Learning to Love - Part 11
Published Oct 3, 2009

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Welcome to Part 11 everyone! First I would like to thank ♥[Lexi]♥ once again for leaving me feedback on the previous part of this story :-D It is very strange that what happened to Adriana, happened to your aunt as well. That must have been hard for her! But I hope she's ok now :-)
I also apologise for taking so long to finish this chapter but I hope you enjoy it....

Welcome to Part 11 everyone! First I would like to thank ♥[Lexi]♥ once again for leaving me feedback on the previous part of this story :-D It is very strange that what happened to Adriana, happened to your aunt as well. That must have been hard for her! But I hope she's ok now :-)
I also apologise for taking so long to finish this chapter but I hope you enjoy it....
Nick had rushed up to the hospital as soon as he had received the call. He only wished Adriana had called sooner, he would have been by her side in an instant.
"Mr Motley?" asked a young doctor approaching him.
Nick nodded. "Yes, that's me."
"Thanks for coming, I'm Doctor Gray. I believe it's your twin sister we have here. She advised me you're her closest relative."
Nick nodded again, anxious to see her. "Yes, how is she?"
"She's in a fragile state. As I explained on the phone, the situation with her partner, Mr Ramirez, really shook her up," Doctor Gray explained. "The stress she experienced resulted in the loss of one of her babies."
Oh no, Nick thought, poor Adriana. He took this information in, knowing it would have been much harder for his sister to comprehend.
The doctor continued. "She will need some support around her for awhile. She is allowed to go home, as long as she rests and has someone with her at all times."
"Of course. She can stay with me. And how is Jonas?"
"He will recover, however, we can't establish a time frame as of yet," Doctor Gray replied. "We will update you and Ms Chesters on his progress."
"Can I see him before I take Adriana home?"
It was Doctor Gray's turn to nod. "Yes, follow me."
Seeing Jonas laying there, he looked almost peaceful. Nick couldn't believe someone could do this to his good friend. He would never hurt a fly, never do any wrong, yet here he was in this state. He could feel both anger and sadness, but pushed those feelings away. He needed to stay strong for his friend, and he would look after Adriana until he was once again well enough. He knew Jonas would just want her to be ok. Reaching Adriana's room, Nick was surprised to see her dressed and ready to go. He saw an unmistakable sadness lingering in her features, which was to be expected of course.
Neither of them said anything, instead embracing, needing to be close to each other.
"I'm sorry, Ada," Nick whispered. "So very sorry."
"So am I," she replied.
"You're going to stay with me for a little while, ok?" He watched her expression, but couldn't read it.
"Ok." She didn't fight it, rather she welcomed the idea of not being alone. "Can I see Jonas before we go?"
"Of course."
Before they left, they stopped by Jonas's room as she had requested. As Nick hovered by the door, it pained him to see Adriana stroke Jonas's face ever so gently. He saw a tear slide slowly down her cheek before she quickly wiped it away with the back of her hand. She placed her lips over his and lingered there for several moments before she stood and returned to Nick's side. He gave her hand a squeeze as they left.
Reaching his home at last, Nick noticed he had guests while pulling into his drive. Zak had got there quickly. After bringing the car to a halt, Nick hurried around to help Adriana out of the car.
"It's ok, I'm not an invalid, Nick." Apologizing, he couldn't help but feel a little hurt at her comment. But he knew she was hurting as anyone would be in her situation, so he took it in his stride.
As she reached Zak, he wrapped his arms around her, enveloping her in his warmth. He didn't say anything but he didn't need to. They had been friends for quite some time now so they knew what the other was wanting to say. That he was there for her was all she needed.
Taking Adriana through to his room, Nick could sense she needed to rest. He pointed out the suitcase near his dresser and explained that he had picked up some extra clothes for her while she stayed with him.
"Thanks, Nick." She gave him a smile. "I appreciate it."
"Anytime," he replied, returning her smile. "I think you should probably rest, though. You must be drained."
"Yea, I guess I am."
Leaving her in the room to sort her stuff out and have a rest, Nick went to join Zak and Candice who were waiting in the living room.
"Is she ok?" Zak asked as soon as Nick came out, full of concern. "I got your message and came as quick as I could."
Nick sighed. "I think so. Jonas is in an induced coma up at Mercy Hospital and the stress of the situation took its toll on Ada. She lost one of the triplets."
"Oh, no..." Zak brushed a hand through his hair. "That's not good at all."
"No, it's not."
"Well, I guess we should really leave her be until she recovers properly and this situation gets better. I don't want her stressing about anything else," Zak said.
"Yea, that will probably be best. She knows you wish her well and I'll update you on her progress."
Candice spoke up, having not said a word the whole time. "Can you wish her well for me, too?"
Nick smiled. "Of course, Candice."
With that, they said goodbye and gave Nick a reassuring hug.
It wasn't until early that evening that Adriana emerged out of the room. Nick had checked on her several times throughout the day and each time she had still been sleeping soundly. While typing away on his laptop, Nick heard the distinct noise of footsteps and turned to see his sister behind him. "How did you sleep?" Nick asked, standing up as she approached.
"Good, thanks," Adriana replied. "Still waking up I think. I didn't realise I'd slept all day."
"You must have needed it. Are you hungry? I cooked up some dinner before and left a plate for you in the oven."
Placing a hand on her belly, she said, 'Yea, actually, I'm starving. Thanks. Have you heard anything about Jonas?"
He knew the question was coming, but still he sighed. "Unfortunately, no. Not since I spoke to the doctor this morning. But I'm sure they will let us know straight away if anything changes."
Adriana looked defeated. "Ok. I'd really like to go see him tomorrow, if that's possible."
"Of course. I'll take you up there."
She smiled appreciatively and turned towards the kitchen. He watched as she maneuvered her growing bump around his small kitchen and hoped, not for the first time, that Jonas would recover for the sake of his growing family.
The weeks slowly passed with daily visits to the hospital and updates from the doctor. Adriana had dealt with the grief of losing one of her babies by focusing all her energy on the man she loved with all of her heart. It was one day, four weeks later, that the doctor finally answered her prayers.
"Mr Ramirez is making great progress," Doctor Gray explained. "He's responding to the treatment and the swelling has reduced a great deal. We expect him to make a full recovery in the weeks to come."
Adriana's happiness was evident in every crevice of her smile, every sparkle in her eye.
"Oh, thank god! Oh, thank you doctor. You have truly made my day," she said, relieved.
The rest of that day, she couldn't help but dream about her and Jonas's future. When his arms were around her once again, she would never take anything for granted ever again.
Just a week later, as sunlight tinged the horizon, the loud ringing of the phone echoed throughout the house. Nick woke with a start and rubbed his eyes, making his way over to the phone quickly in an effort not to wake Adriana.
"Hello?" he answered.
"Hi, Mr Motley?" a deep voice replied.
"Yes, speaking."
"This is Doctor Gray, from Mercy Hospital. I'm calling about Mr Ramirez."
Nick was suddenly wide awake. "Yes? Is he ok?"
"He's fine, Mr Motley. He's doing great, actually. A little over an hour ago we were able to bring him out of his coma. We've done several tests and he seems to be doing very well. He will be able to come home early this afternoon."
When Nick and Adriana arrived that afternoon, Jonas was awake and moving, although only slowly. He changed into some clothes Adriana had brought for him and everyone was surprised at how well he looked. The moment he embraced her was a moment she would never forget. They had been given another chance. Arriving home, Nick looked on as Adriana and Jonas took a seat on his couch, unable to take their eyes off each other. They had both shed a few tears on the drive home, so happy to be in each others company once again. Jonas was weak but was feeling better than expected. He didn't remember much about that night so many weeks ago, which Nick decided was a good thing. Leaving them to catch up on some much needed quality time together, he went to make them all some lunch. Late that afternoon, Adriana had told Nick that she and Jonas would be fine back at her house. Although he had encouraged them to stay for a few more days, Adriana was persistent. So, driving them home, he gave them both a hug.
"Call me anytime, ok?" Nick said. "For anything."
"Nick, I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for us," Adriana replied. "I really, really appreciate it. And don't worry, we'll be fine. I'll call you if anything happens."
"Ok, and I'll come around tomorrow, just to make sure."
Adriana laughed. "Ok, if it will make you feel better."
Leaving them both there, Nick couldn't help but feel like something was going to go wrong.

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Jennifer_RDec 17, 2009

Phew! Good to see Jonas is okay. I hope nothing else goes wrong though! Great part! \:rah\: \:\)

martoeleNov 11, 2009

Great that he is out of hospital. Now back to the danger of ... her ex? \:cool\:

Neko SimsOct 31, 2009

I'm just happy, that it turn out all good at the end (:

TUTULAOct 13, 2009

Another brilliant chapter.\:wub\: I'll hope nothing bad happens \:wub\: Can't wait for the next chapter\:rah\:

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