Forgotten Redemption: Chapter 15 part 2
Published Dec 1, 2009

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Hey everyone!
Here’s the next part, hope you all like it!
And thanks so much to everyone who commented on the last part of the story, you guys really ROCK!

Hey everyone!
Here’s the next part, hope you all like it!
And thanks so much to everyone who commented on the last part of the story, you guys really ROCK!
Here’s the story so far (For people who have just tuned in):
Sixteen year old Samantha Wilson recently moved to Botany Bay, the birth place of her parents. But sadly her parents died in an accident four years ago. When exploring her new town she finds an old friend, Lilly, and follows her home. But when she enters that house, nothing will ever be the same for her again. She accidentally discovers a secret curse that affects the whole of the Howarth bloodline! Each member who has Howarth blood in their veins is cursed a different power. Usually when people find out about the curse they have to hypnotize to forget it all. But now that Samantha is allowed to remember everything, what adventures are in stall for her next? Who will she meet in this chapter? How will she deal with the gang she just met? Let’s find out!
“Well, well, look who we have here...”
I was complete frozen. I couldn’t move. I was scared, scared that the rumours about them were true. I saw everyone looked at me.
“Well hello there, now who might you be?”
What should I do? Oh gosh, what should I do?! I don’t know what t do! Do I say something back? Do I tell them my name? No, of course I shouldn’t! Lilly said if they ask anything about you, you don’t tell them! Why are they even here?! Shouldn’t they be in cl-
“Her name is Samantha,” I heard Seth –I think that’s his name –say.
“Ah, so this is Samantha!” I knew that Nolan was the blonde guy. Lilly made sure I remembered that. He gave me a funny look, grinning strangely and a daring glint in his eye. What could he be thinking?
“You ain’t a bad looker,” he continued his eyes trailing from my feet back up to my face. I stated to feel extremely uncomfortable. All the others turned to look at me the same way he was. My eyes shifted t Dylan, how directed his eyes away from mine towards the wall. He was acting like nothing was happening.
I guess that was for the best, I wouldn’t want to be a burden on him or anything like that. In fact, why would he want to protect me anyway? To me he was a friend, but maybe he didn’t feel the same about me…“I, um, better get going back to class now…”
“No, no, stay awhile!” Nolan said stepping closer to me “I mean, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind skipping class for me now would you?”
The others laughed, Dylan kept quiet. I started to shift away shaking my head. But then I found I couldn’t move.
Something had stopped me.
Something painfully tight clung around my arm.
I saw then that Nolan was gripping my arm with a more angered look on his face.
My eyes widened. Fear coursed through me.
“What’s this you say?” he continued mockingly “You’ll go out with me tomorrow? At eight o’clock? Well, I’m sure you know that if you don’t show up then-”
“And I thought you couldn’t get any lower then already were!”
My head automatically turned to my rescuer. I wanted to smile but I failed, instead I gasped. It didn’t matter, I knew now that I was safe…
“No, this is beyond low; this is just way low as anyone can get. Taking advantage of a new student when she doesn’t even know her way around the school. You’re nothing but a pathetic lot!” Nolan just looked at Ryan with a smirk. “You crossed the line again…”
“Don’t care about the line,” I heard Ryan mutter. “Only sickos and creeps like you believe in the line.”
I looked between the two of them seeing that something was going to happen. No, I couldn’t let them fight. Not because of-
“Hey! You talk like that again and you’re gone!” Dylan? I looked to him seeing that he was right next to me.
Ryan glared at him in return before saying “You wanna take this somewhere else?”
Nolan and the other crowed them on. “Com’ on, fight!”
“You’re on!” Dylan yelled back clenching his fits.
Ryan jerked his thumb behind his shoulder where he’d come from. The two off and I just followed. I had a sinking feeling as I knew what would happen. More fighting. I didn’t like it, not one bit…
“You couldn’t even stand up to them to save her!”
When we were out of eye view the two started arguing, and what was worse, it was about me! I didn’t want them to fight over me but I couldn’t seem to get my voice out to tell them to stop.
“Yeah well at least I wasn’t the one who ABANDONED her!”
“I didn’t!”
“Well if you didn’t then why the hell did she wonder into the danger zone?!”
“She’s new here, you can’t expect her to know where to go. And as it is I wasn’t assigned to guide her around the school. You could have at least helped her get out of the situation she was in instead of standing their looking completely clueless!”
“Oh that does it-”
“Please stop!” I managed to get my voice out. The only problem was that it was too loud. They both turned to me looking warily and surprised at me. “Please, I don’t want you to fight over me! I’m really sorry I started this whole mess, and I promise I won’t do it again. Just please stop fighting. I don’t want either of you to get hurt!” Wow, that was really fast. I wonder if they even understood a word I said.
I looked form one to other. Dylan looked away sighing heavily “Fine, just don’t do again, you got it?”
I nodded quickly and nervously. He turned his gaze back to Ryan, glaring at him. As he turned to go he looked back at me. It was strange, the look in his eye. It was something I hadn’t seen before. Was he…concerned?
“Come on, better go…” I looked to see Ryan storming off.
“Huh? Wait, please…!” I ran after him just catching up to him. Why was he still angry? I thought that he was okay with all of this.
“Ryan, what’s wrong? I thought that we-”
“There’s a lot to be worried about. I can’t let you do something like that again. I’m not blaming you at all…”
“Please, I’m really sorry. I never wanted you to come in my defense and get yourself into an argument, but I really am grateful you did. I’m sorry…” What made them so scary? Why did everyone fear them? So many questions burned in my head. I knew why, but yet I didn’t.
He stopped suddenly, and I nearly bumped into him. I took a cautious step back. “Ryan?”
“They know a lot of weaknesses,” he replied not turning towards me “They know how to manipulate people into doing their bidding. I’m…I’m the one who should be sorry. You weren’t to know. I’m sorry for not warning you about them, otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten into that situation back there.
“Just…Just don’t go near them again, okay? I really…” He trailed off. His head turned slightly towards me, but not enough to half his face. He sighed lightly turning his head away from me again. “I really don’t want to see you get hurt…You’re a really special to me.”
My heart skipped a beat.
A quiet gasp escaped my lips.
I felt the tinge of a blush flood my cheeks.
I found myself walking towards him.
“Ryan, I-”
I felt my feet leave the ground. I was falling forward…
“Hey, watch out!”
Something caught my arms holding me mid fall, and then pulled me up to my feet.
“You scared me there!” Ryan said chuckling lightly.
I smiled and laughed awkwardly. It was then that I realized what had stopped me from falling. He did. I don’t know why but I felt more secure, more safe right now. It was like he was protecting me…
“Ryan I…” Why was he looking at me like that? Why was my heart racing and pounding against my chest? Why couldn’t I move? Why couldn’t I say anything? Why didn’t I mind being this close to him? Why was I happy? Why was I…sad?
He leaned his head down toward mine.
I didn’t know what to do, except close my eyes…
The bell rang.
It felt like I had jumped six feet in the air, and yet I hadn’t jumped. I opened my eyes seeing that Ryan’s face was centimeters away from mine. He pulled away gently letting go of my arms. I felt the heated blush finally reach my cheeks.
He took a step back putting a hand on the back of his neck nervously and awkwardly. The air around us was awkward…really akward.
“Sorry…” I heard him mummer.
“Eh, no, it’s okay, um…Sorry I made you miss class!”
“What? No it’s okay! Um…better get our lockers, huh?”
“Yeah, better go…bye.” I walked away too fast towards the stairs, almost turning it into a run. I didn’t look back to see if he had walked off or not.
What was that back there?
That look on his face, and in his eyes. I don’t know what it was. Why did I find myself not able to look away? Why did I wish the bell didn’t ring?
I was so confused. Surely he wasn’t…going to kiss me!
‘What the hell was I thinking?’
His mind tried to calm down from the events before, but it seemed to keep racing. ‘What was I even doing? Bt she was there and…’
That dream.
It was the reason he couldn’t sleep last night. After having that weird dream, he was too stunned to close his eyes. Too shocked…
“Lilly, what do you mean?”
“...I can’t say.” She left the church.
“Who’s this?” His steps were only thing to be heard.
He wasn’t prepared for this...
“Sam?!” Horror and disbelief coursed through his veins freezing the blood in them. He stepped back nearly tripping over his feet.
He could only choke out his words. “What?! NO! This is...impossible!”
The coffin slammed shut.
“It seems that the accident happened...”
“She was involved in a terrible fire. No burns, you notice. However, off that topic...” “Why her?! If you saw this coming why didn’t you say anything?!” “You honestly think I’d tell you? You really must be thick headed. As much as defiantly DON’T want her dead, I’d never tell you. Off that topic now and onto the new. You can’t hide it from her forever. One day you’ll snap, and she’ll see, and that will be the day that will BREAK you!” “I’ll never do that!”
“One day, you’ll see. It’ll consume your mind, your Maledictioforma...”
She appeared, walking towards him without a sound. He could only stand there, grief stricken. “It’s okay to be afraid because what you have in you is something anyone would be afraid of. You are not the only Howarth to have this inside, there is another. Just remember though... “...Don’t let it control you...” Today wasn’t a normal day for the Howarths. Today was the day of Jacob’s death. Jake was the father of Lilly and Dylan and was the eldest of the Howarth children when growing up. Well hopefully it won’t be a tough day for everyone...
“Huh?” I turned around to the angered voice. My eyes widened. I found myself speechless. He looked...different. Not only was he all in black but...his hair was out. I’d never seen him with his hair out before, it really suited him, for some strange reason. “About yesterday,” Dylan continued, his hair swayed gracefully as he took a step forward. “The only reason I backed down was because we’re getting suspicious about my whereabouts. Don’t take it the wrong way thinking I did it for you because I didn’t.”
“Um, okay...”
“And just stay away from me...I don’t need you messing up my reputation.” I was saddened to hear that. But I guess the last thing I wanted was for him not to be happy, it was the same with all my other friends. If they weren’t happy with me being around then fair enough.
“I understand, and I’m sorry if I have caused you any trouble in your group, it’s the last thing I wanted...”
“Yeah, well, you did. Now they’re on to me...”
He seemed a lot angrier than usual. I think I knew why though. His father died on this day, it’s only natural that he’d be feeling this way I suppose. “I’m also sorry know. If you need someone to talk to when you’re not in school then-”
“You’ll never understand! So quit trying to help me out ‘cause I don’t need it. Just stay away from me...” And with that he left. I stood there looking on after him as he slammed the front door behind him. I felt the sadness sink my heart. I sighed getting make to making breakfast. I can only imagine what today will be like with the rest of the Howarths. I’ll just have to wait and see.
(Sorry for the long wait again, this time it wasn’t a MONTH! I got a question from Fikcija. I got this entire idea for the story from a dream I had when I was ten. I only just developed it more in recent years. Anyway, the I made up the legends and magic. The legend about the chosen one was in my dream and was also told by Lilly. Hope that answers your question! :D
Anyone else has any questions about the story I’ll be happy to answer them
Thank for reading and if you could please comment that’d be greatly greatly appreciated!
Keep creating and simming!!

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Michelle 111Jan 15, 2010

Waiting for the next chapter, please don't make it a long wait.

tonya99rnDec 21, 2009

I like the way this story is going! Great job!\:\)

Little Cloud Dec 21, 2009

Aw, you didn't tell me the newest story was out \:mad\:! Oh well, at least I finally found it :P! Great job, can't wait for more (I still like Dylan more thought \;\) He was sooooooooo cute on pages 37-40 \:wub\: )!

cep1247Dec 6, 2009

AHHHH, they were sooo close! Haha as always an awsome chapter! And thats really amazing that you remembered that dream from when you were ten, I can hardley remember my dream last night!

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