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My Messed Up Life Part 12
Published Jan 22, 2010

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Author's Note: Hey everybody, I'm sooo sorry for the long delay! I was waiting until TSR got that little story problem fixed. Now that it is, I'm ready to get back into the swing of things! Enjoy. :) (p.s., hope you had a great holiday and a happy new year!)

And just in case you don't remember, we left off when Penny walks into Brian's house with a shocked expression on her face. We now find out why...

Author's Note: Hey everybody, I'm sooo sorry for the long delay! I was waiting until TSR got that little story problem fixed. Now that it is, I'm ready to get back into the swing of things! Enjoy. :) (p.s., hope you had a great holiday and a happy new year!)

And just in case you don't remember, we left off when Penny walks into Brian's house with a shocked expression on her face. We now find out why...
"Ohmygosh. Brian! You look...amazing!" And he does. I mean, I know he wasn't exactly hot before, but I'm not the type of girl to judge based on looks (okay, okay, maybe at first). I gotta say, now Brian does look hot. I head over to Brian and we embrace. "Wow..." I say, "Why did you do this?" I realize it sounds like I hate it, so I quickly add, "I mean, not that I don't love it, I do, I just-" He chuckles. "I don't know. I just wanted a change, you know?" He says casually. "Well, you may look all handsome now, Brian, but can you risk messing up your hair for a snowball fight?" I challenge playfully. After throwing on our coats, we head outside. We had a blast! Throwing snowballs at each other was a great way to release some stress. Well, not for long. Soon, I could see Dad heading over to possibly pick me up. I mean, why else would he be here? "Oh no, I think my dad's here, Brian." I give Brian a quick goodbye kiss and I hear Dad clearing his throat loudly. "Penny, come here, I need to talk to you." Dad says. Wow, he looks I in trouble or something? I wonder as I walk over to join him. "Penny, I've decided to take you and me on a surprise trip to Twikii Island!" Dad exclaims, like it's a big prize. I'm a little bit taken aback, I mean, how last minute can you get Dad? "You mean...right now?" I ask. Dad nods. "I was surprising you! Aren't you excited?" Well, I would be, but I just don't want to leave so soon...I don't know. "Um, sure!" I manage. Brian overheard, and I can tell by his sad expression. "Brian," I say softly, "I guess I'm leaving for a while." I say. He hugs me. "Yeah, I guess you are. I will miss you so much." I look down sadly at his sweater. "I'll miss you too. Bye, Brian." I lean in to kiss him, but I hear Dad grunt louder then necessary. So I just give Brian a super quick peck and make a dash for the car. I can't look back. Dad lets me pack my things quickly. And before I know it, the cab has arrived to take us to the airport. I store my things in the back and sit down by myself in the backseat. We pass by Brian's house on the drive, and I look up at it woefully. Goodbye, I think to myself. We arrive at our vacation rental home after a terrible, 14 hour plane ride. Awful food, annoying people. Ugh! I have serious jet lag. "What do you think?" Dad asks, full of energy. How is he so cheerful? "Um, it's okay." Alright, so I really like it, but I'm a little ticked off at Dad for the sudden idea of coming here. Dad helps me carry my stuff to my new bedroom. It's small and plain, but I can work with it. It's kind of nice. I think I'll like it here, maybe. Not. It's been a few days, and I'm already bored to death. The only thing to do at the house is go into the indoor sauna, which, is awesome, but boring. It's been raining so much I can't really go out and do anything. So here I am, slumping over in the sauna just wasting time. I listen to the rain beat down on the roof, it's so quiet. Will a sunny day EVER come? Well, it does, finally. I decide to take advantage of the warm day and go swimming. I change into my bathing suit and head downstairs. "Hey Dad, mind if I go to the local swimming pool?" I ask. "Sure, honey, have fun. I need to work on the house a bit, anyways." He replies. I guess the pool isn't as nice as I thought. A small pool, couple of crummy plastic chairs, and a hot tub that could use a good cleaning. But hey, better then nothing. I swim for about ten minutes, but I get tired and decide to tan in the sun. I move to the plastic chair and apply some sunscreen. The sun feels sooo good I actually fell asleep. I didn't even notice that the hot lifeguard came down from his stand and sat next to me. He even started to talk to me, but what do I do?
"Dad, go away! I don't want to go home..." Wow, I am SO cool.
I do this weird animal like stretch, yawn, and open my eyes, only to find a gorgeous guy, who's totally NOT my dad, laughing; at me! But it's a goodhearted laugh, not a mean one. Once he notices I'm fully awake, despite the little setback, we hit it off. At the end of the afternoon and several more coats of sunscreen, I learn that he's the lifeguard here, named Jason. He told me they usually don't get a lot of people here, but he said it's a summer job and it pays good. Finally, I say goodbye. We exchange cell numbers before we go. The next few weeks, we continued to hang out at the pool. At night, we stayed in the hot tub and just talked about school, family, and current stuff. Basically anything. And he really listened, and he never interrupted me. We had a lot of things in common, surprisingly. We both love music and nature. And Jason told me he's secretly a sucker for romantic comedies. I find that sweet. It was amazing how open I could be around Jason. We discussed a lot of topics, but whether either of us were single or taken, well. It didn't come up. But one day, after Jason walked me home, I decided it was best to tell him before he got the wrong idea. He hugged me a little bit longer than usual, and it was different from his usual friendly hugs. "Jason." I slowly pull away. "Yeah, what's up?" I don't answer right away. "I, I don't know how to say this but..." Suddenly, I blurt, "Ihaveaboyfriend!" I cover my mouth quickly after I can tell Jason has been hurt. I think he'd gotten his hopes up, and it had been my fault. "Oh. That's um. Uh, I gotta go. See ya Penny." He says and quickly disappears. I can't stop thinking about Jason. Reading later that night, I wanted to talk to him again. But I knew he was sad. I think he really liked me. Oh my gosh, do I like him? No! I have Brian...Brian! I better give him a call. Brian picks up after a few rings. "Oh, Penny, glad you FINALLY decided to call." I roll my eyes. "Brian, come on, don't be like that. I've been really busy. It's so crazy." Brian seems doubtful, making the rest of our short conversation awkward. At the end, Brian says, "I love you Penny." "Huh? Uh, can't hear! Bad, uh connection." I say quickly and then throw the phone back into the place. The next day at the pool, Jason isn't there. Hm, maybe not in yet? I wonder. I swim gently for a while, but then I feel a few tickles in my throat. I try to cough, but I can't. I try and get out, but when I tried to swim to the ladder my throat tightened and squeezed. My head slowly drifted underwater...I just knew I was going to die. But like a miracle, Jason had just come in to work. As I dipped below the surface, I croaked, "Jason..." and he heard me. "Penny? PENNY!" He cried and dived in. I was pretty much unconscious, but I felt Jason pull me to land. I had swallowed a lot of water and I couldn't breathe. I heard Jason call the paramedics...but if he had waited, I would have died. So he took action. I heard the sirens of an ambulance, but they sounded miles away. What could Jason do? He gently scooped me up and gave me mouth to mouth. He pressed on my stomach and back until I coughed up water and came back to consciousness. I was too weak to smile at him, though...but I knew he had saved my life. He picked me up, smiling. He held me close. He carried me over and set me down carefully into the chair and watched me until the paramedics arrived. They checked my pulse and everything to make sure I was totally fine. I didn't open my eyes, but I heard the paramedic pat Jason on the back. "You're very brave, son." He said. I didn't have to see to know that Jason was beaming. Later that night, after Dad was worrying sick about me, I was once again strong. The paramedics took me home and explained to me that I had had a terrible asthma attack, again. Luckily, I was going to be okay. And reluctantly, Dad let me go back to the pool, but I was only allowed in the hot tub, and not by myself. I met Jason there, like we usually do. "Jason..." I trail off, "You were very brave." "Nah, Penny. I did what I had to do." He said humbly. "Yeah, but you saved my life. You're a hero." I told him. He just smiled a little bit, but then he shook his head. "No, I'm not." I pull him in close. "Jason," I say, so it's barely audible. "You are MY hero." I pull him in for a kiss. I didn't plan on this at all. It just happened, you could say. I didn't plan to take it any farther, but that kiss felt like magic, as cheesy as it sounds. Before I knew what was happening, we were making out. But once I realized the situation, I was able to stop myself and say goodbye. But I couldn't stop thinking about what I did. And why in the world did I not feel guilty about cheating on Brian? It just felt so...right.

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Summer_NekoApr 5, 2010

so adorable\:wub\:

AlpacaNinjaFeb 16, 2010

Ohmylord!!  i NEED the next chapter!! that was SO good!!

bre4evaFeb 1, 2010

OMG!!! i love this and i cant wait till the nest one \:rah\: i think that she should leave brian for jason. I think that json is mister "right" \:rah\: i love it!!

blossom6676Jan 27, 2010

omfg!! upload the next chapter rite now!!!

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