The Andretti Legacy (78)
Published Aug 19, 2009

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The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 78

The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 78
Jaxson sits outside after school one day staring at a blank piece of paper. A few of the other kids from school were gathering at the park to work on their projects for the class. They didn't invite him, and he surely wouldn't invite himself. But, his mind does wonder if they're having fun. Fun...that's a Greek word to him. What does that mean? What is it like to have 'fun'? He rests his head on his fist with a few emotions running amuck. He's sad and he's lonely, but for some reason he just feels angry. Angry at all the kids in school, angry at his parents, angry at himself, and really...he doesn't know why. There's no real reason to be angry with anyone; it's not his fault he doesn't have's not anyone's. It's just the way life goes for some people.

He scribbles angrily on the top sheet of paper, rips it out of his spiral, and crumbles it before tossing it over the railing and into the pond. Isis would be upset with him for that, but at the moment, he really doesn't care. He is slowly but surely becoming a careless little boy.
The next morning, Saturday, Jaxson quietly prepares himself for the day. He can't hear his parents moving around, so they must still be sleeping. He softly opens and closes the front door behind and sets off towards the park. He stands in the middle of the empty park, it's still too early for it to fill up with people from all over town. This is his favorite time, a time when the park and all of it's beauty are his and his alone. He takes a deep breath, and exhales with relief. There is something about the outdoors that makes him forget all of his worries and problems. He also finds a great deal of happiness in watching the fish jump in and out of the little ponds throughout the park. He imagines that they are having 'fun' swimming and jumping around all day long. "They say a fish is the symbol of happiness and of freedom." An old man's quiet voice startles Jaxson. " ...of faith and good luck. Of knowledge and transformation." Jaxson stares ahead, somewhat frightened, somewhat confused by such words, and at the same time extremely interested. "...for me...they symbolize peace and relaxation. I could watch them for hours. ...forget all my troubles and worries."

"Me, too..." Jaxson says softly following a heavy sigh.
"You can't possibly have anything to worry about." The old man chuckles, and Jaxson turns to face him with the most serious of expressions. "...really, then?" The old man looks down at him with interest. "What's bothering you, boy?" "Old people aren't the only people with problems." Jaxson glares up at the old man before brushing by him and walking off across the park and heading home. "Tag! You're it!" Someone yells as Jaxson rounds the corner. It wasn't near dark yet, and seeing as how he loved the outdoors, he opted to take the long route home.

He watches as the woman and child run around the yard. He takes notice of the less than fortunate home they live in. It then crosses his mind that the rich children aren't supposed to have fun. Maybe they are meant to have their noses in books preparing for big jobs and making money. This family seems to barely be getting by, but they are having a great time.

"It just doesn't make sense..." Jaxson sighs heavily as the young girl looks in his direction. He quickly begins walking again.
"Hey!" The little girl crosses the yard towards Jaxson. His heart starts racing as she gets closer and closer.

"I'm going to start some dinner, okay?" The woman calls back and the young girl turns to look at her, smiles, and then proceeds towards Jaxson quicker than before.
"You ain't from this neighborhood are you?" He walks in front of him, blocking his path, and stopping him. He nervously looks down at the ground. "I can tell by your expensive clothes." She says with a grin. He ducks his head even lower.

"Aww...I didn't mean to hurt your filluns." She slugs his shoulder, just about knocking him completely over. "I'm Jen." She sticks her hand out in front of him. He looks down at it and starts to panic. He makes fists with his hands and can feel how sweaty his palms are. He quickly wipes on off on his pants leg, and grabs her hand.
"Jax...son." His voice quivers. She keeps a firm grip, and can feel his hand trembling. " you want to play tag or something?" Jen asks quickly. "Ta-ag?" Jaxson blurts out. He runs through his mind trying to remember what that is.

"Yeah. Tag." She looks at him with confusion.
"You know, I chase you...tag you, then you chase me...and tag me?" She explains the game to him quickly, wondering why he doesn't know what playing Tag is.

"Oh...yeah, I know what that is." Jaxson tries to act like he knew all along.

", you want to play?" She asks him again. He looks up at her eager expression hoping she'd change the subject.
"Uh...actually...uh, I have to get home." Jaxson mumbles as he scratches his head.

"Oh...okay." She shrugs her shoulders as Jaxson takes a step back. "That's too bad...maybe you could come by tomorrow or something and we could play." She smiles a friendly smile as Jaxson turns away and heads back down the sidewalk in the direction of his house.
Jaxson tosses and turns in his bed all night; he can't shake the thoughts of that girl from his head. For the most part, he's angry at himself for walking away from his first chance at making a new friend. And what if she scopes him out at school tomorrow?! What will he say? He can't escape her! Then again, there's the part of him that wants her to scope him out. The random back and forth arguing between his emotions eventually puts him to sleep.
Jaxson never did see that girl at school, and he never passed by her house again. He carried on through school pushing himself to excel, as the idea that rich children never had fun began to root into his brain. He didn't know where the idea came from, nor did he know why it was something he was beginning to strive for. As the years passed, so did Jaxson. He made a few friends, but none of them were any 'fun'. They all were headed to follow their father's footsteps or to college. Jaxson, however, didn't want anything to do with music. His passion lay elsewhere, and his parents were very accepting of his choice.

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