The Andretti Legacy (90)
Published Dec 2, 2009

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The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 90

The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 90
Logan and Lizzi married in France shortly thereafter. Now that Logan was able to be out in public and literally see the world, he took every possible chance to do so. Lizzi had never left the country either, and seeing the world with someone so dear to her was a wonderful experience. France was their first taste of foreign air, and it was quite refreshing. The music, the food, the landscape. Everything was beyond their imaginations. Lizzi was in love with the country, and she simply couldn't get enough of the local's accents. "Okay...really." Logan stares down at his plate. "I can't believe I'm eating this."

"If you want to be technical, you're not really eating it. You've been sitting there for the past ten minutes complaining about eating it." Lizzi smiles as she takes another bite. "It's exquisite!" She says with a mouthful.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to speak with a full mouth?" Logan glares at her. "Actually, didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with frog's...let them!" He looks back down at his plate. The very thought of eating Frog Legs make him nauseous.
"I'm sure at one point your father must have said, 'Eat what's on your plate or go to bed hungry.'" She smiles down at him as she rises and pushes her chair in. She picks up her plate and carries it inside to the counter.

Logan takes another look at his plate of frog legs, and closes his eyes tight. He pinches off his nose, and grabs the rest of the legs on his plate. He opens wide and dumps them in. The minute they hit his tongue his eyes pop open and he feels like he turns green in the face.

Lizzi exits the cafe and notices Logan's expression. She giggles the entire time it takes her to get from the door to their table.

"You didn't have to eat them." She laughs as she takes his empty plate from him.

"I didn't want to go to bed hungry, Muh-thur." Logan replies sarcastically.
She returns and he follows her to the curb. He stops and clasps his hand over his mouth.

"I think I'm going to puke." His belly twists and turns inside out. "...these people eat this stuff on a daily basis!?"
"Logan, I am sure there are many things you eat that these people would find absolutely revolting." She points her finger at him.

"Compared to eating amphibians...I'm quite sure!" He shouts back playfully. The chef exits the restaurant for a small break as the two ramble on.
"Like I said, you didn't have to eat them." She smiles sweetly at him. "I'm surprised they didn't make us go out back to a pond and catch them ourselves..." He mutters under his breath. "You better stop. You're offending the chef." Lizzi laughs as she notices a look of disgust on the chef's face.

"...I think the frog's ought to be more offended. Do you think they eat Frog Flippers and Biceps, too?" He asks with a serious expression.

"You're going to get us kicked out, now come on." She grabs his arm laughing and pulls him away from the cafe.
The next morning the two newly weds were at a loss as to what to spend the day doing. Lizzi noticed a small bulletin board just outside their hotel that read 'Help Wanted'.

Upon inspection, Lizzi found a small card with a person's name and 'assistance requested' written underneath and where to find this person.

"Look, Logan. Let's see if we can help this person out. I think it'd be great to do some charity work while we are visiting. I've always liked helping people." She smiles and points to the card.
"It doesn't say what they need help with...that worries me." Logan swallows hard. "Logan, who cares?! We're going to help someone in need. That should be what matters most...not the task we're asked to do." She stares at the card happily imagining someone who is truly in need and is very grateful for any and all help.

"They probably want us to eat Cow Tongue or Pig Ears." Logan mutters staring at the card. Lizzi turns to face him with a look of death on her face.
"Whoa. Whoa!" Logan puts his hands up in between them. "I was only kidding!" He smiles a cheesy smile.

"No you weren't." She growls at him.

"Okay, you got me." He laughs. "Again."
"Logan, I am serious. What if it's some helpless old man who needs help finding his lost kitty...or mowing his grass...come on, please. For me." She puts her hand on her chest and shoots Logan the sad eyes. "Okay...fine. But, I'm not eating any cow tongue or pig ears." Logan sighs heavily as a smile forms on Lizzi's face.

"Deal." She grins and rips the card off the board and grabs his hand and speeds down the sidewalk.
They make it to the address shown on the card, and it appears to be the general store. Logan looks around thinking this man is no helpless old man. He remains quite in fear of being smacked by Lizzie.

"Ah, that must be him." She says quietly as she crosses the store to the old man behind the counter.
"Hello, I'm Lizzi Andretti." She smiles kindly. "I saw this card, is it you that needs some help?"

"Ahh...yes, yes. I need help." He smiles a weird smile at her.
"You see, I lost a small item of mine...and I can't particularly remember where I lost it...but, I know I lost. In fact, I was probably lost when I lost it." He smiles a big smile. "I see..." Lizzi crinkles her face trying to understand this man's rambling on top of working out his accent.

"I know the general vicinity, but...I'm afraid you'll need to do some exploring underground. So, don't forget some food, a tent, and some water." He grins at her again. "You...aren't interested?" He looks at her facial expression.
"No, no. I'd love to help." She smiles a kind smile. "Just mark a map, and my husband and I are going to help you in finding this item. What is it?" She wrinkles her eyebrows in confusion.

"Oh, erhm...I'm not quite sure which item I lost. I lose things all the time. I know will know what it is when you see'll be completely out of place." He smiles as he pulls a map from under his counter and draws on it for her.
She returns to Logan who is 100% against this idea now.

"Lizzi, this is ridiculous." Logan whispers in frustration. "I mean really...he probably does something like this to all the tourists. You know, stories he tells his grands about how dumb tourists are!"

"You are coming aren't you?" She shoots him sad eyes and a pouchy lip.
"Erm...let me see. Do I really have I choice?" He looks up at the ceiling and scratches his forhead. "I honestly, don't think I do." He smiles at her with sarcasm. " either come with me, or you're eating Cow Tongues, Pig Ears, and Frog Legs for the next month!" She growls at him as he grabs his mouth and makes a puking noise.

"I told you I didn't have a choice..." He mutters as he follows her out of the store.

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Dec 27, 2010

great story thank you

lolipopviennaMar 30, 2010

the big 90 huh? congrats i rember ur bfirst story in the cemetary *sigh* the god ol day uh?

MissJayDec 5, 2009

Hope nothing bad happens to them.

PollyPlummerDec 5, 2009

Poor old man! I hope he does get back what he lost... I like Lizzi. She's got a temper and a good sense of humor. And Logan is all in for drama, huh? He's funny. They're a good match. \:\) Congrats, as always, Tdyannd!

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