My Messed Up Life Part 7
Published Nov 21, 2009

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(Author's Note:Hello and welcome to another episode of "My Messed Up Life"! I hope you guys are all enjoying the story. I really appreciate everybody who has read, commented, or rated my stories. It's been so awesome to see how many people have been supportive. Ok, ok, I'll spare you from my boring speech :) Enjoy!)

(Author's Note:Hello and welcome to another episode of "My Messed Up Life"! I hope you guys are all enjoying the story. I really appreciate everybody who has read, commented, or rated my stories. It's been so awesome to see how many people have been supportive. Ok, ok, I'll spare you from my boring speech :) Enjoy!) I was reading in mom's bedroom one day when I heard my parents have a loud discussion in the kitchen. Curiously, I set my book on the floor and tiptoed into the dining room, where I hid right behind the wall. "You know, it'd be nice if you helped out more with the twins. They are yours too!" dad said. Mom slammed the dishwasher closed. "Oh yeah? I'll have you know that I am the one who keeps this household running!" She shouted back. "You call sitting on the couch all day running the house?" He asked, raising his voice. "Excuse me, but I don't see YOU buying the groceries, changing the twin's diapers, or washing the dishes! Not to mention you won't even touch the lawnmower!" Mom yelled. "Okay, if you think you can run a household by yourself, then I'm LEAVING." Dad said, grabbing his keys. I ducked under the table so he wouldn't see me. "FINE!" Mom screamed, lifting her hand towards the door. Once mom and dad were outside, I ran upstairs to my bedroom and watched out the window as dad sped off in one of our cars. Strangely, mom was still waiting outside. Curious, I kept watching. Suddenly, a man appeared and walked up to mom. She waved, then grabbed him close and they started whispering. They had an intense conversation, and I started really wondering who that was. I knocked on my bedroom window, but mom couldn't hear me. The man stood up and seemingly hypnotized mom's chin. He brought her forward and... KISSED HER. My stomach dropped into my feet. How could mom? I pulled away from the window and crossed my arms across my chest. I could not believe this. I felt like crying again, so I did. Trying to recover from last night's incident, I somehow woke up for school. I got there a few minutes before the bell rang, so the class was chatting away before class began. I stared at Patty, who was sitting next to Josh. They were happily flirting and talking, and suddenly I wanted to run back to my warm, safe bed. "Penny, sit in your seat please." Ms. Smith, my science teacher, said. I trudged over to my seat and plopped down in the back. Ms. Smith whistled to get the class's attention. "Okay, now we have a lot to do today, so please stop talking. We're going to be learning a little bit more about atoms and space." she said. Brian, the class nerd, also know as "Brian the Brain" raised his hand. "Yes, Bryan?" the teacher said. "Do we get to take notes?" He asked eagerly. Ms. Smith smiled. "Yes, I almost forgot. Do take notes on this, class." The class groaned, and a chorus of "Nice going, Brian" and "Thanks a lot" filled the room. But Ms. Smith didn't seem to notice. "Okay, take a look at this graph, and it will show you that..." Her voice to me started trailing off as I daydreamed. I felt a vibration in the pocket of my jeans that snapped me back into the classroom. I looked up at the teacher, who was busy pointing out stuff on the graph. I pulled out my phone and stared down at the message discreetly. The text was from Patty. It read, "Jealous much of me and Josh?" My face burned and I slammed the phone back into my pocket. I couldn't even look at Patty, but something told me she was suppressing giggles. "And that would conclude the chapter lesson today. Now, as you all know, we do have a science project that I passed out directions on. Today I'm going to announce your partners." The class "Ugh"ed, because we all wanted to choose partners. Not like I had many friends in this class. "Alright, let's see here." The teacher said as she tried to find the partner list. "Adrian, you're with Julie. Robert and Stacy, you're partners." I secretly hoped Josh was my partner. I know he is a jerk, but I couldn't help but love him. "Patty, your partner is..." she scrolled down, and my hands sweated. I prayed silently. Please don't be Josh, Please don't be Josh. "Josh. Your partner will be Patty." Both of them cheered to each other. Ugh! "Penny, you will work with Brian." WHAT? Whoa. No. You mean Brain? "Okay now, move next to your partners and discuss project ideas!" Ms. Smith instructed. I didn't move. I couldn't. Anybody other than Brian would have been fine. Even my ex best friend Patty would be less awkward than this. "Is there a problem, Penny? Go sit with Brian please." Josh and Penny looked at me and chuckled. I flushed with anger and walked over to where Brian was waiting. "Hi Penny! Did you know that if you use x=1/2y you can find the answer to-" I cut him off. "Just scoot in so I can get in my chair, okay?" I told him. I let him do most of the talking. Actually, I didn't pay attention to half of it. "So, I thought we could make a diagram. Or, oh, oh! A scale model! What do you think, Pen?" PEN? Oh my gosh, get me out of here. "Um, great. And don't call me Pen again. Ever." I told him. He blushed. "Um, sorry." But that didn't stop his mouth from running off. I pretended to look at him, but really I was straining to hear Patty and Josh's conversation. "OH! I Know!" Brian said enthusiastically. "We can bring in the REAL THING!" He clapped his hands together. "What do you think?" He asked me. "Um, whatever." I prayed for the bell to ring. "Okay, class, back to your seats. Back up, the bell is about to ring." Ms. Smith said, and I wondered if she had read my mind. I took my regular seat in a hurry. "Hey, Penny..." Matt, my first boyfriend and first ex asked. I turned me head and raised my eyebrows. " I wish you were my partner." He said and smiled. And very stupidly, I got away from myself and fell for it. "Really?" I asked. He flipped open his phone and when he closed it, mine vibrated. I opened the message from Matt. "NO!!!" It read, in all caps. When the bell rang, I was so glad school was almost over. I decided to talk to Ms. Smith. "Yes, Penny?" She glanced up from her computer screen. "There a problem?" Yes. "Well, sort of. I wanted to talk about my partner for the project. Ms. Smith nodded like she knew. She stood up from her chair and walked past me. She stopped in front of me and raised her hand. "Look, Penny, I know you don't want to be partners with Brian. I understand why. He may not be popular to you, but just give him a chance." She said. "But, I, but..." I didn't know what to say. I felt a strong resentment towards my teacher at that moment. "Penny, stop. You'll be fine. You are a good student and I know you can handle this. My mind is made up. Now, I have to go to a meeting now. Bye, Penny." The next few weeks I had to spend with Brian. I hated it it at first, and always made up excuses why I couldn't do something. But after a while, I actually started to cooperate. And when I did, I felt I could work with Brian a lot easier. I did the reading and studying, and Brian did the research on the Internet and typed up the report. Sometimes, we'd take study breaks and watch some kind of movie. We turned off the computer, put the books away, and make some popcorn. It turns out that Brian was a really sweet guy, and I liked hanging out with him. I admit it, I sort of developed a crush on him. Not because of his looks, because of his good nature and charm. With Josh, I wouldn't have talked to him if he hadn't of been so cute. And I definitely would not have talked to Brian at all. I'm glad I got to, though. One night, I decided to walk him out. He hugged me. "I had a really fun time tonight. I'm really happy we got partnered up." Brian said. "Maybe sometime soon you can come to my house and meet my dad?" "What happened to your mom?" I blurted. I slammed my hand over my mouth. "Ohmygosh, I'm so sorry." I mentally smacked myself. "It's okay, Penny. My mom died a few years ago." Brian looked down at the floor and I felt so bad. "Well, I would love to come to your house and meet your dad." I tried. He didn't respond. "And again, I'm really sorry." Brian said it was okay again, and then he tried to kiss me. He banged my nose, and I rubbed it as it throbbed. He blushed pure red. "I'm so sorry, I've never kissed a girl so-" "Oh shut up." I laughed, then kissed him for a few seconds. We both giggled after we kissed. Brian touched his lips and smiled. "I think I liked that." He said, and we both laughed. "Well, I'll see you later Brian. Can't wait to meet your dad!" I called after him as he left. I watched him disappear down the street and I smiled. Had I finally found the right guy for me? Who cares if he was nerd?
If it meant being called a nerd myself, was worth it.

(Author's note: Hope you liked it. Next week, you'll be totally surprised at what happens at Brian's house! Keep reading to find out what leaves Penny shocked.)

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dyonne930Apr 7, 2010

Awwww Brian such a nerd but he's so sweet.

crazymonkey1125Jan 1, 2010

ok my prediction is that brians dad is the guy her mom is having an afair with!!!

martoeleNov 23, 2009

Good job \:rah\:

MangioNov 23, 2009


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