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My Messed Up Life Part 4
Published Oct 25, 2009

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AUTHOR'S note: Well, some of you guessed it right! Thanks for commenting :)

AUTHOR'S note: Well, some of you guessed it right! Thanks for commenting :) "Yes, dad, I'm ready, just tell me!" I bounced up once in my seat. Mom looked at me, then dad. "I'm pregnant, Penny." She smiled. My heart jumped. OMG! OMG! OMG! My mind raced and my palms sweated, but I tried to act as calm as possible. "Oh. That's...that's great!" I said, then I asked mom, "When is the baby due?" Mom glanced at dad, but he shrugged. So mom told me, "Well, let's see. It's December now, so sometime in November or late October," she continued, "And we don't want to know if it's a boy or girl, so I'm getting a test done to make sure the pregnancy is going good and healthy, but I'll just close my eyes when they show the baby!" Mom giggled. The past few months were a little hard for mom. She was tired, and had morning sickness a lot. One night, I came into my parent's bedroom to say goodnight. Dad was brushing his teeth and I found mom putting her hand on her stomach. "Oh," she moaned, "That little baby's already kicking! Feel it, Penny." I put my hand on Mom's belly and felt the tiny foot of a fetus kicking, as if it wanted to get out. I smiled. "Looks like we got a future soccer player here." Mom and I chuckled. "Hi, little baby." I waved at Mom's stomach. "I'm sure the baby's going to be beautiful, whether it's a boy or girl, Mom." I told her. She hugged me tightly, but it was hard because of the baby bump. "Oh, sweetie, I'm glad you're excited about this." I grinned at her. I was happy, but if I've learned anything from taking care of plastic but like real babies in health class, they are hard work! When I took care of the baby doll, it cried constantly, and always needed it's bottle or a diaper change... As mom's pregnancy progressed, her due date was creeping up and could be anytime soon. I worked my butt off for her. I emptied the dishwasher, did the laundry, drove and bought the groceries, raked the leaves, and cleaned the house. Plus, I tried doing at least half my homework each night, sometimes all of it! So by the end of each week, I was going to sleep by 6 PM. One day, I was surprised that mom had worked up enough energy to cook my breakfast Friday morning before school. While I was brushing my hair, I thought I smelled my favorite breakfast. Probably because today was Halloween. Mom sat down and I started eating. Mom just stared at hers, picked it up, then pushed the plate away. "What's wrong, mom, not hungry?" I asked her. "Oh, I've been having terrible cravings, but the next moment I'm not even hungry. I feel pretty nauseous."
I felt a pang of guilt for her. "Aw, I'm sorry. I gotta go to school but I really hope you feel better. Try squeezing your wrist, that helps."
"Wait, sweetie, don't forget your lunch!" Mom called out the door. I ran back and grabbed it. I gave her a quick hug, then waved and smiled as I walked towards the bus. For my Halloween costume I was a 50's girl, complete with the poodle skirt and tight black shirt with a purple bandanna around my neck. When I returned home from school, Dad was furiously raking leaves. "Hi, Dad!" I called to him. I scanned my grades for the first semester; A, A-, B+, A, B. I instantly felt weightless. My grades were so good now! Suddenly, dad grabbed my arm and pulled me into the house. I pulled my arm away with force as we stepped inside. I rubbed my arm. "Ouch, dad, what's the big deal??" I glared at him. "I'm so sorry, Penny, but...follow me!" He told me. I followed him to my parent's new, renovated bedroom (Dad's a contractor and he always goes renovation crazy when he's stressed). I looked at mom sleeping peacefully. "So? She's tired. I mean, she IS pregnant." Dad slowly smiled. "Not anymore..." He told me. I almost screamed. My heart skipped a beat. Dad put his index finger to his lips and grinned. He gestured for my to follow him to the living room.

"I'll explain what happened." Dad told me. I listened carefully. "Okay." (flash back...I tried to picture what happened while I was gone at school.)
Dad started off, "Your mother wasn't feeling well, so she rested on the couch and then came back to clean up the breakfast plates. I was so tired from painting and laying the floors down in the nursery, I had fallen asleep." "Suddenly," He continued, "I heard a plate crash and break onto the floor. I raced in the room to find your mom, moaning." "So, I raced in and your mom told me, 'Oh, I think I might faint...'" Dad told me. "I tried to stay calm, but I was totally panicking! Your mother was going to pass out just about, so I quickly held her and laid her very gently on the floor. I swept the glass up rapidly. I grabbed ten towels from the linen closet, two pillows, and a wet washcloth. By now, she wasn't going to make it to the hospital, but I called them anyway. I spread out the towels so they covered a large area of the dining room. I guess I could've moved her to our bed, but I was just too frantic. I propped her head and back up with a few more pillows and held her hand." Dad took and deep breath, "So, before I knew it, the ambulance had arrived, but your mother was already a quarter into giving birth. 'Step back' they told me firmly, so I could not watch the birth. Good thing, because I would have fainted. After an hour, your mom handed me a beautiful, bright, brown eyed baby girl. The paramedics stood by just in case your mom needed anything else. As I was cradling the baby, she yelled 'Oh, God, another one! Another baby!' " "The doctors took over and delivered the second baby girl. She was just as beautiful as the first, because they were twins! Only a few minutes apart, too. The nurses filled out two birth certificates. Your mom held up the baby, handed it to me, and passed out. Of course, I was worried, but the doctors told me she'd be fine, she was just exhausted! And that's why she's been asleep for a while." Dad finished. "That's quite a story, Dad!" I told him after he was done. "Can we see my little sisters now??" I said eagerly. Dad chuckled and wiped the sweat off his head. "Sure."

The nursery was gorgeous. Dad really did a good job. It was divided into two sections, a half wall and baby gate separating the play area from the changing and nap area. There were plenty of toys the babies would be able to play with when they grew older.
"Here they are." Dad beamed at the little girls in the matching cribs. I was feeling so...indescribable. I felt excited, happy, nervous, and just, I don't know. That feeling where it's like you're the only person on Earth. I held my first baby sister, Stephanie. I cradled her and she fell asleep in my arms. I carefully placed the delicate baby back into her crib and kissed the top of the sweet smelling head. "I love you, Stephanie." Dad handed me Stephanie's twin sister, Sophia. I glanced down at the sleepy brown eyes and the very small crop of hair on her tiny head. Sophia's teeny weeny hands curled up and tried to grab my neck, but was far too weak and fragile. How could it have been possible for me to have been like this at once? Just so innocent and new. I held her neck carefully and kissed her cheek.

"I love you, little Sophia." I told her. And then, something happened. My throat tightened. My knees felt a little weak, and my face felt warm. My eyes blurred up with tears, and for once, I was crying...only this time, the tears were...


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nessabeeDec 30, 2013

I was yelling out "IT'S THE BABY! THE BABY!" I was right of course.

fredbrennyNov 22, 2009

Great and sweet chapter. I knew those babies were to arrive sooner than 10 or 11 months! \;\)

mpattonNov 3, 2009

Excellent chapter.

dancergirl7238Oct 28, 2009

awww.., great chapter, where did u get the baby's cribs?

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