You Only Live Once: Part 14
Published Sep 14, 2009

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Hey guys. Here is the FINAL part of the story. But I will do an Epilogue :D This part is told from two different perspectives from the start. Hope this helps! Thanks for everything guys. I may write another :D

Hey guys. Here is the FINAL part of the story. But I will do an Epilogue :D This part is told from two different perspectives from the start. Hope this helps! Thanks for everything guys. I may write another :D I don't remember dying. I just remember all my happy memories.

My parents...

When we moved house.... When I first met Josh and how annoying I found him... When we went to the park and the freedom I felt... And how happy he felt... Meeting his family... Getting caught kissing by his Mum... Our first kiss... Josh and my parents meeting... Our romantic date... How we met again and he kissed me in anger... How we cried over my illness but were reunited... My first time... When Josh proposed... When my family moved house... Trying on wedding dresses with my Mum... Spending time with my sister Summer... And my sister Autumn Family meals... Our wedding day... The wedding party... Our honeymoon... Our new home.

My memories flashed over and over, all the happy times. So this was Heaven? Whilst I died. This happened...
Josh fell to his knees as the Grim Reaper claimed my body and my soul.

"NO PLEASE, NOOOOO, APRIL, baby, wake up, please!" Josh cried checking my pulse.
"It's her time," The Grim Reaper told Josh.

"No it's n-n-n-n-not," Josh said sobbing heavily, "She isn't ready to die."

"She has to die," The Grim Reaper told him angrily.
"No please, let her live," Josh begged sobbing, "Spare her!"

"No," The Grim Reaper snapped.
"Please, I beg for your compassion. Take me instead!" Josh said pulling the Grim Reaper's cloak.

"It is not your time," The Grim Reaper replied. Josh fell to his feet, begging The Grim Reaper.

"My life is worthless without her," Josh cried.
The Grim Reaper looked down at Josh was compassion,

"You're willing to die for her?" he asked Josh.

"Of course," Josh replied, "Please.."
"I cannot," The Grim Reaper told him sadly, "It's just doesn't happen, she is ill, I cannot change her fate."

Josh broke down at his feet in total heartbreak.
He sobbed uncontrollably and stood up as he watched my body and soul being taken by the reaper. "I love you April," Josh choked out one last time. Heartbreak etched over his face, he looked at the Reaper as if he understood there was nothing that could be done. Then we disappeared. Josh sobbed heavily and uncontrollably on the driveway and looked at the empty house he no longer shared with me. I was gone and he would never hear my voice again. He blamed himself, he cursed falling asleep and letting me out of his sight. He'd never even got to say goodbye. "Josh?" my voice echoed in his head, as I stood behind him and watched him sob. I reached out to touch him but he couldn't sense me. He turned and didn't see me. I was a ghost to him now. I hadn't left this earth, I couldn't leave him when he needed me the most.

"I cannot," I begged the Reaper as he tried to lead me to Heaven, "Please." Tears streaked my face and the Reaper pulled me but I protested and sobbed heavily.

"Come!" The Reaper ordered.

"I have to say goodbye," I sobbed, "I never got to say goodbye, please, I beg you, let me say goodbye." I heard Josh sob and mine echoed his. I could hear and see him but he couldn't see me. Then I felt blackness and a voice echoed inside my head giving me instructions. I sobbed harder and felt the ground beneath my feet.
I looked around and ran, "JOSH!" I cried sobbing and he didn't hear me, "Josh!" I shouted again. Tears streaked my face as I saw Josh turn in disbelief and whimper, "It cannot be..." He stared at me shocked. "Is she real?" he thought to himself. I ran faster. Time seemed to stop. I crashed into him, our bodies colliding as he caught me in his arms.

"You can't be real," he said caressing my hair, my face, my body.

"I am!" I said tears streaking my face, "I am alive!"
"I don't understand," Josh asked confused, "I begged him..."

"I begged too Josh, I wanted to say goodbye," I told him.

"Is this goodbye? The last time I hold you?" Josh asked sadly as he placed me on my feet and span me around. He touched my face, wiped my tears and memorised my features.

"No, this is hello," I laughed looking at his confused voice.

"What?!" Josh begged.

"You saved me," I told him smiling, "The Reaper said your love for me was so powerful he couldn't tear us apart either way I would find a way to be with you and you with me. Don't you see Josh, I'm not dead. When I died, you haunted my memories, can you imagine what I'd be like in Heaven, nothing would compare to the love we had here. It never could Josh, I love you so much. I have so much to live for, so much we need to do. I want children, I dreamed of our children, our future..."
"Oh April," Josh sighed with relief, as he squeezed me tight, "I thought I'd lost you. I love you so much. I am sorry I was selfish but I cannot let you go, ever." We held one another for a moment in happiness.

"Josh? Remember when we first met I said life was too short," I finally asked.

"Mmmhmm," Josh said looking at me with pure love in his eyes.

"I was wrong, you don't only live once, I lived twice," I laughed. Josh smiled and nodded in agreement.
"Well here's to your life, the second time around!" Josh said pulling me close and kissing me more passionately than he ever had. I was alive, he was alive and our life together was finally just beginning....

The End :D

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olaredu123Jul 31, 2012

sad story with a happy ending

fruitopia VIPApr 15, 2012


coraski11Jun 7, 2010

OMG, i almost started crying when she was dying! Beautiful ending, can't wait for the epilogue!!! \:D

staceface2009pOct 1, 2009

awww that was really sweet I enjoyed this \:D

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