Learning to Love - Part 9
Published Sep 9, 2009

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Now where did we leave off? Oh yes....triplets!! :-O Sorry it has taken so long for me to finish Part 9 but I've got a lot of work at the moment. I hope it was worth the wait! Thanks for all your lovely feedback!!

Now where did we leave off? Oh yes....triplets!! :-O Sorry it has taken so long for me to finish Part 9 but I've got a lot of work at the moment. I hope it was worth the wait! Thanks for all your lovely feedback!! Arriving home, Adriana couldn't contain her excitement any longer. She wrapped her arms around Jonas's neck and jumped into his arms. Laughing, he caught her and held her close. Both of them were overjoyed with the happy news.
"Ada....we're having triplets..." Jonas whispered disbelievingly. "Triplets!"
"I know," she replied. "Isn't it amazing?"
"It is. It's thrice the blessing," he chuckled.
After letting Adriana down, they took a seat on the couch to talk over the only thing on their mind. Even though they knew it was real, it felt like just a dream.
"I can't believe I'm already two and a half months pregnant. It's strange I didn't know before now, especially with three babies," Adriana said.
"Yea. At least we know now though," Jonas replied. "There will be a lot to plan before we get to meet them."
"Oh, yes. I haven't even thought that far ahead. There's definitely a lot to do."
"It's all going to happen very quick but we're both definitely ready. We'll have to think about buying a house together...what do you think?" Jonas suggested.
"Yea, definitely. I'm more than ready. We'll have to look at getting quite a big house!" she laughed.
A week later, Adriana decided she had to tell Nick. She had been harboring her exciting news for too long and really needed to share it with someone else. With Jonas accompanying her, they arrived at Nick's place mid afternoon.
"What a nice surprise!" Nick greeted them, inviting them in.
"Thanks Nick," Adriana replied. "It's good to see you, too."
Jonas gave him a friendly handshake. "It's been a little while, man. How you been?"
"Great, thanks. No complaints here. I've got some company so come on through to the kitchen."
Following Nick through to the kitchen, Adriana couldn't help a grin crossing her face when she saw Zak sitting at the table with Candice. She wondered if anything had happened between them yet.
"Hey Zak, hey Candice!"
"Hi Adriana," they both said in unison, then laughed.
She gestured towards Jonas. "This is my boyfriend, Jonas. He's also a friend of Nick's."
They all greeted each other while Nick brought the computer chair into the kitchen so as they had enough seating for everyone to sit down.
"We've come for a visit to see you, Nick, but there's also something we wanted to tell you," Jonas said.
"And it's great that you and Candice are here as well, Zak. That way we can tell you all at once." Adriana smiled and looked over at Jonas who gave her a nod. "Well, here goes. I'm pregnant!"
There was silence while everybody looked to the other in surprise.
Adriana continued. "Oh, and before you say anything, I'm not just having one baby......we're having triplets!"
Nick gazed at his twin sister for a moment, a big smile on his face. He had definitely not been expecting such big news.
"! Congratulations!" he managed to say. "Triplets....when did you find out?"
"A week ago."
"That's fantastic! You two must be very excited."
Jonas smiled. "Well, we were surprised, that's for sure! But we are very happy, and feel so blessed. I have to owe this to you, though. If it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't have met this amazing and beautiful woman sitting right next to me."
Adriana felt herself blush and she suddenly felt so warm inside. "Oh, Jonas. You're so sweet!"
"I'm glad to have been of assistance," Nick laughed.
Zak and Candice were still looking at Adriana in shock.
"Triplets?" Candice asked.
"That definitely needs a big congratulations!" Zak said.
"Yea, triplets," Adriana replied. "And thanks, Zak. I'm very excited."
"Wow, I don't know anyone who's had triplets before," Candice said excitedly. "I can babysit when you have them!"
Adriana and Jonas both looked at each other and laughed. "I think we'll need more than one babysitter. Three babies is a lot to handle."
Getting up, Nick brought Adriana in for a hug.
"It's fantastic news. I'm really, really happy for you."
"Thank you, Nick. That means a lot. I hope you're ready to be an uncle again!"
Laughing, they both sat down again and everyone started chattering excitedly. Baby news was always exciting, let alone three times over!
During their conversation, Adriana couldn't help but notice the way Nick and Zak looked at each other. There was definitely something happening between them that they weren't telling. She was sure Nick would inform her in time and until then she was just so glad to see him happy.
Waving Adriana and Jonas off an hour later, Zak decided it was time for him and Candice to head off as well. They had all had a great day seeing a movie and having lunch together and were more than happy to do it again.
"Thanks for arranging today, Nick," Zak said, smiling. "It was a great idea."
Candice turned to her father. "Dad, I need to go to the bathroom before we go."
"Ok, well off you go, don't be too long," he replied.
Candice rushed off to the bathroom, obviously in dire need of the toilet. As Candice disappeared into the house, Zak turned to Nick.
Neither of them had to say anything, they knew exactly what the other was thinking. They drew close for a soft kiss as Nick felt his cheeks flushing with colour. This was the first public display of affection he had encountered with a male, and although it felt good, he couldn't help the feeling of being watched by everyone on the street. Despite this, kissing Zak second time around felt much better than the first. He knew that both of them meant it and their feelings toward each other were no longer a secret. It was a magnificent autumn afternoon over at Miranda's house, where she was putting her young daughter down for a nap. She gave Jess a kiss and stroked her golden hair from her face. She couldn't help seeing so much of Mitch in her little, angelic face and willed herself to keep strong. Watching her little girl's eyes flutter shut, her heart ached. All Miranda wanted was the best for Jess, to give her everything she needed. But now, with Mitch gone, she had no father in the house and didn't know how often she would see him.
It was not only for Jess' sake that she wanted Mitch to come back though, she too was missing him desperately.
Minutes after coming back downstairs, Miranda heard a quiet rapping at the door. She couldn't help but wonder if it was Mitch coming back to them. Opening the door though, she was disappointed but happy at the same time to see her brother standing there.
"Nick! Hey, come in," she chirped.
"Hey Miranda," Nick replied, following her inside.
Taking a seat at the kitchen counter, Nick watched as Miranda collected up the few dirty dishes scattered around and couldn't help but notice she was looking a little thinner than usual.
"Are you going ok, Mimi?"
She shot him a small smile. "I guess I'm a little tired, but I'm ok. I feel glad to have Jess around to take my mind off things. My little angel."
"Yea, she is a little angel. Where is she by the way?"
"I just put her down for her afternoon nap. She was tired. She would have been happy to see you though."
Walking around, Miranda took a seat on the stool next to Nick. He noticed straight away the darkness under her eyes, even with her usual immaculate make up applied. It was hard to see her in a situation like this. Since they were kids, everything had always gone right for his little sister.
"Why don't you two come around for lunch or dinner sometime?" Nick asked. "It would be good for you not to have to worry about cooking or cleaning up and you could probably use the company."
"Yea, thanks Nick." She smiled. "We will do that."
"There's something I wanted to tell you as well," Nick said.
Before arriving at Miranda's, Nick had already decided he would tell her his big announcement. It would do her good to think about something other than Mitch.
She looked curious. "Ok...what is it?"
"I...uh...won't be dating girls anymore, put it that way." He was surprised at how hard it was to tell her.
"Oh," Miranda replied, comprehending this information. "You're gay?"
"That's fantastic, Nick. Have you known long?"
Having Miranda accept this news so well, Nick felt relieved. He continued to tell her the long story of his path to realizing his true sexuality and the recent events which resulted in him coming out to the people closest to him.
"I'm so glad you're happy, that's the main thing," Miranda said.
"Thanks Mimi. I knew I could count on you to be happy for me."
The weeks and months after Adriana had discovered she was pregnant seemed to fly by. There was so much to organize in preparation for the birth of her babies. Four months into her pregnancy, she was definitely showing a prominent baby bump. She knew her body would need to gain a lot of weight for a healthy pregnancy and was not fazed at all.
Her impending motherhood couldn't have come sooner and nothing could wipe the daily smile of Adriana's face. Jonas was incredibly supportive and they spent a lot of time house hunting, in search of the perfect home to raise their children.
Late one night, with her silky, pink nightie flowing over her burgeoning bump, Adriana couldn't have felt more feminine and beautiful. But she was also feeling anxious and uneasy. She had never liked storms and with lightning flashing across the sky outside, followed by loud bangs of thunder, she was on edge and rubbed her belly for some comfort.
She was expecting Jonas any minute now, though she thought he should have been here by now. This only added to her concerns. Haunted by the feelings she had been experiencing for many months now, Adriana rarely ventured outside at night. She was all too aware of something dangerous lurking about.
As the minutes slowly passed, Adriana was lured to the front door. A loud bang, not that of thunder, had made her heart skip a beat. As she reached the window, she strained her eyes to look through the steady rain. An unmistakable groan came from somewhere on her front lawn. Suddenly, she saw a hunched over figure lying on the grass. She knew right then that it was Jonas. Unlocking the door with a click, Adriana rushed outside, oblivious to the rain running down her hair and face, soaking her nightie. Jonas's face looked bruised and bloodied even from where she was. He looked dazed and confused, unaware of her presence. Her fear of a dangerous presence lurking around her house had been confirmed. Please be ok, she thought to herself as she rushed trembling to his side, please be ok.

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#9Midnight222Sep 11, 2009

That gnome does look guilty.  Another great chapter ....... Ive been missing this story but I know how RW can interfere!  Im glad you drew in the Miranda thread in this chapter too!  Great character building and as always suspenseful! \:rah\:

#10candy820Sep 11, 2009

Another great part. Waiting for the next one.\:D

#11spitzmagicSep 11, 2009

omg!....gave me chill bumps....great bring on the next one already......\:rah\:

#12powergirl6193Sep 12, 2009

Well there you go again a nother great storie. I wonder what happen to him\:eek\: Any way the 10 part will be out soon?

#13staceface2009pSep 13, 2009

OMG! i was waiting so long for you to post this up and I'm very impressed! and also veryyy worried! i hope Jonas is okay!! this was really good. I dont think I can wait for Part 10, i have to read it now. LOL

#14MangioSep 14, 2009

what happened to Jonas? i hope they're going to be alright. and what is that cheeky gnome standing right beside him doing. \:wub\: great part

#15fredbrennySep 22, 2009

Could it be the gnomes? LOL! But seriously, good story! You answered my question already in pic 18. I thought at first she was way too skinny for a pregnant woman expecting triplets! But she looks pretty and happy! I sure hope nothing bad is going to happen to her! I had some catching up to do after having been away for 3 weeks! I'm off to read part 10! Can't wait! 5.0\:rah\:

#16TUTULAOct 13, 2009

Great chapter\:rah\: But I'm a little sad for Miranda and her little angel \:\(

#17martoeleNov 11, 2009

Oh no...! I hope that Jonas will not die. \:\(

#18Jennifer_RDec 17, 2009

Ha ha...I kept clicking the arrow for the next pic and there was no more. \:\(  I hope Jonas is alright. Who would do such a thing? I've got to find out now...hello part 10! \:D

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