The Andretti Legacy (85)
Published Sep 21, 2009

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The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 85

I've been slacking on replying to comments, but I assure you...I have been reading them, and they do inspire me and at times, my story does twist the way the comments fall. So, keep it up...I promise you, they are VERY appreciated. Especially when Writer's Block hits!

The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 85

I've been slacking on replying to comments, but I assure you...I have been reading them, and they do inspire me and at times, my story does twist the way the comments fall. So, keep it up...I promise you, they are VERY appreciated. Especially when Writer's Block hits!
Kole returns home from work early one morning, and finds Keturah standing in front of the mirror. He notices her reflection in it, blinks once or twice, then rubs his eyes with his fists to refocus. " have a reflection." He states quietly to himself. "How is that possible?" He asks her, shifting his head towards the mirror, as she turns to look at him. " didn't think I needed to eat or sleep either." She smiles softly at him.

"'re right." He shrugs his shoulders and stares off into the distance, still trying to take in that this is all very real.
"Mr. Andretti?" She turns to face him, as he looks at her, her soft smell warms the room and relaxes him. "You told me to ask you if I needed anything. Remember?"

"Yes, I do." He looks back at her, then through her, then back at her. The process hurts his eyes, so he looks off in a completely different direction.

"I want to see that beach." She states flatly.

"Do what?!" His eyes widen at her request.

"The beach...I want you to take me to the beach." She smiles sweetly.

"...look, that's unreasonable...I meant--"

"Unreasonable!?" She questions him. "Sir, you gave no limitations for my requests. I feel this is a very fair one."
"You keep forgetting that you're a ghost! You can't go prancing around town like the rest of us!" He shouts, and slowly her scent fades.

"I certainly don't see why not." She remains calm, though Kole begins to smell something burning. "You requested I remain in this room no matter what. I have done as was asked; I am asking for something simple in return." Her voice lowers, and the burning smell grows stronger.

" did not do as you were told! I came home and found you on the balcony, remember!?" He growls at her, letting all of his frustrations out. He looks around the room as the burning smell grows nearly too strong for him to bear. He covers his face, and coughs as he desperately searches for a fire.
"I am going alone, then." She growls at him with the upmost respect. She walks through his shoulder, and he turns to grab her arm.

"No!" He shouts, but his hand grasps nothing but air as she continues walking through the door and down the hallway.

Kole searched all day long on every beach he could think of around town. He finally found her just after dusk. He swallowed hard, and slowly made his way to her. As he came closer and closer, the sweet spice smell relaxed him and drew him in even faster. "I'm sorry...if I upset you." He blurts out nervously just as he stops behind her.

"I do forget that I am not like you...and I forget that I am even dead sometimes." She replies quietly, almost on the verge of crying. "This whole thing is just silly...a silly little experiment of Mr. Reaper's."

"Mr. Reaper?" Kole questions her.

"Yes...he comes to you when you die, and he helps your soul escape so that it can keep it here...there...wherever." She speaks ever so softly, and it sends chills up Kole's arms.

"...why do only some come back here?" Kole stares down at the sand as many questions flood his mind.

"Some of us have unfinished business." She whispers as the water crashes into the sandy shore in front of them.
"You didn't finish something?" He asks with great concern.

"...every person has a purpose. Something we are destined to before we die." She looks down at the sand sadly. "...some people fulfill their purpose...and some...they are...taken too soon." Her voice trails off; Kole can barely hear. "...Mr. Reaper...he governs death, he knows the when and the how of everyone. Some will say he plays an unfair game...he interferes with fate and destiny."

"Do we know our purpose?" Kole asks quietly, wondering just what he is here for.

"No." She replies softly. "Mr. Reaper...he does. He tells you when you die...if you've done your job or not."

"...I assume you didn't do your's?" He looks over at the back of her head.

"No...I...I was taken too soon...for a purpose." She chokes on her words, as Kole takes a step forward, wanting to comfort her.

"What?" Kole swallows hard.
"I told you...Mr. Reaper has his own intentions for humanity." She is so quite and sad. "...he knows a great many things about your ancestors. The Great Alexander Andretti, whom died...and was brought back by the love of his widowed wife, Andianna. Then, there was Gerame Andretti...abducted and impregnated...gave birth to your great grandfather, Hideki Andretti. This alien half-breed reproduced with a human, Hannah Andretti, they gave birth to...your grandfather Ian...none of this could have happened to normal people. Mr. Reaper...he knows there is something special in your blood..." Kole steps back, it's like the whole world just rushed in and pushed him back. He stares out at the water, intrigued but also in shock.

", wait...I think I'm confused." Kole chokes on the idea that he is 'special' and that 'death' has a plan for him. "You are saying that we all are born for a reason...and this Reaper fellow...he is playing with fire so to speak...he has his own plans and so he's using his little powers to his own advantage...or experiments...or whatever...?"

"...yes, Mr. Andretti." She looks back out at the sea and watches the waves roll in to meet them.

", you're make sure I fulfill his purpose...not my own." Kole states firmly, and she turns to face him.
"I don't know anyone's purpose...but, I know that 200 years ago...I made the same promise you did. ...I didn't know I'd made it with Mr. Reaper either." She looks back at him with compassion and sympathy.

"But, I've never seen or talked to Death..." He chuckles a bit at the thought of all this nonsense.

"Of course not, you're not dead." She states flatly, and brings Kole's smile to a blank expression.

"I wandered into a cemetery as a little girl...just as you did. I was approached by a man...he was clear and he scared me, but he was nice to me. He asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up." She stares over his shoulder as she recollects the memory.

"I've heard that before..." Kole rolls his eyes, remembering it happening the same way for him.

"I told him I wanted to be a princess..." She laughs feeling embarrassed. "He said I could be anything I wanted if I promised him..."

" produce a special seed." Kole finished her sentence quietly. "I had thought he meant a tree or a bush or something. So, I went for it. I promised...I thought it be easy. He'd give me the world if I grew him a plant." He looks at her, feeling quite embarrassed and stupid. "...but, whenever you appeared...and told me you were mine now...that 'special seed' suddenly became a little awkward...and had a whole new meaning."
"A plant...? Really?" She laughs at his silly interpretation. "I don't think we were meant to have a flower garden." Her smile makes him blush. "I always wanted children as a little girl...and I wanted to be a princess, I thought this was the perfect deal. It was everything I wanted."

"...I don't like that this Reaper fellow is controlling my life. I don't want anyone to control me at all...what happens if we don't...well, you know?" Kole scratches the top of his head feeling shy, but also angry.

"...I don't think it's a wise decision to break promises with someone who controls your life whether you like it or not." She replies softly.

", if I have this special blood...or whatever...why does it have to mix you have blood?" He starts with an intelligent question, but then loses it as he continues.

"...I may not have certain things, but I still carry DNA that is just as important as your's apparently. Or else, I doubt I'd have been approached that night in the cemetery." She smiles politely. "...I don't know what is so great about you...and your line...and me and mine ...but, apparently someone does...and I have to say that I am interested to find out, though, I fear I may not find out for many generations to come."
"Tell me how you died..." Kole asks quietly after a long silence.

"...I don't like to remember." She replies sadly. "...and it has been so long, all I can remember now is that horrible fire. It took so many of was all a mistake. An accident...if Gerame, your ancestor, had not been so sick with the birth of his son...he'd have burned in the fire, too. You see...I...I was his secretary. He'd called in sick that day...he had me write down instructions for a particular experiment...I must have jumbled some of the steps. I'm so clumsy sometimes..." She stops and hangs her head in sorrow.

"I'm sorry..." Kole apologizes, if his foot would reach high enough, he'd fill his mouth with it. He kicks himself for even bringing it up. However, he'd love to learn more about this Gerame fellow. His parent's never talked about anyone passed Granpa Ian...the famous Ian Andretti, the legend they named the theater after.
"I have to tell someone about you...I've lied to her enough. I hope you understand." Kole's voice is low and terribly sad.

"She already knows..." Keturah points behind Kole.
"Katie..." He whispers as he turns to find her standing a few yards away. "Could she hear us...?" Kole asks Keturah quietly.

"...yes, she did." Keturah smiles a kind soft-hearted smile, and dissipates into the air leaving Kole and his sister alone on the beach.
Kole begins walking towards her as she begins walking towards him. He's afraid of what she's thinking, and he's afraid she'll turn her back on him. "I never told you because I didn't believe in it...I still didn't...until tonight." He stares at her, hoping to read her thoughts on her face. He finds her face blank, and it scares him.

"...I promised you I would always be here for you. I wish you believed that." She tells him and the corners of her mouth lean into a small frown.
"I am always here, Kole...always." She reaches forward and pulls him towards her, giving him the tightest, loving hug she can possible give as a tear rolls down her cheek.

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I loved this... \:\)

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i honeslty think this is the best part so far and i think its great you are loking back on each genertion \:D  keep up the good work

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great part. love it\:wub\:

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Wow I haven't read in such a long time, what a great part!

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