Someone Special - Part 6
Published Feb 17, 2010

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I apologise for the slight delay in this chapter being submitted. For those who haven't read my blog, I'm quite busy at the moment organizing an event as part of my assessment and don't have as much time as I would like to to work on this story. I hope the delay hasn't been too long though, and I will try to make sure the future chapters come out as soon as possible.

Sam :)

I apologise for the slight delay in this chapter being submitted. For those who haven't read my blog, I'm quite busy at the moment organizing an event as part of my assessment and don't have as much time as I would like to to work on this story. I hope the delay hasn't been too long though, and I will try to make sure the future chapters come out as soon as possible.

Sam :)
It had been four long weeks since Carlos had walked out of the family home at the insistence of his wife but it felt like a lifetime ago. No words could describe how much he missed his family but there was no one to blame except himself. He lay down on the hard, springy hotel bed which had provided him with restless nights since he had arrived there. It was the only hotel in town and it was where he had found solace immediately after his and Nikki's argument.
It was killing him to be apart from her and the kids for so long but knew it was best to give her time. He had surrendered to the urge to visit them just once. Seeing Lucas and Emme again warmed his soul but it pained him to see Nikki so distant from lost. And it was all because of his thoughtless actions. She told him she was not ready for him to come back yet and he agreed to keep his space, his fingers crossed she would find it in her heart to give him another chance.
The next evening, instead of watching pointless TV shows like usual, Carlos found himself strolling the empty streets and admiring the vast, starry night sky. Without realising it, he had walked within meters of the house which held his family.
He suddenly decided enough was enough. He was sick of being stuck in limbo and surely by now Nikki knew which was she leaning. Not knowing where he stood was hell and he would rather find out, whatever consequences that would entail.
It felt strange to stand in front of his own front door and feel nervous. He weighed up whether he should knock or use his key but quickly realised his predicament was silly; it was still technically his home too, so there was no reason not to use his own key.
His hand rummaged in his pocket until his fingers brushed against the warm, familiar metal. He placed it in the lock and it turned easily, making him feel at home as the door swung open, welcoming him. The scene which he walked into though, was the farthest thing from a welcome return he could have imagined.
No man would ever want to imagine the woman they love in the arms of another man, but to see it before their very own eyes would almost certainly bring that fear to new heights.
It was almost like Carlos wasn't even there the way their mouths kept rhythmically moving. Carlos was aware of this man in his house, touching his wife, but he couldn't take his unbelieving eyes off Nikki.
She was unmistakeably beautiful even from where he was standing and he couldn't help but notice how her body, so soft and delicate, moved with each motion. He could almost feel her in his own arms, where she should have been at that moment. His fingers longed to thread through her silky, chestnut brown hair like they had so many times before. After a few moments, he shook his head incredulously. How could he be thinking about how beautiful his wife was while he was watching her making out passionately with another man? Did she love him? Is this why she didn't want Carlos to come back? It was then he realised he did not want to lose Nikki, he would do anything to fix their marriage and that included overlooking what he was witnessing tonight.
Suddenly he felt as if his eyes were burning and he deliberately cleared his throat, loud enough for Nikki and her guest to spring apart immediately. That was when he saw who the man was.
Dan. Nikki's so-called 'best friend'. Had their friendship been a sham all these years, as a way to keep their relationship secret? Instantly, Carlos dismissed this outrageous thought.
The look on Nikki's face was a mix of shock, horror and guilt. "Carlos!" she exclaimed, her lips red and swollen. "What are you doing here?"
Carlos resisted the urge to state that this was, in fact, his house, too. "I could ask Dan the same thing."
Dan looked away, obviously very uncomfortable. Nikki shot him an apologetic glance and walked towards Carlos, her steps slightly swaying.
"You've been drinking."
Coming to a stop, Nikki didn't answer as she knew it was a statement, not a question. Carlos shook his head. "Jesus, Nik, why?"
"Why do I have to explain myself to you, huh?" she fired back. "You think you can go around sleeping with whomever you please and then tell me what I can and cannot do?"
"Oh, come on, I told you I was sorry. What more do I need to do to prove that to you?" Carlos knew it was pointless arguing with her in her state but felt he had to defend himself.
Nikki looked right at him. "I don't know if there is anything you can do, Carlos. To be honest with you, even the thought of sleeping in the same bed as you again makes me ill."
Carlos searched her face, her eyes for a hint of doubt. "Are you saying what I think you're saying?"
Her face remained void of emotion. "I think it would be best if we separated."
"Nikki, you're hardly in the proper state of mind to make a decision like this. Is it because of Dan? Have you two been seeing each other?"
"This has got nothing to do with Dan," she said. "Before tonight, nothing had ever passed between us except friendship, but whatever happens now isn't any of your business." She paused. "We're over, Carlos."
He stood there for a long time, letting Nikki's words sink slowly in.
We're over, Carlos.
Over? She wasn't - couldn't be - thinking straight. After all, she wasn't exactly sober. But don't they say that the truth comes out after a few drinks? This was the woman who he had spent nine wonderful years with, the mother of his two children, the woman he loved so much and was now possibly going to lose. But he had more sense than to put up a fight with her tonight.
"Nikki, I'll call you tomorrow when you have had time to sleep this off. Give my love to the kids."
As Nikki watched her husband walk out the door and away from her, she didn't feel anything. Her emotions were a whirlpool inside her and she didn't have the strength to dissect them right then.
Instead, she turned to the person who she knew would help her forget them, if only for a short time.
She walked back to Dan and put his arms around her, her lips once again meeting with his. The wine was sweeping through her body, making her feel warm and happy and at this very moment, she didn't wish she was anywhere else.
After several breathless moments, their lips parted and Nikki's eyes fluttered open to meet Dan's. They were clouded in passion and Nikki took his hand.
"Come with me," she said quietly.
Up in her bedroom, she didn't feel at all uncomfortable with the fact she was sleeping with another man in her and Carlos' bed. In fact, she wasn't feeling much at all. She was lost in the moment and glad to be.
Dan's hand cupped her face as he kissed her and slowly his hand worked its way down her body. She didn't hesitate at all and let herself move with his rhythm. She hadn't been with another man for over nine years but didn't feel self conscious in the slightest. Dan knew, and understood her, better than anyone else.
It was the next morning that Nikki realised the enormity of her actions.
She had slept with her best friend.
Her head ached but she tried to ignore it as best she could. She had much more important things to concentrate on; her kids, Carlos and her friendship with Dan.
Dan had obviously left sometime early that morning as the bed lay empty beside her. This, she was thankful for. The last thing she wanted to do was face him right now, feeling as she was.
Not bothering to change out of her pajamas, she slipped quietly into her daughter's room and smiled as she saw her sleeping peacefully in her crib.
For several moments, Nikki found herself watching Emme, envious of her uncomplicated life and glad at the same time. She hoped that her little girl would never have to feel the opposing feelings she was at that moment, that she would never have to have the weight of the world on her shoulders.
Her rein of thought was interrupted as a quiet voice piped up from behind her.
"Are you ok, mum?"
Nikki turned and smiled at her son. "Yeah, honey, how are you?"
He shrugged. "I'm good. Is dad coming to visit today?"
She had explained to Lucas that his dad was staying elsewhere at the moment until he had sorted a few things out. It wasn't a complete lie.
She remembered what Carlos had said the night before. I'll call you tomorrow.
"He's going to phone today but he'll come see you very soon," she offered.
Lucas couldn't help disappointment flooding through him. He missed his dad so much but he didn't want it to show to his mum.
Instead, he nodded. "Ok." Then retraced his steps back out the door.
Nikki wanted to chase after him and cradle him in her arms just like she had done when he was a baby, and tell him everything would be alright. But she knew she couldn't promise him that.
Absently cleaning the house later that day, Nikki heard the phone's trill ringing throughout the house. She had been expecting it but was still a little nervous.
"Nikki." Why did his voice have to be so damn sexy?
"Uh...look, I'm sorry...about last night." Her apology was hesitant but she meant it. "I'd had a lot to drink and it was stupid but there was some truth to what I said."
She could almost feel him holding his breath. "About us?" he finally asked.
"Yes," she replied.
Carlos could feel his heart sink. "Oh."
"But," she slipped in quickly, "I went a little overboard last night. I don't want to give up on us completely but I think we need a break, ok? Some time apart to get to know ourselves again. And then if we both still want to give it another shot, we will. Baby steps, Carlos."
He wasn't as patient as his wife but he knew she was right. They couldn't rush this, if they did, it could cost them their marriage.
"And what about Dan, Nikki? Where does he fit into this equation?"
There it was. The question she had been waiting for.
"He doesn't," she said, quietly. "I know it was wrong but I guess I just wanted to give you a taste of your own medicine. There's no feelings between Dan and I nor has there ever been. But we can talk about all of this when we've both had time to think. It's what's best for now."
"And what about the kids?" he asked.
"You can see them whenever you like, I'm not denying you that," Nikki replied. "But I think it's best if they stayed with me on weeknights."
At least she understood his need to see his children. Hopefully their problems could be sorted out in time. "Ok, Nik. I guess I'll speak to you soon, then."
"Yes, but hold on just a sec. Lou wants to speak to you." She covered the mouthpiece. "Lou!"
As Lucas chatted away with his father, Nikki took a seat at the dining table. She suddenly felt on the verge of tears as she realised she may have ruined her friendship with Dan.
She had been stupid last night and hadn't thought of the consequences of her actions. She had hurt Carlos, she knew that, but it was almost fair after what he had done to her. She had her hopes up that they could work it out given the time. But it wasn't fair to have brought Dan into this. Nikki could only hope she hadn't unconsciously let go of someone very special to her.

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#39xoxo4ever595Feb 24, 2010

Sorry it doesnt show up on my page... If not being a subscriber has anything to do with it... can you tell me how to get to my geustbook? cause the one i saw had no responces in it

#40shaml_sim Feb 24, 2010

@ xoxo4ever595: Sure. All you have to do is, once you've logged in, look to the very top of the page. You should see your username. Click on that and it will take you straight to your mini page. Once you're there, under you're profile tab you should see 'Index' and 'Guestbook'. Cick on guestbook and there you go. The other way you can do it is, again once you've logged in, look to the very top of the page. Click on 'Dashboard' and a five column menu should drop down. The very first column says 'Guestbook'. Click on 'View Guestbook' and it will take you straight there. I hope this helps and if you have any trouble please let me know \:\)

#41xoxo4ever595Feb 25, 2010

hey, actually the download worked, but when i got it in my computer, it saved in my files, and not my sims 3 game launcher/installer. haha sorry for all the questions, but i really appriciate it.\:D  haha

#42marita1998Feb 27, 2010

where did you get this cute crib? please tell me! I love your story <3

#43Peachybitz1Mar 7, 2010

You know you're reading something that you're really into when you keep clicking on that next screen button and nothing happens!! \:wub\:...Poor Carlos, I know he was a dirty toad for messing around but I really felt for hiim when he walked in on them kissing..but I was pleased he didn't fly off into a rage and realise that some of this is his fault...I'm wondering how this will all pan out for them all, I know from experience that when that trust is gone it's very difficult to get back to a point where you can look at someone and know that they are not cheating on I'm wondering whether Nikki and Carlos will be able to go back to where they were before she found out...does love conquer all? I do like happy endings though, I am a romantic at heart, so I kinda hope they do \;\)

#44artsysimaddictMar 7, 2010

Very well written-and even though everyone else asked, where do you get their clothes/hair stuff? I love your characters. Carlos was a jerk, and I understand why Nikki did it, but, honestly, two wrongs DON'T make a right. I wonder if they can work it out? I hope Dan's friendship isn't lost. Loved it 100%. Off to read the last 2 chapters!

#45mogan44Apr 13, 2010

Awesome chapter! I wasn't expecting what happened between her and Dan!!!  Can't wait to read on! 5*s

#46runesong54May 11, 2010

I think Nikki shouldn't have been with Dan until she knew what she really wanted.  Hurting Carlos only will add fuel to the fire if she decides to mend her marriage.

#47dolphin.laughterMay 13, 2010

Ahh...Poor Dan! I hope he doesn't get offended. You are an excelent writer though, you're leaving me curious about what'll happen next.

#48Nov 27, 2010


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