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Learning to Love - Part 8
Published Aug 25, 2009

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Well, here we are at Part 8! I thought that this part might have taken me longer to finish but I somehow seemed to put my assignments to the back of my mind and did what I would rather do...write my story! :-D Thank you to all my supporters and all the wonderful artists of the cc in my story....

Well, here we are at Part 8! I thought that this part might have taken me longer to finish but I somehow seemed to put my assignments to the back of my mind and did what I would rather do...write my story! :-D Thank you to all my supporters and all the wonderful artists of the cc in my story.... **Two months later**

Sitting down on the couch, Adriana was relieved she was finally home. All day at work she had been itching to get home so she could be alone. She had barely walked out the office doors before her mind had wandered. It had been trying to wander all day but she had tried to remain focused on her work. She would have plenty of time to think, after all. So many emotions were running through her body, she was overwhelmed. A dream she had been holding close to her heart was going to become a reality, she realised. A dream she had thought she would have to give up on.
That morning, Adriana had woken to a bout of nausea. Something which had become a regular occurrence the past few days. It would often last long into the afternoon and sometimes into the night. What she was experiencing stirred emotions deep inside her, emotions she kept hidden from all those around her.
You see, Adriana had suffered a miscarriage at a very early age. She had been at the tender age of twenty, when everything in her life was going just right. She had a very loving boyfriend, a job she loved and lots of friends. So she was shocked, of course, when she discovered she was pregnant. It was not something she had planned but she let herself think about it for two weeks before she told anyone or decided what to do. During this time, she found herself growing very fond of the tiny baby growing inside her. It was sometime in the second week that Adriana had realised all was not well. She went straight to the doctor only to be told she had lost her baby. A dark cloud seemed to form over Adriana's head after she comprehended the news. In the short time she had known she was pregnant, she didn't realize how much she had grown to love the tiny life she had been carrying. No one knew what had happened nor what she was going through.
She drifted away from her boyfriend, resulting in their break up, and isolated herself from her friends. They were all concerned but she couldn't tell them what had happened. It was much too personal. She was sure no one would understand the grief she felt. A little piece of her had been torn away, never to return.
These memories were painful for Adriana to remember. After what happened twelve years earlier, she had thrown herself into her career, attempting to banish the memories to a part of her mind she couldn't reach. And now they had come back to her at full force. In the bathroom that morning, she had used a pregnancy test and had stared at the positive result for a long time. She was definitely pregnant.
She couldn't deny that she was terrified. She didn't know if she would be strong enough should she experience a repeat of her first pregnancy. Her happiness would be eclipsed by fear until she knew her baby was safe and well.
Over at Nick's place, he stood outside listening to the whispers of the wind and the noises of the night. This was something he had done most nights over the past couple of months. The moment he shared with Zak just over two months ago had confused him. Not only the kiss but the way Zak had dealt with it afterward. Rushing out, he had left Nick's emotions running high and low, not knowing what to do. Nick had only received a text message from Zak since then, explaining that he needed some time to be alone. But Nick so desperately wanted to talk this over, make some sense of what was happening. Stretching out under the warmness of his bed covers later that night, Nick knew he would have trouble sleeping tonight as he had done for the last few weeks. He lay still, trying to imagine what Zak was doing right then. He wished that all of this could have been much easier than it was. Up early the next morning, Nick sat at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal while trying to wake himself up. He hadn't got much sleep last night and knew he looked as tired as he felt. Despite this, he was still thinking things over. He realised he had been selfish lately, only thinking about his own thoughts and feelings. He hadn't taken a moment to put himself into Zak's shoes.
It had taken himself many years to come to terms with his true feelings, to be comfortable with it. He had been confused about his sexuality for a long time. Zak probably hadn't had time to discover his true feelings, having a child so early on in his life. He may not even know his true feelings yet. Nick decided it best that Zak have as much time to himself as he wanted. Nothing would be resolved if he didn't.
Adriana had also come to a decision about her situation. A mistake she had made when she was twenty, was that she hadn't told the father of her baby about the pregnancy or miscarriage. She had felt so alone going through that by herself.
But since going on that first date with Jonas, she had felt like she could tell him anything. This situation was no different and he had a right to know, being the father of this baby inside her. Having invited him over on a Sunday afternoon, they sat on her back porch taking advantage of the beautiful autumn weather.
"There was something I needed to tell you," Adriana said, looking up at Jonas's handsome face. "Something pretty important, which is why I asked you here."
Jonas looked somewhat worried. "I haven't done anything wrong have I?"
"Just because I need to tell you something, it doesn't mean you've done something wrong," laughed Adriana.
Jonas let out a sigh of relief. "Phew! Ok, I'm all ears then."
She took a deep breath before replying. "I'm....pregnant."
A moments silence followed. "You're...pregnant?" Jonas echoed, trying to grasp her announcement. "With a baby?"
"No, with joy," Adriana said, sarcastically. "Of course with a baby."
They both sat there for a few minutes in silence. It had taken some time for Adriana to take this news in herself, so she was patient in letting it sink in for Jonas.
"We're going to have a baby!" Jonas said slowly. "I'm going to be a dad..."
"Yes...I know it wasn't planned.." her voice trailed off.
Jonas looked directly at Adriana. "Oh Ada, it doesn't matter. This is great! I'm finally going to be a dad. And there isn't a better woman I could have chosen to be the mother of my child."
Jonas had instantly brightened Adriana's spirit with his enthusiasm. She hadn't known what to expect when she told him, but this was even better then the best case scenario she had envisioned. The fear she possessed of her losing her baby was temporarily forgotten in the excitement of Jonas's support.
Suddenly Jonas got up and walked over to her, unable to take his eyes off her.
"Ada, you are so very beautiful. You have just made my day, you know that?" Putting his arms around her, he drew her close and kissed her tenderly. "I love you."
With those three words, her heart seemed to skip a beat. Those three words meant more than anything in the world to her. He loved her!
"I love you, too," she replied, as she looked into his beautiful blue eyes.
Stepping out of his car, Nick had arrived home from the first work day of the week. He reached for his briefcase and keys and shut the car door. He turned around just in time to see Zak walking towards him, stopping when Nick met his gaze. After a moment of awkward silence, Nick took a few steps towards his visitor.
"Hi, Nick," came the reply.
"Uh..did you want to come in?" Nick asked.
Zak looked towards the door. "Yes..that would be good."
Settled in his living room, Nick pulled up a seat across from Zak so the situation wouldn't be so awkward.
"I need to apologize first of all," Zak started. "Not just know, but for rushing out without an explanation."
"No, you don't need to apologize."
"Yes, I do. I shouldn't have done what I did but something came over me and I couldn't control it. I've been thinking a lot lately."
Nick sat still for a moment. "Before you say anything, I want to tell you that I' So, don't feel embarrassed if that's what you were thinking about."
"I had thought that was possible. Although I've been slightly embarrassed about what happened, it's not that that I've been thinking about."
"So what have you been thinking about?" Nick asked.
"Well, I think I'm bisexual. Obviously you know that I've been with women, but many of my relationships don't last. There always seems to be something missing," Zak replied, looking at Nick. "And then I was attracted to you, which was very unexpected for me. I haven't been attracted to men before and it caught me by surprise. Especially as the feelings I felt were very strong."
"Don't worry, I was confused for a long time before now. I have had relationships with women as well, but obviously they haven't been enjoyable for me. I've only recently accepted who I am," Nick admitted. "I've also felt strong feelings for you."
Both of them sat there for a little while taking in each of their admissions, unsure of what to do next. This was new for the both of them and they would need to take one step at a time and do what felt right.
"So, what next?" Zak asked.
"Well, I think we should pursue this further, if that's what you want," Nick said, to which he received a nod. "But we'll take it slow, of course. See what happens."
"Yes, ok. Well, I'm glad we talked this over. I better go now but I guess we'll talk soon, then?"
"Yea, we will. Thanks for coming over."
As Nick followed Zak out, they stopped briefly before Zak walked out the door. They were both unsure of how they should say goodbye, knowing what they did. After a moment, they both decided a friendly 'goodbye' would do for now.
"Ok, see you later then!" Nick said.
"Yea, see you later."
They exchanged smiles and suddenly Nick was alone again. At least it had gone as well as it could have, he thought. He hadn't realised how nervous he had been until now. He was glad, though, that Zak had been able to tell him how he felt. Now that they both knew how the other was feeling, their relationship could progress or they could stay as friends, depending on how things turned out. Whatever happened, the air had been cleared between them.
Adriana and Jonas sat patiently in the doctors waiting room for Adriana's name to be called. She would be receiving her first scan very soon, and she couldn't have been more excited. Judging by Jonas's excited babble, he was too. Adriana was hardly listening to a word he said, though, anxious to see a healthy heartbeat on the screen in the doctors office. That was all she wanted.
"Ms Chesters?" The call interrupted her thoughts.
She turned to Jonas who was already standing up. He smiled and took her hand as they followed the doctor through to her office.
"I hear there's a congratulations in store, Ms Chesters," Dr. Noonan said, closing the door behind them.
"Yes, thank you. You can call me Adriana." She smiled. "This is Jonas."
The doctor smiled at him. "Glad to meet you, Jonas."
"You too."
"Ok, I'll just get you to lay up on the bed Adriana, and we'll get you ready for your ultrasound."
She did as she was asked and Dr. Noonan applied the ultrasound goo over her stomach.
Her stomach felt cool with the blue slime on it. She looked expectantly to the screen as it came to life. As the doctor rubbed the ultrasound device over the goo, she told Adriana and Jonas that they were now looking at their baby. Adriana was overjoyed to know it was healthy and well, her concerns evaporating.
"Oh," the doctor said suddenly, moving closer to the screen. "There's something different here."
"What is it?" Jonas asked, inquisitively.
"The baby's ok, isn't it?" Adriana asked, her voice high with worry.
"Well, you'll be needing to talk in plural now. The babies seem to be doing fine," she chuckled. "I can see three strong little heartbeats."

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x Saz xFeb 10, 2011

Wow this story is great. Loving it so far don't want it to finish!! Hmm... Not quite realistic enough for me though... I mean... Jonas... he's a perfect man. Those don't exsist I'm afraid haha. Absolutly amazing though \:D 

Jennifer_RDec 17, 2009

Wow, it's a miracle! Adriana is having triplets that were concieved naturally! \:rah\: :P Jonas and Adriana are just the sweetest couple, I love them! \:wub\: I'm sure Nick will be wrapped to hear the news too. And I'm glad that Zak finally came over and talked with Nick. \:\)   

martoeleNov 11, 2009

Fantastic, three little ones. Congratulation on how you treat the story between the men. \:wub\:

TUTULAOct 13, 2009

Great, great three babies, fantastic\:wub\: Can't wait for the next chapter \:rah\:

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