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The Andretti Legacy (80)
Published Aug 29, 2009

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The Andretti Legacy

Chapter 80

The Andretti Legacy

Chapter 80
Jaxson reaches the beach to find Jen already there. He notices that she doesn't look very happy as she stares out across the water. Losing all hope of something great happening tonight, Jaxson continues across the beach towards her. "...I didn't think you'd come." She tells him softly without turning to look at him. He stops where he's at, instead of standing beside of or in front of her. He can tell something isn't right about all of this. "Do you remember how I told you about why I watched that lighthouse?" She asks quietly. He thinks back, and he does remember. In fact, he remembers the very sentence, and suddenly his heart stops. Her distancing from him, her cold shoulder to him now, the lighthouse. He almost feels as though he can't catch his breath.

"Jen..." Jaxson replies painfully.

"...I'm facing something now...something terrible. But, I have to keep that lighthouse. I have to hang on because something better will come one day. I just have to be patient and wait for it." Jen brings a hand to her cheek, and wipes away a tear. "I've known about this for a few months now, but...I didn't have the heart to tell you. Now, I've waited until I can't wait anymore and it breaks my heart." Her voice is quiet, can barely be heard over the waves hitting the sand beneath them. "My mother is so old now, Jaxson. They're putting her into a nursing home...and that means, I have to go back to my father's care. I dread that...I hate him...but, what I hate the leaving you." She wipes away another tear. "I'm sorry...I don't have a choice."
" are my best friend, Jaxson. I'd always hoped that one day it could have been more than that...but, I guess we won't ever that chance." She closes her eyes to trap the tears inside. "I'll miss you...that's for sure. I'll miss you very, very much." "I need to go now. I am so sorry, Jaxson." She pauses for a moment, and as she turns way, she bursts into tears as she walks away from him. As she walks away, Jaxson turns to look at the lighthouse. It would forever symbolize Jen to him, and he would never be able to forget her.

"I have to hang on because something better will come one day. I just have to be patient and wait for it." He can hear Jen's voice in the back of his mind, telling him to move on.

As confused as he was by this, he saw it coming, and not being able to change it is what hurts the most.

As the years went on, Jaxson pushed all memories of Jen to the back of his mind and moved on. He landed an exceptional job with the laboratory and was making quite a living. Ian and Isis were still hanging on, but were both quite ill off and on. Jaxson knew it wouldn't be long before he were left entirely alone in Sunset Valley. A few times a month, Jaxson will head down to the beach and admire the oceanic view. He purposely bought a house near the beach so he could enjoy the view from his yard if he really wanted to.

More times than Jaxson admits, he finds himself watching the lighthouse spin round and round. It brings him back to his very first broken heart every time.
"... what I hate the leaving you." She wiped away another tear. "I'm sorry...I don't have a choice."

Jaxson closes his eyes and tries to think of other things. He'd not seen Jen in nearly ten years. He's quite sure she's moved on to a new fling, but not him. He has trouble
The sound of someone running fortunately disturbs his thought processes. He opens his eyes to find a young woman, about his age, staring back at him as she runs by. Their eyes meet and quickly she looks away and keeps running as though she'd never noticed him at all. He watches her until he can no longer hear her feet pounding the sand as she runs. He admires her athletics, and then heads home for the evening feeling lonely and depressed.

There are times when he wishes he'd gotten a good number for Jen, or even an address. He laughs to himself and figures Jen's probably already forgotten him anyway.
For the next few times that Jaxson is out fishing, the same girl jogs by every time. They are now familiar enough with each other to smile as they cross paths, but nothing more.

"Good morning." She says sweetly as she jogs by. Jaxson's eyes widen as he listens to her heading away from him. He questions if what he heard was really her, or just a figment of his imagination. He sighs quietly to himself and continues casting his line.
About an hour later, Jaxson catches her jogging back towards him out of the corner of his eye. He quickly drops his rod into the sand, and steps into her path. She jogs up to him and stops as she can tell he is wanting to say something to her. "Uh...I don't normally do this, I'm probably setting myself up for disaster...but, I'm taking that chance." Jaxson smiles sheepishly as she stares blankly back at him. " you want to go get something to eat?" He blurts out quickly. Her blank stare makes him incredibly nervous, but she loses her cover with a kind laugh.

"Well...I don't normally do this either, but sure." She smiles kindly and he melts into the sand beneath him.
"...I suppose before I take a girl out to eat, I ought to know her name." Jaxson looks at her, slowly losing nervousness and gaining butterflies in his stomach. "Jayme Payne. I play in the Minor Leagues for now, hopefully soon they'll boost me up to Major Leagues. I've been trying so hard. I guess you know, you see me running the beach every day." She smiles and shrugs her shoulders. She looks him up and down and notices the look he has about him. The look that tells her he's got money and that he's successful. Two the things she requires in the men she fancies.

"...really? I had no idea you played any sports. I just thought you were trying to stay fit." He laughs. "Name's Jaxson." He holds his hand out to her.

"...just Jaxson? Don't you have a last name?" She tosses him a flirty smile and declines his hand shake.
"Andretti..." He mumbles nervously as he looks down at the sidewalk.

"I'm sorry?" She questions him. "I couldn't hear you."

"Andretti." He looks up at her quickly. She'd learn it eventually, no matter how long he held out.
"You!? You are Jaxson Andretti!?" She squeals. "...I've heard so much about you!"

"What?!" He gasps in horror. "You have!?"

"Oh, no...well, yes...I have." She giggles. "It's all good, of course. You're the most talked about bachelor in the locker room."

Jackson can feel his cheeks turning bright red and his legs wobbling. He had no idea that anyone knew who he was, much less being the most talked about among women.

"Look, I'm starving...let's eat." She smiles as she brushes by him. To have been running all morning, her sweet smell hooked around his neck and pulled him right along behind her.
After dinner, the two decide to walk over to the park. They talked about all sorts of nothing during dinner, but Jayme was ready to poke around in his brain for more details. The girls would never believe she spent the evening with the most wanted. They both sit down on the fountain ledge and continue their conversation from dinner.

"So, if you didn't follow in the footsteps of your father, what do you do?" She asks.

"...I'm actually a scientist. I work up in the laboratory on that mountain back there." He points behind him, in the direction of his job.
"A scientist?" She smiles, realizing that he must really be worth a lot of money. "...that is so interesting, why did you decide to do that?"

"I don't know. I just knew I didn't want to be like my father. Sure, he's loved by millions, but...I don't like all that attention. I don't want to be popular." Jaxson sighs.

"Popular? Oh, are more than popular. If you only knew." She laughs. " mustn't get out much. I'm sure everyone woman you pass knows who you are." She grins from ear to ear, happy that she is spending the evening with him and not some other girl.
"Rea-lly?" He chokes; the thought makes him nauseous.

"Yes, really." She looks back at the clock on Town Hall. "My's so late. I need to get home. I'll see you around, okay. Here's my business card...gimme a call later." She digs into a small pocket on her sweat pants and pulls out a fitness training card. He takes it from her, and she hurries out of the park and on home.

Jaxson remains on the fountain for a few moments longer, wondering if what she said was true or not. Does he believe her because he likes her, or because there's a good chance she's right?

He sighs softly, and rises from the fountain to head home for the night.

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Dec 19, 2010

great job

DragonQueenOct 15, 2009 digger on the horizon?  What about lovely Jen?  \:cool\:

kitfu11Sep 3, 2009

Aww I want Jen back!

babygirl15526Sep 1, 2009

I smell a GOLDDIGGER! But lovely story. he should really get out more.\:D I think it was planned

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