Miracles Do Happen
Published Dec 1, 2009

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Hi There everyone, I'm the author of Live&Love and I've decided to take a break from that story for awhile considering I've been so busy. Short stories seem to be so much easier for me knowing I don't have to keep releasing a different chapter every so often. Maybe you guys will enjoy my short stories too, and most of all I hope you enjoy this one [ which is my first short story ] and leave lovely comments like always. I always appreciate them, and they make me feel good. :D

* Without all the wonderful CC this story would be IMPOSSIBLE, I thank all the creators for their wonderful talent.*


Hi There everyone, I'm the author of Live&Love and I've decided to take a break from that story for awhile considering I've been so busy. Short stories seem to be so much easier for me knowing I don't have to keep releasing a different chapter every so often. Maybe you guys will enjoy my short stories too, and most of all I hope you enjoy this one [ which is my first short story ] and leave lovely comments like always. I always appreciate them, and they make me feel good. :D

* Without all the wonderful CC this story would be IMPOSSIBLE, I thank all the creators for their wonderful talent.*

Standing inside of their new unfurnished home full of boxes and suitcases, Melanie and Toni had gently caressed one another with the joy of being newlyweds and having a precious baby on the way. They were more than happy to complete their 15 years of being together by getting married and having a baby. Now that they've gotten a home together, they just wanted to be happy and expand their family with more babies.
"Well, this is it Melanie, we're finally living together. I've dreamed about this moment ever since we've met. What should we do first?"
Giving her husband a warm smile she had sweetly responded. "This house is so out of order Toni, I say we should fix it up."
"I didn't study Tinkering for no reason, I think I should do the fixing while you relax."
Agreeing with Toni, Melanie knew she needed lots of rest, considering the fact that she was pregnant.
While her husband got straight to work on their house Melanie was very happy indeed. Except for the fact that she was afraid. Things were perfect now but it didn't mean that things would be perfect later on. What if no one liked them? Melanie knew she was very different than the people in this town. Her skin was green, it was unusual to strangers who weren't from where her and Toni grew up. There was no doubt that she missed her home, and her friends but she wanted to do what was best for her growing family. "Whoever lived in this house before us must've had a really nasty divorce. This house is filthy and so broken down." Toni had said to himself while munching on a slice of pizza. He knew he had a lot of work to do and wasn't sure how long it would take to finish the house. That wasn't the only thing Toni was worried about, he was concerned about his reputation in this town. No one knew him, and he didn't look like any of the other men living here either. His skin wasn't peach, or brown, or tanned, it was green. Who would hire a man with green skin? He needed a job to bring in money for his wife and unborn child. Toni finished up his slice of pizza and got right to work on the house. { 3 Weeks Later }

Three weeks had gone by and Toni had managed to transform the broken down house into a beautiful comforting home. With guidance from his wonderful wife Melanie it made the process go by much quicker than usual. Melanie's pregnancy had been going great and the tiny baby inside of her kicked occasionally from time to time, she would be due in about two months or so. Walking into the kitchen Melanie found Toni fixing everything he could, even if it didn't need to be fixed. She had came from the supermarket and had some exciting news to break to her husband.
Slightly looking to the right, Toni noticed Melanie standing there and immediately stopped what he was doing to run over and kiss her.
"Ah, your back Mel. I got kind of worried. What did you pick up at the supermarket?"
Sinking into her husband's arms she had sweetly replied. "I just picked up some fruit, bread, and vegetables. You know I have to eat healthy for the baby. I also have something to tell you darling."
"What is it Melanie?" Toni had asked in concern.
"I made a new friend at the market today, she's really nice and I Invited her over. Is that okay?"
Giving his wife a blank expression Toni didn't know how to respond, he was indeed very happy but didn't take strangers all too well.
"I--I guess, sure honey, it's fine."
Filled with joy Melanie thanked and kissed Toni and ran to put away the groceries.
As Toni sat upon the sofa he had second thoughts about strangers coming into their brand new home. They needed friends in order to build a solid reputation but he couldn't just trust anyone in this new town. He only wanted Melanie to be happy and make new friends, if his wife wasn't happy then he wasn't happy. It probably wouldn't be too bad, as much as he didn't want to assume anything Toni would just have to wait and see who this mysterious neighbor was. Later on that evening Melanie found herself constantly in and out of the nursery where her baby would soon be resting. It was quite empty, but she didn't want to go all out of control until the baby arrived. Her baby's arrival was right around the corner, two months would fly by with no problem. She didn't know if she was having a boy or a girl because she wanted it to be a surprise. Becoming a mother was nerve-racking, and she was thankful to have a wonderful husband like Toni to be by her side through everything. It was almost about that time for her neighbor to come by for dinner and Melanie got right to serving dinner before she had arrived. Melanie had whipped up some of her Famous Fried Fish that everyone back at home went crazy for. As much as Melanie wanted to make a friend, she went out of her way to impress her neighbor. While placing the hot plates onto the table Toni walked into the kitchen sniffing the air.
"Is it my favorite Mel? That famous fried fish I go crazy over?"
"Yes honey, it's your favorite dish. I hope she enjoys it."
"Sure she will enjoy it." He said as he kissed his wife on the cheek. They were going into a lovey dovey moment until they were interupted by the doorbell. Melanie's heart jumped with excitement, and Toni insisted that he would answer the door.
Making his way to open the door Toni had reminded himself that this was a completely different place and the woman down here didn't look anything like they did back at home. So he had to keep his cool. Opening the door, there stood a beautiful woman with luxorius short brown hair, piercing blue eyes, lucious lips, and a perfect tanned skin tone. Toni stared in awe at this beautiful woman and didn't know what to say.
"Halo, My name is Rosaria De Luca, is Melany here?" As she spoke Toni noticed that she had a heavy accent and her voice was so soft and delicate.
"Uh--Um--Yes, Melanie is here, come in, please. She's right in the kitchen."
Rosaria had slipped past Toni and made her way to the kitchen to greet Melanie with Toni following right behind her. Rosaria had lightly grabbed Melanie and complimented her on how beautiful she looked and thanked her for inviting her over.
"Welcome to Bella's Valley Melany, you love it here. There all kind of fun and love here."
"Thank you, thank you so much Rosaria. Have you met my husband?"
"Jes, Jes, I met him at the door."
Toni had stood in place for a couple of minutes and suggested that they all sit down and start on dinner before it got too cold.
Melanie and Rosaria had clicked instantly once they sat down to eat, they had so many things in common and they enjoyed talking to each other.
"This fish, very delicious Melany. You chef?"
With Rosaria's strong accent it was quite hard to understand what she was saying.
"Am I a chef you mean? Well, I cooked for my family back at home a lot and they loved my cooking. Isn't that right honey?"
Toni nodded his head in agreement to Melanie's statement without speaking. He felt weird sitting at the table with his wife and another woman so he just didn't speak much throughout the dinner.
"Oh, I see. Ju have bebe on way I see? Me have bebe, a girl, she not here. She in Italy."
Melanie was happy to know that Rosaria had a daughter, she could teach her a few things about being a mother. The dinner was going so well, and the girls had chatted the whole time while Toni sat in the corner quiet as can be. Melanie didn't seem to notice it at first because she was so into her conversation.
Finishing up her last bite Melanie looked over at her husband who had been unusually silent.
"Is everything okay Toni? You've been quiet the whole time. Is something bothering you?"
"Uh--Honey? Can I talk to you in our room for a second please?"
With concern Melanie agreed to go in their bedroom, but she was worried as to why Toni was acting so strange. He was fine earlier today when she got in from the supermarket and before she served dinner. So she couldn't understand what the problem was.
"Excuse me Rosaria, I'll be right back. My husband needs to talk with me."
"No problemo darling." Rosaria had sweetly replied.
Toni had got right to the point once they were far away from Rosaria and in their bedroom.
"Look Mel, she has to leave. This whole neighbor situation isn't working out too well. I feel uncomfortable with a stranger at our dinnertable."
Staring at her husband in disbelief Melanie felt saddened to hear her husband say something like that. She was having a great time with Rosaria and didn't want her to leave.
"Toni? You said it was okay for me to have company over, what is she doing that is bothering you honey?"
"Mel, I'm just not ready for house guests, it's too early. I just don't feel comfortable, you do understand right? I want you to be happy but I don't feel right with her here."
Looking down at her feet, Melanie was really sad that she couldn't continue her time with Rosaria. Toni had never acted like this before and he always wanted her to be happy no matter what.
"Okay, I understand. I'll tell her to leave."
Melanie's happiness had soon turned to sadness the moment Toni wanted Rosaria to leave, it was like Toni didn't want her to have any friends. On her way to the kitchen Melanie rehearsed a line in her head that wouldn't sound too mean when she told Rosaria to leave.
"Hey Rosaria, I've enjoyed having you over. I'm sorry but me and my husband have to go out and do some things for the baby. I'll see you another time."
"Ohh, no problemo darling. It get pretty late now, the bebe more important than me. Call me kay?"
Agreeing to call her, Melanie gave Rosaria a soft hug and closed the door behind her on her way out.
Light tears had ran down Melanie's face as she stood with her arms crossed. She sensed that Toni was behind her and she was very upset indeed.
"Toni, I don't know what's wrong with you. I jus want to make friends and you're just going to scare them all away." She had said in between sobs and tears. Running to her side Toni had comforted his wife and apologized to her consistently.
"Mel, I'm sorry, I'm just nervous about new people in our home. What if they were to take something of ours or spy on us?"
"You don't sound like yourself Toni. Back at home it didn't matter, none of that mattered! Why can't it be the same here?"
"All we need is each other." Toni had insisted.
Shoving Toni off of her Melanie stormed off to the bedroom and slammed the door behind her. This wasn't what she expected, all she wanted was to be happy.
A week had gone by and Melanie wasn't speaking to Toni since the day he told her to kick Rosaria out. However, throughout that week Melanie still managed to stay happy as can be, she spent most hours of the day sitting in the nursery reading parenting books and spending time with her baby alone.
"I can't wait until you come out of there little baby, I hope you look just like me." Melanie had said as she gently rubbed her belly. Each day had been more exciting for her when it came to her baby, simply because each day meant that her due date was getting closer and closer.
While Melanie Reminisced on motherhood she heard the door to her baby's room slowly creak open. Knowing it was Toni she had asked what he wanted.
"Um, Hi ... Honey. We haven't talked for a week, I wanted to know if you were ready to talk to me, I'm really sorry about what happened. I've been a wreck not being able to socialize with you."
Deep down inside Melanie knew she wanted to talk to Toni as well, and couldn't find a reason not to, she could never stay mad at him for too long. She had slowly turned around revealing her growing stomach to Toni and smiled at him.
"The baby is kicking Toni, come feel."
With a big smile on his face, Toni rushed towards Melanie and gently placed his hand on her warm stomach. It was always the slightest thing that always brought Melanie & Toni back together after a disagreement or argument. As Toni continued to rub his wife's stomach she had softly apologized to him for overreacting, her pregnancy had been messing with her emotions causing her to have sudden mood swings every so often. Accepting her innocent apology Toni took Melanie into his arms and they exchanged sweet "I Love You's". It gave them both such a great feeling knowing that they had resolved the issue. They had spent the rest of their lovely evening choosing baby names, a better nursery, and everything baby related. It seemed that the baby inside Melanie had always brought them back together more than anything. As the days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months Melanie and Toni had gotten closer and closer and the weeks had been filled with nothing but happiness, love, and preparation for the big day. They had researched all sorts of unique names for their little one, both boy and girl names. They did online shopping for a new nursery, clothes, toys, and every little thing that a precious baby would need. Toni had catered to his wife's every need and made sure she got anything that she had asked for. There were days when Melanie found herself happier than usual and she'd sometimes sit outside and catch the warm summer breeze while Toni would go to work in his Tinkering room building toys for the baby. The whole month had been directed towards the baby and towards Melanie. They were the two who needed love and attention more than anyone else. Toni promised he would keep this up while Melanie's due date was quickly approaching. It had been two days before Melanie's estimated due date and her mood swings had taken their toll on her. She would snap at Toni every so often, throw fits at him, and she'd get so restless. It had been a peaceful afternoon and as Melanie & Toni sat at the table to eat Toni had sensed that Melanie was in a sour mood. He was holding in something he had been wanting to tell her and he knew she would snap at him if he spoke up about it. It was completely harmless and hoped it didn't set her off too much. It was always better to tell her sooner than later, so Toni took a deep breath, sat up straight in his chair and let the words roll off of his tongue.
"Mel? I've got something to tell you. It's about the day that Rosaria first came to visit us. I don't want you to get angry at me honey."
Rolling her eyes and sitting up straight in the chair she replied, "What is it Toni?"
"The real reason I told her to leave was because I thought she was absolutely stunning and it felt awkward to have another woman at our table. I--I love you more than anything and I didn't want you to be hurt by me saying that at the time."
There was a change of expression in Melanie's face and Toni knew she would explode at any minute. Getting up from her chair, she had stomped her feet, swung her arms around in anger and screamed at Toni calling him all sorts of names.
"You dirty pig, I hate you, I knew it, I just knew it! She's not the one walking around with a huge stomach, I AM! That must explain why she's so stunning to you and i'm not, go be with her then."
"Mel, please calm down, it's not good for you to be this way while you're pregnant. I'm sorry honey I was just being honest, If I kept that from you it would've been worse. Please don't be angry with me Mel."
Melanie was so furious and she wasn't listening to anything that Toni was saying to her at the moment. As much as he tried to calm her down she had refused, and before storming out of the house and slamming the door behind her she had told Toni she never wanted to see him ever again.
Toni was speechless, he didn't know what to say or do. He stood still in shock, his body had went numb, it had felt as if his heart had been stepped on and thrown back at him. Melanie's mood swings had been bad before, but at this very moment they had went from bad to worse. What if she really meant what she had said? What if she never wanted to see him again? After 45 minutes of standing in the kitchen with the scene replaying in his head Toni finally managed to move his body and go sit down on the sofa. He sat calmly taking deep breaths in and out just hoping she would somehow walk back in the house, she never did. Toni slowly began to doze off when the sound of the telephone had woke him up causing him to jump up and grab it. "Uh-Hello? Mel is that you?" Toni had said with a bit of relief, but he wasn't prepared for the information that he was about to hear.
"No, No, it's Rosaria. Melany in trouble, she get in car accident. She on her way here when "BOOM". She crash, we need visit her and bebe in hospitel now."
Toni had nearly dropped the phone and didn't believe the information that he was just informed of.
"N--N--No! No! Stop it, how do you know this? I love her, she's carrying my child."
"She call, then me hear "BOOM" down street, we must go see her in hospitel and see if her and bebe okay. Meet me at hospitel, leave now!"
After placing the phone back on the receiver Toni stood in his place and so many thoughts had ran through his mind. Is she alright? Is my baby alright? Did she get severly hurt? He had to know what his wife's condition was immediately. Toni called a cab to take him to the hospital and made his way there as quickly as he could.
As Toni walked into the main lobby of the hospital he found Rosaria standing in the lobby waiting patiently for him to arrive. Rosaria quickly rushed to his side and they walked up to the front desk.
"Hello, My name is Toni Star, and I was just informed that my wife got into a car accident, her name is Melanie Star. She's carrying our unborn child and I want to know that she's alright."
"Jes, we need know she okay nurse." Rosaria had added on.
"Yes, she is here, I just need you to take a seat and a doctor will be out shortly to assist you. Everything will be fine."
Toni had obeyed the nurse's orders and went to sit down with Rosaria right behind him.
There was an awkward moment of silence between Toni & Rosaria, it had been her presence and her well being that very day that had caused everything to go up in flames the way that it did. Toni certainly didn't want to be the one to break the silence, so Rosaria did.
"I sorry Toni, it all me fault. Melany very upset, she call me, she tell me how much she love you, she very hurt."
Toni had began to think maybe he was wrong to have told Melanie something like that while she was pregnant. He also felt kind of guilty to judge Rosaria for something that she wasn't.
Being the better man about the situation Toni had decided to apologize as well.
"It's okay Rosaria, I'd like to apologize too. I was being selfish and I didn't realize how selfish I was being to my wife, and to you. You're a friend of my wife's and I must respect that."
Nodding her head in agreement Rosaria had accepted Toni's apology and she was very flattered. Now that they had resolved their tiny inside issues all they had left to do was sit and wait, wait to see if Melanie and the baby was alright.
They had waited for a couple of hours until a doctor finally arrived in the lobby. Toni immediately looked up and he wanted to know what his wife's condition was, and the baby's.
"Hello, I'm Dr. Emmanuel Gates, you're Toni Star Correct?"
"Yes, yes, I'm Toni Star." he had replied anxiously.
Dr.Gates studied Toni's face and looked over at Rosaria in confusion.
"May I ask who this young woman is?"
Before anyone could reply Rosaria had spoke for herself.
"My name Rosaria, me Melany good friend, I want to see if she alright, her husband need see her more than me. I wait out here, he need go in."
Both Toni and Dr.Gates shook their heads in approval and Dr.Gates assured Toni to follow him so he can be able to tell him everything.
Once they were out of the lobby and in private Toni didn't want to waste any time with this situation. He was very nervous and all he wanted to hear was good news, not bad news.
"Is she okay Dr.Gates? Is my child okay? I need to know!" Toni had pleaded.
Dr.Gates had cleared his throat and he began to talk to Toni.
" Melanie is well, and your baby girl is well. The crash wasn't severe at all, Melanie had been going into Labor while she was driving which distracted her from her driving and she lightly crashed. She did manage to give birth in that short amount of time which stunned us all. She had a Cesarean Section and the baby girl is fine, but we are running some tests to make sure there are no minor or major injuries. You know, your a lucky man Mr.Star, it's a mircale that your wife and baby are still alive, a Miracle. I think you should go in and see her now."
Hearing the information that Dr.Gates just delivered to him had took every bit of worry out of Toni's body. He was more than relieved to know that Melanie and their baby "girl" were still alive and well. Toni had thanked Dr.Gates constantly and made his way into the hospital room and slowly but quietly sat down next to the bed where Melanie lay peacefully. Even though Melanie was asleep Toni wanted to talk to Melanie and let her know how much he loved her.
"I'm sorry Mel, I'm truly sorry. It's my fault that your're laying here right now. We had a girl, too bad I couldn't be here to see you give birth to her. I know she's beautiful just like you and I can't wait to see her. Well, I love you Mel, I really really do."
After getting that off of his chest he stood up, leaned over Melanie and lightly kissed her on the forehead. It had always seemed like whenever something bad happened it always made their relationship stronger. It also opened up Toni's eyes and made him realize that it wasn't always just about him, his needs weren't the only ones that mattered. His wife was more precious than any other woman that he'd met in his lifetime and he didn't ever want anything to happen to her. Now that he had a daughter in his life, there were two females he had to look after now. He was truly blessed to have everything he ever wanted and promised himself he wouldn't ever take it for granted ever again. { 1 Year Later }

The past year had been very hectic and at the same time it had been filled with happiness and joy. Shortly after patching things up Melanie and Toni decided to start all over and do what was best for their baby girl, whom they named Arcadia. She was a bright baby girl and she looked exactly like Toni! Speaking of Toni, he had found a great job in business and made a friend who worked in the same field as he did. They had become really close and always helped each other out in times of need. While on the other hand Melanie & Rosaria had become the best of friends and whenever they felt as if one another were going to fail they'd pick each other right back up again. It had seemed like they were living the perfect life after all in this "new" town.
It had been one of those get togethers that Melanie and Toni started having when they would invite friends over to have a barbecue and have a good time. While they listened to music, ate, laughed, talked, and let the cool breeze hit them, Melanie and Toni couldn't keep their eyes off of each other. The incident that happened a year ago had brought them closer together and every single day after that had been amazing.
"Toni, how about we go get some more drinks to bring outside, we're running low out here honey." Melanie had said with a small giggle.
Toni agreed with Melanie and they left Arcadia in Rosaria's hands and made their way inside the house.
They had both knew they weren't going inside for drinks, they were really going inside to be alone, without all the music, chatter, laughter, and cool breeze. They gazed into each other's eyes, hugged romantically, kissed passionately and appreciated each other like a married couple should. Toni had to be the happiest man ever, and he was so lucky to still have his wife and daughter. It had then came back to him, something Dr. Gates had said to him in the hospital. "Your a lucky man Mr.Star, it's a miracle that your wife and baby are still alive. A Miracle."
"Mel, that day in the hospital the doctor had said something to me."
Wrapping her arms around Toni's neck she had sweetly replied "What was it honey?"
"He said it had been a miracle that you and Arcadia are still in my life, it's stayed with me for so long now."
As Melanie looked into her husband's eyes and lightly kissed him on the lips she had replied and said "Miracles Do Happen Toni, and I guess it was a miracle, like Dr.Gates said."
"Yeah, it was."
After their romantic moment Melanie and Toni had exited the house hand in hand to return to the barbecue. From that moment on Melanie and Toni had learned a valuable lesson, and that was to never take anything for granted and appreciate everything and everyone in your life because it could be here one day and be gone the next. It was indeed a miracle and it had only made their love much stronger in just remembering that ..... Miracles Do Happen.
Thanks So Much for taking the time to read my first short story, leave lovely comments. :) This is not my first and last short story so stay tuned for more future short stories from me. ;)


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GRETA STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIVE!!!!!!!!!

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Great story!!! I look forward to reading other stories!!!

#23squeakersJan 14, 2010

\:wub\: Absolutely beautiful story, it is so true miracles happen, ans also never to take things for granted, your screenshots were so beautiful, and I can't wait to see more stories from you!!!!! This was very amazing, and well worth reading again!!!! I wish I could give it more than a five, because it deserves so much more than that!!!!!! Thank you for creating and sharing this lovelt story, I will be reading it again!\:wub\: \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

#24martoeleJan 15, 2010

Beautiful story. Congratulations. \:rah\:

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I enjoyed your story it's a very good sotry\:\)

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You do nice work.  Thanks for sharing! \:D

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Beautiful! Lovly story! Great vork! \:\)

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plz make more storys i love every one!!!\:D \:rah\: \:\)

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I really enjoyed this story. Good job! \:D

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