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You Only Live Once: Part 5 (Resubmitted)
Published Aug 16, 2009

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Sorry, this is a re uploaded part 5, as parts of my story were missing!!!! I.E. the screenshots- doh!

Sorry, this is a re uploaded part 5, as parts of my story were missing!!!! I.E. the screenshots- doh! After our date together I began to feel much happier in myself and with everything. I was even up for going to see my tutor more. Josh's work was thriving too and he called me to arrange coming for tea the next night. "Dad I got an A+!" Josh told his proudly.

"That's brilliant son," Parker smiled happily, "Well done. This girl really has affected you eh son?"

"She has, oh I can't wait for you to meet her!" Josh beamed.

"Me either!" Parker admitted and he was telling the truth.
Josh had changed and asked his Dad nervously, "Do I look alright?"

"You look great! Not sure about the jeans though!" Parker laughed.
"You're old fashioned, these are hip," Josh laughed at his Dad.

"I guess I am," Parker smiled.

"I'm going to wait outside," Josh smiled as he went outside to wait for me.
Josh looked around anxiously as he waited for me. He was 10 minutes early but he still waited and worried. 10 minutes later, Parker came outside to see Josh and joked, "She stood you up?" He laughed as Josh panicked.

"She'll come soon," Parker assured him.
"She might stand me up..." Josh panicked, "Oh God...she might...oh."

"Don't be soft, you're a catch!" Parker said hugging his son fondly.
That's when I arrived. I could see Josh hugging a man I could only assume was Parker Randall, his father. I chewed my lips nervously, waiting for him to notice me. I saw Parker notice me first and nudge Josh to say I was here. Josh beamed the brightest and most delighted smile I had ever seen. I smiled back too. We smiled like kids in a toy shop.

"Hi," he said rushing over.

"Hi," I replied.
Then he grabbed me softly and pulled me close, "I missed you," he said.

"Missed you too," I blushed.

"I thought you'd stand me up," he joked.

"I made Josh Randall panic?" I asked proud, "You must like me!"

"I do," Josh smiled whilst his Dad watched us embrace. I was about to introduce myself but Josh kissed me.
We didn't care that his Dad was watching. We only had eyes for one another.

"Ahh young love," we heard his Dad chuckle, "I'll put on the tea!" He headed inside as we pulled away breathlessly.
Josh showed me his amazing house and I felt so out of place. It was amazingly furnished with the latest styles and fashions. It was perfect.

Then we went to his "Music room" and I strummed on his electric guitar. I fumbled the strings softly and played a simple tune.

"Play for me?" Josh asked.

"I can't," I said embarrassed.

"Please? For me?" Josh asked and I gave in to my fears.

I performed a slow song for him- Love Story by Taylor Swift.
"Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone
I'll be waiting all there's left to do is run
You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess
It's a love story baby just say yes" I sang softly as I strummed the chords.

"Wow," Josh smiled when I finished, "I'll be your Romeo. You're amazing, Juliet. I am very lucky" He looked at me with such awe and amazement.

"Your turn!" I said smiling and sitting on the bean bag.
Josh played the drums for me. He was amazing with his hands. Drummers are always sexy, I thought to myself. And this one was mine. I smiled happily to myself. My luck had changed. After our music session we chilled out in the second living room and I got to know Parker. He was a cool guy, who liked music and playing guitar too. I really liked him. It was surprising to see a famous businessman as his usual self. Relaxed, happy and gentle. "You have a great son," I told Parker.

"I know and you're good for him," he told me and I blushed.
"Damn!" Parker said suddenly, "I best check on the food." He apologised and went back to the kitchen. Josh got up and came up behind me and whispered, "We're alone finally. Let's sit down." We sat on the love seat and cuddled one another blissfully. He crossed his legs on top of mine and trapped me gently to the sofa. He leaned close and cuddled me gently.

"I love being with you," he told me.

"I know," I smiled happily.

"Never leave me ok?" he asked softly, his eyes pleading.

"I won't," I lied and I kissed him.
We kissed for what felt like forever. Until he lifted me onto his knee and we laughed happily. We kissed again and I felt so in love it was unreal. My body ache for his touch and I knew he was all I wanted. "April," he murmured into my neck, my hair, my ears.

"Yes?" I asked breathless.

"You'll be the death of me," he laughed.

"Oh sorry," I blushed. I knew he meant we were moving too fast. But it felt so right.

"We'll stop," I said pulling away.

"Ok," he agreed and moved away from me. He stared at me thoughtfully.
"What?" I asked confused and excited at the same time.

"I don't want to stop," he laughed as he jumped me on the sofa.
I laughed as he did a running jump and we made out- again. We didn't hear his Dad call us for dinner... Or hear his Mum walk in on us kissing. A great first impression. "Ahem," Maria Randall said clearing her throat and getting our attention. I was up like a shot, embarrassed. Josh just smiled, his hair messy and looking drunk- well, drunk with kisses. "Sorry, I am April, it's nice to meet you," I stammered, mortified.

"I see," Maria sneered looking me up and down with disdain, "Dinner is ready."
I enjoyed dinner and felt at ease with Parker and Josh. Parker did a nice toast and welcomed me to the "family." I felt like Maria didn't like me at all. Was I too poor for her? Not clever enough? No pretty? She wasn't happy with my future career in music.

"That's hardly a career, university is best option," she replied, "Josh is going aren't you darling!"

"Maybe..." Josh considered.

"Maybe?!" Maria snapped and glared at me accusingly.
Despite everything, I had a great night and tried my best to impress Marie so she'd warm to me. I wasn't that worried. I just thought she was protecting her only son. Maria made a phone call the next day.

"Darling," she said to the caller, "I need your help. Yes, do come over. We have a little problem."

End of part 5 :D

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avilinaSep 15, 2009

The evil mother, must read more.

ThabillAug 18, 2009

Wait wait, I take that back! I wonder what Maria is going to do!
>OOOO< I love this!

ThabillAug 18, 2009

I just love the first picture. It really brought me in. The rest of the story, not so much.

ReginaGeorgeTheSimAug 18, 2009

<strong><em>\:rah\: </em></strong>

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