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You Only Live Once: Part 9
Published Sep 4, 2009

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Here is part 9 guys

Here is part 9 guys Olivia had planned another house party at Josh's house and Josh found himself preparing the food. He was surprised at how many people had turned up the party. He knew a lot of them but there were some unfamiliar faces. News of a party got around campus quite fast. Josh was shocked when he spotted the beautiful brunette in the black and white dress with killer heels. She looked familiar he thought as he stared at me. I did look different, heavy makeup, sleek hair, heels and a sexy dress. He double took but I knew who he was. He looked exactly the same.

"April!" Josh said shocked, "How are you? What are you...?"

"Hi Josh," I said embarrassed, "I came with some friends, I'm at university here now."

"Me too," Josh said surprised, "How come I have never seen you?"

"Oh I do it part time," I stammered, hoping he would understand.

"Oh cool, studying Literature? I am," he smiled and I nodded.
We got talking about university and our places and it was like old times. But in the back of my mind I just thought about his total ignorance to my letter. Did he not feel anything.

He was talking about his love life and about Olivia, it made me feel angry that he'd forgotten me so easily. Especially since I had admitted my illness. I got angry and ask why he never contacted me since we broke up.

"You told me not to!" Josh stammered at my anger.

"But I needed you to be there!" I said as I balled my fists, "I needed your support. How ignorant could you be? Was my problem too much hassle- is that it? Is this why you're with Olivia?! Because I am..." I started to cry right there in front of him and he moved close to comfort me.
"Hey calm down April, we need to talk somewhere quietly" Josh said caressing my cheek. I pushed him away with anger. He just moved closer saying, "Don't be like that." Then he pulled me in easily and kissed me deeply, like he'd missed me. I was too angry to enjoy it. I pushed him away and slapped him across the cheek. He looked at me confused and I told him to leave me alone. He left but didn't seem to understand why I was so angry so I shouted,

"I poured my heart out in that letter for you, you know. And you just ignored it!" Then I moved into the crowd.
I was ready to leave when Olivia came over and confronted me.

"You keep away from my boyfriend!" she ordered and I rolled my eyes.
"You little tart!" she snapped at me and I saw red and shouted abuse back. Then she attacked me. This wasn't a fight I wanted to lose. So I defended myself. She was a feisty little rich girl. But I grew up on the street and won the fight. I left the party embarrassed, angry and humiliated. "Did April write me a letter?" he asked his Mum confused.

"I don't think so darling, you staying for tea?" Maria lied.

"Yeh she did," Parker cut in, "Your Mother gave you it."

"I never got it!" Josh looked accusingly at his Mum.
Josh confronted Maria angrily and asked where it was.

"I binned it!" Maria snapped, "I did it for your own good!"

"What did it say?" Josh asked angrily.
"It just said she loved you..." Maria replied, "Nothing important!"

"You're lying, what did it say?" Josh raised his voice at his Mother.

Parker got involved in the argument and raised his voice to his wife, "Tell us what it said Maria!"

"It said she had leukemia ok!? I binned it because I was protecting Joshua from her lies and illness," Maria defended her actions.

"WHAT?" Josh replied in disbelief, "She's sick?"

"So she says," Maria snapped.

"How could you?" Parker asked as he saw his broken son, "Two years wasted..."

"No wonder she hates me," Josh said sadly.

"I am ashamed of your actions Maria," Parker said angry at his wife and she pleaded with him but he wasn't interested.

Maria stalked off in tears. Parker was left consoling his son. Parker hugged his son, "Go get her," he said.

"I am," Josh said, "If she'll have me." Then he ran to find me.
I was shocked when I answered the door the next evening, Josh was here before me and out of breath.

"My Mum binned your letter," Josh pleaded, "I didn't know April, I didn't ignore it. I wouldn't, I couldn't. Oh April, why you?"
Tears streaked his face and I touched his arm.

"Don't cry, please," I begged, "I will too." Tears welled up as he broke down before me.
We sat down on the couch and cried as we held one another. "This is so unfair," Josh cried, "Why you? You're perfect, so much to live for..."

"It's just the way it is," I assured him.

"But you're not supposed to die so young, you can't leave me, how will we all cope?" Josh broke down again as he squeezed me gently.
"I am looking after you," Josh told me, "I want to be with you all the time, I'll help you stay well."

"Josh, you don't have to," I stammered.

"I want to, I love you damnit!" he snapped, "You belong with me."

"What about Olivia?" I asked nervously.

"I broke up with her, there's only ever been you," Josh said softly.
"There's been a lot of men since you," I joked and he frowned, "I am joking!" It made him laugh and he squeezed me.

"So can I stay with you?" Josh asked.

"Yes," I smiled.

Then he laid me down on the sofa and laid on top of me carefully. Josh kissed me deeply and passionately. He was so gentle, as though he was afraid he would hurt me. Soon we lost our clothes and he asked,

"Can I make love to you?" I nodded nervously.

"I've never...there's never..." I stammered embarrassed. He smiled and asked,

"Are you sure, I can wait..." Josh replied and I pulled him to his feet.
I looked at him and smiled. Then I jumped into his arms.

"Ok," Josh laughed, "I give in!" He carried me to the bedroom. Tears filled my eyes. Then he laid me on the bed and slowly made love to me. The room span, my heart raced and I felt so fulfilled and close to someone. It was perfect. Afterward he held me till I fell asleep. When I woke up the next day, I smiled because he was still there.

"I love you," he smiled at me and I replied, "I love you too." I felt content and happy for the first time in a long while.

But how long would this last?

End of part 9 :D

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fredbrennySep 22, 2009

LOVE the screenshots. They are good! Story is good. I really have some catching up to do! 5.0!

avilinaSep 15, 2009

Guh! Must read more!

spitzmagic VIPSep 15, 2009

wonderful chapter....\:wub\:

roxydog2598Sep 12, 2009

THIS IS SUCH A GOOD STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\:D

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