When a legend needs to be told
Published Aug 6, 2009

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When a legend should to be told it would probably have to be this one. The Ancient People of the Native Sims tribes wrote their story down in a book and only the first born to a family would learn of this story and pass it on.

When a legend should to be told it would probably have to be this one. The Ancient People of the Native Sims tribes wrote their story down in a book and only the first born to a family would learn of this story and pass it on. It was time I wrote another story... Thanks to all my friends I was forged to stay up night after night and write a new book…A legend….Where would I start? Thanks Cyclone Sue. Your house was perfect for this family to grow up in. Aponi Ohinyan was the oldest daughter of Sapa Mato, or Black Bear if you prefer.
The story in the old book itself is not what interests us, it’s the story of Aponi and her eldest son Nita…or Aponi and her family...I decide to tell their story…
In the Valley of the Oaks there was a young couple who lived a simple but very happy life.
This is the home of Aponi Ohinyan and her husband William Collina.
Aponi was a moon child and was to be found mostly outdoors. She would dance and chant the old ritual songs and pay respect to the Ancient Ones, her ancestors, every full moon… She had been barely 16 when she first met William Collina, an Irish Italian Sim from another world. Aponi fell for his charms in an instant and not even a year later Nita was born. Nita Ohinyan, her first born, whom she had to teach everything about the Ancient Ones. William was very much in love with his Aponi, she was strikingly beautiful and not much longer after Nita had his first birthday, yet another son was born into the family. They called him Sean, after Williams dad. But William didn’t understand the old ways of the Ancient Ones. He was more down to earth and worried mostly about how to get food on the table for his family. The Ancient Ones were not about to help him with that. While Sean was the apple of his eye, William didn’t understand Nita that much. Nita’s ancient soul was confusing him very much. Nita and Sean however, the two brothers, complemented each others character in every way and were best friends as from the day they could walk and talk. Nita, being the older brother was feeling very protective of his younger sibling, although he knew his dad favoured Sean over him. William would be out during the day trying to find a job and usually find nobody home when he came back from yet another fruitless job hunt. Aponi , nature's child was mostly out in the woods, by the river or reading the book her ancestors passed on to her.

She would then meet her son at the Ancient Burial Grounds to teach him the sacred old ways.Nita was a good student. More in the Old ways than at his school work. All this time Sean was home alone, eating left overs and doing his homework and study real hard to please his dad Aponi loved her second son very much too. But Sean was withdrawn and always trying to please. She worried about him being too serious and not playing much. Somehow she wasn’t able to communicate with William about it. He didn’t seem to understand. Or see what was going on. Regretfully she wasn’t aware that she herself contributed to the problem as well. Sean confided in his brother and told him he was really worried about the fact that their carefree days might be over someday soon. Well…it seemed dad went out and got some himself some kind of a job. Nobody really knew what he did but there was money and sometimes even a lot of it. There was less laughter and more silence in the house since that time. The teaching went on…Nita was getting good in understanding the old book.

Sean on the other hand was unhappy and missed his brother to play with… The nights of the full moon were the hardest, where Nita waited for Aponi and the lessons he still had to learn. That day it happened. Things were going to change drastically. Nita had his birthday. They were all there….except for Aponi…. She herself was so caught up in her own lonely world that she forgot her oldest son’s birthday. It was one of those rare occasions where William saw the pain his sons went through.In this case he really felt for Nita... That night he sat down with Nita to ask him what was on his mind. Nita told him not much. The time that went by without having a good conversation had been a too long one. It seemed it was too late to restore what had gone sour over the years.

It dawned on William. He got so upset with Aponi that the next day he went to her beloved garden and confronted her with all of their pain. But William was not a subtle man… He lost his temper….

He told Aponi he was through! Through with her…with their marriage. 'I will move out and take Sean with me'…he said.
Just then, Nita walked into their break up scene…..
Nita had to find Sean and tell him what he just witnessed. He found Sean under the bridge. They fished for awhile and Nita was heartbroken having to break the news to Sean. His brother had foreseen it all! He should’ve been the one with the gut feelings not his little brother!

After they had the long, long talk about what had happened at the house they hugged and promised each other they would always stay together even when it meant they would be parted for sometime. Blood brothers forever! The next morning Aponi went to look for Nita and told him that William and she had decided that Nita was to stay with her and Sean would move with William to town where he would attend a special school for the gifted children. It seemed best at the time. Nita would disagree later in his grown life…. William rented an old place in town. He took Sean and left the house in Valley of the Oaks without ever looking back. Sean grew up to become a regular teenager. School was going great but he had never missed anyone as much as his brother….and his mom… Sean found out another thing. Where his dad got all the money from…. That worried him a lot…Meanwhile he spend most of his time alone. But he made good grades and he was determined to make a great future! Aponi was stressed out a lot. She couldn’t cope not having her two children around her and on that fatal night when she was all by herself… She felt a pain… was unbearable…the pain ran through her body…. Aponi fell to the floor and felt all life seeping out of her…. Aponi died at 35 years young, with no one there with her but the Ancient Ones... William was not aware of this. He was finally caught doing his “business”… They brought him in and he had to do serious time… We are almost there my dear readers… Aponi is dead. William is in jail. The boys were old enough to take care of themselves. Here’s a little more...just to give you a good feeling at the end of the story… Nita and Sean found each other again. After they buried their mother and witnessed their father go to jail they promised to take care of each other. And so they did. They moved to a new town and started a new life. ...Where one a wonderful nice and sunny day, years later…they would meet up with an old friend….

Dad…. What happens next you can read in Fred in Yonderland…..

Barb, this one is for you!!! Love ya lots! We have to continue the saga!

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martoeleJan 25, 2011

I have read this story a long time ago but now I see that I never commented on it. Shame on me!!! \:o 

Dec 20, 2010

thank you

happygirlApr 30, 2010

Very good! i like that \:\)

AbsintheBessNov 12, 2009

This was really awesome Fred! \:\) -Bess

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