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The Andretti Legacy (87)
Published Nov 15, 2009

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The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 87

I am so behind on replying to comments...I want you all to know that I do read them and I do enjoy them! The feedback is a great inspiration!

The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 87

I am so behind on replying to comments...I want you all to know that I do read them and I do enjoy them! The feedback is a great inspiration!
A smile forms on her face as she comes closer and closer to Logan's house. She had images in her mind as to what he may look like, and all them were a nice looking fellow with a hint of 'nerd' in him. She'd always been attracted to the nerdy-bookworm type guys; mainly she's attracted to intelligence. She rings the doorbell, and nervously waits to meet him. Her heart is racing and she just can't stop smiling. How exciting to meet an online pal after 5 years! The door opens, and Logan steps out. Lizzi gasps and stares back in horror. She's never seen a ghost before in her life, but has always felt they've existed among the living.

"Hi, Lizzi." Logan chokes on his own breath. "I'm Logan."
"I...I...uh, I're a ghost?" She smiles politely back at him. "I never expected this...I, I had no idea..."

"Well, it's not something that I think would be taken seriously over the internet, you know." Logan shrugs his shoulders.

"I am...actually really shocked that I'm not screaming and running away right now." She stares in disbelief; curious but yet feeling pranked. "This is...really you? You're not playing some mean trick on me? "
"No, it's really me. Now you know why I didn't want to go to the dance, and why I didn't want you to come meet me." He smiles softly.

", you're...dead, then?" She raises an eyebrow.

"Do you want to go inside?" Logan asks nervously changing the subject.
"...why didn't you tell me...that you know?" Lizzi stares across the room at him.

"Would you, honestly, have believed me?" He stares down at the carpet.

"...I think that would have depended on your presentation of the truth." She tells him, still partially in disbelief.

"Are you mad at me?" He asks sadly, feeling like he's let her down.
She rises from the loveseat, and sits down on the sofa next to him smiling.

"Don't be silly, Logan." She laughs. "I've no reason to be mad at haven't done anything wrong."

"I withheld the truth...isn't that like lying?" He looks back at her.

"Oh...I've withheld lots of truths...I don't consider myself a liar." Her statement brings a smile to his face and some relief.
The two decide to go walking and get to know each other on a more personal level rather than sitting in his living room feeling awkward. They stopped off at the small pond next to Logan's house. Logan always found the water relaxing, and slowly it eased some of the tension between them.

"...since you ignored me the firs time, I'm going to ask you again. This time...I want you to answer me." Lizzi states quietly as she stares down at her hands. "'re a ghost...which means you're dead, right?" She looks at him sadly.

"...I'm not dead." He looks back at her, wishing he were. It's an easier explanation.

"...then, how are you...a ghost?" She stares directly at him, and for the first time he feels something. A powerful emotion.
"...I wish that I had an easy explanation for you. I really do." He looks out across the water. " dad...he made a deal with...someone...someone terrible. My mother...she was a ghost, too...only she had died...and she made the same deal with the same terrible someone...200 years earlier. For some reason...they had to create finish their part of the, here I am. Wondering what in the heck is so great about myself...what do I have to offer the world like this?" Lizzi remains speechless. "I'm sure you think this is stupid...and I can't show you any proof other than myself. The fact that I exist this way, ought to be enough to let your mind open up to the fact hat far more things exist in the universe than what you can see. Seeing is believing, and believing isn't always seeing...sometimes things can't be explained...and sometimes things don't...ever make sense. But, we have to believe them...because they happened."

"You sound...ashamed." Lizzi speaks up ever so quietly wanting to hug and comfort him, but not exactly sure he's tangible.

"...I had no idea I was different until my dad told me I was. He bought me a learn from...and to see the world and all the other people in it...I had no idea that...I was not like them. That moment...the moment when you get that kind of punch in the face...I am surprised that I still sit at my computer today. I'm not ashamed...none of this is my fault...but do I believe...100 percent? No. I don't." He looks down at her.

"...I believe you." She stares into the space where his eyes should be.
"Do you?" He asks. "Or are you just saying that to make me feel better?" Lizzi lets the words sink in, and then she looks away feeling ashamed. He's right. She doesn't believe, she wants to, but she just can't. "Lizzi, you don't have to believe me. Just don't leave here tonight...and never come back."

She looks back up at him feeling something strange stirring inside of her.

"Logan..." She whispers his name sadly. "...I will believe you...some day, but right now...I think this is too much. I am still trying to accept the fact that the one person I care the most about...isn't really a person at all."
"I'm sorry I'm not what you wanted..." He replies sadly.

"That's not what I meant..." She states firmly but also wishing she'd worded it a bit different. He looks so hurt and once again she wants to comfort him, but she's afraid. Not of rejection, but of what he might feel like.
"I promise you, Logan. You are more than I deserve." She leans forward, softly kisses his cheek, and steps past him. She stops, wanting to say something more, but then catches herself and continues on home. For the next several days, Logan logs in every few hours to check and see if Lizzi is online. He has even sent her a few messages, and has received no replies. It's beginning to sink in that he may have lost his only friend. His heart breaks slowly and surely into a million little tiny pieces. Without Lizzi, he has no interest in the internet--no interest in his computer anymore. Two weeks had passed, and Logan stops at the end of the walkway after putting the trash in the can by the road. He looks down the sidewalk in the direction of Lizzi's house. He takes a deep breath in as she comes into focus. He watches her walk closer and closer to him. He passed the idea back and forth in his mind that he may be dreaming. He closed his eyes, scratched his forehead and when he opened his eyes again, she has stopped just in front of him. "I...I thought you weren't ever coming back." Logan looks at her wondering what has kept her away for so long.

"Logan..." She smiles softly at him. "I just needed some time...I needed to sort all of this. I needed to make sense of it."

"But, Lizzi...sometimes things don't make sense." He replies.
She steps closer to him.

"I know. They don't...and I'm accepting that. I have to. I don't like when we don't talk....I feel empty." Her voice is soft and sincere.

"...Lizzi, you've been ignoring me." He reminds her quietly.

"Yes...I know. I hope you can forgive me...I just...I was scared, Logan. I know that you don't understand that right now, but I hope some day you will." She looks up at him with concern.
" are right. I don't understand. But, I suppose those withheld truths aren't meant to be understood just yet." He kindly smiles. The years have gone and passed. Lizzi remains close to Logan, but unable to give her feeling for him the little nudge they need to make it over the 'just friends' hump. She rents a place in Sunset Valley and she and Logan move in together. The money she makes is just enough to cover rent and utilities since she was let go from her job with the newspaper a few months back.

She is struggling to keep her house, and thankfully the landlord is very compassionate. Not only is Lizzi struggling with financial obstacles, she is struggling emotionally as well. Logan would do anything she asked him, and he would do it because he loves her. Lizzi cares for him very deeply, but there's the ghost factor that keeps her walls up. Logan set aside, Lizzi has met someone who she is falling head over heels for and can't fight it.
Lizzi arrives late one evening, and Logan finds her on the front walkway with someone he's never seen before. The way she is moving and the smile he has on his face would imply there is serious chemistry between the two of them.

At first, Logan is angry and he is jealous. He has devoted himself to Lizzi, and he gets not a thing in return. But, then the part of him that loves her so dearly reaches out and embraces the fact that this man makes her happy and that's all he really wants.
"I'll see you again, right?" He asks her with a goofy smile. "I didn't scare you off or anything?"

"No, no, of course not!" She giggles and slugs his shoulder. "Maybe...tomorrow night we can get out and do something." She winks and then turns to head inside. "Give me a call, okay?" She smiles back at him, and he watches her until she's gone inside and shut the door behind her.
"What's his name?" Logan asks flatly just as Lizzi enters the house. She looks over at him trying to read his feelings. It's particularly hard thing to do when one doesn't have any eyes to look into.

"His name is Earl." She replies respectfully still feeling giddy with butterflies swarming around in her stomach. The very mention of his name makes her heart skip beats.

"...oh." Logan looks out the front door at the walkway.

"We're just friends, Logan." Lizzi blurts out quickly.
"Yeah. Just like you and I, huh?" Logan looks down at the baseboards wishing he were human. He'd surely have a chance with her then.

"Logan...I..." Lizzi digs for something to say as her heart crumbles to pieces.

"You keep forgetting that I have feelings, too. I'm a person, Lizzi." Logan's voice cracks.

"...I know, I know." She whispers. "This is so hard for me, Logan. I can't...I..."

"You can't get over the bridge because of what I am. It's dad had a hard time with my mother, too. But, when the day was over...he knew just where his heart was meant to be. With her...regardless. Love is blind, Lizzi. So, so very blind. If you love him...and he honestly, truthfully, makes you the happiest woman on Earth...then go. Go be with him. That's all I want for you. Happiness. I can sort me out later." Logan's voice is low and cuts her like a knife.
"Logan, I don't want you to go." Lizzi moves and stops directly in front of him.

"Think about it, Lizzi." He stares at her, and she looks away. "What's going to happen when the two of you get more serious...or get married...or start a can't have your ghost-friend hiding out in your house. I can't live on the back burner either, Lizzi."

"What are you trying to tell me...?" She closes her eyes as a tear escapes one of them and rolls slowly down her cheek.

"I want you to make a decision, Lizzi. I want you to be happy...and if he makes you happy, then I'll go. I don't want to be a burden on you...I don't want to stop you from living." The words burns his throat as they come out and painfully scar his heart.

The silence between them is deafening and another tear escapes Lizzi's eyes. Logan can sense that she is thinking very, very hard. Her decision will make or break him.

" should go." Lizzi opens her eyes and looks at him painfully. His jaw drops open slightly from shock. He blinks once and then twice and then stares back at her for a moment. Logan looks around the room feeling dazed, and then he looks over at the front door. "I...I am sorry..." Her voice breaks along with his heart. He looks back at her one more time, trying to accept that he does not make her as happy as he thought. He puts a hand on the door knob, slowly pulls the door to him, and walks out of her house into the cold night.

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silvertoraFeb 7, 2011

Ok - figured it out - some are in the Sims 3 section - Thanks \:\)

silvertoraFeb 7, 2011

Wow, jumping from 79 to 87 - sniff - I've missed so much. Why don't they save on here in order for us late comers to read - thanks anyway

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noooo  she should be with logan even if he is a ghost... :'(

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