A Night to Remember
Published Nov 10, 2009

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Hi everyone, I'm back! And I'm very proud to introduce my first Sims 3 story...A Night to Remember :-D I had a lot of fun making and writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it. It's only a short story, so there won't be any more parts to it (as I've got another story in the works right now!).
Anyway, I'll let you read on and, as always, feel free to tell me your thoughts!


Hi everyone, I'm back! And I'm very proud to introduce my first Sims 3 story...A Night to Remember :-D I had a lot of fun making and writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it. It's only a short story, so there won't be any more parts to it (as I've got another story in the works right now!).
Anyway, I'll let you read on and, as always, feel free to tell me your thoughts!

Morning sun filtered through the window, bathing the room in golden light. Jade's eyes, the colour of smooth brown chocolate, fluttered open from a dreamless sleep. She lay still for a few moments, enjoying the soft music of a bird somewhere outside, while her body woke slowly out of its slumber. Finally, pulling her legs free of the blanket, she yawned and stretched her arms high above her head.
She rubbed her eyes. It was a new week.
Making her way downstairs, Jade paused in the doorway of the room next to hers. It was still the way she had left it, yet it looked so different. The atmosphere of the room seemed to have had a cloak of calmness settle over it, as if it knew, and had digested, the sad news. That its occupant would not be returning. Jade continued down the stairs to the kitchen, pouring herself a bowl of cereal. Her body was working on auto pilot, as it had been for the last week. She had experienced so many different emotions in this short amount of time than she had in all her twenty-eight years of life. It had begun as disbelief, then turned to gut wrenching grief, and after that, anger. Now she was feeling terribly alone and was finding it hard to move on. After showering, Jade changed into a fresh set of clothes and pulled her hair up away from her face. Looking in the mirror, she couldn't help seeing so much of her mother. The thought threatened a river of tears but she realised there were no more left and pushed the thought away.
It was time to leave the house, she thought, get some fresh air. The walk would do her good and the fridge was getting noticeably bare.
Setting off for the grocery store, the air felt crisp and refreshing and her skin welcomed the warm, revitalising sun rays. She remembered walking hand in hand with her mother on days like these when she was just a little girl. Those would always be happy memories. Upon returning home, Jade filled the fridge with the groceries she had just bought. Closing the fridge door, she sighed. She longed for the sound of other voices bouncing through the house. Her mother's voice had always drifted through the hallways for as long as she could remember. Whistling a soft tune; singing her favourite song; calling for Jade. She could almost hear her now. Stop it, she thought to herself, mum's gone. Turning the stereo on to drown out her thoughts, Jade remembered the vegetable garden. The poor, forgotten garden. It had understandably slipped her mind with the recent turn of events. Seeing the garden in such a healthy condition put a small smile on Jade's face. This small movement felt foreign to her already.
As her fingers touched the soft earth, a sense of tranquility suddenly came over her. She hadn't realised how much she missed gardening, the amount of enjoyment and relaxation it provided her.
Just then, a memory flashed into her mind.
Laughter and happiness. Sunshine and warm breezes. These were the times she had loved most growing up with her mother. Countless days had been spent together, nurturing their beloved garden and having fun, just the two of them. Mother and daughter, best friends. Jade tried to hold onto the image but it broke free from her mind's grasp and vanished as quickly as it had appeared. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath of fresh air in, the smell of spring filling her passages. Opening her eyes again, she felt a sudden closeness to her mother. She was here with her right now, Jade realised, watching over her. Probably smiling to herself, she thought, at how much she's being missed. She had always liked to be the center of attention. Without realising, she let out a little chuckle. Later that day, Jade reluctantly sat down at the computer to sort through her emails. As usual, her inbox was at its limit and she sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time that day.
She was currently on bereavement leave from her teaching job at the local primary school, but that didn't cease the daily influx of emails from students, parents, colleagues and industry newsletters.
After an hour and a half of working slowly through her emails, she stood and stretched, needing a break from staring at the computer screen.
As Jade walked towards the window, she realised with surprise that the day was almost at an end already; the sky streaked with orange, red and pink. All colours her mother had been most fond of.
Gazing out the window for another few minutes, the sudden urge to take a walk on the beach maneuvered Jade out the door. She didn't know what had possessed her but she didn't fight it. She had nowhere to be and nothing to do, after all. Reaching the beach five minutes later, Jade was met by the first stars of the night twinkling down at her. She felt so calm down here, her worries washing away with each crash of the waves, the beautiful sound of the ocean filling every inch of her. Suddenly, she was distracted by a movement in the corner of her eye. Turning her head slightly, she made out the shape of a person walking slowly up the shoreline of the beach. As they came closer, Jade realised it was a man. A very attractive man.
As he became nearer and nearer to her, she found she was unable to take her eyes off him. He must have sensed her gaze for he looked right at her and gave her a friendly smile. Jade's cheeks instantly turned a dark shade of scarlet and she looked away, grateful he could not see her blushing.
Seconds later, she heard footsteps crunching in the sand a little to her right. Embarrassed, she glanced up and saw the same man she had been staring at just moments ago, approaching her.
Through her eyelashes, she took in his chiseled body, dark features and amazing smile. Oh, he was smiling at her!
"Hi," the stranger said, stopping less than a metre from her.
Jade's mouth was suddenly very dry. "Uh...hi," she replied, silently cursing her tendency to blush.
Seemingly unaware of how nervous he made her, he continued smiling. "Beautiful, isn't it?"
"S..sorry?" she stuttered, unsure of what he meant.
"The ocean at night, it's spectacular. I come here a lot, just to unwind, you know?"
Jade relaxed a little, realising how friendly he seemed. "Yes, I guess I do," she said. "I've been coming down here for years because of its calming effect on me."
Extending his hand out for Jade's, the man looked right into her eyes, almost as if he was looking into her soul. "I'm Dane, by the way."
Jade was unable to break their eye contact, feeling lost in a sea of emerald green. "I..I'm, uh, Jade," she managed to say.
As they shook hands, he smiled once more. "Pleased to meet you, Jade."
"And you."
Without needing to say a word, they walked together towards the waters edge and watched the water wash over their feet.
In a matter of minutes, Jade realised, she had gone from feeling uncomfortably nervous around this strange man, to feeling completely comfortable. How could that be?
Dane broke the silence. "I apologise if you were wanting to be alone," he said. "When I saw you standing there, I felt compelled to approach you. Don't ask me why, I have no idea. Though I must admit, you are incredibly beautiful."
There it was again, heat rushing quickly to her cheeks. "Oh...thanks," she replied.
He had just gone and paid her a huge compliment and all she could say was thanks? It wasn't like she didn't appreciate it, she just didn't get much attention from men, so she didn't know how to take it.
"Do you live close by?" he asked.
Jade nodded. "Yes, not far away at all."
"Don't worry, I'm not planning on stalking you or anything like that," he laughed. "I just thought, well, maybe you would like to hang out sometime? I'm a local, too."
Dane was able to make her laugh with such ease. "You know," she said, "it might be interesting to have a stalker." This made them both laugh. "But seriously, yea, I think it would be great to hang out."
"Well...that's great!" he replied with enthusiasm. "I don't want to seem too eager, but...what are you doing for lunch tomorrow?"
Hiding her surprise, Jade smiled. "Honestly, nothing, as boring as I sound."
"How about I meet you in town then? At Chinchillo's?"
Returning his gaze, she said, "That sounds wonderful." There was a moments silence. "Well, I better get going," she continued. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow then?"
"With bells on," he chuckled. "I should be heading back, too. Nice meeting you again and see you tomorrow."
Walking away from Dane, Jade felt a sudden burst of happiness. Feeling his eyes on her as she continued up the beach, Jade couldn't help a smile spreading across her face. No man had ever caused her to react like this...until now. She already felt like she had known him for years instead of minutes, and it had felt so easy.
Was it normal to feel like this, she wondered?
Reaching the safety of her entrance hall, Jade finally let out an excited scream. She had been holding it in the whole way home and it felt good to finally let it out.
She couldn't believe she had met Dane tonight, of all the times in her life she could have come across him. Her mother was definitely up there making things happen. She had always wanted Jade to meet that special someone, get married and give her lots of grandchildren, but it had just never happened.
After showering and brushing her teeth, Jade ran a hand over her smooth, flawless skin. She smiled at her appearance and basked at the hint of confidence she felt. All thanks to Dane. Slipping into bed just minutes later, she was surprised at how much difference a day could make. Jade had woken that morning under the same black cloud which had hovered over her since her mother's death. And now, well, the sun was finally reappearing and she somehow knew that life had some great things in store for her.

*The End*

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#32simsbaybeeNov 28, 2009

Awww cute story\:\)

#33omik79Dec 2, 2009

Very nice \:\)  Makes me want to know more LOL But great!  \:\) Always enjoy reading your stories!

#34NinaRosalindDec 5, 2009

she's so beautiful\:P !nice story!\:wub\: hope that you'll continue to write more about her!\:D

#35Peachybitz1Dec 10, 2009

Fab Story, loved it \:wub\:

#36artsysimaddictJan 15, 2010

Great story! I don`t usually read romance, but this WAS really good! I just found this story, so know, I`ll probably end up reading most of your stories...Oh well. The characters were good, and I liked Jade alot. Keep writing! You`re good! \:wub\: \:\) \:rah\:

#37BlufixJan 15, 2010


#38xEleqanceApr 11, 2010

Can't Believe i never seen this story ! i LOVE iT. Amazing Job : ) \:o\:wub\:

#39dolphin.laughterMay 13, 2010

Short, but nice. \:D

#40bzanna2May 21, 2010

Hi Sam! As I promised, I came back to read your stories and I'm so glad I did. This is such a lovely story! You are such a talented and detailed writer, and I enjoyed all of your screeshots too.  I could feel Jade's pain and lonliness over losing her mother, and was so glad it had a sweet and happy ending. I didn't want it to end, but awesome job! \:\) \:rah\:

#41Dec 23, 2010

great story

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