Ghostly vision 3.
Published Dec 1, 2009

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I would like to say thank you to everyone who read and commented on the second part of this story, the georgian house (Georgian House), Simons house (6 Riverview) and Dawns house (2 Riverview Place), Dawn (created as Mary Right) and Simon (created as Simon James) were all made by me and you can find them all on my web page, Thank you for taking the time to read my story, I hope you enjoy it.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who read and commented on the second part of this story, the georgian house (Georgian House), Simons house (6 Riverview) and Dawns house (2 Riverview Place), Dawn (created as Mary Right) and Simon (created as Simon James) were all made by me and you can find them all on my web page, Thank you for taking the time to read my story, I hope you enjoy it. There it was, the house and the name of the family that had lived there, Ellie and Edward Burrows. Dawn's eyes widened as she sat there mesmerized by the picture, she remembered the man had said Ellie. Dawn was glad she was sitting down because she probably would have fainted as the realization hit her,... she had actually been in that house! It felt very stange to Dawn as she sat and read the small amount of information. Mr and Mrs Burrows lived in Riverview for 8 years, they lost their son from small pox and decided to move to Sunset valley, they had no other children. They were buried in Sunset valley cemetery but their son was buried in Riverview, Dawn decided she would go to the graveyard at the weekend and try to find Ellie and Edward Burrows's graves. On a sunny Saturday morning Dawn went to the cemetery in Sunset valley, she looked at nearly all the grave stones before she found the Burrows grave in the corner of the graveyard. She stood and looked at their graves remembering what the ghost woman had said, she wants me to help her find her son, maybe they've been looking for each other and they felt she was the one to help them. Dawn was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she hadn't heard anyone come up. "Hi there," said a voice, Dawn turned round surprised to see the estate agent Mr Vine who had sold her the house. "What are you doing here?" Dawn immediately felt embarrassed amd wanted to take back the question as soon as she'd said it. He was probably visiting a relatives grave thought Dawn, he smiled "I'm visiting my daughter," he said, "Oh I'm sorry..she must have been very young" said Dawn. "No don't understand" he laughed, "my daughter's not dead...she works here in the chapel". "Oh.." Dawn said feeling stupid. "I'm sorry I didn't mean for it to sound like she was," said Mr Vine. "I shouldn't have assumed," said Dawn. "Look let's start again...I'm Tim". "Dawn," said Dawn. "So are you visiting a relative?" asked Tim. "No I' wouldn't believe me if I told you," said Dawn. "Try me," said Tim. "Well...." Dawn explained the whole thing to Tim feeling so much better once she'd finished, she hadn't realized how much it had been playing on her mind. "Wow!..that's some story," he said looking amazed. "I wish it was just a story" said Dawn. "Moving house can put you under a lot of stress". "That's probably what it is," Dawn knew straight away he didn't believe her, and why should he, he didn't know her well, she could be some kind of nutcase for all he knew. He probably had a beautiful wife with two point three children and a big house with a swimming pool, not that she was jealous. "Are you married?" the question came out her mouth before she had time to stop it. "No..I've never been married". "Oh...would you like to come round sometime for a coffee or something?" asked Dawn in surprise, it was as if someone had taken over her mouth, she couldn't believe how forward she was being. "Sure..are you busy tomorrow?". "No..I'm only sorting out my house, it's still a bit of a mess," said Dawn. "I'm not does 1pm sound..or is it too early?". "No that will be fine." "I must go I've got a lot to do....see you tomorrow then," said Dawn as she headed in the direction of the car park. Tim watched her as she left, he'd liked her when he'd sold her the house, seeing her today had been a wonderful coincidence for him and had given him an excuse to talk to her as a person rather than as a client. As Dawn drove home she was amazed at how much happier she felt, telling Tim about the ghost had really taken a weight of her mind, she couldn't believe she'd just made a date with Tim in a graveyard. The next day The door bell rang at exactly 1pm, Dawn went to the door and opened it, Tim stood there looking sexy in his black leather jacket, he took her breath away and she stood there for a few seconds not knowing what to say. She swallowed and found her words again as she said "come in". Tim brushed past her as he entered the house Dawn closed the door and they walked into the lounge, although to Dawn it felt more like floating on air, his aftershave filled the air making her think mmm, he smells devine. "Would you like coffee or tea?" asked Dawn. "Coffee please," said Tim. Dawn went into the kitchen to make the coffee, she felt a little awkward as Tim followed her. Dawn made the coffee and they went into the dining room and sat at the table because the lounge was still a mess. "Why didn't you marry your daughters mother...?" There she went again with her mouth, he seemed to have that effect on her, he must think I'm so rude asking him questions about his private life thought Dawn. "I'm's none of my business," said Dawn as she saw the look Tim was giving her over his coffee cup. Tim sighed, "Helen and I were friends..we got a bit drunk one night and had a one night thing, so my daughter wasn't planned. When Helen told me she was pregnant we tried the relationship thing, but it didn't work out so we decided to just stay friends. I've never met the right woman so I've never been married. What about you?". "I met Ray when I was in school, we dated and married as soon as we left school...we were married for 15 years until he found someone else and I ended up here." "I'm glad you did," said Tim with a smile, Dawn didn't know what to say so she just blushed and smiled back. Dawn really liked him and Tim seemed to like her too. Tim stayed for dinner and they decided to go for a walk afterwards, Tim told Dawn he had spoken to a colleague in Riverview about her old address, and what he had been told was very interesting. There used to be a georgian house where Simons house is now, apparently there was an outbreak of smallpox in the area, lots of children died, and the son of the Burrows died in that house. The parents were so distraught over the loss of their son, they moved to Sunset Valley but their son was buried in Riverview. A lot of occupants of the georgian house reported seeing things in and around it, so the house was declared to be haunted and was demolished in the early 1900's, the land was empty for a few decades, until Simon's house was built there a little while ago, but obviously the hauntings hadn't stopped. "And now you have come along and started looking into it". As they walked towards the beach Tim said "you're a fantastic cook Dawn, how did you learn to cook like that?" Dawn smiled "my grandad taught me...he was a chef at some of the best hotels around" said Dawn. Soon they were messing about playing tag, "catch me if you can," yelled Dawn laughing as she ran away from Tim. Tim was too fast for Dawn and he caught her up easily. Dawn was still laughing when Tim took Dawn in his arms. Tim embraced Dawn, Dawn was out of breath but she wasn't sure if it was from running or because she was now in Tims arms, she was still wearing her wedding ring and decided then and there that tonight she would take it off and forget about Ray. Tim pulled away slightly and looked at Dawn, "you know...I think I've found the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with," said Tim as he gently kissed her. That night after Dawn had taken off her ring she got in to bed with a stupid smile on her face. As she slept she started to dream about the ghost woman and her son. Dawn sat up in bed, a thought suddenly came to her, she got out of bed and got dressed. She drove to Riverview cemetery and walked over to the boys grave, she tried to pick the vase up but it was so cold which was strange because it was a nice warm summers night. Dawn went back to the car and got a blanket from the boot, she always kept one in there in case it snowed and she got stuck in her car, she went back to the graveyard and wrapped the vase up in the blanket, she held it tightly in her hands not wanting to drop it as she walked back to her car. She thought she felt the vase move as she put it on the passenger seat, it felt weird like she was in a dream but she felt strangely calm as she got into her car and drove back to Sunset valley. When she'd got to Sunset valley cemetery she unwrapped the vase and put it down in between Ellie and Edward's graves and waited. The vase seemed to dim as she waited to see if anything was going to happen. Not long after she'd put the vase down, the boy and his mother appeared, the woman looked at her as if to say thank you. She then hugged her son and as she did so there was a strong wind which blew through the trees, then the mother and son seemed to merge into each other. Two bright lights appeared from nowhere and spun quickly round and round the woman and her boy. The lights merged with each other becoming so bright Dawn had to shut her eyes. Then as quickly as the lights had appeared, they vanished, and the strong breeze went too. The vase was nowhere to be seen, Dawn knew they were all together at last. Dawn walked back to her car and got inside, and sat and thought for a while. She drove home satisfied and pleased with herself, but she still couldn't quite believe what had happened.
She never saw the ghost boy or the ghost woman again, but would never forget them or the way she felt, and in a way was glad.
Six months later.
It was Saturday evening and Dawn was at her computer writing a story about her experience with the ghost boy and the ghost woman, Tim had moved in and they were planning their wedding which was in a months time. Dawn had found out today she was 3 months pregnant and was going to tell Tim when he got home from work, she was planning to have a candlelit dinner ready for him so she could give him the good news. Dawn knew that Sarah, Tims daughter would be happy with the news as she had always wanted a sister or brother for a long time. Dawns life had finally turned out better than she could have dreamed of, and she was truly happy for the first time in her life.
The End.

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#10ataylor69Dec 3, 2009

This was wonderful! Such a terrific story and you told it so well \:\) So glad everyone got their happy ending and congrats on being featured!

#11Jennifer_RDec 3, 2009

Lovely ending and a happy one too! It's nice that Dawn and Tim found eachother. Congrats on being featured too! \:rah\:  \:\)

#12mpattonDec 4, 2009

Great story.  I'm so glad everyone ended up happy.

#13topaz27Dec 4, 2009

I absolutely loved this story so much, such a beautiful ending, you are a wonderful writer \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\: \:wub\:

#14drewsolteszDec 4, 2009

Some stunning shots here, and a well crafted, well written story as always, very enjoyable!! And a happy ending to boot, just geat!!

#15MangioDec 4, 2009

aww such a beautiful story.. glad Dawn helped reunite them and found a husband in the process \:rah\:

#16kjw19Dec 19, 2009

sooo good \:rah\:

#17mogan44May 5, 2010

That was a sweet little story 8)  I loved how it had a paranormal element in it 8)  Thanks for sharing!

#18eviDec 16, 2011

Amazing story!\:rah\:

#19CherryBerrySimJun 14, 2013

COOL \:rah\:

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