Good Vs. Evil: Chapter 4
Published Aug 26, 2009

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We value the people around us. Whether they're friends, family or our significant other. We love these people, we'd do anything for them and the last thing we want to do is hurt them, intentually or unintentually. But what if we do? What if it was unavoidable? What if we somehow knew that it was coming? We tried everything we could to stop it, but it happened anyway? What would become of us? Are we good? Or are we evil?

We value the people around us. Whether they're friends, family or our significant other. We love these people, we'd do anything for them and the last thing we want to do is hurt them, intentually or unintentually. But what if we do? What if it was unavoidable? What if we somehow knew that it was coming? We tried everything we could to stop it, but it happened anyway? What would become of us? Are we good? Or are we evil? "Come on Mittens, off to mum's house!" Henry told his kitten. It was now Friday, the morning of Henry's big date with Jane and he couldn't have been in a better mood. Since the other day, Henry hadn't....flown anywhere. Which led him to beleive that he had imagined the whole thing, so that no longer plagued his mind. All that did, was his nervousness towards tonight. Henry arrived at his mum's house after a few minutes. She had been busy sewing a quilt that she'd been trying to finish for quite some time.
"I always manage to start them, then halfway through I lose interest" she smiled. "It's good to see you though, how've you been?"
"Oh, not too bad. Sorry about last week--"
"Oh don't worry about it, I told you, Jake from down the road helped me"
Henry's mother, Sam, slowly stood up from her squeaky sewing chair to give her son a hug.
"It's good to see you, is there any occasion to explain this spontaneous visit?"
"Since when do I need an occasion?" he placed Mittens on the carpet to play with his mother's cat Nelly.
"Well I haven't seen you in over a week, haven't heard from you either. Just thought you'd grown sick of me" she half-heartedly replied.
"Oh" Henry smiled. "I could never get sick of you!" and he hugged her again. "I told you the other day, I've just been pulling extra shifts at work to earn some more money" Henry lied. He didn't want to, but he didn't want her to worry, and he knew if he told her what really had happened she would. Being unconsious for a week doesn't really provoke a non worrying response.
Henry started playing his mother's piano as she got back to her quilting. She loved the way he played, and could listen to him playing gymnopedie all day.
"I have some exciting news to tell you" Henry smiled as he swivelled to face her. She eagerly stared at him, waiting for what she hoped he would say.
"I...I have..a date. With that girl....umm from the coffee shop"
She lept up from her chair and screamed, as any mature mother should when she hears her only son has a date, with a beautiful young woman. She yanked him from the piano and just before he fully lost his balance she pulled him into a hug.
"Oh I'm so happy for you!" she started crying.
"Are you alright?" Henry asked worried.
"I'm more than alright!" she beamed through her tears.
"Okay....could you then loosen the grip..a bit. I....can't...breathe...properly" he said strained.
"Dan you down here?" Jacque yelled down from the door.
"Yes." Dan reluctantly replied.
Jacque started walking down the steps into the basement.
"You know I still think we should go back to the hospital" she said softly.
"If you want to go back to the hospital, it's fine with me. But I'm not going" he stated.
"What are you doing down here anyway" Jacque asked quietly looking at the warning signs on his computer screen.
"Nothing." he said as he stood up and walked to another station.
"Would you just stop?" Jacque said forcefully, putting her hands on his shoulders to stop him from moving.
"Stop what?" he laughed, almost nervously. It must've been the second time that she's ever seen him smile. But this smile was slightly disturbing to her.
"I'm sick of this" Jacque started.
"Sick of what Jacque?" his smiled had dropped, and was now long gone.
"Sick of this wall that you keep building up around you, why won't you just explain what's going on! Let me in just once!" she shoved him.
"Why don't I explain it to you? Because you won't get it! You don't get anything!!" he yelled.
"Oh because I'm so dumb? How dumb do I sound now? You know for someone who's so smart you'd think that you would have figured it out by now"
"Figured what out?" he asked confused.
"Oh come on Dan, nobody is that thick."
"What on earth are you talking about"
"Oh I don't know, do you honestly beleive that I'm this dumb little blonde that doesn't know anything?" she asked. Dan hesitated and thought about it.
"Everything that I've ever tried to explain to you, you haven't gotten. You've had no idea what I was talking about. The stuff with the cancer research, and you thought I was talking about a frog"
"You know what Dan, anybody can play dumb"
"You mean you were acting?......But why would you do that?"
"Why? Because of the type of person you are. When I met you I knew. All that you cared about was that I was pretty, you wouldn't care about my opinions or views. That's why I acted the way I did, because of the person I thought you wanted and I thought I could live with being this dumb blonde, I wanted to live with it because I wanted to be with you" she paused for a minute and took a deep breath "because deep down....I'm just as shallow as you." Henry left his mother's house late in the afternoon, and came home to get ready for the biggest night of his life so far. He had a nice warm shower, and found a nice shirt to wear after asking Mittens opinion of course. He was just about to leave to pick up Jane when a sudden strange feeling washed over him. His eyes rolled into the back of his head, as he felt a powerful energy grow from deep inside him. He closed his eyes to try to decifer the feeling. To control it. It was the same powerful feeling he had before he flew, but different somehow. He slowly opened his eyes... As he did a huge pulse of energy erupted from his hand. It smashed the pictures on the far wall. The piano echoed as it's legs broke underneath it, and it all slowly started to catch on fire. Henry grabbed the small hose that was attached to the tap in the sink and managed to put it out. Meanwhile...
"Well?" Jacque probed.
"Well what? What am I supposed to say to that?"
"You could except it, I'm not some dumb blonde and tell me what's wrong with you"
"You want to know what's wrong with me? They pulled my funding that's what's wrong with me. I have no job"
"Then what have you been doing down here the last couple of days?" Jacque asked. Dan thought about avoiding the conversation, or perhaps making something up. But he chose not to. He walked over to his computer screen, with Jacque following him and answered her... "Revenge." "Henry?!? You here? I know you called and cancelled but....I don't know you didn't sound right on the phone. I tried to ring but you didn't pick up. Are you here?" Jane said as she walked in the unlocked front door.
"I know I shouldn't have come, but I don't know chock it up to a woman's intuition. Something didn't feel right. I just wanted to make sure you're okay" Jane said still standing in the entrance to Henry's apartment. She still hadn't gotten a reply, the whole apartment was dead silent.
"Are you here?"
Henry had to speak now.
"I'm here. I'm fine you can go now" Henry said trying not to sound rude. But after all the whole reason why he cancelled his date was because he didn't want Jane to get hurt, he couldn't control the bursts of energy. He could never forgive himself if he hurt her.
Jane walked closer to where she heard Henry and knocked on the door.
"You in here?" she asked.
"..Yes" he replied, Jane moved her hand onto the handle and slowly opened the door.
"I'm sorry I cancelled. I'm just uhh...not feeling too well" He said as he slowly stood up, sweat was pouring from his face.
"I could stay here and make you some soup if you like, so the whole evenings not a waste." she said. Henry couldn't politely ask her to leave, but it was for her own safety.
"I'd rather you didn't. I just want to be alone" he said trying to be as nice as possible.
"Oh okay....well we can always reschedule?" she smiled sweetly. Henry didn't know when he'd be able to see her again, what if he had these weird pulses of energy for the rest of his life? He'd never be able to see anybody ever again. Henry answered her rescheduling questing with a hmmph.
"Oh...I understand. Umm don't worry I won't ask again" she said sadly, thinking that Henry wasn't interested in her anymore.
"I didn't mean it like that! I'm sorry it's just--"
Henry got that strange feeling again. It was happening, he was about to emit another pulse of energy. And Jane was right next to him.
"GET OUT!! RUN!!" he yelled but it was too late, everything went bright.
After it faded and he tried to regain some control he realised Jane was unconsious on the floor. He scooped her up in his arms, and drove her to the hospital as fast as he could, tears welling in his eyes.

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#14urm0mSep 1, 2009

Brilliant part \:D

#15irene_busySep 4, 2009

Briliant Story! Can't wait for the next part \:D

#16joker52455Sep 15, 2009

Cool \:cool\: can't wait for the next part! Rating: \:rah\:

#17freakkboutsimsOct 15, 2009

This Story is Great! I loved it! I want to read the next chapter \:\)
Great job!

#18fredbrennyFeb 27, 2010

How coul I have mised this? Probably because I was out of the country when it came out... What an amazing story! i have to go the next chapter!!!! GREAT STORY\:rah\:

#19artsysimaddictFeb 27, 2010

Oh, bad.Bad bad. Very bad. I hope she's okay!

#20artsysimaddictFeb 27, 2010

I didn't mean your story was bad- if there was some confusion. I meant what happened. That's bad. Your story is good!

#21oldmember_gip-kNov 2, 2010

Wow, this is the most serious chapter so far. You're definitely hooking me in. I was supposed to be reading some GRR Martin, and you've got me reading a Sims Story at 1 40 AM. XD

#22Melinda1424Nov 28, 2010

I loved the picture on page 21.. "Revenge" \:wub\: \:wub\:!

#23tcancelOct 21, 2011

I hope she is ok, Henry seems to really like her a would never forgive himself if anything happened to her

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