Forgotten Redemption: Chapter 13
Published Aug 27, 2009

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Hey everyone!
Man, this chapter is longer then I intended.
As for the cliffhanger of the last chapter…you’ll find out the end of the sentence later on as the story goes. Heehheeh, I’m evil ;P
Anyway, thank you so much to everyone who commented on the last chapter of the story, you guys totally ROCK!
Hope you all enjoy reading this chapter!

Hey everyone!
Man, this chapter is longer then I intended.
As for the cliffhanger of the last chapter…you’ll find out the end of the sentence later on as the story goes. Heehheeh, I’m evil ;P
Anyway, thank you so much to everyone who commented on the last chapter of the story, you guys totally ROCK!
Hope you all enjoy reading this chapter!
Here’s the story so far (For people who have just tuned in):
Sixteen year old Samantha Wilson recently moved to Botany Bay, the birth place of her parents. But sadly her parents died in an accident four years ago. When exploring her new town she finds an old friend, Lilly, and follows her home. But when she enters that house, nothing will ever be the same for her again. She accidentally discovers a secret curse that affects the whole of the Howarth bloodline! Each member who has Howarth blood in their veins is cursed a different power. Usually when people find out about the curse they have to hypnotize to forget it all. But now that Samantha is allowed to remember everything, what adventures are in stall for her next? Who will she meet in this chapter? Let’s find out!
“So I’ll be starting school next week. Also, I moved into Paul’s house and it’s really nice there. I really think-”
“Say what?!”
Lucy dropped her brush and pallet as she spun to face me “Please tell me it’s a joke.”
I looked at her, confusion spreading on my face “I’m sorry?”
“You were joking when you said that you moved into Paul’s house, right?”
I shook my head. I wasn’t really sure why she was so shocked “No, I’m not. Is that a problem?”
“How come?! What made you move into his house? What happened to Holly?”
That brought back a few memories. But they were memories that I wanted to keep locked up, because they were painful to remember. However, I never wanted t to go of them.
“Um, she recently got involved in a car crash,” I lied “And when she woke up, she didn’t remember anything. Because she didn’t remember anything, she handed my custody to my grandma, but my grandma is in Fiji so Paul offered to become my legal guardian.
“It was nice of him to that” –I felt a smile turn my lips upward –“I mean I’m sure he has enough business on his hands as it is. Don’t worry, he’s a good person and I do the house work to repay him for his kindness. I was truly blessed!”
I still needed to repay Paul. If it weren’t for him I’d probably be on the streets right now. I truly am blessed...
“Perhaps it’s time I payed a visit...”
I came back to reality at Lucy’s muttering. There was an unusual silence –unusual I suppose because Lucy was always talking- for a moment until she spoke up “I think I’ll close early today. It’s a bit cold out, don’t you think?”
I didn’t know what she was talking about. It was nearly the end of September and October was just around the corner. These were times of spring, and spring is hotter than usual this year.
But for whatever reason she meant I’m sure it wasn’t urgent or serious “Um, okay. I’ll come by again soon. Bye!”
That look on her face...
The way she reacted...
What was wrong? Why did she react that way when I spoke of Paul? I remember the last time I mention Paul; it was almost the same as last time... (See chap 5)
But whenever I mention her around Paul he seemed happy... ‘Is she still painting? God, I miss her coming here for her sessions.’ It was so strange. I wonder what was going on. I wonder if they...
“Hey, get back here!”
“You can’t catch us!”
I looked up to see a group of children running towards me. Someone was chasing them, maybe they were playing tag. They all grinned and laughed as they kept running from the person who was ‘it’.
“Hey guys come on, I’m not that fast!”
Wait, I knew that voice. That voice belonged to...
The children sudden stop metres away from me.
“Sam, fancy seeing you here!”
“Hello, Rachael.”
“Wow, I finally see you again, YAY!” Rachael exclaimed jumping up and down and clapping her hands. She seemed like such a child sometimes, but that didn’t bother me one bit. “So what are you doing here?”
“Huh, oh! I was just on my way home from seeing a friend. What about you?”
Rachael stepped aside bring the children back into my view “These guys! They wanted to have some fun today so I was playing around with them.”
Suddenly her facial expression changed. Now it looked as though there was a light bulb over her head and she had just come up with a bright idea “Hey, if you’re not doing anything, do you think you could stick around?”
I thought for a moment trying to remember if I had anything to do. Let’s see, the dinner, some sweeping, painting…nothing TOO important I guess.
“Yeah, sure.”
“Really?! Yay, you’re the best Sam!” Rachael exclaimed excitedly. She reached out to hug me but then stopped “Oh, I almost forgot. And ‘cause these guys don’t know about you-know-what I can’t!” She walked back to the children “Alright guys, this is Samantha! Samantha, these are the troops!”
“Hello, Samantha” they all said in unison. Some gave shy waves others smiled. I smiled back “It’s nice to meet you all.”
“Right, troops, let’s get moving!”
The children ran in front of us, excited and laughing as they led the way. A few minutes we came to a small playground, one I hadn’t seen before. When that came into view, all the children sprinted towards it with wide grins on their faces. “So, these children, where are they from?” Rachael looked at me from the corner of her “My little troopers? They’re from the small orphanage not far from here. There are only the six of them, three girls and three boys. There use to be something like twenty children there once, but these are the remaining six that haven’t been adopted yet. Most of them were given away because the parents had a mental illness or something along those lines.
“I remember seeing them for the first time and think they all looked so sad in that building. So I asked the owner, the old lady named Kately, might have heard of her. Anyway, so I asked her if I could take them out for a little why. Naturally she hesitated at first, but then she agreed when she saw the children herself. And since then I have been taking these kids out. I take them out once a week if I can, sometimes; however, family matters get in that way…
“Anyway, I just love kids! I think when I grow up I wanna be in something that involves helping kids! I think a child’s smile is one of the greatest rewards in this world…”
I smiled at the whole story. In many ways Rachael REALLY was like a child “It’s great that you’ve done this for them.”
She grinned “So. What about you? Anything new?”
“Well, nothing, to tell you the truth. I have been having these strange dreams, though. They all involve the same strange saying: TAKE HIS EVOLUTION, OPEN NOTHING EXCITING THAT HOLDS ALUMINUM, TIMBER, CASTINGS AND NIGHTMARES; NOTHING EXISTS; VANITY, ELEGANCE, REBELS BECOME EVILS LOYAL OPPONENTS; VENTURE EXISTS DEATH; MOVE UNDER STEEP TIDES, BECAUSE ESCAPING LONGS OF VIBRATIONS EXTENDING DOWN TO OBVIOUS, BURSTING RETREAT; EXPECT ANYTHING, KINGS THAT HAVE EMERALDS CAN’T USE REBELS SEEKING EXISTENCE. And every time it comes up it’s always a different situation. I wonder what it means.” “Oh yeah! Lilly told me about that. It does sound strange. But if there is a cryptic message or puzzle in it, I’ll find out! I love puzzles and mind games, they are so much fun.”
She looked around at the group of children playing on the playground and laughing in joy. A small smile curved her lips as she went into a state of thought. Her eyes glazed over with thought and happiness. She really did care these children. It’s people like Rachael that make children happy to live everyday to the full. I just wish that...No, I can’t think like that. It’s not their fault if some parents choose to do what they do. It just depends on the kind of background they come from I guess...
“Oh, I just realised. I haven’t given some proper introductions yet!” I snapped out of my thoughts, seeing Rachael was looking at me “You okay?”
“Oh, um, yes. Sorry, just thinking about something!”
“So over there on the wheel is Alan and Callum. They’ve been best friends since they were both dropped into the orphanage on the same day. “Over there next to the slide playing scissors, paper, rock is Tameka and Lauren. Lauren said she wants to keep her hair growing until it looks like its on fire! I never really understood what she meant up it, but Tameka explained it was because her mother’s hair was the colour of an orange fire. “And finally up on the tower are Adam and Emily. Emily is extremely shy; she only talks to me and Tameka. Adam doesn’t mind her though. In fact, he’s been spending a lot of time with her now that I think about it. Also he told me that he-”
A loud, deep voice stopped Rachael mid sentence. She jumped off the monkey bars and turned to the direction of the voice, a smirk on her face. I jumped off after her “Do you know who it is?”
She nodded “Yep, but he isn’t suppose to be off right now.” She began to walk towards the gate entrance “He told me he was working until eight tonight. Oh well, come on and I’ll introduce you.” I followed her not really knowing who to expect.
For some reason when I heard that voice I pictured this big, tall, tough guy with an army cut hair. Why I was picturing that I may never know...
“Thought you’d never show up. Got off work early if you must know why I’m here.” “Hey, Alex,” Rachael replied with a small smile “How come you’re off work early?”
“Boss said today ‘Nope, don’t need you. We got someone else to go up against him instead’”
Go up against him? I wonder what he meant by that...
“Oh right! So did ya beat anyone today?”
“What do think, of course I did! Today he was going to run into me and-”
He stopped mid sentence. I then noticed he was looking at me. I put on a small smile. He frowned “Is this...?”
“Yep, this is Samantha, the only girl who knows about the curse. Sam, this is Alex, my brother! He’s a pro wrestler!”
A wrestler? Wow, I wonder if he’s famous or well known. I didn’t watch it on the television, but that would explain why Paul and Lilly sometimes watch it.
“It’s nice to meet you” I said almost timidly. I don’t know why but I couldn’t help but be somewhat scared of him. Something about him made me shake inside. Maybe it was the look. Maybe it was the voice. Maybe it was his attitude. Maybe it was his occupation. I wasn’t really sure.
“Rach, mind if me and your friend have a talk?” he said in a low voice.
Rachael looked almost fearful as she raised her eyebrows “Um, eh...okay.”
She slowly walked off past me back to the playground. I couldn’t turn my head to look at her as I heard the gate entrance open.
“What do you think you are doing?!”
I felt my spine freeze over as he yelled “Um, eh, heh, um, w-w-what are you t-talking about?”
He took a step closer; his frown deepened “Why are you doing this? Why do you want to give everyone false hope? Why are you doing it?!”
He was really angry. I concentrated on breathing trying to find the right words. I was so scared that I might say the wrong words...
“I...I didn’t realise that I was doing that. I...I’m so sorry if I offended you in anyway if I did. I just thought that I-”
“Ugh, you really are hopeless...”
With that said he walked off. Oh no, I said something wrong. No! I just wanted to make amends for whatever it was I did to offend him. “W-wait!”
As I took a step forward there was a crunching sound.
I looked down seeing a piece of paper. He must have dropped it. I didn’t read what it said as I picked it up, but I couldn’t help but noticed it had his name in big, bold writing in the top left corner. “Wait! Y-You dropped this!” I said as I ran towards him. I reached my hand out to him. I managed to grab onto his arm.
Everything became bright...
I lost my balance...
“Hey, what’s that?”
“Did you guys see that?!Look over there!”
“Oh dear god no!” She quickly stood up heading for the back exit “Come on guys we gotta run! It’s getting late!” “What? Oh man!” Adam said running after her. All the children followed but were asking questions like “What was that” and “Did someone see a snake?”
She had to get them out of there before they saw what it was. She had to get them out of there before they were hypnotized...
I forced myself to take a few steps back away from the light. I managed to retain my balance as I made unsure steps away. The light died down after a few seconds. I realised the paper was no where in sight? Where did it go?
My eyes widened at the sight.
“Oh great, now look what you did!”
“Do you know how LONG this going to take to change back?!” “You’re h-half s-s-s-snake?” I said my voice quivering in fear. I was a bit frightened of snakes since I was child. Maybe that’s why I was scared of him. Maybe my mind was going back to when...Rachael told me! She told me her brother turned into half a snake.
He rolled his eyes “Nuh-duh! What do think I am a centaur? Geez...Thanks a lot, not!”
“I-I-I am so sorry...”
“Sorry doesn’t cut it, blondie! Just stay away from us and leave us alone. You can never stop this curse. It’s been with us for ten to eleven years now and it ain’t gonna stop anytime soon. So stop wasting your breath with apologies and keep quiet!” “I-I...I-I’m so sorry...”
“Hey, what did I just say?!”
I felt tears sting the sides of my eyes. I felt his glaring, anger filled gaze on me as I lowered my head.
What had I done?
I didn’t know. What could I have possibly done? Was he angry that I was allowed to remember everything? Could he have had someone special to him have their memories erased? Did he see this as something being unfair? What did I do?!
So many questions and yet they didn’t seem too added up. I don’t think it was any of those problems.
What had I done...?
“Alex! Sam!”
I looked up quickly wiping the tears in the corners of my eyes away. I didn’t want to worry Rachael with my crying. She looked so shocked and almost horrified “What happened?”
“Your friend here decided to stop me from walking away!” Alex said rage stuck to every syllable he spoke.
“I’m sorry. Rachael,” I said quietly “I hope none of the children saw anything...”
She smiled “Nah, they didn’t. Its okay Sam, you weren’t to know. I just told them that it was getting late and we needed to get back. They didn’t see anything except for the flash.” She turned to her brother “You better not have said anything hurtful to Sam. She doesn’t deserve that stuff coming form you!” She sounded so serious. It was strange seeing this serious side of her.
“And if I did?” Alex replied back.
Rachael just gave him an empty glare “...We better get to Paul’s he’s is the closets place here. We’ll have to take the park forest root, though, so we don’t get seen.”
“Is he okay?” I asked as Rachael came to sit down next to me.
“Yeah, he should be okay. He changed back a few minutes ago. Thank god Paul has some of his old clothes that fit him.” She sighed pausing for a few moments. Afterwards she spoke up again “I should have warned about how he transformed. Anyone under his age who touches him causes him to transform into the half snake. When he was younger if someone older than him touched him he’d transform. It changed when he turned fifteen. He didn’t saying anything nasty to you, did he?”
“What? Oh, um, no, he didn’t!” I lied.
“Don’t worry its fine if he did. I can’t anything to him,” she said, knowing that I was lying “Not that I’m saying it was okay he insulted you or anything, it’s just that I don’t mind if you tell me that he did say something. I’m kinda use to it coming from him.
“He doesn’t say anything bad to me or anything, in fact when he’s at home he’s a lot nicer. Maybe it’s because he’s a lot quieter.” She turned to me with a serious yet blank expression on her face.
“I didn’t tell you about our parents, did I?”
I shook my head slowly “No, you didn’t. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I wouldn’t want to bring back any bad memories if you had any with them...”
“No, it’s fine. I guess the reason I didn’t tell you was because I didn’t think of it at the time.
“I guess I’ll start off with my brother’s birth. When my brother was born my parents were so overjoyed. Their first child was s perfect, no complications or misunderstandings. Then seven years later they had me. I was perfect too, only I was born a week early. My dad thought that might have led to something being wrong with me. Nothing really, I just didn’t open my eyes for a long time was all.
“When I was three, the curse was put on our family. My brother was nine years old at the time. From what I heard from other members of my family, my dad had a mental breakdown. He couldn’t stand seeing his son transform into a snake every time he hugged him. See my mum was the Howarth, my dad wasn’t.
“I don’t remember any of this ever happening but this is what Selen told me that one day when I was still three he touched me and I turned invisible.
“He completely lost it.
“He ran out the door. Mum chased after him but it was no use. Mum and Alex expected him to come back later that night. He never did. He didn’t back the next night, or the night after that, or the night after that, or the night after that...
“Mum started posting posters around, with a reward of five thousand dollars. After a year, everyone knew he wouldn’t come back...
“I remember one day when I was four that I saw mum became so upset, and I couldn’t understand why. Alex explained to me that she was remembering our father’s death. I believed him, until years later when Selen told me the truth. But till then when I believed him, I searched for his grave. I never found it. So then when I found out about my power mum was a bit happier then. She would always smile and laugh out my lame jokes and stuff like that.
“Everything was so happy and good. We were always happy, always smiling, always laughing, always being... a family.
“But a year on, and another anniversary of my dad’s ‘death’ came. That night I had the most terrifying nightmares imaginable. They were so horrible that when I woke up I wasn’t able to go back to sleep for hours. After that anniversary, the nightmares got worse, until eventually I couldn’t sleep. If I was ever lucky enough to be able to close my eyes and fall asleep, I’d just end up waking up and screaming. Mum would try to console me, but it pained her more than it did me.”
My entire mind froze. Silence fell upon us.
“W...No...”I couldn’t even form a sentence to tell her it was okay, that it wasn’t her fault. I could understand it. How can a happy, kind, cheery girl like her have something so bad to done to her? How was she able to cope? Just thinking about it makes me want to cry
“I better get back home. Tell Alex I’m doing dinner, okay? See you around Sam...”
I snapped out of my thoughts “No, wait! Rachael...!” She was gone. She sounded so upset just now, so hurt. Anyone would be if their mother or father were hurt. They wouldn’t know what to think. I want to help her. I want to help her brother as well...
“What do you mean by that?!”
I turned towards the living room. That sounded like Alex. As I walked in I caught a glimpse of Paul dancing to his usual cha-cha music “Ah Sam, how you going? As you can tell my house is about to be wrecked!”
“What I meant is what I said!” I was surprised to see that Ryan was the one he was arguing with.
“So you’re telling me that what you meant was that you don’t want me insulting your little, blondie girlfriend? Forget it! I’ll do whatever I want, I’m older then you for god sake!”
Suddenly I felt his angry, icy stare turn towards me “And you, little blondie, stay out of my way! You’re nothing but trouble, you know that? Why they allowed a dim-wit like you to keep your memories I’ll never know...”
I felt my eyes widen. W...What? Did he really hate me that much? “I...I’m sorry...” Paul stopped dancing and looked to the situation. Ryan’s hand shook the slightest, almost like it was a twitch.
“Say that again and I’ll...” A chill ran up my spin hearing his voice. It was different, more fierce and cold. His expression was that of pure anger. I’d never seen Ryan like this before. I scared me, it scared me so much I couldn’t blink.
“Say what?” Alex replied a smirk forming on his lips “You’ll do what?”
“I’ll...” Ryan clenched his fist which shook violently. What’s going on? Why was he shaking? Why did he look so scary?
The bang brought me out of my thoughts. The bang of the door. I shook my head trying to focus on who ran out. My eyes widened as I saw the crack in the glass. I looked around the room. Paul stood there, his face neutral but his eyes showing shock, Alex stood near the door with his arms folded, the smirk gone from his face.
Where was...? Oh no!
I found myself running outside...
“Ry-!” I stopped, my eyes widening even more.
“Where did you go?” I said more to myself. I lifted my head to the now clouded skies. Where did he go? Why was he shaking? Was it because of me? So many questions ran in my head a hundred miles an hour. “Please, where ever you are, be safe...” It almost like a silent prayer. I really hope he doesn’t do something he’ll regret...
“Why do you care?!”
I turned to the source of the voice, my thoughts stilled as I saw who it was. Alex. He stomped out to the railing keeping his face set on the sea. Drops of rain started to fall, I said nothing letting him continue “Do really care about him THAT much? Do you care about us that much?! Why is that?! “You don’t get the pain that we’ve had to go through. You don’t get why Rachael was upset just now. I don’t even get why she always gets upset! But all I know is that she uselessly blames herself for what happened to our mum.
“Of course she didn’t tell you this part but one day, mum left for work. She didn’t look behind as she said goodbye. And that night she never came back. She never came back the next night, or the night after that, or the night after that. I watched my sister stay up for countless hours as she waited by the window for mum to come back. I don’t know why she didn’t figure out soon that she wasn’t going to come back. She left because she wanted to ease her own pain...
“Then one night while she was waiting, she fell asleep. When I woke her up she collapsed into tears. She kept saying ‘It’s my fault! It’s my fault! I’m the reason she left, because of my nightmares she is gone!’
“Rachael stupidly blamed herself just because her nightmares were gone. Why does she blame herself, she knows it wasn’t her fault. Why? And why do you even care about us? No one has cared about me or my family for years!
Shock and surprise gripped me at my sides pinning me to wooden floor. I stared at him, eyes hurting and lips parted. Is that why she...was so upset? I thought it was because she blamed herself for hurting her mother and father. No, it was because her mother disappeared. She would have felt so alone, no hope, no help, and no escape of the memories. She must have felt so desperate to find out what had happened to her. She must have thought each day about what could have happened to her, whether she was dead or alive. That would be so horrible! Why would she be put through that?
All she had to do was realise that it wasn’t her fault. She never wanted her mother to run away. N child would, even when they say they want them to go away. Truth is, deep down they still want them there. And later they regret it and apologies.
I broke out of my thoughts realising that Alex was still standing there looking out to the sea.
“It’s suddenly gotten cloudy,” I said taking a step forward “and not only that, it’s raining too. There isn’t a bit of sun in sight, is there? But that doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. It's hiding behind the rain and clouds waiting for them to move away so it can shine its light onto the world again.
“In a way, hope acts the same way. When doubts, the clouds and rain, cover up the sun, hope, it makes us think that the sun will never shine again. That’s not true, because the sun will forever continue to shine, just like the hope will always continue to be there. You must have gone through so much pain when your mother left you and Rachael. You must have lost all hope.
“The truth is, no hope is ever lost. Through the bad times in our life, sometimes the only thing we can turn to is hope. Hope that we’ll get past this phase and see the good times again. We hope that the sun will be powerful enough to move the clouds and rain aside so we can get up and live life to its best.
“Your sister would want that for you. She had hoped that your mum would come back, and even if she didn’t, she still hoped. Sometimes we can give false hope, but in a way that kind hope can have some truth in it. You may never know, your mother might return and tell you her real reasons for leaving.
I care about the Howarth so much because they’re my friends and all I want is to see them smile. If they smile, it’s the first step. You’ve all been through so much, and all I want to do is help in any way I can.
“You have a wonderful sister, Alex. She may blame herself for the incident but you have to tell her it wasn’t her fault. I know she would never want to hurt your mother or anyone. She just has to realise that and she’ll be okay. But then she may have blamed herself because she didn’t want you to blame yourself. She really cares about you, I can tell. She wanted you to be happy. She wanted you to smile. She wanted to give you hope. She really wants you to be happy...”
I turned my head towards him, his face looking completely neutral.
“Then, that...That explains...” he trailed off looking as though he were going into thought. I wonder what was going in his mind right now.
...... “Huh? Alex, are you okay?” “What? Yeah, I’m fine. Why do you want to know?”
“You don’t look okay. Come here...”
“Everything’s gonna be okay, I promise! I only want to see you smile, Alex. We may be on our own but were still a family...” And yet he never hugged her back. The next thing he knew he was running. He ignored the girl behind him “Alex? What, did I say something wrong? Where are you-?”
“Shut it!” he yelled back trying to sound angry but failing. Instead he could tell that the smile in his voice was evident to her. The smile of realization and joy.
I don’t know what happened, but Alex was gone. I felt a smile tug on my lips. It was true; I really cared about the Howarths. I really did want to see each every one of them smile again. If I can make them smile then I find myself smiling too. Most importantly, I want to be there for them every step of the way. I want to stand by their side no matter what happens. I want to hold their hand and make sure to stay with them until they can stand up again.
And if they can’t pick themselves up, I’ll be there to help them...
‘I didn’t see it before,’ he thought ‘How come I didn’t see it? The answer was right in front of me this entire time! I began to get so hopeless that I didn’t notice the one person who was trying to give me hope. The one person who hasn’t abandoned me. The one person... ...who cares about me.’ “Oh, hey! I just got dinner started. I you’re okay with curry, there was nothing else I could cook. Oh, and also, I got a call from your manager. He told me to tell you that you’re up next week again the Sting! Sounds great, don’t you...” “Um, Alex, are you okay? Did something happen at Paul’s? You better have not caused trouble; I don’t want either of us to have to pay for the expenses! You know I get all worked up about-”
“I never realised it,” he said taking a step forward. She looked at him curiously as he stepped slowly towards her.
“I-I never realised it before but I...I never blamed you.” Her eyes widened as she realised what he was talking about.
“I understand now,” he continued “why you always blamed yourself. It was never your fault. I never blamed you, no one did. You never want her to get hurt, you didn’t do it one purpose. It was no one’s fault but her own. She chose to do what she did.
“But if you blamed yourself so I wouldn’t get hurt then you are so wrong. I did blame myself for a little while but then I realised it wasn’t my fault, which I guess was the reason why I couldn’t understand why you were always blaming yourself. Still though, I really am...I can’t even say it.
“I never thought that anyone would stand by me. But now I really think that...I am the luckiest Howarth alive... to have...
“...a sister like you here, always standing by my side never asking for attention and just trying to help me...”
A small tear leaked from the side of her eye “I...I...Thank you!”
“Don’t thank me, thank...your friend.”
‘Now all I have to do,’ he thought pulling away from their hug ‘is keep that smile on her face, always...’ (Okay, that’s the end, and I’m crying again. Man, so much emotional music, gotta stop with that.
Anyway, so this chapter was extremely long, I guess that’s the reason it took me so long to get this one out. Anyway, thank again to all the people who commented on the last chapter, you guys rock! If you have time, comments are greatly appreciated!
Thank you so much for reading and I hope enjoyed it! See you next chapter!
Keep simming and creating!!
-Warrayfinson ;)
P.S About what there doing in this shot, they’re watching Alex’s match from today!)

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October - the start of spring? \:confused\: That sounded weird, it's actually autumn... And in one picture where you say it's Adam and Emily, the picture shows Mark and Emily. But that's details, this chapter was just awesome!!! I'm liking this story more and more with each new chapter!

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