The Andretti Legacy (82)
Published Sep 8, 2009

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The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 82

The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 82
The months passed quickly once Jen entered Jaxson's life for the third time. Jen had no where to stay, and so Jaxson offered his couch-free of charge. She gladly accepted the offer, and within a short amount of time they became an engaged couple. Jaxson was convinced that finally, he'd found the life he was meant to have. They held a private wedding at their home, with only a small number of guests Nevertheless, it was a beautiful ceremony, and they were very happily married. Jen often joins Jaxson when he heads out to fish. She spends most of her time at home, working on books to sell, and she really looks forward to spending the morning on the beach with Jaxson. They usually talk about all sorts of various subjects, only this morning, Jaxson had something on his mind. Something that he was not really sure how to address. "You sure aren't talking much this morning...something on your mind?" Jen breaks the silence that was deafening Jaxson's ears.

"...oh, I'm sorry. I've just been thinking all morning..." He shrugs his shoulders and looks away nervously.

"About?" Jen pokes and prods a little more.

"...oh, just us...the house...the know, those kinds of things." He smiles and lets out a sheepish laugh.

"...the future?" Jen looks over at him with concern. "What about it?"

"...what about?" Jaxson looks over at her quickly. "Uhm...well...I just..."

"Just spit it out already." Jen laughs kindly, taking notices of his anxiety as she notices his fishing rod shaking in his nervous hands.

"...I think I'm ready to take a step forward." He blurts quickly.

"A step?"

"Uh...okay, so maybe it's more like a giant leap." He looks out at the ocean. "I think I'm ready to start a family, Jen."
"Family? ...hmm, I think I like the sound of that." She smiles. "When do you want to start?" She shoots him a flirty look, and winks an eye at him. His cheeks turn bright red and drops his reel as his hands are shaking so bad.

"N-o-ow?" He squeaks nervously.

Within a few days, Jen is pregnant with their first child. She frequents the bookstore and library and purchases every book she can on pregnancy, parenting, and children. Both parents are ecstatic, and neither of them can wait until the child is born. In the middle of writing about a character in her newest novel going into labor, Jen shoots out of the chair having labor pains. She calls for Jaxson who fumbles around the house looking for his keys to the car, the entire time Jen is screaming at him with her keys in her hand.

They arrive at the hospital safe and sound, and just in time. Jen's giving birth was flawless and uneventful.
They returned home that evening with a little baby girl whom they named Katie. Jaxson adores his daughter, and promised to give her the world. However, Jen made him promise he wouldn't make her spoiled rotten. Because Jen works from home on her novels, she gets to spend hours and hours with baby Katie. The house is so tiny that, while they wait to move, Katie must sleep in their room. Her world revolves around Katie, and already Jen is contemplating another baby. She tossed the idea of trying for another at Jaxson, and he felt like having two around the same age to keep each other company and help one another in school would be a good idea. So, they tried for a second child. This birth was harder on Jen. It may be because she'd just given birth, or it may be because it was her second child. Whatever the case may be, this birth was one that she'd never forget and one that will keep her from EVER wanting another child.

She had been at the library late one evening, and went into labor. She called Jaxson, who snatched sleeping Katie from her crib and rushed to the hospital.

The doctor's told Jaxson that Jen wasn't doing well, and that he and Katie could not go in and see her. This worried him to no end, and with Katie's crying from being woken and rushed out of the house so was not a pleasant night for anyone involved.
Both Jen and Jaxson realized that they needed to get serious and look for a new house to move into. Two cribs don't really fit well in the bedroom, and besides, the four of them can't share the one room forever.

Jen already notices a huge difference in the children. Their daughter, Katie, is calm, intelligent, and helpful. Their son, Kole, is the opposite. He is loud, mean, and terribly frustrating. He simply cannot be pleased. Jen loves him dearly, of course, but he certainly makes her question wanting a second child.
Life was just a bit easier once the children aged into toddlers, but even still Kole's rotten personality shined through. He was always breaking the toys and throwing them, he would chew on and eat Katie's dolls. He smashed numerous things, and would even pull all the books off the shelves and throw them at people.

Jen prayed and prayed that Kole would soon grow out of this phase. No matter how she approached the situation, he would always hit her or scream at her. So, Jaxson made attempts to correct the baby, still no success. The two discussed having him evaluated by a psychologist, but agreed that he was just a baby and he would, in fact, grow out of it.
Just before Katie's birthday, they found a place. Instead of packing up all their furniture and such, they decided to sell it with the house and start over fresh. Of course, they packed a few valuables, but nothing all that big.

They moved to a nice place just outside of town, in one of the fancier neighborhoods. It was closer to Jaxson's job anyway. Once the children were able to maintain their own rooms, Jen would convert the nursery into her office.
Katie grew into an extremely well mannered and obedient little girl. She makes her bed every morning, brushes her teeth twice a day without being asked, and even helps clean up the house.

She always does her homework, and is doing extremely well in school making her parents extremely proud of her.
She tends to spend a lot of time with her little brother as well. She doesn't get angry with him when he throws things at her or pulls on her pony tail. To her parent's surprise, Katie seems very patient with Kole, and that's a great thing. Maybe she can teach Kole a few things, but then maybe not. Late Saturday morning, Jaxson saw Katie sitting out on the bench on the front porch. He had nothing to do, so he joined her. Besides, she always was fun to talk to. She always has so much to say.

"Yeah, I think I know what I want to be when I grow up." She looks up at her dad. "I've thought and thought and thought some more. I think I finally figured it out."

"Katie, you have lots of years before you need to figure that out." He smiles down at her. "No sense in worrying with it now, you know."

"No, Dad. I'm not going to worry anymore! I know!" She assures him.

"Okay." He chuckles. "You're going to be a scientist, just like your good ol' dad, right?"
"Yuck, Dad!" She shouts in disgust. "I'll never do that!" He shrugs his shoulders laughing, and she continues on. "I want to be a cop! I want to protect people from all the bad people out there!" "Bad people?" Jaxson locks his eyes on her. "How do you know there are bad people? Has somebody done something to tou, honey?" He asks, knowing full well that she's never told him of having any trouble with anyone. He and Jen don't let her watch the news either. So, naturally...he's a bit confused that she knows about 'bad' people.

"Dad...don't be silly. I want to protect people from people like Kole." She tells him as she rolls her eyes and rises from the bench and heads inside.

Jaxson stares at the bench where she was sitting in shock.

"People like Kole..." Jaxson mutters and his heart sinks. It's hard enough raising the boy, but to have a daughter who at a young age already knows that he's a bad person...
Jaxson returns one evening a few weeks after Kole's birthday to find him chasing Katie around the yard at full speed. He jumps out of the taxi thinking that Kole is being horrible, but the sound of laughter stops him dead in his tracks. "Katie!" Kole screams. "How am I supposed to get you if you don't ever slow down!" The burden on his shoulders lightens as he watches the two children play. Jaxson can only hope that Kole's behavior continues to mold him into a respectable kid with big dreams and a bright future. That same evening as Kole was climbing the stairs to his bedroom, he felt something strange inside of him. An unfamiliar sensation. It burned through his veins and soaked into his brain. He stopped at the top of the stairs, and he thought he heard a voice. Someone whispering his name. His heart started racing as he listened closely. The crickets and bull frogs sang a creepy tune. Kole only listens for a minute before bolting into his bedroom and locking the door behind him. He flips the light switch and rushes to his bed, fully clothed. Too scared to get into his PJs tonight. Shortly after 2 am, the burglar alarms all over the house started going off. Kole can hear police sirens, and he rushes downstairs to find his family already outside watching the police and the criminal.

Katie watches with a great deal of interest; as this is what she couldn't wait to protect and serve.
Kole watches as the policeman pushes the burglar into the car. Kole clenches his fists together as the weird sensation flows through his veins again. Kole fights the urge to run out there and help free the criminal. He feels a strange connection to him, and he doesn't quite understand it.

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justvexJan 9, 2010

OMG!! What is Kole thinking? hope he turns out to be a good boy. fantastic story as always

mini me3393Sep 12, 2009

Ahhh! She has my name! \:D I got so excited when I read that. xD But Kole was actually kind of freaking me out at the end. I love how you always have something new and different in each part. There's always a surprise, and it never gets boring. I can't wait to see where you take it next. ^^

joker52455Sep 12, 2009

*Gasp* Kole's gonna become a criminal?! NOOOOO!!!!!!!! Then again, that would be interesting. A lot of firsts with this family: first cheating scenario, first double fake, first burglary. I wonder if the Andrettis will ever get back into the military service. Maybe Katie (such an ordinary name) will become a soldier instead of a cop.... Rating: \:rah\:

kitfu11Sep 10, 2009

Great job as always! \:D

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