Another Point Of View - Final Part
Published Nov 27, 2009

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While in the garden, Raphael asked Cynthia: “Are you aware that today it is one year ago that you arrived here?” “No… really? Incredible how time goes by… Do you want me to leave?” “Oh no, for heaven’s sake, no. At least you shouldn’t, not at this moment.” “All right Raph, I will continue cleaning the house” and she went inside.

While in the garden, Raphael asked Cynthia: “Are you aware that today it is one year ago that you arrived here?” “No… really? Incredible how time goes by… Do you want me to leave?” “Oh no, for heaven’s sake, no. At least you shouldn’t, not at this moment.” “All right Raph, I will continue cleaning the house” and she went inside. Raphael was working a bit more in the garden and thinking about the progresses the girl had made. Her character had softened quite a lot but he knew that her heart chakra still was closed. The man was getting tired now and he went inside where Cynthia was preparing them something to eat. Later that day while talking a bit she said that her shoulders and back were aching. Then Raphael told her to follow him to the bathroom where he would wash his hands and there he gave her a nice massage. “Oh, I feel really very relieved. Thank you. Raphael is there anything you are not able to do? This haircut suits me fine and now this wonderful massage…” “Well, in my young years I’ve been working as a hairdresser and the massage… that’s inspired”. Cynthia looked at him; she had become very fond of him. It was getting dark and she asked: “Raph, would you like to sit with me outside to look at Sunset Valley? I really love it in the evening”. Then, as practically every evening, they would sit on a rock without speaking. That wasn’t necessary. They just sat there; Cynthia with her own thoughts and Raphael focusing on her. Whenever a question came into her mind and she wanted to ask him, he looked at her and even without having asked, the answer was there in her head. She always asked herself if this was possible. Only when she had questions about him, she didn’t get an answer. They often went together walking and exploring the island and during one of these walks, Raphael hurt himself and couldn’t walk very well. He tried to limp up to the house but he had that painful look. Then Cynthia lifted him up in her arms and brought him to the house and she changed him into his pajamas. He just let her 'mother' him and sat there quietly while Cynthia prepared dinner.
They talked a lot that evening. Raph told her about his wild years and that he had been held in prison. She was very impressed that he could speak about it without being frustrated. She said: “Weren’t you angry with people then?” “Oh no, it all has been my own fault and, you know, you learn more from bad experience than from the good ones”. Cynthia said: “I disagree with you; you have been my only good experience and I have learnt a lot since I came here”. "That, my dear, is because you trusted me from the start". Then Cynthia saw that his legg hurt him a lot.
She noticed that he was having a bad time and she felt if though her heart was getting a ‘crack’. She took him in her arms again and brought him to his bed. She stayed there with him until he had fallen asleep and then she went to her own bedroom. Every now and then she woke up and went to see him but he was sleeping very well. Next day Raphael was far better and the man observed that Cynthia’s heart chakra had a little crack. He saw a bit of energy moving around that crack and was pleased about it but as well a little sad. So... very big impressions were needed to reach that heart of her! That evening he told her: “I’ve known many women and with most of them I have been whoo-hooing. As a matter of fact I thought that it was the purpose of my life, to have this kind of relationship until I found out that my life was empty and without love.” This was an unknown area for Cynthia. “Isn’t whoo-hoo real love?” she asked. “No my dear; just whoo-hoo is empty and unsatisfying. It should be a completion of love. Since I’m aware of that, I’ve never done it again”.
“So, what then is love? How do you know when you love somebody?”
Raphael meditated a while. He took place on the loveseat and then answered: “Real love has many manifestations. It could be like wanting to be one with somebody in respect, in spirit and mind; once you feel this way, then you’re ready for whoo-hoo with that special person. Then it’s not only a good feeling in your body; then it’s like a religious experience. The energy doesn’t only come up to the stomach but is lifted up through the heart until it reaches the head chakra.” “So… if you respect and admire somebody that much that you would like to know his thoughts, that you would be enlightened by him… that would be love?”
“Yes, my dear. You understand it correctly.”
Cynthia looked at him and with a small voice she said: “Raphael, that what I feel for you”.
Now Raphael got a bit nervous and said: “Cynthia, don’t let your imagination run away with your real feelings. I could be your grandfather…. Your chakras are opening; a lot of energy is flowing into your body. Remember for the rest of your life that the energy follows the thoughts.”
He stood up again and said: "Let's have something to eat".
Cynthia was a good pupil and said: “You are being contradictory. Your age has nothing to do with love. If you only knew the moments that I have been longing to hide away in your head to be able to understand all of your wisdom....”
Then Cynthia's brave character came out and she said: “Raphael, I love you and I'm
sure that you can give me that feeling that I never have experienced, if you cannot give me that, nobody can”.
Raphael was looking away from her. He knew that she was right but he couldn’t stop remembering that his days were over. He felt that she really needed him and perhaps it would be good to her heart chakra. He had to be honest and consequent with the philosophy he taught her.
After having dinner he took place again in the livingroom.
Then she sat next to him and begged him for a kiss. Raphael seemed to be shyer than she was. Once they started, they couldn’t stop anymore. That night they slept together. Raphael’s heart seemed light and heavy at the same time. He knew that the crack in Cynthia's heart had become bigger and she only needed one more big impression to open her heart chakra completely. He sneaked out of bed and went downstairs to write a resume of the most important esoteric guidelines for her future when he wouldn’t be there anymore. She had responded so well to the wisdom; he didn’t want that to be lost when he would pass away. He wanted to assure her peace and happiness. The same way he sneaked out, he sneaked into bed again. Next day, they practically didn’t talk. They walked side by side, hand in hand through the landscapes of Lighthouse Island.
Cynthia was really very happy; when Raphael looked into her eyes she felt this tremendous energy flowing through her, reaching her brain. It only still hurt a bit when passing through her heart.
In the evening they sat together and hugged until bedtime. Raphael held her so sweetly; if though it was the last time. That night, Raphael got up with the intention to keep writing down his wisdom for her but then… it happened… with all his might he tried to send his love to her and that love reached her heart. She woke up immediately and felt ‘strange’, if though the essence of Raphael was inside her body and mind. When she was aware that his physical body wasn’t there anymore, she stood there like in a vacuum. She looked out of the window, seeing how the waves continued and the leaves on the bushes kept moving and she thought: “How is this possible… everything continues…”. Then the truth hammered into her head… she felt if though her heart would burst into pieces and then… she let her feelings out… She cried… And cried… And cried… After a few days, Cynthia found all his wisdom written down, especially for her and when she started reading, she could feel the energy again. That did a lot of good to her soul; she knew now that Raphael’s mind and spirit had been brought to her and she never had to feel alone anymore. She took care of the garden; she owed that to Raphael and then she heard his voice in her head: “My dear, don’t stay here. Please go back to Sunset Valley. Don’t worry about the Lighthouse. I know that somebody who needs to be alone is on his way. It would be great if you could leave a copy of everything that I’ve written for you, here on the table. You should take the original with you because I know that, in the future, you will need to pass this wisdom to someone else, important to us.” She wondered what he meant with that ‘us’. She made the copy and put the original in her pocket. She didn’t want to leave the tomb behind so she took it with her as well. First of all, she wanted to take all the furniture from the house but then she remembered that these things are not important and she left them behind. The same day that she would take the boat to go back, she noticed something that filled her heart with joy and gratefulness; she was pregnant. In spite of the sadness of the situation, tears came up to her eyes; tears of happiness. Now she really had a future and someone to live for. She thought “yes, he knew it; this being will be a living manifestation of real love and is very important to ‘us’.”
When leaving the lighthouse, she looked back only once more at the place where she had found love, wisdom and self-respect.
Then she turned around and used the boat to go back to Sunset Valley.
While going back to Sunset Valley, she knew that she had to make up with all the people she had hurt and she had already made up her mind how she would do that.

The End

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BuffSummJan 19, 2012

What a nice story... I feel sad and happy same time... The story is so carry-over... it had me banned from the first moment I read it... I am not used to read Sims 3 Storys, but Margo, you teached me now that it is a big mistake not to read them... I will start now with you other stories... great... thank you very much \:wub\:

Audrey May VIPJul 26, 2011

I'm am really happy Cynthia found happiness at last and is going to apologize to the ones she hurt and spread happiness to others.  \:\)

Dec 27, 2010

great story thank you

MaevynSep 24, 2010

Oh, what a beautiful ending! \:wub\:

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