Makin' Up - Final Part
Published Dec 21, 2009

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Cynthia took it very easy during the coming days. It was quiet, as a matter of fact, too quiet. She was longing for the baby but she was also longing to talk to people.
She went out to do some shopping and read a book on a bench in the park or she just stayed home and played chess with herself.

Cynthia took it very easy during the coming days. It was quiet, as a matter of fact, too quiet. She was longing for the baby but she was also longing to talk to people.
She went out to do some shopping and read a book on a bench in the park or she just stayed home and played chess with herself.
Then, one day, Ilona phoned her. She sounded very enthusiastic and told her that they were neighbors now. Thanks to the money that Cynthia had given back, Chester could buy a house that happened to be in Rainbow Street. He had lived there already when he only could rent it but he never had enough money to buy it. Somebody else had bought it but due to big problems, he had gone back to the old Simworld. Cynthia was very pleased to hear that she finally had been able to collaborate in their happiness. Then Ilona asked her if everything was alright with her pregnancy and Cynthia told her to come over to have a talk.
From that time on, Ilona walked regularly with the baby to Rainbow House and they became very good friends.
Chester just felt a bit ‘left alone’ when Ilona and the baby weren’t home but he understood that women also have their confidences to share. He accepted it as a good ‘sport’. He had noticed that Ilona was far heavier than during the other pregnancy and he took her to hospital. There they told her that she was expecting twins. That came as quite a shock to them. So they had to buy a new crib and re-organize everything. It was not that strange in Ilona’s case. When she was 20 years old, she had given birth to twins as well. When she thought of them, she still had a queer feeling in her heart but she knew that Lord Valdemar’s sperm had clinically been implanted and she couldn’t expect that she could keep the babies. She had agreed that the babies would belong to the noble family: Lord Valdemar and Lady Jane who was sterile. In the same street, Cynthia was sitting next to Raphael’s grave and an idea sneaked into her brain. She thought it over and over again and then she made the decision that she would give Raphael’s family name to the unborn baby. She prepared dinner and every moment that she thought about it, she was more secure that she wanted to do that. She hoped that there would not be a problem. Next day, she went to the town hall to ask if this would be possible. There was a very nice gentleman who asked her: ‘Why the future father wasn’t there with her’. She told him that he had died. The man felt sorry for her and asked for more details. Then she told him about them living at Lighthouse Island and that it hadn’t been possible to get properly married before Raphael passed away. The man said: “Excuse me a moment please” and left Cynthia 10 minutes waiting for him. When he came back he gave her a certificate and said: “Congratulations Mrs. Lightkeeper”. Cynthia just hadn’t assumed her new status. When she had left the building, she took the booklet and looked at it very well and… yes… it certified that today she got married ‘post mortem’ with Raphael Lightkeeper. She put the family book away and cheered with joy but suddenly she felt a strange pain if though something inside of her wanted to come out to celebrate with her. Aaaahh… she screamed. A woman saw the problem and starting to panic. She screamed: “Hey, why are you staying here; you should go to hospital if you don’t want to go into labor right here. Yes, that was the best thing to do. She took a taxi and when the taxi-driver saw that the woman started to look painful, she just guessed “To hospital?” As Cynthia was not able to speak at that moment she just nodded. It really was different to what she had expected but once the little one was born, all the pain had been forgotten. It was a boy and she called him ‘Raphael’ after his father. She remembered that within one week she had to go to the town hall to update her new family book. She felt so fortunate and lucky that everything went well… The doctor had said that the baby was in good health. At home she counted once and again the little fingers and toes to see if they were all there. She looked at the little finger nails and admired them; they looked like tiny seashells; so perfect. When the baby put his little hand around her finger, she knew that he would not be able to do anything wrong to her eyes. He had won her for life and she promised the little one that she would always take care of him; protect him; take him out to the beach, the park and she would do all the things her parents never had done for her. She would always love him.
She gave him his milk and put him into the crib that she had bought at Cemre’s shop.
She just couldn’t get enough of looking at him. Very happy and very tired she went to bed. Next day she received Ilona’s visit. Chester had told his wife that he had seen Cynthia leaving the hospital with a baby.
Ilona had brought Matty as well and after admiring little Raph, she told her that tomorrow it would be Matty’s birthday and she told her as well that she would have twins.
The women noticed a bad smell and Ilona said: “That must be yours because I just put Matty a clean diaper on”. But she was wrong; both children had to be changed. That night she dreamt that Raphael was talking to her: “My dear, it’s a very big responsibility to educate a child. I know that you feel very lonely but I’m always here to help you”.
With these words in mind, Cynthia woke up and started to organize her life as a mother. Fortunately she could spend all her time to the boy because she had no money problems at all and did not need to work.
Of course, now and again she missed her work at the cemetery but the child was more important.
Time flies and the day arrived that she had to buy a birthday cake and after blowing the candle out she saw how the baby became a toddler.
Cynthia didn’t want to go too fast so she taught the boy little by little how to walk, to talk. He learnt these basic things while playing together. The potty training went very fast. Ilona had her twins already and Cynthia had paid her a visit but the woman hardly had time to attend her so from that moment on they used to phone each other daily until they would have more time. That moment will come of course, because life continues. Cynthia considered herself as a lucky woman and wondered if she deserved it after all the mistakes she had made in her life. But then Raphael brought the thought to her mind that everybody can change for the worse or the better. That’s evolution as well; like the buried stones, making their way up to the light.

The End

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Audrey May VIPAug 8, 2011

Great!  \:\)

flody888Sep 24, 2010

Yay for Cynthia! Finally she can have a little happy ending! \:\) Also, now I understand how the Hunter twins fit into your characters' lives too! Great series! Now I can go finish His Father's Son! \:\)

fabrizioammolloSep 7, 2010

Love it!

FikcijaAug 30, 2010

I'm lost. Is Raphael really the father of her child?

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