Muse MacKenzie - Chapter One
Published Jan 1, 2010

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If you haven't already checked out the short intro, I suggest you do so now. It can be located on my mini site in the stories pod! :)

I have tried to keep the amount of writing on each page lower than I have in my previous stories since so many readers prefer it. :) Hope you enjoy chapter one!

If you haven't already checked out the short intro, I suggest you do so now. It can be located on my mini site in the stories pod! :)

I have tried to keep the amount of writing on each page lower than I have in my previous stories since so many readers prefer it. :) Hope you enjoy chapter one!
I decided to do a little research. I got straight on the net and headed to Muse's Official site. Not much personal info was available.
Fan mail address, no siblings, no pets, likes the colour pink and loves to eat info that would really help me find her.
I sat down to dinner and decided I would go to her place tomorrow and have a look around. Hopefully there wouldn't be any cops still loitering. I was walking to Muse's place, it would be less conspicuous. If I had to, I could just say that I was out for a morning stroll. I checked her garbage. I know, disgusting, but maybe there would be a clue in there.
The wasn't anything useful, food scraps and old TV Guides.
I had hoped to find a phone bill or something so I could see who she was closest to, but I assume she hired someone to take care of all that stuff.
I noticed that her convertible was still there.
I looked into the front window. Her bedroom was gorgeous, but there wasn't anything out of place.
The trail was ending before it even started. Where else would I be able to find crucial info? ARGH!
I went and got a bite to eat at the local diner and decided to sit in the park while my food digested.
I was teary eyed. I would never be able to pull this off. I just didn't have the experience or know how!
I stood to begin my journey back home, when a dark haired man came towards me.
'Lola James?' He held out his hand and I took it cautiously.
'Who are you?' I asked.
The man smiled slightly. 'My name is Mikah Yurov. I work for the Sunset Valley Tribune. I've been assigned to the Muse MacKenzie story. I was wondering if you could help me?'
I got pretty angry, pretty quickly. 'I'm on that story, why would I help you when you work for the competition. I am going to cover this story better than you will!'
'Look' said Mikah, 'I know you are having trouble. You are a new reporter. I am older and more experienced. I can help you, you can help me, two minds are better than one and this is definitely going to be a tough case.
'No, sorry, Mikah. I just don't need you help.' I replied quickly and still a little hotly.
'Well....I'm sorry to hear that.' He said. 'Because I happen to know who Muse's best friend is and I have an interview scheduled with her tomorrow. I also have these...'
Mikah held out two police badges. I touched one tentatively. Having this would definitely help me get into places I wouldn't be able to normally and help me to get info from more people as well.
I finally agreed to be his partner, although it did take quite a bit of coaxing on his part. We hailed a cab to his place, so we could get started right away.
I wasn't to worried about him doing anything to me. His story checked out. I had heard of him quite often, he almost always had the biggest stories. I started to get excited. This could be the key to getting the attention of my boss!
'Nice place' I said when we reached his house. It was massive!
'Thanks.' Mikah replied. 'Come on inside, we have a lot of work to do!'
Mikah made coffee, the silence between us was so awkward.
'Lets take it to the sitting room.' he said. I picked up my mug and followed him through the house.
'So lets start with what your know.' Mikah said to me.
I felt foolish. I didn't know anything! I just gave him a blank look and he laughed.
'Yeah I know about the same as you by the look of it.' He said.
'How did you find out who her best friend was?' I asked curiously.
'Money.' He replied.
'You bribed someone?' I asked.
'Of course. It's how all good reporters work!'
Suddenly, I yawned. The day had taken it's toll on me.
'How about you stay here tonight?' Mikah said. 'Then we will be together first thing tomorrow morning. I have a nice bottle of nectar if you'd like a glass now?'
I gave him a funny look.
'Stay here the night?' I questioned. 'I don't think so, buddy!'
Mikah rolled his eyes. 'I don't mean stay here in my bed with me! I have spare room. What makes you even think I would want to sleep with you?'
Well that sure took me down a notch. I wasn't sure how much I liked this Mikah guy, but I agreed to stay anyway.
The next morning we got together in the kitchen and discussed our plan for the day.
'Okay, we need fake names for interviews and stuff, so we don't get caught doing the wrong thing. I'll be Ryan Jenson. Nice and normal.'
I thought for a moment. 'Uh...I'll be Tobi Lawson.'
Mikah nodded. 'Great, lets go, Tobi!'
The friend didn't live far.
'What's her name?' I asked Mikah.
'Lily Mathers.' he replied. 'Just remember to act professionally. I'll do the talking. You take the notes.'
I nodded and we headed up the path.
Before we reached the door, Mikah felt his right pocket vibrating.
'Wait up, I have a phone call that I really need to take. Just be a second.'
Mikah walked away and answered his phone.
'Have you found her?' The voice on the other end asked.
'yeah I got her.' Mikah replied.
'Good, now dispose of her. I don't care how, just get it done.'
I couldn't hear what Mikah was saying, but in no time at all he closed his phone and came back to my side. We walked to Lily Mathers' front door and I pressed the button for the bell.....



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rosenoire87Apr 16, 2012

Absolutely loved this! Can't wait for chapter 2 to find out what happens. For some reason Malika's situation tugs at my heartstrings the most, it sucks when people just brush you off without giving you a chance to prove your worth \;\) Thanks for the great read.

ShokkyOct 22, 2011


Dec 26, 2010

great story

topaz27Mar 6, 2010

This was such a interesting story, I wonder what would have happened next \:\( well done on having it featured too, much deserved \:rah\: great work Bess \:wub\: \:wub\:

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