Forgotten Redemption: Chapter 14
Published Sep 27, 2009

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Hi everyone!
I am REALLY sorry about the lateness of this chapter, schools been a real tussle and spin around. I’ve had assignments coming in wheelbarrows and few issues along the way. Thankful it’s over now, for two weeks!
But anyway, just two things before we begin. Firstly, thank you to all of you who commented, sorry I can’t get back to you personally but I really appreciate it guys! Lastly, some of the thumbnails for these pictures are a bit strange. They show you a different picture to the one that is loaded up, or at least that’s how it is on my computer. Just thought I’d let you know ;) Oh and NEW POLL is out as well!
So, thanks again!
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Hi everyone!
I am REALLY sorry about the lateness of this chapter, schools been a real tussle and spin around. I’ve had assignments coming in wheelbarrows and few issues along the way. Thankful it’s over now, for two weeks!
But anyway, just two things before we begin. Firstly, thank you to all of you who commented, sorry I can’t get back to you personally but I really appreciate it guys! Lastly, some of the thumbnails for these pictures are a bit strange. They show you a different picture to the one that is loaded up, or at least that’s how it is on my computer. Just thought I’d let you know ;) Oh and NEW POLL is out as well!
So, thanks again!
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Here’s the story so far (For people who have just tuned in):
Sixteen year old Samantha Wilson recently moved to Botany Bay, the birth place of her parents. But sadly her parents died in an accident four years ago. When exploring her new town she finds an old friend, Lilly, and follows her home. But when she enters that house, nothing will ever be the same for her again. She accidentally discovers a secret curse that affects the whole of the Howarth bloodline! Each member who has Howarth blood in their veins is cursed a different power. Usually when people find out about the curse they have to hypnotize to forget it all. But now that Samantha is allowed to remember everything, what adventures are in stall for her next? Who will she meet in this chapter? Let’s find out!
She knew that presence.
An unwelcomed presence that disturbed the balance of order in a place like this.
“I know you are there, Maeveen…” she said, her voice echoing around the great hall.
Dark laughter now echoed the hall as she faded into view “Queenie, you know me too well…”
“It’s your highness to you,” she replied sharply “and what is it you want?”
“Oh, nothing really…
Just to see if the rumors have spread about my hypnotism act on a mortal. I’m sure it has already! But that darn blond deserved it though, she should have known better!”
She stood up from her throne taking sounds less steps down the three step stairway “You shouldn’t have come. You know the penalties for hypnosis on a human without a reason.
“You also know the penalties for returning to my lands when still in exile. No matter how hard you try, Maeveen, I will always protect my people from your treachery and wickedness. The witches will never return to the lands of Avalon, not while I still reign as its queen!” “Aw, such a beautiful speech, you almost brought me to tears,” she replied her voice drenched in sarcasm “Seriously, you are the most boring queen ever. The other queens were so much fun to stress out and mess around with. I mean, I’m sure you remember Helga and how I made her face worse then it already was! Ha, I had so much fun that day! But then there is you. You are so boring, probably because you’re more stable than the others. Not only that in your appearance you can’t get any worse. I mean come on compared to my beauty you’re-” “Lux lucis!”
An unexpected attack, just what she wanted.
The sphere of blue and green broke into four beams of vibrant blue which hit the ground around the witch and rose up again as small bolts of lightning. They circled around her making sure she wouldn’t escape. She bowed her head down grinning darkly. She chuckled at the situation she was in. She wasn’t able to teleport out or move for that matter without getting caught. But she wasn’t at all afraid. In fact, she was amused.
“Don’t doubt my powers so much, queenie…”
With that said she raised her head to the ceiling. Her feet left the ground. She began muttering lowly “Veneficus , illorum lacuna EGO have philologus , tribuo mihi atrum incendia of licentia!”
Fire burst through the cracks of the stone floor consuming her whole. The fire didn’t burn her skin; it fire protected her and started fighting off the bolts of lightning that stopped her from escaping. The lightning started to break apart and burst into small sparks of light which turned to dust. The fire withered back into the cracks of stone once it’s task was done. The witch’s grin grew wider as her feet touched the ground again “Is that all you got?”
“Where did you learn such magic’s?!” she yelled in anger “How could you have possible conjured up a flame as powerful as the imprisonment spell?
“Those sorts of magic’s were banned long ago by king Fargo for the sake of safety! Anyone caught performing these magic’s was imprisoned for eternity. Who in their right mind would risk getting their freedom lost to teach you such treachery?” She laughed again, this time it came out as more of a cackle. “Who else, the Magician!”
That the mention of his name, she shivered. She wasn’t the one to shiver but hearing that title he called himself sent the most chilling shivers down her spine. She didn’t shop her fear to the witch though, most certainly to. If she knew she would use it against her, she knew this much about Maeveen. Once she gained your trust, she would use you for her own desires...
She may have not fallen for her tricks but she knew someone who did...
Someone she regrettably knew well...
“He taught me so many things,” she said, her eyes glaring and glowing as she spoke “He has given me the chance to become the most powerful witch and yet, he think I love him.
Of course, I have my own intentions for him. I intend to use him for gaining more power so I can replace that no good of a mother I have ruling over all the witches and training them to be a bunch of goodie-two-shoes!”
“He is only using you” she spoke up “He has he’s own intention in mind for you. He was only using you so he could get rid of Holly Wilson so he could hurt-”
She snorted interrupting her mid sentence. “That dumb blonde tried to interfere with my plans. She made him change his mind about me. E told me he was in love with her and I had to do something about it. I erased her memories! Now I can get back on track and become the greatest witch queen there ever was and ever will be!”
Her cackling filled the hall again with time louder and more evil and colder.
She raised her hand creating a black swirl in front of her as she continued to laugh “Au revoi queenie!”
But as she was about to step into the swirling portal she stopped.
A serious expression plummeted over the grin. She half turned her head over her shoulder. What she said next was in a different voice, a voice that sounded like a thousand all at once.
My eyes snapped open.
I pushed myself forward feeling cold sweat on my forehead.
My head turn in all direction trying to determine fact from fiction.
Oh thank goodness, it was just a dream!
I thought it was all real. It felt so real...
Who were those two women anyway? One of them was called Maeveen, but I have never sen her before. I didn’t see the other woman either. Maybe it’s just my imagination. Yeah, that’s it. They’re just made up. But why is it I get the feeling they actually exsist?
And what was that she said about Holly? Could she have been the one who erased her memories, if she is real that is?
My head hurt as these sorts of questions ran through my head. I tried to silence them but they kept talking, kept wondering, kept asking, kept doubting myself of what I had seen...
“Lilly, quickly, get him inside!”
Huh, was that Paul?
“What the hell happened?!” he shouted in anger and horror. I’ve never heard Paul angry like this before. I got out of bed and went to my closed door pressing my ear against the wood to hear the conversation better.
“I don’t know!” Lily yelled back “I just found him in the park like this. Maybe it was-”
A growl interrupted them. My eyes widened as I heard the piercing, chilling growl. It sent chills up my spine. My mind started to wonder what on earth was going on down there. What was that thing that just growled?
“Quiet! We don’t want to wake everyone up!” Lilly loudly whispered.
“She’s right. Quickly, get him into here before he-”
A bellow of furry shook the house. My hands shook hearing it. They shook quicker as I heard heavy footsteps making their way up the steps...
There a loud thud and another growl of anger.
“No! Don’t go up there! We can’t afford to let her know!”
Was Lilly talking about me?
“Quickly!” Paul commanded loudly. There was the sound of a door thumping open and the heavy footsteps tumbling. The door slammed shut and more growls and shouts were heard from the creature.
Not wanting to hear anymore I step away from the door my whole frame shaking and my eyes still wide.
“Mum, dad,” I said my voice sounding breathless “What is going on? Am I still dreaming?”
Yes, I must be. Yes, I’ll wake up and see it was a dream.
I turned towards the picture of my parents. I hung it up because of the anniversary of their deaths. It was a painting I liked to keep hidden most of the time. Sometimes I would take it out and just look at it remember the life lessons I remembered form them I suppose I should take it down now.
If this was a dream, the painting was shown in the same amount of detail as the real painting.
It’s just a dream, I’ll probably wake p tomorrow morning, take down the picture of mum and dad, do some housework and possible spend some time painting or with the others.
Yeah, sounds good...
Not a single footstep was heard from inside the room. She was thankful for that. She was so unbelievably thankful that she wasn’t awake, or at least she hoped she wasn’t. She shoped she think it was a dream if she was awake.
She hoped she didn’t hear anything, and if she did she’d think she was hearing things.
She hoped she didn’t see anything, and if she did she was just dreaming.
This was her hope, her greatest hope, for her...
She still tried to rid the image of it taking over him, chaging him, deforming him, creating him to become something that was hideous. She’d seen it only once, but she still knew it, every detail, since she saw it the first.
It was a sight that made her cry.
It was a sight that made her sick.
It was a sight that she wanted to forget...
To say that the sight of it terrified her would be an understatement, but to say it was her worst nightmare come to life...
would be correct... Okay, I have the lobster cooking over there, and it should be ready in about fifteen minutes.
Funny, I wonder where Ryan and Lilly are today. Paul didn’t say anything about where they were or what they were doing today.
The sound of knocking interrupted my thoughts.
“I’ll get it!” I called out putting the knife down on the chopping board and making my way to the front door.
I wonder who this could be. Did Paul say he was still open? It was nearly five o’clock and usually he closed up at four on weekdays. From a distance it was someone I hadn’t seen before, I think.
Wait! Was that...? It was!
I felt the surprise on my face as I slowly slid the door open.
“Nice to see ya again!” she said.
It took me some effort to get the words past my throat but I managed to say “L-Lucy?”
“You look really surprised to see me. Although, I suppose you weren’t expecting me, were you?”
She looked and sounded so serious. This was very unlike her. Usually she was laid back and relax, but this was different, very different...
“Um, what can I do for you?” I asked with a small smile.
“I’m here for a session,” she said stepping past me into the house.
I began to feel worried as I remembered what she had said before about and what here intentions of coming here were. My worry must have been obvious because then she smiled and looked a lot more relaxed “Ay, don’t worry about it! Nothing big, just here to see my future. Don’t look so distressed...” With that said she walked past me through the door I tried to stop her but it was too late. I stood there trying to hear anything but couldn’t. What was going on in there? Was Paul angry?
Oh gosh, should have never let her in!
I shouldn’t have mention Paul to her in the first place!
I really hope nothing bad happens in there, I don’t want anyone to get hurt. I don’t know what to do. Is there anything I can do? Not now, it’s too late. I can’t burst in there and create a distraction.
Is Lucy really here to get a reading?
What if she isn’t and she came here for a different purpose?
Oh gosh what have I done?!
“Hey! Hello, anyone in there? You spacing out or something?”
I silently gasp realizing someone was there. When I saw who it was a small smile formed on my lips “Hello Dylan.” My voice was so quiet I wasn’t sure if he heard me.
“What’s up with you?” he asked sounded annoyed.
“Oh, um, nothing! I was just thinking about, um...stuff. Nothing major of course and there really is no need to-”
“Quiet lying and tell me the truth!” he said harshly.
I was a bit hurt by his tone of voice but at the same time I suppose he had a right to be angry at me. I was nothing but trouble really.
“I’m sorry,” I said looking away from him.
He looked a bit shocked but mainly confused “W-Wait! I didn’t mean to...What I mean is..Ugh, damn it!”
He sighed irritated and started stomping over towards me.
“Okay, look, I’m sure ever the REAL problem it’s not your fault.”
“But it is,” I said, my voice straining “I let Lucy go in to talk to Paul, and I don’t know what will happen in thee? I don’t know if someone will get hurt o-o-or...” I trailed off unable to finish my sentence.
“You mean the artist Lucy?” Dylan asked after a moment of silence.
I nodded, sadly.
He sighed again, this time heavily. He continued on with slightly more anger in his voice “It’s not your problem, geez. So why are you blaming for something you couldn’t prevent? If you ask me you’re being very stupid if you believe that it’s your fault! It’s that darn future seers own fault if he stuffs up in there, okay? So stop blaming yourself!”
I was surprised to say the least at what he was saying. It wasn’t that I didn’t think he was the caring or concerned kind to person, but that he was trying to help.
Trying to cheer me up.
That did make me feel a lot better on the inside.
“And hey...”
“Yes?” I said looking up at him. I nearly jumped seeing him look at me. He looked at me in the eye, his expression so serious.
“And hey...” he started again “Stop being so sad because...
“Your smile is worth sticking around for...”
Did he just say...? I must have surely been hearing that wrong! A deep blush coloured my face “I,erhm, ah...” I couldn’t say anything? I either flattered or embarrassed. I wasn’t sure. My heart raced. My lungs were finding it hard to breathe.
What was going on?
Suddenly his eyes widened in shock “What?! I didn’t just... DAMN IT ALL!”
He turned on his heel stomping towards the back doo. I could have sworn I aw his cheek blush as he turned.
“W-Wait, we can just pretend you didn’t-!”
He stopped in front of the door turning sharply towards me. I had been right about the blush “Forget I said that! Don’t you dare tell anyone I said that, or you’re toast!”
“Y-Y-Yes, of course!”
He turned back to the door with a anger expression on his fa...what was that?
On his back, what was that? What was under his singlet?
Those black marks.
Why hadn’t I noticed them before? I looked at them the whole time as he slammed the door open and disappeared. When he was gone my mind was racing with questions. I had to –
Huh, where is that burnt smell coming from? Oh God, the dinner!
“Eh, what?”
“Don’t act so confused, you heard me right!” She was getting angry and he knew it. He knew that glint in her eye too well.
“You hurt me long ago,” she continued folding her arms and looking him dead in the eye “You told me a lie and I believed you. Don’t you dare hurt her by telling her useless lies, because in the end she’ll only be sad and hurt when she finds out the truth!”
“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t do anything to hurt Samantha,” he with both confusion and surprised “That girl has been through enough and as it is I don’t why someone would want to hurt her.”
“Don’t act like that,” she said glaring at hi “I’m sure you’ve told people about their future before, but it was a lie in the end. I don’t why you would do it to people, but whatever your purpose you’re only going to hurt people! That girl has been through enough. She doesn’t have either of her parents; her aunty doesn’t know who she is anymore because of a car accident!” –He grew worried after she mentioned the part about Holly forgetting her memories but was somewhat relieved when he heard the excuse –“Do you know how it feels to lose the people you love?! No, you don’t! You haven’t lost anyone close to you that you loved. You still have your family living nearby and your niece and nephews with you. So you couldn’t possible know what it feels like to lose someone you so dearly care about!!”
That cut him, very deep. So deep he felt his heart split. He knew what it felt like...
“I’m leaving,” she said getting up from her chair. He didn’t say anything back as she opened the door.
“I swear, you tell that girl anything that isn’t the truth,” she said her voice angry “I will make sure that your business never existed in the first place...”
I managed to save the dinner, thank God! In fact, I think it’s ready, better go tell Paul.
I think I heard Lucy leave earlier, I wasn’t sure though.
Turning the stove off I walked to find Paul. I wasn’t sure if he was still in the room but I had a feeling he was.
I knocked.
There was a small silence when he replied “Come in!”
I opened the door smiling as I saw he was okay. I had been worried about him and Lucy all day “Hi, um, dinners ready now...”
“Oh good, I was starting to get hunger” he said with a nervous chuckled.
Something was wrong; I could see it in his eyes. I slowly closed the door behind me and made my way to sit in the chair.
“I’m really sorry about that,” I said sitting down “I didn’t know she was coming today but it was just so sudden.”
“No, no, no it’s not your fault!” Paul said with an anxious smile.
Concern took over my face “Well, um...did anything happen?”
“What? Oh my no! She only came over here to see that you were doing okay and a reading, that was all...”
I wasn’t sure if what he was saying was the truth, but maybe I shouldn’t pursue this any longer. I could tell he wasn’t comfortable with talking about.
I smiled again “Well, when you’re ready come get some dinner...”
“Oi, hello, anyone in here?! Yum, something smells great. Are we having lobster?”
That sounded like Lilly. My smile widened “I better go see Lilly, she’ll want her dinner!” With that I stood up and walked out of the room gently closing the door behind me.
I knew something was wrong with Paul, I just hope he isn’t too upset...
‘Of all days she had to come over it was today’ he thought his mind going distant.
The memories flashed before him in his head. Those memories he so desperately wanted to b\keep, but yet wanted to rid of them to.
Sadness took over him causing him slump over the table.
A sadness buried inside him.
A sadness that was all too familiar to him.
Sadness he locked up in his heart to never return...
It killed him inside. Those words ‘you couldn’t possible know what it feels like to lose someone you so dearly care about!!’
He knew...
He knew all too well how it felt.
It was the greatest pain, like your lungs being crushed under the weight of the world.
Like the hand of fate squeezing your heart so much it was unbearable...
It was like having lead in your limbs dragging you down...
It was agonizing...
It was tormenting...
It was so unbelievable painful...!
“So what happened today? Did I miss anything?” Lily asked me her voice piping with excitement. I had a feeling that she may have turn into her plant form today because of how energized she was.
“No, nothing really. What about you?”
“Well, I did accidentally turn into my plant form while I was visiting Noah. I had to jump out the bathroom window to escape! Good thing he didn’t see me though...”
She continued on, but I was only half paying attention. The truth was I noticed Ryan and how he was acting.
He seemed so quiet over there. Occasionally he would listen in on the conversation and smile. I don’t know where he went today but he came back not too long ago. In fact, now that I thought about it, he was really quiet. He still is... I wonder what’s wrong. Nothing serious I hope... “...and you know what happened next, I bumped into his sister and that’s how I transformed! Geez, his sister is about three years old so thank god she didn’t know what was going on!”
I put on a nervous smile coming back into tune with Lilly’s story “yeah, good thing!”
“You know what else happened today?” she said with a small smile “I saw this couple on the TV and this guy was doing all this stuff for this girl and she wasn’t even taking any notice of it. If you ask me that’s really strange and bad! I mean, common, he is making all these sacrifices for her and she isn’t taking any notice, geez!”
“Sounds like a really bad TV show,” Dylan commented.
Lily turned to him furious “It is not! The Bold and the Beautiful is a pretty good show I’ll have you know! I was waiting for the gardening show to come on. That and I was bored, but it was still a good show!”
“Um, you know...” Both turn to me waiting for me to continue.
“Well, sometimes even if she doesn’t notice the time he is sacrificing for her, he still loves her and that’s all that matters. When you love someone you find that you want to do everything for them to make them happy. Sometimes the happiness you give them goes unnoticed or it can cause you pain. But in your head all you can think of is I’ve made them happy and that’s all that matters.
“Some sacrifices in the end cause you to drift away from them, to keep them safe from whatever obstacle or danger lies ahead. You don’t want them to get hurt. You only want them to be happy.
“So in even if it pains either one of you, or both of you, it just shows how much you care and love about them. It shows what you are willing to do just make them happy because you love them...” “You sound like you’re talking from experience!” Lilly said with a joking grin.
“Wah? Oh no, of course not! I’ve never had a boyfriend in my life, it was just a lesson my parents taught!”
“Don’t worry, I’m only joking!” she said waving her hand and laughing.
“I still say that The Bold and Beautiful is a bad show!”
“it is not! You should have seen the bit where...”And it went on and on and on.
He could only smile. It stayed on his face for the whole of the argument between the twins. But that wasn’t what he was smiling about. Something completely different...
‘It shows what you are willing to do just make them happy because you love them...’ The sentence repeated in his head over and over. It was so true, for him.
He would anything for her so wouldn’t feel any more pain.
He kept her from ever feeling that [ain ever again.
He would never cause her to be sad ever again...
‘I didn’t want her to come today,’ he thought ‘because it’s the anniversary...’
Before he came to dinner he brought out the two pictures long forgotten. He wanted to forget them, but now he was so glad to have them. He glad because he knew...
...she was happy...
(Alrighty, there we go!
Thanks for reading and if you have time comments are greatly appreciated!
Don’t forget about the poll if you also have time to vote!
Thanks again!
Keep Creating and Siming!!

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I just love this story.  I am so glad you updated.  Thanks for all your hard work.  I look forward to more.  I love that Dylan slipped up and told her that her smile is worth sticking around for and then realized he had said it out loud when he didn't mean to.  Such mystery upon mystery in this story and it is fun to see what happens next.

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I am really looking forward to the next chapter.

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