Save Me - The Rescue Part V
Published Feb 17, 2010

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This chapter took trouble in releasing for some reason :/ does anyone else here ever get 'unsupported extensions' when they try to upload? :S
anyways thankyou all for your feedback as i greatly welcome and appreciate all types of it :)
and a great thanks to custom content out there, especially ayyuff for the lots :)
i hope you enjoyy.

This chapter took trouble in releasing for some reason :/ does anyone else here ever get 'unsupported extensions' when they try to upload? :S
anyways thankyou all for your feedback as i greatly welcome and appreciate all types of it :)
and a great thanks to custom content out there, especially ayyuff for the lots :)
i hope you enjoyy.
Lydia was astounded by his magnificence. How on Earth this spectacular, mindful figure ever degrade itself into her arms, she wondered. But his body, and mind, had already manifested itself before her, relieving her of all other thoughts. He spun her off the side of the bed and cradled her in his arms. She felt like a baby, but with him, it felt fantastic. As he placed her gently on her bed covers, she noticed how fragile his rough face actually was. She was deeply enraptured by him, and when he kissed her, she knew he felt the same.
“Are you sure this is what you want?” Danny asked, afraid to hurt her.
“Danny, I, uh, I” Her nerves held the words back.
“Me too, Lydia, I love you” He beamed.
They never went that far, because it was not the expression of their love that they were looking for. He kissed her soothingly, as she questioned whether Nellie ever shared some sort of deep and strong love. But never asked, and after today, she never could. For what happened was sincerely unpleasant.
Nellie, Bruce the students and two parents had arrived at the amusement park. Nellie already noticed the difference in her students. Their attitudes and perspectives were soon to be changed. She thanked Bruce with a loving kiss when nobody was looking. The kids spent the day wondering around as Nellie watched them. The rest (including Bruce) were nowhere to be seen. When lunch time hurried towards them, Nellie decided to look for Bruce. “Bruce, where are you?” She yelled, he didn’t answer his phone. She walked on over to the museum section, it was said that Audrey Hepburn herself slept in one of the rooms here, She was not the only one.
“Bruce?” Nellie’s eyes and heart burnt with betrayal. It was the student’s parents. But Nellie never knew that the students had followed her. They were in tears before Nellie came to this horrid realization.
“I want you out of my life” Nellie said once they were alone. “Those students are scarred, Bruce, mentally. They will not forget this”
“And what about you, Nellie? Can you forget this?” He snickered, his voice strained with anger. “Always caring for others, right? What’s the point Nellie? What?”
“You’re horrible, completely dysfunctional. Tell me, Bruce, were you born drunk?”
“I’m not Lydia” Nellie’s anger went out of control. After long moments of arguing, it was all over and Nellie thought her life was too.
Nellie was in the other room, booking a well needed getaway to the cold, snowy mountains. She never expected to ever leave Lydia, but she was safe with Danny. Nellie was glad for his presence. He was a magical man. Nellie now understood that after just a few weeks. She was due to leave in the morning, but instead of spending it with Lydia, she had rather spend it with the TV, who, of course, experienced far worse situations then her own. “How will I live without you!” Lydia cried as Nellie made her way closer to the taxi.
“You, it’s only a few days,” They hugged “I’ll miss you”
“So will I, have a good trip, okay”. With that, Nellie was off.
Danny wrapped his arms and his one, true lover. He nibbled on her ear and began kissing her neck, which was now filled with chills.
“You look so good when you’re almost in tears” Lydia just smiled, too caught up in the pleasure he caused her.
Nellie arrived at her long awaiting destination. She checked in at the lodge that her family spent many frosty winters. She adored the icy wind smacking her skin. It felt so fresh. She snuggled upstairs in her cozy, neat little room. It reached four in the afternoon, and the darkness of Nellie’s mind was over-powering. Before it took inclusive control of her, she walked out to the lobby to head outside for a ski.
“I wouldn’t go out there if I were you” A brunette haired man said. Nellie stared at him as he walked closer to her. From the distance he was at, all she noticed were his piercings.
“Why not?”
“You and the other people living here chose the worst time for a vacation, snow storms coming,” Nellie began to laugh, “I didn’t know it was funny”
“All I meant is that, of course! Bad luck seems to have a route, and it’s following mine”
“Aw, I see, well, the lodge offers activities in vacant rooms, if you want, I mean”
“I’m alright, thanks, I’ll just get back to my room” She walked off more dejected then she was before.
“List of activities is posted on the door, in case” He said, causing her to smile as she made her way up the stairs.
She began reading a book in her preferred peace and quiet. She had no one to impress so she got rid of all the make-up she had on and made sure she looked disgusting. It comforted her. But after realising how bored she really was, she decided to go down and read the list. Nothing really enlightened her, so she just chose the poker/mahjong room, to see what it looked like. Tables and chairs for the games were already taken, but there was an empty chair right at the back, which she took pleasure in sitting in.
“Changed your mind, did you?” The seemingly kind man asked, taking a seat next to her.
“Yeah, not much else to do now” She sighed, and then she began to shiver. The hot chocolate did not seem to help her.
“You look cold, are you alright?” His eyebrows creased in such a way it could have warmed Nellie right up.
“Maybe I should just go back to my room”
“But you’ll be alone, how unpleasant,” He laughed, “Come to mine, I’ve got the perfect thing for you”
He lead her to his room.
“Why is your room so large for a lodge … uh...?” She said, attempting to remember if names were mentioned.
“I’m Matt,” He said, “and because I own the place” he continued into the kitchen making her a delicious smelling tea.
“Oh, I should have known, I’m Nellie”
“You don’t remember me, at all?”
“Yes, I spoke to you earlier today”
“My dad used to own this place, and you used to come here all the time. I taught you how to ski, remember?”
“Oh my, Matt!” Her throat got caught. She remembered him indeed. They were good little friends, however as they grew up, it seemed he was more interested in what was under Nellie’s older sister’s shirt.
“You’ve changed so much” Nellie’s attraction to him officially began. Although she wished it would end soon. They spent the rest of the night remembering certain memories that had been stepped on along the process of growing up. He remembered so much about her, that it made her heart sing.
“Are you with anyone, like…?”
“No, I’m single” Nellie said, enlightened to see his face start to glow. She was flattered.
Every night he invited her to his room, for dinner and well, pleasuring company. But on Nellie’s very last night, he kissed her unlike Bruce could ever. She did not let her mind take part in this, which was unusual of her. But then again, what did it matter, when was she ever going to see him again? She loved the way his fingertips felt lacing around her legs. The night neglecting the fact that Nellie was leaving was over. It was morning, and the snow storm was over, and so was their little romance. Neither expected the pain that was ripping its way into their hearts.
“Nellie, I don’t know when I can see you again, I mean, I own this place, I can’t just leave”
“Say no more, but…” before Nellie could say what wanted to, her shuttle began its beeping attack. They said goodbye, and Nellie left attempting to get rid of her tears.

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catlilapause*Apr 11, 2010

I love all your parts so far!!!Brilliant!\:D

GlamuritaMar 11, 2010


petshop1230Mar 1, 2010

This is so good! \:wub\: it!

Feb 28, 2010

good writing but the screenshots are so strange there are shiney and cc are morethan maxis stuff

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