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To Protect and Serve
Published Aug 6, 2009

Written By

iron mum


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.....By Iron mum.....

A story completely different from my others.
Again a special thanks to all creators and designers
who make these stories possible.

.....By Iron mum.....

A story completely different from my others.
Again a special thanks to all creators and designers
who make these stories possible.
Agent Davis looked at the letter in front of him, "We'll have to move you to a safe house". The lady opposite looked horrified.

"A safe house?"

"I'm sorry but we have no choice, they know were you are and they don't want you to testify, if we put you in hiding they won't be able to get to you"

"But my job, my family....."

"You won't be able to see them till after you testify", Agent Davis felt sorry for her, just a few days ago she was like any other person, working, out with her friends then wham, she's now in the protection of the FBI and having to move to an unknown address and hide.
Jen was stunned, turning to her house mate Susan, "But I will need to let them know, I mean work..I can't just not turn up".

"Come on Jen!, what do you tell them, Hi i'm sorry but I've been put into witness protection by the FBI so want be able to come into work, why don't you pin a sign on your back with "Here I am"

"Miss Clark is right, you can't tell anyone, the Agency will deal with your employer and anything else", Agent Davis told her trying to be reasuring.

"And I'll be here to look after the house till you come back...."

"You will be coming with us Miss Clark, we can't risk leaving you here, they might try to get you as a means of getting to Miss Walsh"

"OH!, hey it will be like a holiday, we'll have fun", Susan said to Jen winking.

"I would'nt put it like that", Agent Davis said grimly.
"So when do we leave?", Susan asked.

"I'll need to call the Bureau, I'm guessing two hours..."

"Two hours!" Susan yelped, but I can't, I need time to pack, work out what I'm taking..I mean I DO have to look my best, just in case we met some good looking men"

"That won't happen, you'll have no contact with the outside world".

"How long will we be their?", Jen turned to the Agent wishing she had taken the bus to work that day as usual instead of walking.

"At least a month, till you have been in court, hopefully after that you can go back to normal".

"OH MY!", Susan squeeked, " Four weeks with no men and nothing to do, I must remember to pack my knitting and my surgical stockings......"

"It wont be that bad Susan", Jen said calmly.

Susan got up and headed for her room mumbling to herself.
"Would you like some coffee Agent Davis?" Jen asked as she poured powder into the machine.

"Yes thanks, I'm sorry about all this".

"Please forgive Susan she's a bit of a drama queen, all she thinks about is men, fashion and haveing a good time".

"Not you?"

"No, I like going out but we have different tastes, Susan likes the Crypt-O-Club but I find that a bit unsettleing, I much prefer something a bit quieter".
"So what do you like?, if you don't mind me asking"

Agent Davis was curious, she was a very pretty woman and could have any man she wanted but here she was single... "Steady on there Corey", he thought to himself, He always had a weak spot for blondes so why be interested in Miss Walsh, it was totally against his M.O.

"I like to read, listen to music, watch classic films and fishing".

"Fishing!", Davis was surprised, she didn't look like the type of person to go fishing.

The coffee machine beeped causing Miss Walsh to turn, the conversation halted he went outside to call headquaters.

An hour and a half later they we in the car.

"I can't belive all the stuff I left, I mean hairdryer, makeup, Agent Davis if I meet a tall handsome fella and I look like something from a horror film I will hold you accountable", Susan told him sternly.

"Oh Susan! I'm sure you can manage four weeks" Jen laughed.

"Will I? I don't think so, you'll find me one day a jibbering wreak with a malt drink and a magazine titled fifty thing's to do now your life is over"

After driving for several hours Agent Davis pulled into a car park, "This is the last shop before we get to the house, I need to pick up supplies so you'll both have to come with me, I can't risk leaving you alone here".

While he got what they needed Jen broused the clothing rack, her mind wandered to the day she made the mistake of walking home.

She had heard of Mr Big but no one had actually seen him, day dreaming she had found herself in a alley and hearing voices went to ask directions and stumbled apon a dodgy deal, a group of men bargening over the price of a counterfitting machine, one of the men called another by a name "Mr Big".

The Police and FBI had been after him for years but didn't know what he looked like, now he was in custody and awaiting trial, she was the only one that could verify who he was and if she testified he would go to prision for a very long time, unfortunatly his friends were not to happy about that.

After another two hours they pulled into a dirt drive and Agent Davis parked the car, "Here we are".

Jen and Susan looked at the cabin, Jen liked it, she had spent many years holidaying in one, going hunting and fishing with her Dad, it reminded her of her childhood.

Susan was horrified,"I can't stay in that!, it's dirty, I bet it dosn't have electricity"

"Actually it does, a small generator powers the lights and fridge it's not big enough for anything else, the cooker runs of gas bottles", he paused, "Thats the outhouse over there".

"The what?", Susan asked looking at Jen who was sniggering.

"It's the toilet, no bathroom here, the only running water is the kitchen tap, it's fed from the stream".

"Oh my goodness!", Susan looked as if she was about to faint.
After getting the fire going Agent Davis showed them round then disapered into his bedroom to change, when he returned he found Susan had gone for a lie down, tired after there long journey.

Jen was standing next to the fire warming herself haveing also changed clothes, he studied her closely and liked what he saw, she was a bit smaller than himself, her short wavy brown hair seemed to have a mind of it's own often falling over her heart shaped face and the freckles gave her an impish look, yes he had to admit she may not have been his normal type but he could happily except it.

Jen stood by the fire aware that he was looking at her, she was embaressed, her face flushed.

She liked the look of him...who was she kidding...he was drop dead gorgeous.
But now was not the time or place, "Great", she thought "I take an interest in someone and he's only with me because it's his job"

Agent Davis sat down, "Well what do you think of the old place?"

"I like it" Jen replied hopeing the colour in her face had returned to normal, "Do you bring alot of witnesses here?"

"No, most our our safe houses are in the city, this is mine, it's the safest place, the only way across is over the bridge and surounded by forest no one can move without a making a sound, I know the area very well but others won't it's the perfect place".

"I'm glad to hear that Agent Davis, but you don't seem the type of person to live here?"

"I like the peace and quiet especialy after the hectic pace of the city and I travel all over the country, it's nice to come here, to know theres nothing for miles around....look were going to be here a while so I think it will be better if you called me Corey, I mean Agent Davis sounds so stuffy and formal".

Jen smilled, "In that case call me Jen.

"And I'm susan" a voice called from the other room.

"Now that sleeping beauty has awakened I'll make some supper shall I" Jen moved toward the kitchen.

"Good idea! I'll give you a hand".

"You hungery Susan?" Jan shouted.

"Oh I'm starving, what are we having, pizza, chinese or are we eating out, I'd love a glass of wine".

Corey raised an eyebrow at Jen, "Is she serious?"

"I'm afraid she is, don't worry she'll get the hang of this, eventually" Jen laughed.
"So what will we have?" Jen asked.

"Well, I'm not that great a cook but I can do a mean macaroni cheese".

"Great I love macaroni cheese".

"I've never met someone like you before, I mean you're handling all this very well, your very calm!"

"Thats because I'm a generals daughter", seeing Coreys face, "You didn't know that did you?"

"Your father runs a book shop, dosn't he?"

Jen laughed again, thats my Stepfather, my real Father is a General, he's based in Europe so I don't see him much at the moment, him and my Mother divorced after I left collage and it was luck that my Stepfathers surname is the same as my Fathers, your information wasn't quite correct"

"It seems someone at the bureau messed up", Corey was going to do a lot of yelling when he got back.
During dinner Jen told Corey more about her family, "I think my Dad secretly wished for a boy but got me instead, luckily for him I was a tomboy as a kid, we are very close"

"Bet he taught you survival and stuff like that", Corey teased.

"He did but most importantly he taught me to enjoy life".

"I can't belive how long I've been here and not spent any money, I think I'm having withdrawl symptoms", Susan groaned.

Jen laughed, "Susan I'm surprised your not broke with the amount of spending you do, I mean you earn a bit less than I do, whats your secret, you a bank robber".

"NO!", Susan squeeled, "I have savings".

"Well you'll have none if you keep spending like that", Jen scolded teasingly.

"I like to have fun", Susan replied quietly.

The days passed quietly, they spent there time reading and playing games.

Corey liked being with Jen and wondered if they would see each other when this was all over.

Jen tried to put the trial to the back of her mind, but if she wasn't thinking of that it was Corey, she liked him and found they had a lot of things in commen, was it really attraction or was it due to circumstances.

Susan was BORED and couldn't wait to get out of the place, no parties or shopping and while she enjoyed the company this is not how she wanted to spend her evenings.
Good god what time was it, three in the morning what on earth woke her, a noise outside and their it was again.

It wasn't the usual night noises you heard in a place like this, it was....their it was again, something or someone was outside her window.

"Susan!", she whisphered as she slipped out of bed.

"Susan!", she whisphered louder.

Standing beside her bed she peered into the darkness......
A shadow moved past the window, Jen screamed.

"JEN!", a voice called "Whats wrong?, stay were you are I'm comeing!"

"Corey!, there something outside my window"

"Lock the door and stay put, I'll check it out"
Corey looked everywere outside and found nothing.

Jen had started the fire and susan was lying on the sofa moaning about it being far to early to be up.

"Well I looked everywere, nothing, are you sure you saw something?"

"Yes, I'm sure, I know I saw something"

"Well it was proberly a bear or a wolf, it's gone now", Susan stated, "I'm going back to bed".
"Why don't you do the same Jen, I'll stay up just in case"

"I wouldn't be able to sleep", Jen smiled at Corey, "Susan, Where were you?, your bed was empty".

Susan looked at the two of them, "I was in the outhouse, were else would I be at this time"

"And you saw nothing when you were comeing back?"

"Not a thing, look Jen it's been a stressfull few weeks maybe you imagined it"

"I did not!" Jen looked at her friend with defiance, "I saw something".

"Well if you say so".
"From now on the doors will be locked at all times and if you need to go outside tell me so I know were you are at all times", Corey wasn't going to take any chances.

"Oh this is rediculous!, all this for nothing......"

"I'm sorry Susan but this is serious, if some how they have found out were you are it could be dangerous"

"Look maybe it was a bear or wolf", Jen tried to convince herself.

"Maybe, maybe not, as I said I'm not taking any chances".
A few days later having found some rods she and Corey spent the morning fishing, Susan huddled next to the fire complaining about the cold.

Corey and Jen stood silently, each comfortable with the others company, each with their own thoughts.

Jen thought of the trial, just two weeks away, having to face Mr Big, point at him, god she wished it was over.

Corey watched her threw the corner or his eyes, what was she thinking, seeing her face pale he didn't need to guess, he had a sudden urge to wrap his arms round her, tell her it was ok.
Complaining of a headache Jen went for a lie down refusing lunch, Corey and Susan ate together.
Susan was unusually quiet and he was relieved when she to went to her room.

Grabbing a book he lay on the sofa, it was some time later when he woke, he thought he heard the door open and close, going to the window he watched Susan walking down the path, "Now were are you going?".

Susan walked up to the post box and put a letter inside, Theirs no sevice up here so why post a letter corey wondered.

Jen lay on her bed, her headache better but in no hurry to see the others.

She looked at her book not seeing the words, she could hear Corey outside chopping wood, the past few weeks she had got to know him well and new she had feelings for him, it was stupid really he was only their to protect her and then he'd be sent on another case.

The smoke alarm!

Jumping of the bed, she smelt smoke, Corey was shouting to her, telling her to get out.

Climbing out the window she ran to the front of the cabin.
Corey was able to keep it under control till the firemen arrived, it was heavy going but eventually they put the fire out.

The firemen guessed a log had rolled off the fire, setting the rug ablaze, the furniture was old and made of wood so it hadn't taken long for the fire to spread.

Corey wasn't so sure, he had laid the fire himself and was always very carefull, still....?
Outside he spoke to Jen who was shaken but ok, "looks like a accident.

" SUSAN!, were have you been?", Jen was relived to see her friend ok.

"I got bored and went for a walk, why, what happened?".

"The cabin went on fire, we didn't know were you were!"

"Oh my God!, are you both ok?", Susan asked concerned.
The three of them cleaned the cabin, Jen had just about finished washing the soot off some dishes when Corey appeared, "Right thats it all sorted, I found some old furniture, not great looking but it will do"

"I'm just finishing here to", Jen replied, "Everything is covered in soot including me".

"How about a bath..of sorts, I found an old tin one in the shed"

Jen turned smileing, "That would be lovely".
The three of them filled it with water from pans and the kettle heated on the stove then Corey left the girls alone.

After a while it went quiet and thinking it was ok he opened the door.

Susan was no were to be seen, Jen sat in front of the fire wrapped in towels, watching the flames dance.

Corey new he should have turned round, gone back to his room but for some reason his legs would'nt work.

He looked at her, well toned and strong he guessed that she did some running, her arms had seen weights but not the kind the body builders used, she was neat but she wasn't weak physically or mentaly.

Jen suddenly turned and seeing Corey jumped up, "I'm sorry to take so long, it was chilly and I thought a quick warm up at the fire...."

"Thats ok, were's Susan?".

"She went to bed, all this mountain air must be going for her", Jen laughed nervously.

"I was going to make some chocolate, would you like some?"

"Chocolate would be nice, Do you think it will snow tonight, it's cold enough?.." Jen knew she was rambling but couldn't help it.

Corey walked over to her, "Do you mind if I suggest something?"

"No, not at all"

He bent down and whisphered into her ear, "Maybe you should get dressed!"

"OH!", Jen's face went red, she ran to her room leaving Corey roaring with laughter.

"It looks as if we may have to move you out of here", Corey looked at Jen, the fire had unsettled him, god if she had been trapped...he tried not to think about it.

"If it was anything else!", taking a sip from her mug, "well I think they could have done a better job, besides its not long now.

"I'll be happier if you were moved", Corey answered grimly, "I'll call the office".
They sat at the table and played cards for a while.

"I think you should turn in, it's getting late" Corey could see she was tired.

"What about you".

"I'll stay up, just in case".

"All night, you can't stay awake all night!"

"I'll be fine, theirs plenty of coffee in the pot and I've done this before don't forget".

"But what if...?"

"It'll be ok, honestly, I'll make sure of it", Corey realized that he was holding her hand, he looked at her unsure of what to do, their was definatly something between them he could feel it.

Jens emotions were running wild, his touch sending jolts through her, "Err, goodnight Corey", almost running to her room.
Corey downed a cup of coffee then sat by the fire.
Something didn't add up?, Susan had a habit of disapearing, after being told to stay near the cabin she was still wandering off without saying a word, was it coincidence?.

His mind wandered too Jen...

Maybe it was time to settle down, get married have a few kids, surprised by his thoughts "Sign your getting old" he muttered to himself but the thought of spending the rest of his life with Jen sounded good.
The following day found Jen and Corey very quiet,each for different reasons, after spending the morning watching the two sad face's Susan had had enough.

"Right that's it, the two of you sit down, we are going to play charades".

Susan started the game by doing a film, neither Jen or Corey could work out what it was, "We give up, what is it?", Corey asked.

"Well I'm danceing and wiggling my it's loose!", Susan told them, "Like my foot is loose!.....oh come on, my foot is loose...footloose...the movie!"

Jen started laughing, "If thats your impression of a movie I'd hate to see you do a book"

"I think Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer are better, don't give up your day job", Corey added.

"Hey!, I'd like to see the two of you do better"

The evening passed quickly and both Jen and Corey felt better, none of them were very good at the game and before long they were all hooting with laughter.

It was now after midnight and Corey sat on guard, he listened to the fire crackle and the owl hooting outside, turning at the sound of a door opening, "Jen what are you doing up?"

Jen sat on the sofa, "I couldn't sleep, I thought I'd keep you company for a while".

Corey nodded but said nothing, this would be the perfect time, should he tell her how he feels? what if she didn't feel the same way? he knew there was an attraction between them at least but......he took a deep breath, here goes.
Standing up he paused, second thoughts? going to the kitchen he poured a cup of coffee....chicken!....putting the cup down he marched over to Jen and taking her hand pulled her towards him...

"What is it? is something wrong? Jen looked at him confused.
"No!, yes!, Oh damn!, look, I love you, no here me out, I fell for you the day you walked into my office, I know this is not the best of situations but I know their is something between us, I can feel it....I think", Corey wasn't sure anymore, maybe he was reading things wrong, maybe he's just made a complete idiot of himself.

"I love you to", Jen whispered.

"You do?".

"I was worried, that it was circumstances, that you didn't feel the same way", Jen confessed,

"I had the same worries, but not nowl", Corey pulled her closer...
"What about when all this is over? what then?" Jen asked.

"We'll deal with it when the time comes", Corey replied hoarsely, lowering his head.

Jen closed her eyes, if this was going to be the only time spent with Corey then she would make the most of it.

Corey new this was the real deal, she was going to be his wife...he hoped.
The next morning Jen was up early making breakfast, hearing a noise outside she went to the door.

"Oh no!" she sighed.

"Whats the matter?" Corey asked as he entered the room.

She handed him the letter.

"Why the glum faces?" Susan asked.

"Jen got another letter", he looked at Susan, she seemed surprised but he wasn't convinced.

"I'm going to call the office were gonna have to move so I would suggest you start packing", Corey knew for sure what was going on now but he needed proof, he was going to speak to his collegues, see what they could dig up.
That afternoon Corey got the call he was waiting for, the new safe house was ready and he was starting to get answers to his questions.

He watched Jen standing by the bridge looking into the water below, god he wished he could wrap his arms round her, kiss her but it was better to keep their relationship a secret for now.

"......Agent Davis!..what do you want to do?" the voice on the other end asked.

"Nothing..yet" Corey replied he needed more proof and hopefully this would give it too him.
Corey watched the street below, today was friday just the weekend then Jen would testify and it would be over.

He watched the people below, the usual faces, some were tennents of the other apartments and some were workers or owners of the shops dotted around, he watched them hurying about their buisness coat collers pulled up, umberellas held tight trying to protect them from the rain.

His thoughts went to the call he had recieved, he needed just one more incident to prove he was right but, what if it was more than he could handle?

He wished his partner Harry was with him but he was on holiday, he deserved it he had worked hard this last twelve months, they both had, he couldn't call him back, not for this.. he could handle it.
That night he did his usual area check before hiting the sack.

He got to the top of of the stairs turned to head for the apartment and stopped.

Susan was at the appartment door, she knelt down and pushed something under it then got up and quietly entered, "Bingo".

Corey waited a few minutes before going in.

He headed for the kitchen to find Jen standing looking at something on the counter.... another letter.

He read it, smileing grimly, he knew who had sent it and could prove it.
Jen was upset and trying to fight back the tears.

Corey took her hand, "It's ok!, I know who has been sending them and who started the fire at the cabin, she won't get away with it"

"She?", Jen looked at him with confusion then it hit her, "Susan" she whisphered.

Corey watched the colour drain from Jens face, she was shakeing.

"How could she?, I thought she was my friend?

"I'm sorry" wrapping his arms round her, "I didn't want to belive it myself but I couldn't ignore the evidence, head office did some checking up and we have no doubt, two of my colleagues are on there way"

Jen held him tight, how could she do that to her, they had been friends for years..she let out a groan.

"Shhh!, its ok, it's nearly over", Corey tightned his hold.

Jen smilled, she was upset but she couldn't ignore how she felt in Coreys arms.
Susan walked into the room to find Corey, Jen and two more agents.

"Hey! whats up?

"We have some questions we'd like to ask".

Susan looked at Corey nervously, "What questions?"

"Do you know anything about the letters Jens been getting?"

"No..of course not"

"Tell the truth Susan" Corey asked again, "What do you know about the letters?"
"Honestly Corey! I know nothing about the letters"

"So it wasn't you thats been sending them and you don't know Mr Big?"

"Don't be silly, what would I be doing with a man like that and I'm upset that you think I could do something like that to a friend"

"So if we sent the last letter Jen got of to the lab for testing it would'nt have your prints on it?"


"I have a hunch that the person posting that letter forgot to wear gloves..their will be prints"

Susan went quiet..
"Yes I sent the letters..all of them", I was told to frighten her off"

"And when the letters didn't work you started the fire?" Codey added.

"Yes, I made sure you were near by and that no harm would come to was a warning thats all".

"But why Susan?" Jen was horrified, they were best friends....

Susan turned to her, "I'm so sorry.. but the money they offered was to good..I haven't paid my bills in months, my credit cards are maxed and the repo man was threatning to come round...this would have got me sorted and left some...."

"Why didn't you come to me? I would have helped"

Susan shrugged her sholders, "They offered a lot...It would have given me a fresh start...."

"And putting me through that for money was ok?"

"It was a way out, it sounded ok at the time, I made sure you wern't hurt"

"You were my friend, I trusted you" Jen said quietly turning away.
"Lets go Miss"

Jen watched as the two Agents led her to the door, she
could feel the tears running down her face.

Susan never looked back as she walked out the door.

Corey was relieved, he felt sorry for Jen but at least with Susan gone and another couple of Agents staying till Monday he hoped the crooks would back off.
It was a tough few days but finally Jen was able to walk out of court for the last time.

"Thats him, Mr Big", the court filled with voices and the Judge had to shout a few times to get the court to settle.

The papers and TV crews surounded her all yelling questions, she answered a few before Corey led her to a car.

An hour later she was packed and waiting for the cab.

"Well, this is it!", she turned to Corey, "Thanks for all your help", since Susan had left he had been cold towards her, not sure of him now she decided to make it easy for him.

"Err, my pleasure", whats going on?, Jen was backing off, had he got it wrong after all.

The cab honked it's horn, "Well thats my ride, see you around Agent Davis"

Jen turned.

The driver put her case in the boot.

"Jen wait....!"

Jen stopped her hand on the door handle.

"Jen!" Corey pleaded.

Turning round she was surprised to find him so close, she could smell the soap and aftershave he had used that morning.

Corey lifted his hand and stroked her face, "I told you how I felt..that I love you...

"You do?"

"With all my heart"

"So why were you so cold towards me?"

Corey sighed, "I felt bad about Susan, if it wasn't for me she would still be your friend"

"With friends like that who needs enemies", Jen laughed, "It wasn't your fault and besides Susan made her choice"

"I know, I wanted to talk to you but with my collegues their I couldn't.

"So what now Agent Davis?"

"Well, I was kinda hopeing....."

Corey reached inside his suit pocket and getting down on one knee produced a little black box.

Jen held her breath, her heart pounding in her chest.

"Miss Walsh, will you do me the honor of being my wife?"

"Yes Agent Davis, OH! YES", Jen shouted not sure if she should laugh or cry.
Wrapping her arms round his neck she snuggled close to him, "Yes Corey I will marry you" she whisphered.

Smileing like a cheshire cat, "I love you Jen"

"And I love you"

Corey looked at the cab driver, "Well, your place or mine?"
That Spring they were married, it was a small wedding in a hotel garden with their family and a few close friends.

A warm breeze blew the scent from the flowers around the happy couple as the said there vows.

"I love you Mrs Davis", Corey said as he placed the ring on her finger.

"I love you Mr Davis".
On their first wedding anniversary Jen anounced she was expecting.

They moved to a bigger house which was hectic and at the end of the day they stood on the veranda and watched the ocean wash over the rocks.

"How about an early night", Corey asked with a wink.

"Sounds lovely but I think Junior has different ideas"

Coreys jaw dropped, "You mean?"

"Someone is in a hurry to met his great dad", Jen replied takeing his hands.


And what of Susan?, well, Jen put in a good word for her and after a short sentence she left the city, the last anyone heard of her was that she had moved to Strangetown and was looking after the Curious familys strange children.


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sara_ashleyNov 25, 2010

Amazing story with lovely sims \:D !!!! Great shots and great job and thanks a lot !!!!! and keep up the very good work !!!! hugs !!!!! Sara

queenmarci8284Sep 27, 2009

Wow, great story, I can tell you put a lot into it!

clairepitts1994Sep 9, 2009

Wow! Is all I could say! I loved this story!! Your simmies are very good looking too \:wub\: I liked how you ended it too, a nice happy ending with Jen and Corey happily married with a baby on the way. Absolutely loved it! Can't wait to read more from you! Ironmum!!

drewsolteszAug 26, 2009

Wonderful iron Mum! tense, romantic and great emotional shots, great job!!!\:wub\:

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