Curatio Secundum Incendia Part One
Published Aug 25, 2009

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My name is Joshua Stand and I’m a very old man, almost at the end of my life. I am a writer these days, have been for sometime, though I started out as someone very, very different. I am now going to write a story for you, and not just any story, but my own, and I hope, like I, that you will learn from it.

My name is Joshua Stand and I’m a very old man, almost at the end of my life. I am a writer these days, have been for sometime, though I started out as someone very, very different. I am now going to write a story for you, and not just any story, but my own, and I hope, like I, that you will learn from it. Let us go to the beginning, when I first met my soul mate. Her name was Zaria, her name is Russian in origin, meaning Sunrise, or the Goddess of Beauty in Slavic Mythology. Beautiful she was. We met when I was a roadie, we had stopped at a small dinner on the way back home, and we bumped into each other, spilling our milkshakes over the other. A fateful meeting. We cleaned up on the tour bus and ate a meal together, while my co-workers looked on. We talked and talked, until I was pulled away from her, but it was until after I got her phone number and her address, in the same town as I live, Sunset Valley. Zaria and I met up as much as we could. We saw movies, concerts and meals together. She helped me a lot when I became a Lyricist, she was a inspiration for all my songs, my music.

We was walking around the town square the one day, I was building up my courage. I turn to stand in front of her and kissed her gently, our first kiss. She blushed so sweetly that day.

“Zaria, my sunshine, will you go out with me?” I asked her softy, looking into her deep blue eyes.

She gave a smile, one this gave light to my world, and answered, “Yes, Josh, of course I will.”

That was one of the best days of my life, right there, the day we became an official couple and our first kiss.
It was two months after that, when we sat in m living room, watching an old black and white romance film she had brought.

“I so enjoy spending time with you,” she said as she cuddled further into my side.

“I love having you here,” I say back, thinking. “Zaria?” I ask looking down to her.

“Yes, Josh?” she replied looking back at me.

“Will you move in with me?” I ask her.

She grins widely and answers with an enthusiastic nod and “Yes!” shouted down my ear.

I chuckle and lean down for a kiss. She was fully moved in by the end of the day.
We had been together just over a year, we still went out as much as possible, I was a lead guitarist in our band The Azure. So we were on tour for a lot of the time. But She had come with us once or twice. I had gotten back home after one such tour and Zaria had wanted to go for a walk by the waterfall, so I planed a picnic and put in my pocket something I had picked up while on tour.

We had our picnic, enjoying the food we had cooked and made together. I stood, pulling her up with me and went for a walk. I stopped after a little while ad turned to her. I got down on one knee and took out the little box I had been hiding.

“Zaria, would you do me the honour of becoming my wife?” I asked smiling softly.

“Oh my God, oh my God,” she yelled over and over again as she jumped up and down on the spot. “Yes! My God Yes, I’ll marry you, Oh Josh I love you so much.” She yelled again.

I placed the ring on her finger, she admired it for a few seconds and jumped towards me, causing me to stumble backwards with her in my arms, and we both fell into the water, soaking ourselves. We got out, laughing, going home soaking wet, but both of us happy.
I had gone off on tour again, wedding plans were underway and Zaria was taking the brunt of the planning, since I was away, again. I found I had to remind her of things, quiet often, since she was a little forgetful at times. Every time I called she wanted me to remind of things she had to do the next day. She had things well in hand, most of the time. At the time, I couldn’t wait until I was by her side once again. Our wedding day was bright and cheerful. She arrange for the wedding to happen at the old stone circle. It was a magical place and it felt right for us to be married there.

We stood facing each other and it was time for us to make our vows. I went first.

“Zaria, from the moment we bumped into each other, I knew we were met to be, fate had a hand in us meeting and we took it from there, I love you with all my heart and soul and can not imagine a day without you in it.” I finished smiling happily at her.

She smiled back, and said her own, “Joshua, this is a day I have dreamed about since I was a little girl, listing to my own parents going on about their wedding. When I met you, I felt as though I was complete. I met my soul mate that day in the dinner, and now we will be together forever.” She ended softly.

We exchanged our rings and kissed, to the clapping and cheers of our friends and family.
Our wedding night was as beautiful as our wedding. The next day we went on our honeymoon, my wife wanted to go to Niagara Falls, so that’s where we went. I must say though, they are awe inspiring, and a few songs were written there, with her. Our honeymoon was over too soon and it was back to Sunset Valley. Zaria then started work at the bookstore, she loved to read and on occasions she wrote short stories, they were silly little children’s stories. I can easily picture her reading them to our children one day.

We went down to the beach and I watched as she swam in the ocean, I smiled to her as she splashed some water at me. She was a little childish at times, but I enjoy watching her have fun. This was the start of our lifetime together, and I planed to enjoy every minute of it.

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Dec 19, 2010

great story

MerryMFeb 3, 2010

sweet \:wub\:

eviOct 9, 2009


WandaJBowenSep 13, 2009

WELL DONE!!!!\:rah\: This is a very good story so far.I hope you will write more.\:wub\:

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