Back to Pleasantview (8)
Published Feb 14, 2010

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Hi everyone, here's part 8. Again, I'm sorry it took me so long, I just didn't feel like writing.
I also apologize for mistakes, writing this story is getting more and more difficult for me. Creating the story in my mind was easy, playing was easy, taking screenshots was easy, writing is not :) I hope that together with screenshots it's still possible to understand what's happening :)
If anyone would like to read the previous parts of Back to Pleasantview, then all the parts can be found on my profile page.
Enjoy! :)

Hi everyone, here's part 8. Again, I'm sorry it took me so long, I just didn't feel like writing.
I also apologize for mistakes, writing this story is getting more and more difficult for me. Creating the story in my mind was easy, playing was easy, taking screenshots was easy, writing is not :) I hope that together with screenshots it's still possible to understand what's happening :)
If anyone would like to read the previous parts of Back to Pleasantview, then all the parts can be found on my profile page.
Enjoy! :)
Dad was brushing teeth when I stepped into his room. He noticed me from the mirror and looked confused.
"I just wanted to say good night," I told him, smiling.
"Gdnght," he mumled, turning to look at me for a moment, and then continued brushing his teeth.
Instead of leaving I decided to wait till he finished in the bathroom. There was something I wanted to ask him.
I had never paid attention to the painting that was hanging on the wall in my father's room. Now I had a few minutes to examine it. Childhood... Many thoughts ran through my mind, so many memories. I was thinking of the day Dad had got married. It was a beautiful evening in late August, two months after my 8th birthday. I felt like a princess in my new white dress and I was happy that Daddy was getting married to Mathilda. I liked her. Grandma Cassie was on cloud nine that day. "You finally have a real family, Audrey. Everything's perfect now!" she had told me after the ceremony with a big, happy smile on her face. I had wanted to ask her what she meant by it - in my opinion, I had always had a real family - but she went to talk to the guests and later I forgot it. I couldn't remember whether my Dad had been smiling on that day or not.
"Did I forget something? I-love-you?", Dad asked, laughing slightly, interrupting my thoughts. "I love you" had always followed "good night", as long as I remembered, from the very first memories I had of my father. I couldn't blame him for leaving it out today. It was difficult to talk with a toothbrush in your mouth.
"Dad...I was just wondering...When will we go to visit Mathilda?" I asked him, though it wasn't exactly what I wanted to know.
"We've been here for only 3 days, Dee. Do you miss her already?"
"Don't you?" After all, I wasn't the one who had been married to her for almost 10 years.
"I have a new life now, and so does Mathilda. It's time to move on."
"Just like that?" I asked, not happy with his answer. To be honest, I didn't understand it. He and Mathilda never even had problems, and then one day Dad decided to move back to Pleasantview, they got divorced, said good-bye and that was it. As if they had never been married.
"Audrey, some marriages just aren't meant to last."
"And some are?"
"I guess," Dad shrug his shoulders.
"Like Martin's?"
On the way home from Martin's place I had thought about his family. About Irene and Gabrielle. About how it would feel to have a mother and father who really,truly loved each other, to have a real family as grandma had said. But she had been wrong about my "real family". Mathilde wasn't my mother and I was starting to doubt whether Dad had ever loved her at all.
"So that's what it's about?" Dad started to laugh. "I was wondering where such questions suddenly came from. So the next thing you'll ask is why you don't have any brothers or sisters, right?"
I watched him laughing. It was so typical of him to turn the subjects he didn't like into a joke. I DID ask about brothers and sisters, but only because he had given me the idea. After explaining me how he had always dreamed of having one daughter, Dad told me to go to bed.
I didn't like this new feeling that I had. Dad's marriage had always seemed normal to me, other couples were the ones arguing, like Lindsay's parents, or kissing like crazy, like our neighbors in Bluewater who never bothered to use curtains. Dad and Mathilda were...two reasonable people living together. But that wasn't the definition of marriage, was it? So why had he married her at the first place? "Don't bother your little head, Dee dear," grandpa Don would have told me if he was still here. He wasn't, but I took his advice nevertheless. Though I felt a bit sleepy, I decided to read some more of Lucy's diary. After reading some pages, things got very interesting because she and Lilith went to... came to... this house. "Dear Diary!
Lilith and I went to visit Alexander Goth today. He's not a friend of mine, nor Lilith's, but aunt Mary-Sue called Lilith some days ago and asked whether we would agree to visit him. You see, Cassandra Goth (the sister of Alexander) and Mary-Sue are good friends and Cassandra was worried about her little brother. Angela had refused to go so Aunt Mary-Sue called us."

"The father of Alexander and Cassandra died a month ago and Cassandra was worried because her brother never went out anymore, didn't have any friends and was getting more and more depressed every day." "Our task was to entertain him. I'd always wanted to see the Goth manor from inside so I convinced Lilith to go and I don't regret it. Alexander seemed to be happy. He goes to private school and looks dweeby, but I found out he's a nice guy." "Dina, the stepmother of Alexander and Cassandra (though I believe Cassandra is older), made us sandwiches. That was very nice of her, times must be difficult for her, too. She's pregnant and already a widow. Alexander is going to have a baby brother or sister after some months." "I didn't meet Cassandra because she was at work but I did meet her husband Don and their little son Jonathan."

I couldn't believe I was actually reading about MY family. This diary was sooo meant to be read by me.
"Jonathan's a cute little boy. I'm glad Lilith and I decided to go, it was nice to meet new people. And I wouldn't mind being friends with Alexander, even though everyone in Pleasantview calls him a nerd. So what?" I read until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. After breakfast the next morning I finished my homework. I was even a bit excited about going to school on Monday, it didn't scare me anymore now that I knew Crystal and Darien and Douglas. I might even enjoy it. After finishing my homework I continued reading the diary from where I had stopped last night. Lucy, Lilith and Jennifer spending Christmas with Daniel, Mary-Sue and Angela, together as a family. Lilith and Angela doing their best to be nice to each other, Lilith talking to her parents again, Lucy visiting Alexander. School, friends, boys... joys and sorrows of Lucy's life. The parts including my family were the most interesting to read. Later I decided to go for a walk. The weather was so beautiful and there was a park not far from our house, so I went there. To my disappointment, it was empty. What did people do in Pleasantview on Sunday afternoons? I watched the fish swimming in the little pond and felt lonely. I could have gone back home but no one was waiting for me there, Dad had gone out to look for a job. I didn't know why he had to do it on Sunday, I guess he was just eager to find a job, he didn't like sitting at home. Once, Sunday had been father-daughter day in my family but as I grew older it lost it's importance. On one of these father-daughter Sundays many years ago Dad took me to a fancy restaurant. I was seven and I loved spending time with him and going to a restaurant was special so I was very excited. "Audrey," my father said after we had ordered the food. "I have something important to tell you. You like Mathilda, don't you?"
"Well... Mathilda and I... we have decided to get married!" he announced with a smile.
"Get married?" I asked, a bit surprised.
"Yes," Dad replied silently, sounding worried.
"Is she going to live with us?"
"Where is she going to sleep?"

Knowing me, Dad started laughing. "Don't worry Dee, you can keep your room."
"That's good then," I nodded and smiled.

"Is Mathilda going to be my mommy?" I asked later, filling Dad's eyes with sadness with this question.
"It doesn't have to be so. She could just be your friend. But I'm sure she'd love to have a beautiful daughter like you, Audrey."
I didn't mind either way, but as my question had made my father sad I decided I'd never call Mathilda "Mommy". And I never did. She was never more than a friend to me. Dad promised me on that day that I'd always be the most important one to him, no matter what. I felt the same way about him. That's why I never even considered staying to Bluewater Village with Mathilda when my father wanted to move. That's why I was here now. I sighed and looked around in the empty park. Parks were never empty in Bluewater, especially on Sundays. I walked to the swings and sat down on one of them. My thoughts were swirling around my childhood today. I thought about how Dad had met Mathilda. It had happened at a party, the golden anniversary party of Malcolm and Cassidy Landgraab to be exact. My family was invited too , though we didn't know the Landgraabs well at that time. Everyone except me were adults there - I hated this kind of parties. There was nothing for me to do there and with my new dress grandma had only allowed me to sit or stand. I was bored. That's when I noticed my father dancing with a young woman, and later I learned that she was Mathilda Landgraab, the daughter of Malcolm and Cassidy. I watched them dancing for a while, but it didn't keep me entertained for long, so I went to explore the house (which I was not allowed to do, but no one saw me). The house was big and beautiful, but as a Goth I was used with being surrounded with nice and expensive things, so that didn't really impress me. The only things that looked interesting to me were the portraits of Malcolm and Cassidy hanging on the wall in the living room. "They looked much better when they were younger," I whispered to myself. Little baby Malcolm, the grandson of old Malcolm Landgraab was sleeping in his room (I walked through ALL the rooms that day). There were three Malcolms living in that household at that time - old Malcolm, adult Malcolm and baby Malcolm. That seemed confusing.
I had hoped baby Malcolm had some toys but he was probably too young for that, so I finished my tour and went back outside.
Things got more interesting when Luna Ramirez arrived to the party. Luna was the sister of Tessa Ramirez, the wife of Malcolm Landgraab. Tessa was also the mother of Malcolm Landgraab and daughter-in-law of Malcolm Landgraab. Here's the proof of how confusing it can be when all the men in one family are named Malcolm. I remembered how grandma Cassie had commented on Malcolm Landgraab and Tessa Ramirez getting married. "A great deal" was how she had called it.
Nosy as I was, I asked Luna why her parents had decided to leave their family business to her older sister Tessa (who was rich anyway thanks to her husband) and not to Luna. She didn't like my questions but at least I had someone to play with.
I was just about to show Luna my headstand when grandma noticed what I was up to. "AUDREY ELIZABETH GOTH!" she shouted. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING???" It was too late to run away and I was too ashamed to say anything. Grandma shouted at me for several more minutes before annoncing I was grounded for a month. "Who's that?" Luna asked me when we followed grandma to the tables.
"My grandmother," I replied.
"She's so mean..."
I didn't say anything. Grandma was just strict. I knew she loved me. I loved her, too.

Luna and I sat at one of the tables for the rest of the party, watching adults dancing and chatting.
"Such parties are so boring" I said.
Luna nodded, agreeing with me.
I smiled at the memories. Swinging alone in the park, I felt like a child again.
The sky was getting cloudy and it looked like it was going to rain soon, so I left the park and the swings and the memories of my childhood and strolled home.
I decided to cook salmon for dinner, using the recipe I'd gotten from Daniela last night. Dad was still not at home, so I had to eat alone, and actually I could have eaten anything, but I wanted to cook something different, special. It was still Sunday. Dad could eat it when he got home. I was pretty good at cooking. I liked trying new things in the kitchen, combining different recipes, baking cakes. When I was a child, grandpa Don always let me help him when he was preparing something. He liked cooking more than grandma did and he didn't mind it if I got dirty or that the kitchen looked like there had been a war every time I helped him . We always cleaned everything before grandma got home :) But we did not always eat at home. After the party at the Landgraab's place we were often invited to dinner with Mr and Mrs Landgraab. Malcolm and Cassidy were rich and boring. I didn't like them very much. Grandma Cassie loved them. Dad and I always had to go too when grandma went to have dinner with the Landgraabs. I was told to behave. I tried my best to be a good girl though I was always bored to death listening to adults talking. Mathilda was there too, of course, always sitting close to my father.
Now that I thought of it, I was sure that my grandmother had done everything she could to bring my father and Mathilda together. Mathilda was a well-behaved woman from a rich family, a perfect wife for my father in my grandmother's opinion.
I understood now what my father's marriage had meant to grandma. It had been "a great deal". Suddenly, I felt sick. How hadn't I realised that before? Money and status had always been very important to grandma. But why had my father agreed with something like that? I didn't even want to think about it. I was too afraid that I - poor motherless child - might have been the reason. The phone in the kitchen started ringing, startling me. Dad and I both had cell phones, we never used this one. Nevertheless, I got up and went to answer the phone. "Hello?"
"Good evening," said a female voice politely. "Could I talk to Mrs Bachelor, please?"
"I'm sorry, you must have the wrong number."
"Isn't this the Goth manor?" The woman sounded confused.
I was confused, too. "Yes it is, but there is no one of that name here."
The woman apologized and finished the call.
"That was weird," I said as I hung up the phone.
While waiting for Dad to get home, I read a novel instead of Lucy's diary. It was a book I needed to read for school and I really wanted to change the first impression the teachers most likely had of me (rich, spoilt and inattentive, a real trouble maker...that's far from who I really was). There were only some pages left to read when I heard Dad unlocking the front door. I went to greet him, happy that he was finally home. I still didn't feel comfortable staying in this big house all alone, especially when it was dark outside. Dad had had a successful day - he had found a job. Unfortunately, he now had to work at the weekends, which meant I had to get used being alone in this house. Oh well... I followed Dad to kitchen, answering the questions he asked about my day.
"By the way, someone called earlier and asked for Mrs Bachelor or something," I said, suddenly remembering the phone call.
"The caller asked for Mrs Bachelor??" Dad was surprised.
"Yes, why?"
"Audrey, Bachelor was the maiden name of my grandmother Bella."
"Oh..." How weird. "I didn't know that...."
"I know you didn't. Well, I'm sure someone was just trying to be funny. Many people have this number."
"Maybe..." I replied. "But the caller didn't sound like she was joking."

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#9shaml_sim Feb 15, 2010

You are an excellent writer, Kalisa. It's hard to imagine that English is your second language you write that well \:\) Every time a new chapter of your story comes out, it is definitely worth the wait! It keeps getting more and more interesting and I'm really enjoying it \:wub\: I can't wait to see what the caller wanted with 'Mrs Bachelor'. Great work!

#10xxheartlessxx12Feb 16, 2010

As much as story writing is fun, it's difficult as the story progresses, so take as much as time you need! You're a really amazing writer! \:D Awesome work!

#11EleCrisFeb 16, 2010

Oh another great part.Well done!! \:wub\: can't wait for the next part 5.0

#12IllandryaFeb 17, 2010

Thank you for yet another great chapter in Audrey's life, Kalisa! I really look forward to your stories and know that they are always worth the wait. I will be waiting ... perhaps not patiently, but most definitely waiting ... for the next chapter to arrive!

#13katlin194Feb 22, 2010

Great chapter!
Mulle meeldis \:\)

#14artsysimaddictFeb 23, 2010

ooh, creepy! More please! It's amazing; love love love it!!! <3

#15aakerhjelmFeb 25, 2010

It was a really great chapter \:\)

#16candy820Mar 1, 2010

Great part!!\:D Waiting for the next chapter.\:D

#17Midnight222Mar 5, 2010

Another interesting chapter with a twist! I wonder who the caller was! \:rah\:

#18FikcijaMar 31, 2010

Hi \:\) It's me again, I've been away from TSR for a while and now I obviously will have a lot of catching up to do. But I'm sure I read this part, just haven't commented for some reason... \:confused\: Anyway, I'm off to read the next one.

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