The Andretti Legacy (86)
Published Oct 20, 2009

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The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 86

The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 86
It isn't long before Kole works his way into the highest ranks of the criminal community. It came so easy to him that in the back of his mind, he knew it was the workings of Reaper that got him this far.

Now that Kole is nearly on top, he's able to take whatever he wants from whoever he wants and has no one to answer to. Kole's superiors offer him an exceptional deal in Riverview that he can't turn down. If he can keep up with 'demand', then the town would be his to control.

Just days later from the hand shake sealing the deal, Kole and Keturah packed their things and hit the road to Riverview...

(lot by fellow SA Jaws3)
The moon slowly rose over the trees, and Keturah felt an eerie presence. She felt a cold gust of wind as she stepped out into the back patio. "Not much time, Keturah." She hears a familiar voice. "Don't break our promise..." The voice trails off with the cold wind, and leaves Keturah feeling frightened and lonely. He was only a few obstacles away from giving Kole the world, and once he and Keturah created life, she would have what she wanted. It's so close; it's absolutely terrifying. "Is everything okay, Keturah?" Kole asks quietly as he joins her on the back patio.

", Kole. It isn't." She whispers softly.
She turns to face him with the saddest expression on her face. Kole feels an urge to reach out and take her hands in his, but he knows that he cannot touch her. She is not tangible.

"What's wrong?" He looks at her with great concern.

"...he isn't being very patient. We don't have much time, Kole." She sounds so upset and worried; it breaks his heart.
"...I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I don't understand how you and I are supposed to...I just...I can't even touch you!" He stumbles over his words in frustration.

" could if you wanted to." She replies softly, and holds her hands out in front of him.
Kole looks down at them and their lack of substance. He brings his hands to her's and wraps his fingers around her hands. They are warm to the touch, and incredibly soft. He stares down at their joined hands, and then looks back up at her. He takes one of his hands, and gently touches her cheek. Amazed at the feel of her skin, and the emotions stirring inside of him. ... ... ... ... Kole wakes the next evening and prepares for work. He finds the house empty and that worries him. He always worries himself with Keturah and someone possibly seeing her in his home. Can you imagine the stories that would get passed around town!?

He walks out into the front yard and can see her glowing figure through the trees. He steps off the patio and into the grass and stops just a few feet behind her.

"Keturah?" He asks quietly.
"...I am so sorry, Kole." Her voice breaks the silence, as a cold gust of wind brush through them. "I didn't know...I doesn't matter what I thought. We were both deceived, it seems."

"What are you talking about?" Something catches in his throat.
"We...created...him." She turns to face him holding the ghost of a small baby boy. "I didn't know that...he would come for me so soon. All I ever wanted was children...and now, he's...he's taking me away. I don't understand..."

"...wait, I...?" Kole rubs his eyes in confusion, trying to sort this mess out.

"It's time for me to go now...Mr. Reaper is waiting for me. Please, Kole...take care of this baby. Don't let anything happen to him...don't let him make the same mistakes that we did." Keturah steps forward and hands Kole the ghost baby. She looks him in the eyes one last time as a tear falls down her cheek. "His name is Logan." She turns away, and walks off into the distance disappearing within a feet of him.
Kole looks down at the small baby. Something inside of him accepts all of this; something else starts to panic. The thought of being a father was scary enough, but the thought of being the father of a ghost baby was even more frightening than he could ever imagine.

The baby begins to cry, and Kole gently lifts him to his shoulder.

"You're not alone, little guy. Don't cry...we'll figure something out." Kole tells him and rests his cheek on the baby's forehead before turning around and heading back inside.
The years passed quickly and Kole had finally reached the top of the line; he decided the best place for him and his boy would be deep in the country. Kole bought a rather small place, but it was big enough for them.

His fears of someone seeing Logan were less out here, but he still worried day to day that Logan would want to leave the house--to get out and see the town and what else the world had to offer.
Logan was home schooled, and spent almost all of his time on the computer. He had many 'online' friends and he was perfectly content with them. He never had the need to leave the house as his mother did at times. For this, Kole was thankful.

Logan presented himself as a 'real' person on the internet to his friends. He knew that he was different, and he accepted that. Kole has been upfront with him about everything that has gone on in his life until now. He explained the deal he made, he explained his mother's disappearance, and he begged Logan to never make a foolish deal like his parents.
His best friend is a young girl named Lizzie Martin. Ever since Logan was able to type, he's been chatting with Lizzie who lives across town. Lizzie has no idea where Logan lives, nor does she know that he is a ghost. They've never shared pictures of each other, and they've never agreed to meet up or anything.

"Can you believe we've been talking online for nearly 5 years now?!" She types into the instant messenger.

"Five? Is that all?" Logan laughs a little to himself. It really hasn't seemed like it has been so long, but if he thinks back to when Kole first taught him to read and write--she's probably right.

"The school is having this dance for the football team in about three weeks. All the other girls are screaming and crying because so and so asked someone else to go and they don't have a thing to wear and's all just stupid. Have you ever been to a dance?" She rambles on. Most of their conversations consisted of Logan reading everything she had to say; he enjoyed that. She is his glimpse of the outside world.

"Me? A dance. No." He types nervously. "I'm homeschooled remember. My dad and I don't hold dances for ourselves." Logan smiles a big smile as he presses 'send'.
"I always forget that about you. Home school must be awesome. You don't have to wake up don't have to deal with bullies...gosh, I'd love to be homeschooled." She rests her chin on her fist as she sends the message.

"It's okay...I guess. I've never been to a public school, so I can't compare." He replies.

"It's nothing really...take my word for it. Home school is so much better." She sighs heavily as she imagines being home schooled.

"Have you been home schooled before?" He asks her.

"Nope. Never."
"Well, I need to get my homework done. I'll talk to you later, okay?" She looks back at her school bags remembering her homework.

"Okay, bye, Lizzi." Logan replies.

"Bye, Logan." She smiles, and then signs off for the night.
The next night, Logan takes a seat in front of his computer and patiently waits for Lizzi to sign on. Together they had worked out a schedule so that they would be online at the same time every night.

"How was your day?" Lizzi sends him a message just after she signs on.

"Oh, it was fine. I really didn't do anything. Your's?" He replies back.
After a long pause, Lizzi replies.

"I got asked to the dance today..."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, but I don't want to go with him. I don't like him." She types in a quick reply.

"...what don't you like about him?" Logan asks trying to make conversation, though it's an awkward topic.
"Well, I would rather go with you." She replies. Logan stares at his computer screen in shock. He leans closer to make sure he's reading her message correctly. "I think it'd be a great place for us to finally meet. I told him I already had a date; I was really hoping you'd go with me."

Logan starts to panic.

"Don't you think?" She sends another message.

"I can't dance." He types in shaking his head in embarassment.

"So. Neither can I...but, I'm going."

"You've never even met me! You want me to go to a dance with you? I could be some creepy character that you wouldn't want to talk to ever again once you meet me!" Logan's heart is racing.

"Logan, don't be silly. You and I both know you're not." She laughs to herself.
"What if I'm really ugly...?" He replies then leans back in his chair waiting for another reply. She surely won't want an ugly date.

"Logan...I like you as a person for who you are. If I didn't enjoy your company online, then I wouldn't ask for it in person. I don't care what you look like...I want you to be my date for the dance. You could make all sorts of new friends, get out and see the town, you know. We'd have a great time, I know it." She replies wondering why he's freaking out about meeting her.
"I don't think it's a good idea, Lizzi." He frowns as he hits 'send'.

"...why are you so worried about meeting me? Or is it the dance? I could just come visit you first, then you can decide if you're comfortable enough to come to the dance." She tries to find a way to meet him. "Look, I'm not trying to get with you or's just, we've been friends for so long and we still have never met each other...even though we live in the same city." She chuckles as she rereads her message after it posts.

"I'm a...very unique. I know that once you meet me, you'll never want to see me again. Trust me, Lizzi." He sighs softly.

"Don't be silly. What's your address? I'm headed over." She replies faster than Logan can blink his eyes.

Logan begins to panic again.
"Hey, guy." Kole enters Logan's bedroom. "I'm headed to work pretty you want me to make you some dinner before I go?"

" you remember me telling you about Lizzi?" Logan asks nervously.

"Yeah?" He takes a few steps towards Logan's computer desk.
"She wants to meet me, Dad. She wants me to go to the high school dance with her. I don't know what to tell her..." Logan stares at the computer screen.

"Tell her that you think you have something planned that night...or that you have another girl you're interested in and you don't want her to be upset." Kole shrugs his shoulders.

"Dad!" Logan groans. "I don't want to lie to her!"

"Well...ask yourself then, do you want to meet her or not...?" Kole stares down at the computer screen and notices Lizzi's last post.

"" Logan replies flatly. "Well...I mean, yeah...I guess...but, what if...what if I scare her and she never wants to talk to me again?"
"I don't really know what to say, Logan." Kole sighs heavily. "If you want to meet her, go for it. If she is any of a friend at all, it won't matter what you are or who you are...the most important is your friendship." Kole kisses his son's forhead, and leaves his bedroom. Logan stares at the computer screen with a blank expression.

"You there?" Lizzi sends a message.

"Yeah...I'll give you my address on one condition." He replies back.

"Okay..." Lizzi smiles.
"I don't want to go to the dance."

"...honestly, I don't either." Lizzi smiles as she presses the 'send' button.

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