Forgotten Redemption: Chapter 15, part 1
Published Nov 3, 2009

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Hi everyone!
Yes your eyes do not deceive you; this is indeed the next chapter! I. Am. So. Sorry. I took way longer (a month and a bit to be precise) to get this chapter out. Schools started up again and few personal issues as well. And yes, the tragedy of having a part 2 has come back to haunt everyone. I found that while doing this chapter, I had a lot more pictures then I thought, so here’s part1.
Sorry again!
Hope you like it…

Hi everyone!
Yes your eyes do not deceive you; this is indeed the next chapter! I. Am. So. Sorry. I took way longer (a month and a bit to be precise) to get this chapter out. Schools started up again and few personal issues as well. And yes, the tragedy of having a part 2 has come back to haunt everyone. I found that while doing this chapter, I had a lot more pictures then I thought, so here’s part1.
Sorry again!
Hope you like it…
Here’s the story so far (For people who have just tuned in):
Sixteen year old Samantha Wilson recently moved to Botany Bay, the birth place of her parents. But sadly her parents died in an accident four years ago. When exploring her new town she finds an old friend, Lilly, and follows her home. But when she enters that house, nothing will ever be the same for her again. She accidentally discovers a secret curse that affects the whole of the Howarth bloodline! Each member who has Howarth blood in their veins is cursed a different power. Usually when people find out about the curse they have to hypnotize to forget it all. But now that Samantha is allowed to remember everything, what adventures are in stall for her next? Who will she meet in this chapter? Let’s find out!
“So, what do you have for first period?” As I opened my locker door I looked down at the paper the principle had given me with my timetable on it. “Um, I have…history! Then after that I have…English!” “You too?” Lilly said turning towards me “I have history first too. Who’s your teacher?”
“Um, Mrs., uh…I can’t pronounce it.”
She smiled “Yep, we have the same class, come on; I know where we are…”
Today was my third first day of school. Third because before I moved here I went to three other places too, all of which my aunt, Holly, decided was too much to pay off for so she took me out of each one after ever first term. She never wanted me to go to public school because she did want me to ‘get as good looking as her’.
To this day I still don’t really know what she meant.
But anyway, afterwards she decided that I shouldn’t go to school anyway, seeing it as waste money and time, and she thought I was too dumb to teach. Who knows, she might have been right…
“So how do you pronounce her name?” I asked confused and still trying to work out the surname.
Lilly grinned. “Her name is Mrs. Subramanian. Got it?”
“Oh, right. I think do! It sounds almost African.”
“It is. Her husband is from Africa but she’s African-American. She also has a girl going to the primary school down the road. She’s a nice enough woman, but when she’s in a class room…well…you’ll see…”
I wonder what she meant by that?
“Eh, look like were early…” Lilly commented surveying the room.
Something caught my eye.
Was that…?
Getting Lilly’s attention, I pointed him out “Hey, Lilly I think that’s…”
“Whoa…Man, this is certainly a first…
“Ryan falls a asleep in class…I gotta remember this one, could use it as blackmail!”
“Dah! D-D-Don’t do that!!” Oops, too loud…
Everyone that was in or about to enter the room looked at me.
Lilly quickly grabbed my shoulder “She’s new! She’s really excited, right?”
“Uh, yeah…sure am!”
With that Lilly, still holding onto my shoulder, led me to the back row where Ryan was sleeping. She looked really embarrassed and nervous as everyone continued to stare. When we reached the back row, everyone turn away getting back to what they were doing.
“You know, I think we should wake him up,” I whispered. I wondered what made him so tired? Hopefully he didn’t have a nightmare or something like that…
“Yeah, just tap him on the shoulder, should wake him up” Lilly said.
She watched as I gently tapped him on the shoulder “Hey, Ryan? Wake up…Are you okay?”
His eyes snapped open.
He straightened almost knocking his seat back.
He blinked a few times before pinching the bridge of his nose “Ugh, I fell asleep. How did that…?”
He trailed off when he saw us.
I smiled. “Hi!”
“Oh, hey,” he said sheepishly “you’re in our history class now?”
“Yep, she is,” Lilly answered for me.
He smiled sheepishly “Great…”
“So, you’re really tired why?” Lilly said with a raised eyebrow.
He blinked a few times before answering “Nothing…”
“Fine, I won’t ask any further, just don’t get defensive on me…Anyway” –she turned to me-“I almost forgot to tell you. In the school everyone has a ‘title’. Basically it’s like a stereotype. Everyone has a one, and you’ll get one too.”
“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” I asked, confused.
Lilly shrugged. “Depends on what title you get I suppose. I’m the ‘Shy plant geek’, because one I’m shy, and two I know too much about plants. Ryan is ‘Mr. Perfect’, because all the girls think he is perfect in every way…”
“I told you not say that aloud every again” Ryan said glaring at Lilly.
“Hey, come on, it’s no big deal!”
Rolling his eyes, Ryan turned away from us talking to the person next to him. That was when I noticed the classroom was getting fuller.
I think Lilly noticed to when she continued “Right, now to give a few introductions!
“Over there is Daniel the daredevil, most wanted guy in the school and will do anything if you dare him to. Next to him is his best friend Tamir, the big guy. Gets his title because he’s the tallest guy in the school and also has the nickname of ‘Big T’, ‘cause only a few people know he’s real name, like me, and now you. “In front of us are Franky and Gregory. Franky is the school’s chess master and is the science clubs leader, aka nerd of science. Currently he is sulking over a match he lost before the holidays.
“His twin brother Greg is the best computer tech ever! He fixes all the computers in the school, but no one understands what he’s talking about when he gets into all the technical stuff. Also, he’s the most famous nerd of maths.
“Next to Ryan over there are his friends, or the ‘popular group’. Tristan, guy next Ryan, thinks he is a chick magnet and always tries flirting with the girls. He totally disagrees with his title as the chick repellent thinking he’s a ladies’ man.
“The other two, Eric and Amber, they share the title of the madly in love couple. Although they don’t look like it now, when they’re out of the classroom, they start getting all lovey-dovey and ugh, it’s like one of those sappy romances and it really wanna makes you puke!”
Suddenly her expression change as she pointed out the next group. It looked as though was almost glaring at the group of girls “And that group…is something else. The group known as ‘The Beauties’…Don’t ever go near them. Don’t even TALK to them! They are the meanest girls in the school. They gain your trust and then they use it against you to do what they want. The head of the group is Stephine, the Queen Bee. She’s the worst of the bunch, naturally, and most of the guys in the school are after her. She flirts with Ryan, but of course he’s smarter than that and never accepts her invites to go out with him.
“Next to her is the Nicole, the air-headed blonde, and Tina, the really rich girl. Nicole use to be with our group, but then Stephine introduced her to Revlon in science class. Then she convinced her to leave our group join hers. Tina practically came in uninvited and Stephine decided she could become one of the beauties. Some say she’s trying to take over Stephine’s place, but she’s hatching her plan quietly. Who knows, and I for one don’t really care…”
It sounded like Lilly knew this group from personal experience. Well, she did say that Nicole joined them before she met Stephine. I wonder, was she picked on and teased by Stephine before…?
My thoughts stopped hearing the low, monotone voice I knew as…
“Travis!” Lilly exclaimed excitedly “I didn’t know you did history!”
“Yeah, got into it because the rock concert, mummy said so. Then a pigeon fell from the sky and turned into turkey which became our dinner last night.”
He was as random as the first time I met him. Lilly just nodded her head. “Um, okay, whatever you say! This is the first time I’ve seen you early for school.”
He took a seat next to Lilly. He looked past her to me “Hi there…eh, Sam?”
I nodded smiling “Yep, that’s right!”
“Good, ‘cause I thought that for a second you were a scarecrow. Then I thought you were-”
“Um, don’t go any further, Travis!” Lilly suggested.
“And I agree!”
We all turned towards the sound of the familiar voice.
“Maria!” Gosh, that was in perfect unison between all three of us.
But I wonder what Travis was going to say until Lilly interrupted him. Oh well…
“You guys didn’t even notice me coming in!” she said with mock sadness.
I think Travis took it for real “Hey, last thing I want to see is Miji sad and having pigeons pop out of her eyes.”
“You mean crying?” Maria said folding her arms. It was then that I realized how small she really was.
“Oh, and I am now officially the mini-man Mexican!”
That must be her title. I still didn’t really understand this title business, but maybe I’ll get it sooner or later.
“Really? That’s different from your other title,” Lilly commented frowning “Oh well, it’s better than the other one…Oh, wait,” –She turned back to me -“ I didn’t tell you Travis’ title.
“He is the crazy punk-goth!”
“Hey Lilly look, there’s my name and my title under it in brackets about my head”
“Sure there is, Travis…” she responded raising her eyebrow.
“No really, there is, if you look close enough! Also, I think the ceiling has an alien invasion going on.”
“You mean there’s gum on the ceiling?” Maria said without even looking at the ceiling.
Lilly looked up at the ceiling “Yep, I think that’s what he means.”
“What are you talking about?” Travis asked.
“The fact that there is chewing gum on the ceiling,” Lilly replied. They went off into their own little conversation. I guess there was question I’ve been wanting to ask Maria.
“Um, Maria?”
She smiled turning to face me. “Yep?”
“Um, I was wondering…how do you know what Travis is saying?”
She tilted her head to her left shoulder “Truth being told I don’t really know. I guess it’s because we’ve known each other since primary school. I was getting teased by the other kids for the most part, but then one day Travis became the victim of the other kids I stood up to them and they left Travis and I alone…until high school began.”
So they’ve known each other that long. Wow, that’s really a true friendship. I remember my time at the other school. I’d rather not remember it…
I snapped out of my thoughts, hearing the upbeat voice call out above all the chatter.
I looked to Travis and Lilly. Travis was cringing, and the expression on his face was saying ‘Oh no!’
“Oh dear lord god no!” he said, his voice remaining in monotone.
“Uh, so she’s…in our class too, huh?”
“Who’s she?” I asked Lilly. I followed where the two were looking finally seeing who it was…whoa…um, eh, wow! “She looks like…Travis!”
“June, the punk wannabe,” Lilly said in an annoyed voice “She’s Travis’ sister.”
“You mean they’re twins?” I asked.
“No, she’s adopted. Travis’ mm wanted to have another child, but well…I won’t go into it. Anyway, so his mum went to the adoption centre and adopted the unfortunate orphan left at the door step of the orphanage named June. Every since then, June has always wanted to be like Travis. She considers him her role model.”
“I see…” I was amazed. She looked just like him, in the way her hair was done and almost the way she was dressed. I could see, though, that they didn’t look related. I wonder why Travis’ mother couldn’t have her own child?
I nearly fell out of my seat and screamed. Who yelled just now?!
“Hi everyone!! It’s so awesome to be back and I’m so hyper right now!”
My eyes widened as I saw the girl standing on the desk. June took a seat next to the desk the girl who was now dancing on the desk.
“That is Hayley,” Lilly said, taking her hands away from her ears “She’s the hyperactive geek. She’s always on a sugar-high and never stops yelling, even when you tell her to keep quiet. She and June are friends, a bit strange if you ask me, but I don’t know, it’s up to them I guess. She’s a really huge fan of anime too, but not as much as she is a fan of art. So, despite her loud voice, she creates masterpieces.”
“They’re not just masterpieces Lilly!” Hayley shouted jumping off the desk “They’re the greatest works in the world!”
“…And she has super hearing.” Lilly murmured, her voiced sounded peeved.
“Right…what about the guy who just entered?” I asked, trying to change the subject.
“Huh? Oh, that’s Ben the junkie. He’s known as that because he eats a lot of junk food. He has crush on that girl there, Rebecca. Her title says it all, the nosy nerd. She’s famous for her long nose and always being a bit nosy in other people’s business.” Just then, as she was explaining the two students to me, she sounded as though she didn’t care.
I wonder what happened to make her like this…
“Oh great!”
I turned to Ryan, who sounded sarcastic just then.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Guess who’s in our class?” he said, irritation in his voice.
“I only need one guess to know who” Lilly said, looking towards the person who just entered “It’s the one, the only… hot tough guy.”
“How many time do I have to tell you to stop calling me that?!” Dylan exclaimed taking a seat next to Maria.
“Because it’s your title” Lilly said flatly.
“Funny, don’t you always sit up there?” Maria said gesturing towards the first desk of the row. “And wow, you’ve grown taller the last time I’ve seen you!”
“No, you’ve just shrunk more.”
“Dylan!” Lilly said in Maria’s defense “Don’t say that!”
“It’s fine Lilly,” Maria said with a smirk “So why aren’t you sitting up there like you normally do?”
“Like I’m gonna tell you,” Dylan replied leaning back on his chair and putting his feet on the desk. Wow, he sure was different at school. He was a lot more…tough. Probably not the right word but it seemed to fit him to a T.
“I think I know why,” Lilly rolling her eyes “Seating arrangements perchance?”
Dylan looked surprised. But then he glared at his sister “How does she do it?”
“That’s one of the many mysteries of Lilly!” I spoke up giggling. That was when he noticed me. His eyes widened “You’re in our class now?! Great…not!”
“Mr. Howarth, kindly take your booted feet off the desk!”
I froze hearing the adult voice. Everyone was immediately quiet all of them staring ahead. Sighing Dylan did as he was ordered taking his feet off the desk and slouching back on his seat. I looked to the front to see who gave the order.
“That’s our teacher,” Lilly whispered. “Her title, the gets-the-job-done teacher speaks for itself.” “Now, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Mrs. Subramanian. I expect hard working and dedicated students. If not, then I will MAKE you become dedicated and hard working, I get the job done! “And today I believe we have a new student, Samantha Wilson…Could you please raise your hand?”
I timidly raised my hand seeing everyone look towards me. I just smiled, although it felt forced in a way.
“Welcome to Botany High, Samantha…” Mrs. Subramanian said smiling back me.
“It’s, um…It’s a pleasure to be here…”
“Period 4 couldn’t have come sooner if you ask me” Lilly said leaning over the flowerbed.
I stood behind her looking around the courtyard. “Why do you say that?”
“Well, I was basically falling asleep in period 2. Recess I had to work on an assignment and period three was a seriously long maths lesson, or at least it felt like it. What about you, how were the rest of your classes?”
“Oh well, nothing really! Maths was interesting I guess, me and Noah are in the same class, and period three I have a really nice teacher for science, Mr. Vangeezy…”
“Man, the gardener here doesn’t know how to take care of the flowers;” –she looked back to me –“is there anyone around?”
I surveyed the area for anyone, half wondering what she going to do. “No, there isn’t a single person in sight.”
“Good…’cause what I’m about to do might blow the secret. Stand back…”
I took a step away from her.
The fingertip of her index finger touched the petal of one of the wilting flowers. She closed her eyes.
What was she planning to-?
White beams of light surged through the ground under the flowers. I stared up in wonder at the columns of light as they slowly stared to descent back into the earth. I remember the last time she did that trick; it was when I first saw her greenhouse.
“Right, that should do it” Lilly said smiling down at the now flourishing flowers. It amazed me how much she loved flowers. Once while I was cooking dinner I heard her name all the flowers in the world. The list went on through dinner, and finished when she went to bed at one forty-five in the morning!
She walked past me towards the benches sitting on one and patting the other. “Well don’t stand around there all day, come on, sit!”
Again I did as she said and sat down.
“There’s been something I’ve been really wanted to tell since history,” Lilly said excited “You know that big stone carving at the back of the room near us?”
“I think I remember it,” I said trying to recall if I had.
“Well, there’s this myth behind it that only the Howarth’s know. Were not allowed to tell anyone how doesn’t know of the curse…
“The story it’s telling is about the evil spirit of evil and dark magic’s. The carving showed three people, giving offerings to a large cow plant, and below the cow plant is a person lying down with a weird thingy-mabobby above them. The three people are followers of the evil one, who was depicted as a cowplant because the tribe that carved this presented their evil gods as a cross between an animal and a plant.
“The offers they would give the evil one would help him gain more and more power until he could use it to bring back the all dark powerful spirit that followers worshipped more than him. But as history took it’s coarse the followers lost hope and returned back to their everyday lives and forgot about everything that had happened to them.
“The evil one did not give up and collected power wherever and however he could. When he tried o bring the dark spirit the first time, it didn’t work. He then discovered that he’d have to find a chosen one to become the body of the dark spirit.
“After thousands of years of searching, he gained enough power again to resurrect the dark spirit but no chosen one. One day, a girl passed him and he stopped her and hypnotized her to join him. She then told her friends about his mission, but they thought she was delusional, except for one. He was a power and promising student at the magic’s academy, but he fell prey to the evil one and the dark spirit.
“As the evil one was dying, he passed his mission onto the former student. It was then that the student was entrusted with the power of the evil one. He never wanted the power to leave so he kept it for himself. He gathered even more power than the first evil one had, and tried many times to bring the dark spirit back. He had chosen himself to be the chosen one.
“They say to this day he is still alive and has the girl as his only follower.”
“Wow, that’s an incredible story,” I said grinning. It really was. But then again, was it true.
I looked back at Lilly about to ask her that question when I saw the expression on her face change. She looked more sullen and heartrending. “And, I’m sorry for how I was in history. I just…I guess my emotions really showed.”
I frowned in confusion. “What do you mean?”
She sighed. “I was just…remembering something. Tomorrow is the day my father died,” –my eyes widened hearing that part –“and I know how it’s going to turn out. Dylan’s going to be all quiet and when he talks he can be more offensive then he usual is. He doesn’t go and visit his grave either, because he says it’s a waste of time and that it’s just his dad.
“It’s because tomorrow is the anniversary of when he was abandoned. I told you that my mother abandoned him when we went to go visit my father’s grave, didn’t I?”
I slowly nodded my head, taking in what she was saying. So tomorrow was going to be…a sad day. An anniversary of two things, both of which devastating for two of them. I guess all I can do is being there for them.
“You know sometimes people are angry when someone dies because they never wanted them to leave,” I said smiling sadly, “Dylan might only be saying those things because he’s angry that your father left this world. I’m sure he doesn’t mean it, he’s just so angry that he doesn’t realise it. It’s probably not the best way of dealing with the death but he…he just doesn’t know how else to deal with it…”
Oh gosh, I did it again, I let something bad slip. I could tell by the look on Lilly’s face. “No, I um, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to make you depressed or anything, it’s just I-!”
“What are you talking about?” Lily said, her face changing to confusion. “You just basically made my day saying that…”
I stared at her in surprise, yet I smiled. “Um, anytime…”
“Finally, lunchtime!” Tiffany exclaimed walking towards us along with Noah and Ashlee.
“I know what you mean, classes have been really boring and just thinking about the end of year tests gives me the shivers!” Maria said shuddering at the word ‘tests’.
“Oh, I almost forgot!” Lilly said grinning. “The titles of Noah, Ashlee and Tiffany!
“Ashlee’s title is the beauty with fours eyes, and Noah’s is major nerd.”
“Why do you have to tell her my title?” Noah and Ashlee said in unison. They looked at each other amazed and bewildered. “Stop copying what I’m saying!” They did it again.
Ashlee just turned away from Noah with a small ‘huff’.
“And Tiffany is the tough tomboy,” Lilly said gesturing toward Tiff.
“And proud of it!” she said standing up flexing her arm. She sat down again grinning. “I love my title, don’t know why everyone hates theirs.”
“It’s because you got lucky with yours,” Noah said slightly irritable. “Not only that yo-”
“Lilly! Sam!!”
Everyone turned towards the source of the voice. My eyes widened, I thought for a moment I was seeing things.
“Huh?! What on earth are you doing here, Rachael?!” “Alex enrolled me here at the end of last term, I was lucky enough to get in wasn’t I?! I’ve already said hi to Ryan, I just need to find Dylan now! Sam!!”
“Hello Rachael,” I said smiling even more. “It’s good to have you around here.”
“She’s been hanging around the cuckoo chickens and weird hairstyles. I can see it in her eyes, she’s one of them!” Rachael looked at Travis, bewildered. But her bewilderment became a huge smile. “Yay, you have random friends! Nice choice!”
“So who are exactly?” Noah asked. Rachael sat down next to Maria, who looked at Rachael weirdly.
“My name is Rachael Howarth! I’m Lilly, Dylan and Ryan’s cousin!”
“You have a cousin?” Tiffany asked turning to Lilly in surprise. At that moment everyone stared at Rachael. She looked at them all, frowning. “What? Why are you all staring at me like that?”
No one answered and they all kept staring at her. Lilly leaned towards me and whispered in my ear “I think they’re trying to find the resemblance…”
“Um, I’m sorry to interrupt your conversation, but do you think you can tell me where I might find the art rooms?”
I was completely lost. Lilly had given me some directions before but I hadn’t quite understood them.
“Yeah sure. Just go down this hall and turn to the left. You’re Samantha Wilson, aren’t you?”
“Yes I am. And you’re Stephine aren’t you?”
“Oh please, call me Steph! It’ll be really nice to have you around, Sam. Hope you find your class!”
“Okay, and thank you for your directions!”
With that I walked off down the hall. I wasn’t really sure why Lilly didn’t like Stephine, she seemed like a really nice girl… “Wow, Steph, you helped her!” Nicole said putting her hands on her hips. “This is new for you, before you said-”
“Are you really that air-headed?” Tina said giving her ‘the look’. The ‘look’ was something the rich girl was famous for. The ‘look’ was something you didn’t want to get if you weren’t one of her friends. It made you like you were stupid or lower then dirt.
“Actually, now that I think about it,” Tina said turning toward her “If I’m correct in hearing your directions clearly, you lead her to…THEM.”
“Oh yes I did!” she said, a small, dark smile on her lips.
“I didn’t like that girl the moment she stepped into the school. Did you see the way Ryan was around her? It was like he was a completely different person. No one is going to stop me from becoming Ryan’s girlfriend, absolutely nothing!
“Not even a deceiving, plain-looking, sad girl like her… Lets see how she deals with…”
What? Did I follow the directions correctly? No, don’t go any further Sam, Lilly said to back away whenever I saw… “…the gang.”
(What a place to stop it. I’m evil, hehehehe ;D. Anyway, sorry again for the lateness of this chapter, and having to make it into two parts. Comments are greatly appreciated if you have time!
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!
Keep creating and simming!!
“Ryan I…” Why was he looking at me like that? Why was my heart racing and pounding against my chest? Why couldn’t I move? Why couldn’t I say anything?
He leaned his head down toward mine.
I didn’t know what to do, except close my eyes…

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#9mpattonNov 5, 2009

Interesting chapter.  I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

#10jarletNov 5, 2009

What a bunch of super-good-looking students with so many different personnalities and so well depicted!It was a funny chapter!can't wait for the next chapter after this great cliffhanger!\:D \:wub\:

#11LellieGNov 6, 2009

Awesome update as usual! \:rah\: Can't wait for more! \:wub\:

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Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!!!\:D

#13catsandbooksNov 7, 2009

Loved the 'titles' idea. It was funny! Good cliffhanger, too... but now I'm left waiting for the next chapter \:\)

#14nomienuNov 8, 2009

i love this story!! keep it coming!

#15Little Cloud Nov 14, 2009

\:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

#16FikcijaNov 25, 2009

I somehow missed this when it came out... But I found it now, lol! There was too much just the names I think, we won't remember anyway and it was very dull to read. Other than that, I liked it. Where did you get that ancient thing with the legend? And did you have all the legends, where the magic comes from, all that explaining in your mind when you started writing and now just show us when the moment comes or do you make these up while writing? I'm just curious!

#17rsrocksNov 29, 2009

that story was AMAZING !!!!!Your story was awesome! I check this website every day for your new story. Hope it comes out soon! \:D

#18Michelle 111Jan 15, 2010

\:\)   Another great chapter. Though have to say I hate the way you end the chapters, then make as wait.  \:mad\:

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