’s little simple looked just right for this town. I walked in and introduced myself to the receptionist who took me to see the manager straight away.

“Hello, you must be Mika,” she greeted me with a smile. “and you came dressed as yourself, well done, you passed my test.”

“Test?” I asked, confused. It wasn’t like I had any more clothes yet.

“Yes, we base this Spa on being true to yourself, and if you can’t come to the interview as yourself, well, you wouldn’t have fit in.” she answered my question, “Well, lets get on with things.” She added as she started the interview.

We talked for an hour before she stood up and let me go, telling me she would call when she decided if I would get the job or not.
I got the job, I had only left the spa two hours ago and she called me, telling me that I got it, that training will be given to me and soon I could be a masseur. Wouldn't that be wonderful? I have money coming in. I feel like I am finally living the way I want to. I’ve been going to school for the last few months now, and I’m on the honours role, Bessie is so happy about it, she’s proud of me. I’ve been taking to this lad in my class, Davy and we get along really well, every lunch break we get. We sit outside talking about anything and everything. I even told him that I ran away from home. He understands a little, since he doesn’t get along with his mother, he lives with his dad.

“Hey Mika,” Davy greeted as he came over and sat down beside me, like he does every day.

“Hey,” I say back.

“Well, erm… I was wondering,” he started nervously, “would you like to go the cinema with me, see a movie.”

I was shocked and asked with a small stutter, “as i.. in a date?”

He nodded his head and I smiled at him.

“Alright then,” I said. He looked so relived when I answered.

“Great,” he said as he hugged me.

The bell rang for last period and off we went to next class, both of us had silly grins on our faces.
It was just before my date with Davy and I was nervous. This was the time I could really talk to my mother. I pulled out my phone that Bessie had brought me for getting on the Honours role and started to type in my mother’s number, it rang and before someone could pick up I put the phone down. I couldn’t, I really couldn’t call her, not after what she said.

Well, time to meet with Davy at the cinema.
I didn’t have to wait outside since Davy was already there, waiting with tickets in hand. It was to see a new romantic comedy, I had mentioned it a few days ago, it was so sweet that he remembered.

We went in and he brought some drinks and popcorn for us both. We were laughing ourselves silly, I leaned my head on his shoulder and he put an arm around mine. I felt content.

When the film was over, he called a taxi for me and before I got in he pulled me into a very sweet kiss, my very first.

I think I floated home, I think, I may be in love. I can here people say what would a teen know about it. Seeing him makes my inside quiver, my knees go week and butterflies in my stomach flutter madly. We’ll have to see how it goes.
It was my birthday, and I invited a few friends from school around to help me celebrate. It would be Davy’s birthday in a weeks time. Bessie set things up for me at my home and even got out a fire pit so we could toast some marshmallows. They were yummy.

I got up as the sun started to go down and went over to the birthday cake and closed my eyes, I leaned down and blew out the candles, standing straight once again, keeping my eyes closed, hoping my birthday wish would come true one day.

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Dec 20, 2010

thank you

anura32Sep 10, 2009

Awesome. One feels good for her as one reads the story. Really good part.

charraySep 9, 2009

Great job on this part \:\)  5.0 \:rah\:

BloomiliciousAug 14, 2009

Very good chapter! Off to third chapter.

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