Learning to Love - Part 12
Published Oct 13, 2009

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Here we are at Part 12....and we're nearing the end now. I'm so glad that everyone who has commented has enjoyed the story and I hope all the other readers have too :-D A big thank you to all the wonderful artists of the cc in my story, you are all truly talented.

By the way, this chapter is a little longer than the others, so you might want to get comfortable ;-)

Here we are at Part 12....and we're nearing the end now. I'm so glad that everyone who has commented has enjoyed the story and I hope all the other readers have too :-D A big thank you to all the wonderful artists of the cc in my story, you are all truly talented.

By the way, this chapter is a little longer than the others, so you might want to get comfortable ;-)
Standing in front of the fireplace, Adriana could hear the howling of the wind rattling the windows. She was glad she was inside and warm. Looking over her shoulder at Jonas, sleeping soundly on the couch, she smiled inside. To have him home with her again was everything she imagined. To see his beautiful eyes gazing at her again, his arms around her, his sweet kisses on her baby bump. It was all too good to be true.
It would, of course, take a little longer for him to fully regain his energy and strength, but this she knew. She was more than willing to nurse him back to health. As long as he was with her, nothing could get her down.
Propping herself on the floor in front of the fire, Adriana was entranced by the beauty of the flickering flames. How such a potentially destructive force could be so beautiful was beyond her, but she was grateful for the warmth it provided.
Her body felt tired, the amount of weight she was carrying around was finally taking its toll. At almost seven months pregnant, she was ready to give birth to her babies, hold them in her arms, instead of carrying them in her womb. Her caesarean section was planned for early June, when she would be just over 8 months. It couldn't come sooner. She knew, though, that she would have to tell Jonas about the loss of their baby soon. When he was stronger.
A couple of days later, Adriana was surprised and glad to see Constable Bailey outside her door. She hadn't seen her, or Constable Simmons for that matter, since the night of the crime.
Adriana welcomed her with a pleasant smile. "Constable Bailey, it's nice to see you. How are you?"
"I'm fine, thanks, Ms Chesters. It's good to see you looking so well. How is everything?" she replied, returning her smile.
"Ok. Everything's improving, I guess. Why don't you come inside?"
Leading her guest through the house, Adriana could feel her gaze upon her bulging stomach. "My stomach must be quite a lot bigger than when you were last here. It's been growing rapidly, what with the due date arriving very soon. Couldn't be sooner, though."
Constable Bailey chuckled. "Oh, I know the feeling! Don't worry, you'll soon forget all your troubles once you're holding them in your arms. There's no doubt about that."
"Yes, I'm sure I'll agree," Adriana replied. "Why don't you go take a seat out the back and I'll go get Jonas. Assuming you have some news for us."
She nodded. "Yes, I do have some news."
Taking a seat in the backyard, Adriana was glad she had suggested to sit out here. It was a magnificent morning, birds singing, sun shining, and there was a beautiful air about the day. Somehow, though, she knew that would change with the news Constable Bailey would inform them with.
"I apologise for not being in contact for the past weeks," Constable Bailey began. "We returned to the hospital the morning after we took you there, but thought it best if we let you be until things had improved."
"I understand, thank you," said Adriana, grateful for the time she had to recover.
Constable Bailey went on. "We weren't having much luck with the investigation until about a week ago. A man of about 30 came in to speak with us, and surprised both me and my partner when he gave himself up. He told us exactly what had happened, which is a big relief. He will be undergoing a trial very soon, and he's pleading guilty so neither of you will have to give evidence." Adriana was perplexed at why this mystery man did what he did, and then gave himself up so easily. She didn't understand. "May I ask his name? Do we know him?"
"His name is Mr Jake Collins," Constable Bailey replied, looking to Adriana's face for a reaction to the name. She wasn't disappointed. "You know him I assume, Ms Chesters?"
Unable to speak, shock and disbelief settled upon Adriana. An image she had long forgotten came rushing back to her.
Her first date with Jake. She had been full of lust when she had first met him; masculine, tall, charming. What girl could resist him? And she was flattered he was interested in her of all the girls he could have chosen. But his charm, his compliments, his irresistability, soon faded over time to be replaced with dominance, possessiveness and anger.
Yes, Adriana decided, he was definitely capable of this crime and it made her fume. How dare he come back into her life and do this to her. She was finally happy and starting the family she had longed for, and he had to ruin it. He had never been able to bear seeing her happy, so it all made perfect sense.
Jonas turned to Adriana, sensing tension in her silence. "Ada? Are you ok? Do you know the man who did this?"
She couldn't look him in the eye, knowing it was her fault he had been hurt. She looked to Constable Bailey instead. "Yes," she said, quietly. "I knew Jake. We dated for several years, awhile back."
She knew Jonas was surprised to hear she had known the culprit so intimately but, as always, she was taken aback by his compassion. "It's not you fault," he soothed, as if reading her mind. "He's obviously got some problems and it just so happened he decided to target us."
Adriana smiled gratefully. "Thanks Jonas, but I can't help but feel this is my fault. If I hadn't been so naive when I was younger, maybe this wouldn't have happened. I'm sorry."
"No, Ada, don't apologise. You have to understand it's not you, it's this Jake guy. He's not right. I don't blame you one little bit, ok?" Jonas reassured her.
"Ok. I just don't know why he did this."
Getting to her feet, Constable Bailey smiled at the both of them. "Don't worry about it too much. No one knows what goes through a criminals mind. Let's just be glad he will get what he deserves," she explained. "I've got another job to get to, but I will give you a call as soon as the trial is finished and I know the verdict."
Adriana stood to join her. "I can't thank you enough, Constable. You have been a great help and I'm sure we'll look forward to hearing the verdict. Do you know when it will be?
"Probably not for another month or so, but I'll keep you posted."
Saying goodbye to Constable Bailey, both Adriana and Jonas felt a wave of relief wash over them. Jake was not a danger to them anymore.
Later that night, Adriana spotted Jonas gazing at her in the mirror. It was nothing new, but there seemed to be a special glint in his eye tonight. Maybe it was just that his health was steadily improving, she told herself. But then, "Ada?"
She met his gaze. "Yes?"
"Come here. There's something I want to tell you," he said, smiling.
She suddenly felt butterflies in her stomach, and turned to face him. "What is it?"
"Before all this stuff happened, I had planned a surprise for you," he said, his eyes glinting now. "Do you remember when we went house hunting and we stopped by that beautiful house on Lisburn Street? It was just perfect but you said it was out of our price range."
"Well, nothing is out of my price range if it's for the loveliest, kindest, most gorgeous woman to walk this planet. The woman who just happens to be carrying my children."
Adriana's jaw dropped. "You didn't....?"
Standing to join her, Jonas brought her to him, savoring her womanly smell. He kissed her tenderly before replying. "I did. Number 52, Lisburn Street, is ours. Your dream house. I had already organised for furniture to be delivered and a stylist to decorate the place. I haven't seen the finished product yet, and I'd like you to see it with me. Tomorrow."
Adriana finally lifted her jaw. "Oh, Jonas. I can't believe it," she cried. "You bought it for me? For us?"
"Yes. We're going to be a family, and I want everything to be perfect for you," he replied. "But there's something else I need to ask you."
Her heart racing, Adriana couldn't believe it when Jonas started lowering onto one knee.
"Ada, you have truly transformed my life," Jonas began. "I have never met anyone like you before and am sure I will never again. You complete me, make me a better man. I am honoured you are carrying my children, and I wish to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"
Tears kissed Adriana's cheeks and her heart felt so full. "Yes....yes!"
Sliding the ring onto her finger, the bliss they both felt was overwhelming.
She jumped into Jonas's arms, unable to contain her happiness. He laughed as they both cried happy tears. Beneath her happiness, though, Adriana knew it was time to tell Jonas about the loss of their baby. It was better he knew now.
Afterward, he was clearly upset, taken aback by this unexpected news, especially after the joy they had just been feeling. But he didn't reproach Adriana for withholding the news from him. Rather, he could see where she was coming from and admired the fact she had been able to deal with it on her own. It wouldn't have been easy. But they still had two healthy babies, and for that, he was thankful.
Halfway through the next week, Adriana and Jonas decided to announce their engagement to Nick. After all, if it wasn't for him, they would never have met the love of their lives. After arriving and knocking loudly on Nick's front door, they were greeted by Miranda, a pleasant surprise.
"Hi Adriana, Jonas," greeted Miranda, smiling warmly. "You probably weren't expecting me to answer the door."
"No, I thought Nick may have had a makeover," Adriana joked, laughing.
Miranda laughed with her. "Unfortunately not." She winked. "He's out the back. I was just here to meet Zak when he was here a little while ago, but now it's just us two. Come on in."
As Miranda lead Jonas and Adriana out the back, Nick looked over to his visitors. He was so glad to see them.
"Oh, hey!" he said, standing up to greet them. "It's great to see you both. How are you feeling?"
"Brilliant," Jonas replied, moving in to shake his friend's hand. "Just brilliant. And you?"
"No complaints here. What's been happening?"
Adriana had a sly grin on her face. "Quite a lot, actually. Why don't we take a seat?"
As they all sat down, Nick and Miranda looked expectantly to both Jonas and Adriana. There was obviously news to be announced and they were eager to discover what it was.
"Well...?" Nick asked, urging for someone to enlighten him.
Adriana grinned. "You will soon have to update your address book...because we will soon be moving!"
"That's fantastic! It happened so quickly. When did you buy?" Nick replied.
"My Romeo here," she said, indicating to Jonas, "bought it without telling me, before that night I found him outside. We had spotted it when we were house hunting but I had said it was out of our price range."
"And, let me guess, being the romantic he is, he decided nothing is out of the price range if it's for you," Nick declared.
Jonas laughed. "That's correct."
"How sweet," Nick replied. "So, what's it like?"
With the image of their new house in her mind, Adriana described the beauty of it. "It's absolutely stunning, Nick. Something out of a dream. It's spaced out over two levels, and there's a separate room which isn't adjoined to the house. That room will be used as a gym for the time being," she explained. "It's the colour of peach and it's surrounded by plants and flowers which gives it privacy and colour." "There's a pool just inside the gates, which is central to everything. It adds a resort feel to the home. It will be perfect for when the kids get older and during summer."
"We can even teach them how to swim ourselves in there, and it will be easy to keep an eye on them," Jonas added, smiling at Adriana.
"Yes, it will," she replied, returning his smile.
"Oh, and then there's the living room," Adriana continued, sighing. "It's so....welcoming, homely. I can definitely imagine sitting there with the children playing at my feet, enjoying the spring and summer breezes that sweep through. There's an ideal amount of natural light that filters through the windows."
"The kitchen is very impressive. Although I'm not the best cook, I can definitely see myself cooking away in there, actually enjoying it. With so much space to move around, I won't know myself!" she laughed. "Compared to my house now, this is like a mansion."
"Our bedroom is upstairs, with beautiful views from every window. I must say, the stylists have done an incredible job on all the rooms, including the guest room downstairs. They all give off a pleasant feeling. I don't think I will have any trouble settling in this house, let me tell you! Jonas couldn't have given me a better surprise. He has definitely outdone himself, and I am eternally grateful."
"You two are definitely the most romantic couple I have ever come across," Miranda said, admiring the way Jonas and Adriana looked at each other. "It's incredibly sweet."
"It's all thanks to this one," Adriana replied, squeezing Jonas's hand.
She then thought of the currently empty room. "Then, there's the nursery. It's quite a large room, right next to ours. It also shares magnificent views and it has a lot of beautiful breezes that pass through. Jonas had asked that that room be left as it was so that I could choose how I want it styled. He's so thoughtful. Once the babies are born, I will decide how to style it and Jonas will have the stylist come back and organise it all before we bring the babies home."
"It sounds amazing, it really does," Miranda said, imagining the house in her mind.
Nick nodded. "Yes, I agree. I can't wait to see it."
Jonas turned to Nick and Miranda. "But wait....there's more!" he said, chuckling. "You tell them, Ada."
"Yes, the best news is yet to come," she said. "We're going to get married!"
Nick and Miranda both cried out happily. "Congratulations!"
Adriana showed them her hand, with her engagement ring glinting in the sun, as if to emphasize the announcement. Miranda looked on in admiration. "It's a beautiful ring, Adriana. You did well to pick it out Jonas. I'm so happy for both of you."
"Now we'll be brother's in law, my friend," Nick said to Jonas. "We'll never be able to get away from each other!"
Jonas laughed. "That we won't."
Nick suddenly stood up. "This calls for a celebration," he announced. "I knew the champagne I have would come in handy some day."
He rushed inside, returning a minute later with a bottle of champagne and four glass flutes. Pouring everyone a glass, and Adriana a water, he raised his glass. "To Jonas and Adriana's engagement, their new home, and the imminent arrival of their twins."
Everyone raised their glasses in response and called, "Cheers!"
Before they knew it, several weeks had passed and Jonas and Adriana now called 52 Lisburn Street, home. They were happy there, as happy as they knew they would be. The only thing that could make them happier was the arrival of their twins, at long last. Jonas stroked and whispered to Adriana's growing stomach every day, telling their unborn babies how much he wanted to see them and hold them. He was very excited about the prospect of becoming a father and a family. He didn't have to wait long. The fifth of June came along so quickly, and both Nick and Zak were there at the hospital when Adriana went in for her caesarean. After squeezing her hand and giving her a kiss on the cheek for luck, she was whisked away to the room where her babies would be born, Jonas following right behind.
Nick couldn't help but pace outside the door, urging them to hurry. Zak watched on, somewhat calmer, while hoping all was going well. The silence between them was full of both excitement and anxiety.
When Jonas walked out the door, though, all of that anxiety immediately evaporated. The huge smile on his face said it all. All had gone well. He was a father.
"I'm a dad!" he cried, hugging both of them. "To two daughters. Two beautiful, precious little girls. They are absolutely perfect."
Nick and Zak looked to each other, and back to Jonas, in happiness. Words couldn't describe how happy they were.
"Jonas, that is amazing, mate. I'm so happy for you, congratulations!" Nick said. "When can we see them?"
"In a few moments. I'll take you to see them when the doctors give the all clear."
The wait was worth it when Nick laid his eyes on his two new baby nieces. Jonas was right, they were absolutely perfect. They were identical, sharing their father's entrancing blue eyes, their mother's complexion and both had a slight amount of hair, as black as midnight. Jonas and Adriana had decided to name them Madison and Melody, names which Nick agreed were ideal for their new daughters.
Life had just got a whole lot better for Nick and he couldn't wait to become a doting uncle.

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#19Midnight222Oct 16, 2009

\:rah\: Fantastic chapter. What a beautiful home they have moved into! The twins are gorgeous. Im glad the cops weren't just popping donuts, though the guy did hand himself in with little (actually no) effort by them LOL.

#20FikcijaOct 16, 2009

The babies are adorable! I had a feeling that guy would be Adriana's ex-boyfriend, but I thought you'd make it more of a mystery and not end it that easily. And have you ever thought of being a real-estate agent? Joke. You just described that house so well. Great chapter, I'm almost sorry the story is coming to an end!

#21drewsolteszOct 16, 2009

Well written and structured, the sign of a good story teller! Great shots of the house and, the babies are cute, well done!!

#22JohnnyDeppLuvaOct 20, 2009

So happy for her that her babies are okay, and that house is beautiful.

#23StoryOct 24, 2009

What a story this is. ^_^ The main characters are very easy to feel attatched to. The babies are so cute! Shame that it's nearing the end, but this is certainly an unforgettable story. Very sweet chapter.

#24xoxkissOct 25, 2009

\:rah\: great great story! Can't wait for the next chapter! 

#25teacherlover2005Oct 29, 2009

Cute \:wub\:

#26martoeleNov 11, 2009

It really is great! See the happiness on their faces... \:wub\:

#27Jennifer_RDec 17, 2009

Fantastic part! \:rah\:  I'm so happy for all of them. Shame about Jake, ha I thought it might have been Jonas' ex. But then that would mean he got beaten up by girl. :P

#28jarletApr 13, 2012

At last, the captions are here now and we can enjoy this new chapter...
I didn't expect the spectacular twist that the story took at the's getting more and more interesting...\:\)good job!

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