Forgotten Redemption: Chapter 16
Published Jan 18, 2010

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Hi everyone!
Sorry for the late update, things have been happening a lot lately so I didn’t get time to update. Oh well, hope you like this chapter!
Thank you to everyone who commented, I hope this chapter was worth the wait! :D
P.S: From slide 15 onwards I’d recommend that you’d play ‘The Letter that Never Came’ by Thomas Newman (It's from the movie A Series of Unfortunate Events and I think it really suits the situation!)

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the late update, things have been happening a lot lately so I didn’t get time to update. Oh well, hope you like this chapter!
Thank you to everyone who commented, I hope this chapter was worth the wait! :D
P.S: From slide 15 onwards I’d recommend that you’d play ‘The Letter that Never Came’ by Thomas Newman (It's from the movie A Series of Unfortunate Events and I think it really suits the situation!)
Sixteen year old Samantha Wilson recently moved to Botany Bay, the birth place of her parents. But sadly her parents died in an accident four years ago. When exploring her new town she finds an old friend, Lilly, and follows her home. But when she enters that house, nothing will ever be the same for her again. She accidentally discovers a secret curse that affects the whole of the Howarth bloodline! Each member who has Howarth blood in their veins is cursed a different power. Usually when people find out about the curse they have to hypnotize to forget it all. But now that Samantha is allowed to remember everything, what adventures are in stall for her next? Who will she meet in this chapter? How will she deal with the gang she just met? Let’s find out! “Are you okay now?” I asked sliding the door open.
Lilly looked up with watery eyes. “Yeah, I’m okay. I just need some water and I’ll be fine...”
With that she sullenly walked towards the kitchen. Ryan looked on after her. “I guess it’s a good thing that she didn’t turn into her plant form in school.”
I sighed remember why she had changed. We went to her father’s grave after school, and then she changed into her plant form. There wasn’t any water around so we had to run home. She’s really weak; I could tell when she stared slumping when we were near the house.
“At least she’s okay now though,” I said concerned.
“Um, about yesterday...” I turned to him hearing the awkwardness in his voice. “”I’m sorry, I wasn’t really thinking...”
I smiled. “It’s okay. We all make mistakes!” That’s when I remember I had to ask him something, something that had been on my mind all day. “Where’s Dylan? I’m a little concerned because he didn’t show up today...”
His face seemed to churn from anxious awkwardness to anger in the seconds I mention Dylan’s name. “Don’t worry about him, tonight he’ll do something stupid and gosh knows what. It’s always like this every year, something bad happens. In fact it was this exact same day he accidently set the lab on fire.”
I wonder why he gets so worked up like this. Is there something in the past he did? Something that involved his father? What if he got into serious trouble? I was so worried...just like I am about everyone else...
I snapped out of my thoughts and smiled. “Yes?”
“You okay?”
“I’m okay! I was just thinking about something, nothing too important though.”
He smiled back. “Just checking...”
Suddenly his eyes widened. He was looking past me towards the door. Who was that woman?
“Aunt Claire?!” Ryan exclaimed.
“Ryan!” she said hugging him.
Paul came running out then followed by Lilly. She stepped into the house smiling widely. “How long has it been Paul?”
“I can’t believe it’s you Claire!” Paul shouted happily, pulling her into a tight hug.
“Okay, okay, no need to get too excited Paul!” she said breathlessly patting him on the back. “I think you’re killing me here!”
With that Paul released her but kept his smile. I’d never seen him so happy before. She must be someone he hasn’t seen in a while...
“My goodness ,’ve grown up so much!”
“I haven’t seen you since I was fourteen!” Lilly’s plant form started to disappear. Her pale skin colour and markings inked through as she gently hugged Claire. Ryan said ‘Aunt’ before, so that means this must be one of their aunts, and maybe even another of Paul’s sisters.
“Oh, I almost forgot. Sam this Aunt Claire, Claire this is Samantha!”
I stepped forward smiling. “It’s very nice to meet you, Claire.”
“Please, call me Aunty Claire; I try to be an aunt to people who aren’t even related to me!” She held her arms out wide to me. “And what kind of aunty would I be if I didn’t give you a hug as well?”
As I was about to hug her she jumped away and gasped in pain. Oh god, did I do something wrong?! Oh no, I, um, eh, oh gosh...what did I do?! Everyone turned to her in worry.
Her hands flew to her stomach. Wait, her was so rounded, so big. Oh...was she-
“Well, that’s the biggest flip yet. Maybe it was a kick, but I’m pretty sure it was a flip!”
Wow, she was. Claire was pregnant!
Why didn’t I see it before?
“So, you’re pregnant?” I asked still amazed.
“Seven months” Ryan said.
“Yep, seven long months and two longer ones to go,” Claire said with a giggle.
“I’m sorry I didn’t notice before,” I said feeling the apologetic smile on my face “Congratulations!”
“What? No need to be sorry, but thanks for the congrats,” Claire said.
“Hey wait,” Lilly spoke up “Because you’re pregnant does that mean you can’t-?”
“Correct,” Claire interrupted “I can’t shapeshift any part of my body, except for my nails and hair. If I transform into something it might do something bad to the bad, or at least that’s what the Witchdoctor said.”
Shapeshifting must be her power then.
“What do you guys think, a boy or a girl?” Claire asked after a moment.
“It’s gotta be a girl” Lilly said confidently.
Ryan shook his head “Nah, I reckon it’s a boy.”
“Just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean it’s the same gender as you!”
“I could almost say the same for you too then.”
“I’m telling you it’s a girl!”
“Hey you two, you guys need to get ready now!” Paul called out from his room.
“Yeah, his right. I need to find something darker than this” Lilly stood up with Ryan behind her. Claire looked on after them. Her gaze fell to the floorboards. “Tell me, are the kids doing okay? You know, Ryan and Lilly.” “Um, yes they are. They’re doing really well in school and with friends.” I replied.
She didn’t look at me as she continued “That’s good to hear, because the last time I saw them they weren’t doing so well. Lilly was pretty upset all the time and the only way to make her happy was if I either got her to garden or I hugged her. Ryan was sort of the same, only he got happy with just hugs. They were both fourteen at the time.
“In some ways I was the closest thing they had to a mother. Paul was almost like a father at the time, because he welcomed both of them into his house.”
Now that I thought about it I never actually gave any thought as to how they both came to live with Paul. Maybe the memories were too painful for them to recall.
“I don’t really know about Dylan, he was always a mystery to me. I really wanted to get to know him, but he kept pulling away from me. I know one thing about him but...” She seemed to trail off sighing sadly.
Why did she trail off? Was what she knew about Dylan not meant for my ears...?
“But hey, enough about that!” she said, suddenly smiling “I’m being all sad and depressing aren’t I? I really am happy though that they are doing well...I mean, it’s been three years since I last saw them.”
“Why were you gone for three years?” I asked. Did I just say that?! Oh gosh no, I didn’t mean to-!
“I was with someone...”
With someone?
She smiled, the smile was purely happy no sadness whatsoever “I was with Tyson...
“I was so happy being with him all the time. When I was sad or down he’d always tell a joke to cheer me up. We met at university a long time ago, but we lost contact and we met each other again a few years later when I was twenty eight. He still looked like the complete nerd I’d seen in the lectures! And yet when I started dating him I soon started to fall in love with him.
“It made me so sad, because I didn’t want anything to happen to him. I was didn’t want to involve him in the curse.
“I didn’t realise but at the time I was spending more time with him than I was with the rest of the family. Than when we became a couple, I had to keep it a secret so I told no one and I moved away Botany Beach with Tyson. My excuse for both Tyson and my family was that I wanted to explore other places, see the world.
“When we arrived in the city he asked me to marry him! I was so happy and I immediately said yes. Again I didn’t tell my family and weeks before the wedding I found that I was pregnant...
“Everything from there went downhill. Tyson’s parents wanted nothing to do with him unless he left me. They didn’t like the fact I was pregnant before marriage one bit, yet Tyson didn’t leave me.
“That was his mistake...
“Because it was then that the Magician found out. I don’t know how he did but he stopped me when I was on my way home one night. He was so outraged when he found out that I was pregnant and married...
“When I got home I didn’t tell Tyson and just tried to act as if it didn’t happen. That was my mistake...”
’No, let him go!’ ‘Wait, what’s going on?! Claire!’
‘Please, no! Don’t-’
‘Keep back Howarth! You brought this upon yourself and him, now watch as I take his memories away!!’
“He dragged him away knowing that Tyson was now completely clueless. All his memories gone...”
‘Tyson? Tyson?... ‘TYSON?! DON’T LEAVE ME!!’ “I just collapsed after that, I gave hope. I was a few weeks pregnant, and now the baby had no father... “I told Paul and Selen the truth and they were so shock when they found out that I was pregnant. They were to only people I ever told, no one else. I came back here a few months ago and then I a few other people found out I was pregnant. Paul told Lilly and Ryan about my pregnancy, I never told them face to face...
“I don’t want to give birth to this child, not while the curse is still around. I don’t want it to suffer, I don’t want to make it go through all that pain!
“I don’t this child to be cursed like we are because it’ll only get hurt. I don’t want the other kids at school to tease my child at school because they have a different hair or eyes colour, if they have something physically wrong with them, if they do something strange, if they act differently to everyone else or if something is wrong with their personality that’s different form everyone else.
“ Not only that, I don’t it’s father with me...How am I suppose to do this?! I can’t do it!”
I was beyond speechless. I was almost too shocked to move. So all this time she’s been bottling up this pain, this confusion, this worry...
I found myself standing up and kneeling down in front of her. “It’s okay to be afraid...
“My mum told me that she was so worried when she was pregnant with me. She was always worried that she wouldn’t be able to take care of me or something would happen. I guess it must be different with someone with a curse though. “In the end though it’s the same with every family. As long as it had your love and your families love that’s all it needs. It needs that to get through the bad times and the good. You don’t need material things to make it happy, you just need to love your child and guide it down the right path of life.
“And I believe that every child needs a father otherwise it might become unbalanced. I’m so glad I had my dad with me when I was growing up, I couldn’t imagine a day without him. Sometimes, though, it’s for the best that children don’t have a father. It might be because they aren’t ready to take up the role of becoming a father, they might do something that they’ll regret later on, or something worse.
“But as I said, in the end all it needs is the love and support of its family to grow. That love will shine forever in the child’s heart...”
Her sobs stopped, she was looking at me. There I go again, saying something stupid without even realising it! Oh gosh I was getting worse at this “I’m really sorry I didn’t mean to offend you in anyway I was just giving you my opinion! As it is I don’t have any experience whatsoever so how on earth I know how it feels like to...” I trailed off as she stood up and wiped away the tears. I stood up with her...
“Thank you! Thank you so much...”
I gently hugged her back in case I’d hurt her again.
“I think with those words in mind I the best for my child.”
I felt something change. Something change? What changed?
I stepped back and gasped...
“Y-Y-You’re’s changed!”
She looked at me bewildered then picked up a strand of her now long hair. She gazed at in surprise and then...
She started laughing. She let the hair fall from her hands as her laughter became louder. “I...I can’t believe it! “This is the hair I had when I was a kid.”
“Is that a good thing?” I asked finding myself giggling.
“Of course it is! It means I’m really happy!!”
She kept on laughing. She really did sound happy...
I meant what I’d said before. I know now that she can do it, she can help her child grow through this curse. Whatever obstacle came in the way they’d work together to get through it.
I guess now my determination to break the curse is far greater than it was before...
“Oh gosh, look at the time, we’ll be going in ten minutes!” Claire said surprised.
“What?! I better get ready!” I exclaimed. But what would I wear?! I didn’t have anything that was suitable in black. No time, I need to think of something...!
Unknown to both of them he heard everything “...Thank you, Sam...” Nearly everyone from the Howarth family turned up at Jacob’s grave. Some people got emotional, other stared at the grave in thought. At time I heard someone whisper a memory they shared with him.
I noticed two things. First, Dylan wasn’t here, and second the flowers I had but in front of his grave were still blooming. I wonder if that meant something...?
“What do you mean you’re staying?” Lilly asked raising her eyebrow.
“Well, actually, I was sorta hoping to talk to Lucy and maybe keep an eye out for Dylan...” I replied with a small smile.
“Dyaln you can forget about because he’ll be home later. As for Lucy, is her story open this late?”
“She said she wanted to talk to me about something. I promise I won’t be gone for long!” I started walking off waving to Lilly behind me.
As she walked in the opposite direction as me she murmured “Take care...”
I guess I was really looking at for Dylan, I didn’t want anything to happen to him. I don’t anything bad to happen to any of Howarth’s, not from what I have been told by them... It made me really happy today that nearly all of them came together as a family to visit the grave. I could see a true family around me, one that cared and understood each other. I didn’t see the cursed family that had no hope, I saw a true family who would always be there for each other through good times and bad ti–
“Samantha Wilson I presume?”
I looked ahead and stopped.
Who was that?
How did she know my name?
Did I know her?
“Excuse me but do I know you?” I asked trying to hide the fear in my voice. I didn’t succussed
“No, but the Magician told me about you...” she replied flatly.
The Magician? He...Who was this woman. I found myself getting closer until I was standing right in front of her. “Is there something wrong?”
“No, nothing wrong,” she said in monotone, her face remaining neutral “I’m Shyama, the Magician’s former assistant. He let me go today because I became too much of a hassle for him, so I’m no longer in his service. “I came here to tell to break the Howarth curse.” I gasped stridently. S-S-She knew...She knew how to break the curse?! “Y-You know how?” was all I could say. I was so shocked, so happy and yet so emotional at the same time. If she knew than the Howarth’s would be free! “Of course I know, the Magician let’s things slip too much. He wasn’t suppose to tell me but he did by accident”
“Then, is it broken?!” I asked, my voice almost on the edge of pleading.
She turned away from me “I can’t tell you here, someone might hear us. I need to tell you where no one will be able to hear. You have to trust me, Samantha, if you wish to save the Howarth’s...” And with that she walked off. She was expecting me to follow her.
What should I do? Should I trust her?
She said she was the Magician former assistant and she knew how to break the curse...
Mum, dad, what should I do?!
What if she really did know? I was so desperate to break this curse. I decided.
I caught up to her. I would take my chances, for the Howarth’s. I’d do anything to help them break this curse...
‘Tell her that I let you go,’ his words repeated in her head. She looked back once at Samantha who was now following her. His word invaded her mind again ‘Then tell her that you know how to break the curse... ‘Once you find a place where no one will see you, plunge her mind into an eternal nightmare, the spell that she will never wake up from...’
(And so the tension is on!!
What will happened to Sam? Will she be put into an eternal nightmare? What secrets will be revealed? And who Shyama really?!
Tune into the next chapter of Forgotten Redemption!!
If you have time comments are greatly appreciated!
Thanks for reading!
Keep Creating and Simming!!
-Warrayfinson ;) )

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#7LellieGJan 20, 2010

Cliffhanger much! \:P Awesome, as per usual! \:cool\:

#8omik79Jan 20, 2010

YAY Well worth the wait!  Next please \:\)  Crazy ole magician....hrmph!  I was sort of liking Sam and Ryan together \:\)

#9Ariana31PlayerJan 21, 2010

that's great!!

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holy moly! haha you would leave it in a cliff hanger!! aughhhh!!! haha that was a really good chapter though!! can't wait for more!\:D

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That was really goood, the cliff hanger really adds on to the anticipation for the next chapter!

#12LuecyJan 23, 2010

Great story , can't wait for the next chapter...\:D

#13artsysimaddictJan 26, 2010

Oh wow. I just started reading forgotten redemption, and woow. Every chapter it gets better- and I'm wondering what happened to Paul in his past, and how he knew Lucy... Ugh! Another cliffhanger. Love it anyway though! I'd rate 10 if I could... \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\: \:wub\:

#14DeadPrincess244Feb 15, 2010

(OK, I've been reading this story since the first chapter, but never commented \:\(  So theres my 1st comment \:\) )
This storys great. Love the cliffy :P

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I just read the whole story trough and it's soo great! Can't wait for more !

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sooooo good a story!!!! i cant wait more it come =D i love this story!!!

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