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Under the Same Moon: Part 3
Published Nov 8, 2009

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He we are at Part 3! Hope you enjoy...but wait! I can now do my first shout out! I'd like to thank LightSide93 for his mad architectural skillz in constructing the perfect house. Now I'm done, on with the story...

He we are at Part 3! Hope you enjoy...but wait! I can now do my first shout out! I'd like to thank LightSide93 for his mad architectural skillz in constructing the perfect house. Now I'm done, on with the story... “Here we are at City Hall, the center of beautiful Sunset Valley,” said Mr. Farrell, “So well have an hour and a half to explore…” Paris was hardly paying attention to Mr. Farrell’s instructions for two reasons: because she really didn’t need to, and because she was too nervous to focus. She’d been waiting for this day her whole life; it didn’t hit her this morning, it didn’t hit her on the 2-hour bus ride, but if anything was certain at that moment in time, “it” had struck her like an 18-wheeler just now.

Her heart was pounding as she thought back to when she arranged the meet…

“Well, you’ve definitely piqued my interest. Your story seems to fit perfectly with Ms. Michelson’s. Will you be in town?”
“Yes, I’ll be leaving for Caspian Falls tomorrow.”
“Where should she meet you?”
“I’ll be at City Hall at around 1:00.”
“Okay, I’ll tell Ms. Mitchelson the good news right away. Good luck.”
“Thank you.”
"...and remember,” Mr. Farrell said, “Stay together. I’d lose my head if any of you got lost!” Finally, it was time to tour City Hall. She and Travis went in with the rest of students. A couple of minutes later, Paris and Travis sneaked out without the slightest amount of exposure. She stood in the designated spot predetermined by the detective she talked to, and all she could do was wait. And wait. And wait some more. Finally, a woman with wearing a trench coat and fedora walked up to her. She spoke in a soft, calm voice; “Is it you, Paris?”

She was eager to answer: “Yes,” she said immediately.

Then the woman’s voice became very cold and piercing, “How do I know it’s you?”
Taken back by her swift mood change, she started, “Well, when I was a kid, my dad used to tell me a story about my birthmark. He said it was very rare and no one had it besides me and…my mom.” Stunned, the woman softened up; although rumors of her case had excessive publicity, no one ever found out about her birthmark. She cleared her throat and continued; “Where is it,” she stuttered, “I just need to be sure.”

“It’s in my scalp,” Paris stated, “It’s shaped like an arrow.”
Tears welled in the woman’s eyes as she hugged Paris. “Thank goodness I found you,” she said, her voice muddled by sobs, “You don’t know how long I’ve been looking for you! I was beginning to lose hope.”

Paris began to tear up too; “Well now, I’m here. Hopefully I can be part of your family.”
It took several hours for Paris’ mom, Celeste, to persuade Mr. Farrell to release Paris from the trip into her mother’s care. Although he could have gotten fired, Mr. Farrell decided letting her go was the smart thing to do. He didn’t know Lucius well, but he knew Lucius wouldn’t care. Travis, however, needed to stay with the group since the school was still responsible for him. “I guess this is goodbye, then,” he said sadly, doing his signature twitch, “You’ll…keep in touch…right?” Paris chuckled, “You know I will.” Just as he was about to leave a thought struck him: What are you doing?! It exclaimed; if you don’t do it now, you may never get the chance to again. He ran back... ...and gave her the most passionate kiss he could and left. Paris followed Celeste to her car, amazed at how expensive it looked, and they drove away with her. Celeste told her they had plenty of time until they got home, so she could ask any questions she wanted:

“Anything surprising you can tell me?”
“Well, your real name isn’t Paris, that’s for sure. I named you Patience; Lucius wanted to name you Paris.”
“Patience?! Why? It’s not much better, you know.”
“When I found out I was pregnant with you, I was so excited! I couldn’t wait. The nine months went by so slowly, I couldn’t stand it; I was even angrier when I went past my due date.”
Paris listened to her mother’s words as if she was trying to remember a glimmer of the time she was in her life.

“You were two weeks late; I thought I was gonna be pregnant forever! Finally when you came, I was so happy,” she chuckled, “I was arguing with Lucius about me being pregnant and how insensitive he was being towards it. Then my water broke. 24 hours later, I had a baby girl. I thought by naming you Patience, I would remember to have patience, not only with you, but with any of the children I had in the future…like your brother.”
Intrigued, Paris insisted on knowing everything about him; his name, his age, what he looked like, when she’d see him, etc. She finds out his name is Pax, and he’s two years younger than her, but is very intelligent for his age. Finally, she stopped in the driveway of an enormous house. Stunned, Paris tried to find the words for “THIS IS OUR HOUSE?!” when Celeste stated happily, “Oh, I didn’t tell you? My parents left me a huge inheritance and this estate.” Paris jaw dropped. She walked into the foyer; Paris had only been able to read about palaces like this, and now she’s living in one.

“Pax,” Celeste shouted, “I have someone I want you to meet.” Paris could hear the sound of footsteps coming down nearby stairs. Her heart was beating double time.
She then saw a slim, average height, blonde-haired teenage boy walk towards her.


As Pax walked down the marble stairs to the great room, he saw a pale-skinned, average-in-every-way, red-haired teenage girl. He recognized her from the many photos he’s seen of her in childhood. No way, he thought, could this be my sister?
Pax walked up to this stranger and politely introduced himself. “Hi, I’m Pax,” he stated, “Nice to meet you.” His courteousness didn’t hide his anxiousness very well. “Hi,” she shyly responded. She didn't know why, but as soon as she said that, she felt she secure. After all these years, she was finally home.

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Dec 15, 2010

thank you

charrayJan 25, 2010

Great job on this part \:\)&nbsp; 5.0 \:rah\:

DragonQueenNov 22, 2009

\:wub\:&nbsp;&nbsp; What an awesome reunion!&nbsp; Sure hope it stays that smooth!&nbsp; Can't wait to read the rest of it!&nbsp; \:cool\:

MangioNov 9, 2009

glad Paris found her family. \:wub\: cant wait to read more

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