Beautiful, Ordinary Life - Chapter Two
Published Dec 17, 2009

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Welcome to Capitulo Dos of Beautiful, Ordinary Life!

In case you missed it, we left off with India finally settling into Sunset Valley; getting a job, meeting new friends, and having a BLAST.

Now she's getting ready to face an all new challenge...

Enjoy! (:

Welcome to Capitulo Dos of Beautiful, Ordinary Life!

In case you missed it, we left off with India finally settling into Sunset Valley; getting a job, meeting new friends, and having a BLAST.

Now she's getting ready to face an all new challenge...

Enjoy! (:
Hey there! So it's been a few months since I've been in town and everyday is a mystery. I've never know what I'm gunna end up doing the next day.

I started to use my artistic abilities to their full potential, by taking an art class.
I always had been interested in art when I was younger, and painting just seemed to come easy for me. Art was always the best form of expression for me.
I even met up with that guy I told you about before, Brian White. He called me up one day and asked me if I wanted to get a bite to eat. Of course I said yes and went along, and had a really great time.

After the dinner, he asked if he could see me again, but I'm not sure. No guy has ever been interested in someone like me before... I've always told myself that I'm really too busy for a man, or dating... I'm not really the flirtatious type...

I just told him I'd have to see what my week is like, and he gladly smiled and we both said our goodbyes.
That night I laid asleep in my humble, little loft and wondered why was it that I didn't want a guy in my life. "Too much drama" I always said, but it would be really nice to see him again...

That morning I woke up in a cold sweat... I had a nightmare dreaming about my brother, and that accident. That's when I realized that having a boyfriend would just get in the way... first I have to get used to living a life without my brother anymore...

Living an ordinary life is my main focus.
I tried painting and painting to get my mind off of things... that was my therapy.

And when all else failed I cleaned my house, cooked food, called some friends, and watch hours of television, ANYTHING to try and get my mind right...

As I flipped through the channels, watching "Halls of History", I came across this commercial.

It was a Social Workers commercial showing kids in Hobo Alley who are living in unfortunate conditions. Hobo Alley is what locals called the homeless shelter in town. Social Workers built an area where the homeless can sleep under a warm roof, and have food and shelter. It was also said that un-wanting parents dropped off children and babies there too...

"Come and help a child today. Be a parent to these young ones, for they have no one else to turn to."

As I watched and watched, I couldn't help but think that maybe I should adopt. What do I have to lose? I've always wanted to have a kid, and since marriage or even dating is out of the question, maybe I should make the call...
The very next day I made the call. I couldn't believe it when I dialed the number... It all felt very surreal.

When the Social Advisor picked up the other end of the line and said "Hello" I sort of lost my breath for a moment...

"Umm... yes I saw your television ad a day ago, and wanted to know if I could possibly...adopt a child?"

"You want to adopt that's wonderful! We'll send you over a child right away!! You'll just need to give us some info and we'll be delighted to make your request!"

Later that day I waited frantically for my child to arrive. I didn't care if it was a boy or girl, I just wanted to love and take care of it.

That evening the Social Advisor arrived with a small pink baby basket with a babbling little bundle of joy inside. I couldn't believe it. Once I had held her in my arms, I knew I wanted to be there for her. I named her Aida.
She was so beautiful! I was always constantly playing with her, and giving her all the attention she deserved! How could a person even think of giving such a beautiful little girl away?

I called Aida "my little babushka" just like my mom used to call me when I was a little girl. These were the days when my life just seemed worthwhile. Having a daughter had to be one of the greatest decisions I've made!
As I tucked her in to sleep in our tiny, little home I just couldn't help not to look at her precious face.

That's when I thought about my Mom and Poppy. I couldn't help but get the feeling they were watching me closely. They'd be proud of me, proud that I'd become a part of something important. I feel them smiling down on me.
Before I knew it, as soon as I blinked, Aida was growing up! And fast!! She turned 2 right before my very eyes, and was quite the little explorer! I often took her outside, since she always seems to stare out the window from her little crib and smiling. She seems to love the outdoors.

On days when I wasn't working (don't worry I hire a babysitter lol.) I try to teach her all the basics.
I started with walking. She seemed to pick that one up pretty fast, since she always crawls anywhere and everywhere!! She always cried a little when she fell flat on her diaper, but then she'd soon get up and try again. She also started to pick up on logic skills pretty rapidly too, whenever I was around her I always saw her tinkering w/ her tinker toys. "She's my little genius!" I always said. The next thing was talking. She was a little shaky at first when she tried to talk in full sentences with me, but then she was starting to get the hang of it.

Every time I tried to teach her to talk, I ignored all phone calls so I could finally hear the very first words that Aida would speak!

At that very instant, she soon started talking in full sentences!! I couldn't help but tear up!

I even caught her singing notes on some days when I had the stereo on. I could tell music was going to be a big thing for her.
Now potty training, that's a WHOLE different story... But we won't get into that. :)

My little Aida was just growing like a weed, (that's something my mom used to say) and I knew that my new ordinary life was becoming something so beautiful. Just watching her grow brings ease to my heart.

It was times like these that I wish my brother were here so he could see just how far me and the little one had come.
One afternoon as Aida was taking a nap, I was making lunch when I got a phone call on my cell. It was Brian. I hadn't talked to him much since Aida came that day from the Adoption Agency in Hobo Alley.

I had been meaning to call Brian just to chat and make conversation here and there, but it slipped my mind.

"Hi India, it's me Brian. Are you busy? Is it okay if we meet up? At Past Pages Library perhaps?"

"Sure that's sound fine. I'll be there as soon as I can"

As I hung up, I scooped up Aida, and I was on my way to the library. I wanted to show him my precious daughter. I don't even think I had told him about her yet.
As I said hello to him, Aida was shyly toddling behind my leg.

"Hey Brian, good to see you again. This is my daughter Aida."

"Hi little one. My aren't you cute!"

Aida just blushed, smiled, and laughed still clenched behind my leg.

I put Aida in the Children's section of the library to play, and started chatting with Brian.
"Isn't she just beautiful?"

"Yeah she sure is...uhm you aren't MARRIED are you?"

"Oh no, I adopted her a while back. No I'm not married."

"Oh." He said with a sigh of relief "There's something I wanted to ask you... I mean I was just wondering if maybe you wanted to... catch a movie or something?"

"Oh. Uhm... I mean-"

"I can understand if you don't want to..."

"No. It's not that...I just..."

"Listen, I really like you India, and I really would like to get to know you a little better, and even your little daughter too. I wanted to say this before, but couldn't find the right words or the right time. I know I'm jumping at a leap here, but I can understand if your afraid, or scared. I promise I won't bite." :)

"That's really sweet Brian...uhm. okay. A movie sounds great."

As he stood there holding my hands. I couldn't help but let my heart skip a beat a little...<3
As I said my goodbyes to Brian, I scooped up Aida and we went on home. As we were riding in the taxi Aida looked at me and said...

"Who was that man Uhma (Uhma is what she called me all the time.)? I like him, he said I was cute!" :D

I just smiled at her and laughed. As we got home, Aida was playing with toys in her room, while I went to go paint.

As I sat there painting I couldn't help but think about Brian. Maybe being with a guy really isn't that bad... I mean I guess I just wasn't used to guys saying that they'd wanna go out with me. But this is a new town, and a new life. I might as well embrace it.
As the weekend approached I hired a babysitter, and finally went out on the movie date with Brian that afternoon. He really was very sweet, and during the movie he always tried to sneak his hand around my shoulder. That was just fine with me, even though I shivered a little.

Later that day I called Brian up on the phone and we talked for a while, laughing and sharing jokes. When Aida saw me she wanted to talk on the phone too. She was in such a rush to grow up. She said a big HELLO to Brian and we all just laughed together.
Before I knew it, me and Brian we're going out for quite some time now. We didn't do much dating for a while, because he was in the military program here, and had a big Astronaut trip to the Moon, but we talked almost everyday for hours while he was gone.

And as soon as I blinked again, Aida grew up to be a Child. I had a small little party for her with a couple of friends and she was soon exploring more in the world.

I couldn't help but tear up when I saw her get on the bright yellow school bus to go to school. She just waved "Goodbye Uhma" and went on her way with her backpack and school books in hand.

She was playing and having so much fun with school pals and other friends. I'm just glad to see her smile.
One evening I got a call from Brian, saying he was finally home from his Moon trip. I got really excited, and told him to meet me at the local Plaza. As I met up with him, he embraced me and held my hands...

"I missed you so much! You won't believe all the things I saw in space. There's so much up there, it's insane!"

"Oh. I'm so happy, it's so good to finally see you again too! I've...missed you." She blushed a little. "You won't believe how big Aida has gotten, she's in Elementary school now, making all kinds of friends. She's not the same 3 year old you saw in the library, or talked to on the phone every now and then..."

"Aww babe that's great. I can't wait to see her-"

As soon as he tried to finish his sentence, my phone rang. Wondering who it could be at a time like this, I picked up the phone.
The voice was dark and eerie...

"I've been watching you India, and my daughter... I want her back! YOU GIVE HER BACK TO ME!! NOW!!!"

I was speechless as I hung up the phone suddenly. Brian saw the terror on my face and wondered if I was alright...

"Are you okay? Something wrong??"

"I'm sorry Brian...I...I have to go."

I gave him my condolences and soon ran off to my home before he could say anything else.
As I rushed inside, I saw my daughter sitting there doing her homework and eating a snack in the dining room.

I ran up to her and took her in my arms. I held her so tightly...

"Thank goodness you're alright..."

"Of course I'm alright Uhma, but you're choking meeee...."

"Oh. Sorry Babushka. I'm just glad your alright. You know I worry about you. hehe." She had a nervous giggle in her voice that Aida didn't really seem to notice, and just went back to her studies.

That night when India tucked Aida into bed, she soon got a text msg on her phone saying...

>>Maybe not today, and maybe not even tomorrow, but someday I'll get my daughter back from the likes of you<<

She couldn't sleep a wink that night...


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Dec 26, 2010

great story

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Nice \;\)

spitzmagicDec 20, 2009

OMG, great chapter...rushing over to the next one...\:rah\:

IllandryaDec 20, 2009

Good chapter and what a charming little daughter she has. I am looking forward to the next chapter to find out what happens.

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