Confessions of the heart pt.2
Published Jan 7, 2010

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Hello again everyone! It's been a while, but i now present the final part of my story, "Confessions of the Heart," i want to thank everyone who reads this as well as my other stories, and a very special thanks to those of you who leave such lovely comments! I really really appreciate your kind words and praises! I love to write and I'm thrilled to be able to share my hobby with others!! Now on with this story..

Hello again everyone! It's been a while, but i now present the final part of my story, "Confessions of the Heart," i want to thank everyone who reads this as well as my other stories, and a very special thanks to those of you who leave such lovely comments! I really really appreciate your kind words and praises! I love to write and I'm thrilled to be able to share my hobby with others!! Now on with this story.. Bright and very early the next morning, Warren and Marlena set out on there weekend trip to Lake Pinochle, where Warren's family owned a private cabin up the mountains. It was quaint, quiet, and theirs for the weekend. Warren had been saving such a trip for later in his life after he had has his fun with women and was ready to settle down, a fishing trip up in the mountains was about as romantic as he was willing to get. But after seeing that Marlena was proving to hard to impress he figured now would be as good a time as any. After a 2hour drive out of the valley, they finally arrived. Marlena took in the scene, it was beautiful! She had always admired nature yet rarely had the chance to get out and enjoy it like this. Warren - "So, what do you think?" He asked after giving her a brief tour.

Marlena - "I love it, very rustic yet it still has a cozy feel." she took in a deep breath, "Like pine trees and maple syrup."

Warren smiled that big handsome smile of his, "Im glad you like it sweetheart, your room is here," he pointed to a nearby bedroom, "and mines is by the kitchen back there," he said. "Separate rooms, i want you to be comfortable and trust me Marlena."

She smiled in return, "I already do.." she confessed.
They quickly unpacked there bags and headed to the lake.

Warren showed her how to hook the bait and other tips he learned as a kid on getting the fish to bite.

He looked over at her and smiled.. She looked so cute with her ruffly braided hair, hiking boots, and with hardly any makeup on. There was no denying she was a natural beauty, more beautiful then the mountains and lakes surrounding them, he thought. He then became aware he was once again getting lost in his sentimental thoughts and shook it off. His manly instincts came back to him...Her butt sure looked good in those pants... if only they were shorter...
Marlena felt his gaze on her and blushed. Was he just starting at my...?? She wasn't sure.. Later, they went hiking up the mountains, Warren led the way, he wanted to take Marlena to the best spot on the mountain, the reason he loved coming here as a kid.

When they got there she gasped in amazement, it was an absolutely breathtaking waterfall, like something off a postcard.
Warren - "This is my favorite spot on the whole mountain, I wanted to share it with you." He took her hand then continued.."you make me feel unlike any other woman i've known my whole life.. i want what we have between us to grow into something more.." He put his arms around her waist and brought her closer to him. "Marlena, will you go steady with me?"

Marlena looked into his deep gray eyes and responded whole heartedly- "Yes Warren, i willl. I want this to grow too..i want to be with you."
Emotions fled just like the waterfall near them, and they sealed that perfect moment with a kiss. Later that night, Marlena showed off her cooking skills and made a delicious seafood salad using the fish they had caught earlier in the day.

Gretchen peered in through the window in envy.. she had been following them most of the day, keeping her distance to remain out of sight. She hated to admit it but Marlena was a looker, but she knew she had her beat in other ways, she couldn't handle Warren like she could! No one could for that matter..
Gretchen rolled her eyes in disgust, they have been touching, and hugging and kissing all day and each time it was harder and more repulsive to watch! This Marlena chick was really getting under her skin! Suddenly she realized she had been standing near a bush of wildflowers, she was extremely allergic.. she couldn't help but sneeze...

Marlena paused..- "Did you hear that? Sounded like a sneeze.."
Warren - "Whatever it was it came from outside.. I'll go out and have a look.."
Gretchen quickly leaped from the porch and hid behind a tall shrub, just out of view.

Warren thought he saw something move behind the bushes..It was too dark for to get a clear view.. he listened closely but heard nothing but a owl in the distance, and crickets chirping.. Being a cop he always liked to play it safe.. He went back inside to find a flashlight.
Gretchen let out a sigh of relief.. "That was a close one! I'd better get out of here before they really find out i'm here.." **The next two nights flew by, on there last night in Lake Pinochle, they decided to relax and get cozy by the fire. Above them the stars in the sky shone brightly, Warren pointed out the constellations to Marlena, it was very romantic; surprising since it was very unlike Warren.. he just wasn't the romantic type... right. that sure proved it. They lost track of time and then realized it was getting late and decided to turn in, they had a long drive ahead of them tomorrow morning.

**Warren gazed into Marlena's beautiful hazel eyes. He couldn't quite put his finger on it but there was something that suddenly made him feel different tonight, like a wave of unexplainable emotions just surged through him changing everything. Maybe he had been staring at the stars for too long.. maybe being up here surrounded by nature and beauty had some type of uncontrollable effect on him, or maybe he simply could no longer deny the fact he had fallen completely and irrevocably in love with the woman standing before him. He was certain now he had met his match, she was the woman for him - smart, beautiful, witty, unpredictable, one of a kind. He'd be a fool to let her pass on by. He made a decision right then and there, He didn't want to lose her. For the first time in his life he was willing and wanting to commit himself to only her.

Marlena said good night and was about to turn and enter her bedroom.. Warren wanted to stop her, pull her into his arms and tell her how he felt. that he loved her.. but for some reason he froze. He never said those words to anyone before and it was a big step he was about to make,..
Not a minute later, Warren finally got the courage to confess his heart tell her the truth about the type of man he was, and how she had changed him, he entered the room after her..

Warren - "Marlena, I love you, i cant deny it much longer, I.."
Whatever else he wanted to say, He didn't get to finish, Marlena took him by surprise and laid a very passionate steamy kiss on him. It was the type of kiss that meant much more., an invitation..

"I love you too Warren" she responded breathlessly as they parted lips for the chance to catch there breaths.. She did love him, from the moment he had kissed her by the waterfall she knew. She was never more sure of anything until that moment..
That night they both let there guards down and let there emotions run free and shared an intimate night of passion together. Warren loved her with his heart, tonight he would also love her with his body, like he hasn't done with any other woman before... **A few days later, back in Sunset Valley.. it was time for Gretchen to take action. She made a visit to the the library and looked up Marlena's number from the phonebook. She frantically dialed and waited on the line for her response... she did near the final ring.. Gretchen - "Marlena Peterson? Im calling to tell you the truth about Warren Bradford."

Marlena was confused,- "What truth? What do you mean? Who is this?"

Gretchen - "My name is not important right now. Warren and I are lovers, we have been for several years..The truth is he is a con-artist, a fake.. he will say and do whatever to seduce women like yourself, after he gets all the pleasure he wants from you, he'll forget all about you, let you down gently and so smoothly you wont think you've been used or cheated on.."

Marlena was outraged, "Look, if this is some time of cruel joke from a bitter ex-girlfriend i don't believe a single word so you.."
Gretchen cut her off, "Don't believe me? You want proof? I've got it, names, phone numbers, countless females who will testify how he has ditched after seducing them into bed. Tell me Marlena, has he taken you to Lake Pinochle yet?"

Marlena was silent.. Gretchen continued, "Its one of his favorite places to take his dates if they play hard to get. Has he told you how special you are and how you are unlike any other woman he has known before? Has he told you he loved you? If he hasn't yet, take my warning, its all a scam!" She hung up. Laughing wickedly as she did..
Cheated and betrayed just quite didn't explain how she felt.There was no way that mysterious woman could have known all of that if it weren't true..How could Warren do this to her? How dare him! She trusted him.. Loved him.. why had she been so foolish in giving her heart away so easily? Dozens of questions swarmed through her head and she felt dizzy.. she needed to get out.. get some fresh air..

She grabbed her car keys and bolted out the door.
She drove around endlessly for what seemed liked hours, finally she went to the only place she knew would be deserted at this hour, old pier beach. She gazed out at the ocean and began to break down till she stopped herself.. "No, no refuse to cry! He doesn't deserve any of my tears! I will not cry!" She told herself as she wiped away tears that had uncontrollably escaped her eyes..

**Warren had been looking all over town for Marlena and was relieved to see her safe at the beach as he was beginning to get worried. What was she doing here? Did she forget they had plans tonight? He called out to her..
Marlena turned to face him, her face cold. Warren noticed immediately.."Baby whats wrong?" he reached out to hold her..

Marlena snapped- "Im not your baby! Don't you dare lay another hand on me Warren Bradford! I know the truth about you! YOU ARE A LIAR!! A CHEATER!!"

Warren was shocked to say the least, "What? Noo, What are you saying baby? I've never lied or cheated you!!"

Marlena scoffed "Oh please don't give me another rehearsed line! I know all about how you seduced women and then toss them aside! How you had the same intentions with me!! To add me to your list of lovers!!"
Warren lowered his head, he couldn't look her in the eyes, he was ashamed. She was right after all. Damn, why didn't he clear things up that night at the cabin! His past mistakes were coming back now and about to ruin everything with the woman he truly loved. How she found out didn't matter.. she knew the truth and he could not deny it, "Yes Marlena, i will not deny that..but,. its different now, im different..I meant what i said to you on the mountain. I love you, please believe me baby."

Marlena was disgusted, even after admitting he had used her all along he still had the audacity to lie in her face.. "Well i guess you can be happy now, you got what you wanted. It's over and i never want to see you again!" She turned and ran to car, letting the tears flow freely this time.
For the next two days Marlena isolated herself from everyone, she turned off her phone, didn't bother to check her emails, ignored visitors, all she wanted was to be alone to sulk in her hurt. On day 3 she decided she couldn't keep on the way she was, he didn't deserve her tears, she had to move on..

Jogging always helped to clear her mind..
She was surprised to see Jason Lee at her doorstep when she returned from her jog.

Jason - "Marlena, we need to talk. Please it's important. I've called, hundreds of times, tried to e-mail you, no response."

"Sorry i've just been really busy with work," she was a horrible liar and she could tell by the look on Jason's face that he didn't buy it either.
She led him inside and offered him a seat on the couch. "So whats up?"

Jason sighed "look, Please dont get upset ok? It's about Warren and the phonecall you recieved."
Marlena interrupted, "No, no, im going to stop you right there Jason. Warren and i are no longer and nothing is going to change that he-- wait a minute, how did you know about a phonecall?" Jason - "Because i was there Marlena,.. the woman who called you was Gretchen Sislo, Warren's very bitter ex-girlfriend, we all grew up together back in Riverview, she didn't recognize me, since i was alot younger and scrawny when we last saw each other. I was there when she found your number in the phonebook and placed that bogus phonecall to you! It was just a lie! A way to get you and Warren to break up! She never did get over there breakup in college, she is obsessed and determined to win him back, but that's never going to happen because he only loves you!" Marlena got on her feet.. it took a minute to process all of what Justin was saying...

Justin - "Im not just telling you this because he is my best friend Marlena, it's the truth. Yea i won't deny he has been pretty shady with the ladies in the past, but i know since he met you, and recently after you guys got back from your trip.. he is a changed man. And right now he is really hurting over you. Go to him, clear up this mess!"
**The last person Warren expected to see at his doorstep was Marlena.. He knew nothing of what Justin had just told her.. he didn't know if he was dreaming or not.. she certainly looked real..

Marlena - "Umm, Hello? Warren, can i come in?"

Warren - "Yea, of course.. sorry i just really wasn't expecting a visit from you.."
Marlena stepped closer to face him, "I owe you an apology, I'm sorry. I should of never doubted you so easily.. It was Gretchen, Warren.. She called and told me about your past and made me believe you were using me as well, that you and her were lovers this whole time.. I believed it all. Oh baby i'm so sorry.."

Warren reached up and gently stroked her cheek - "No, sweetheart, you have nothing to be sorry about. I am the one who is sorry. I should have known to expect something like this from Gretchen, i should have been honest with you that night at the cabin. When you confronted me at the beach i was ashamed.. of my past and the way i acted with you in the beginning. I promise you things are different now.. i love you, no one will ever change that, No one!" They kissed. Both of them glad to be back in each others arms.. ***One month later...

Warren had planned for this day for weeks now.. he had picked up Marlena before the sun rose, and brought her to the beach, where he surprised her with flowers and a beautifully made picnic breakfast. He even hired a guitarist to serenade them as they ate and watched the sunrise together,.. and now it was time.

Warren grabbed Marlena's hand, "If i asked you to do something for me, will you?"

Marlena answered without hesitation - "Of course baby, anything!"
Warren - "In that case.. Hold that thought.." Then he dropped down on one knee... .. and pulled out a small ring box..

Marlena put her hands to her mouth,..

Warren - "Marlena Corah Peterson, will you make me the happiest man on earth? Will you marry me?"
Marlena was completely speechless!! She shook her head in joyous acceptance. He slipped the ring on her finger.. When her voice did come back the first thing she said was.. "HOLY SIMS! LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT DIAMOND!!"

Warren laughed.."Only the best for my girl.. plus i want other guys to be able to see it from miles away!"
He stood up and she pulled him into a loving embrace, "I cannot wait to be Mrs. Warren Bradford.. nothing would make me happier than spending the rest of my life with you!"

Warren - "Me either sweetheart," he agreed.
*** THE END ***

Thank you all for reading! & Thank you to the makers of all the c.c. used in this story! My stories would be so plain and dull without them!! Please comment or rate if you enjoyed! xoxo ~J_girl87

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It's amazing! I really enjoyed reading this!

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beautiful! I loved her facial expression when he purposed! \:D so adorable!

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