The Drifter - Part 6
Published Mar 21, 2010

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Welcome to Part 6!

Thank you to everyone who read, rated & commented on part 5. It makes me so happy to read all your wonderful comments and I am glad to hear that you are enjoying it so much.

Thank you to cazarupt for his amazing lot, The Sealuxe and also to all the talented artists for their cc creations.

Welcome to Part 6!

Thank you to everyone who read, rated & commented on part 5. It makes me so happy to read all your wonderful comments and I am glad to hear that you are enjoying it so much.

Thank you to cazarupt for his amazing lot, The Sealuxe and also to all the talented artists for their cc creations.
After parking the pickup at the back of the Wilsonoff Theater Will walks around the front to meet Eliza.
He spots her straight away standing on the red carpet. She is dressed in a sequined mini dress, her long slender legs are complemented by the purple high heels she is wearing and her golden blonde hair is casually tied up in a ponytail.
Walking up to her he is a little speechless at how stunning she looks.
"Hi! You look, amazing!" Will says moving in with open arms to give Eliza a friendly hug.
"Oh, thank you" Eliza replies wrapping her arms around him. She takes a breath as she hugs him and breathes in his delicious masculine aroma.
"So, how was your trip to China?" Will asks.
Eliza sighs, "I didn't go as I expected. I'm still waiting to hear back about the merger. Can we talk about it later" she replies disheartened.
"Sure." Will changes the subject, "If you haven't eaten, then I thought I could cook up something back at my place?"
"That sounds nice" Eliza replies smiling.
"Great, well the show plays for about 45 mins so, if you can hold out till then" Will says cheekily.
"I think I'll be fine" Eliza chuckles. "I'm really looking forward to seeing the show. I hardly ever take time out to enjoy these sorts of things."
They enter the Wilsonoff Theater right on time to see the touring Symphony play. Since they both arrived in separate cars Eliza follows Will back to his place.
After he gives her a brief tour of his yacht they make their way up to the fly deck for drinks before dinner.
Enjoying the warm night air they take a seat at the outdoor dinning table. With each sip of their drink their eyes gaze to one another above their glass. Eliza is the first to break the silence, she notices something different about Will but can't put her finger on it.
"Have you done something to your hair?" she asks.
Will gives a puzzled look. "My hair, no?"
"There's something different, something...missing" Eliza studies his face. Her thoughts are annoyingly interrupted by her need to go to the bathroom.
"Um, where might the bathroom be?" she asks.
"Oh of course, the one place I didn't show you" Will says taking the last sip of his drink and placing his glass down on the table.
"Straight through there" Will gestures towards the closed door.
"Thanks, I won't be a moment" Eliza replies.
Will walks over to the mirror and checks his appearance over. He has never been one to be vain but admits that he is happy with the way he looks. People that knew his family always said he looked like his father.
The bathroom door opens after a few minutes and Eliza walks out to see Will waiting for her. He takes a step closer to her, reaching up and cupping her face with his hands. "Eliza,..I...I must confess something to you." Putting her arms around Wills waist Eliza stares back into his coral green eyes.
"Yes?" she says dreamily. She can smell his cologne again and it sends her senses into overdrive.
Sliding his hand down her arm he feels her smooth olive skin. Eliza shivers a little, her skin feeling tingly from his soft touch. This is the moment she has been waiting for, to be back in Will's arms again.
Could this be true love? she thinks. She has never had such strong feelings for any man before. And then Will confirms what she was thinking all along.
"I must confess my love for you, Eliza."
"Oh Will" is all Eliza can say before she plants a passionate kiss on him.
She doesn't normally play the dominate one in a relationship but this time she is unable to control her thoughts and her actions.
Kissing him, his lips feel soft and smooth and she realizes what was different about him earlier that she couldn't put her finger on, his facial hair.
While still kissing they move slowly around the edge of the bed. Will pulls at the zipper on Eliza's dress and it falls down her slender toned body to the floor. She kicks off her purple heels and frees one of her hands to pull her ponytail out and loosen her hair. Will takes this opportunity to take his shirt off and unbutton his shorts, which fall to his ankles and he kicks them off. Pulling back from one another they pause for a moment to stare into each others eyes, making sure that this night, this moment is not some sort of illusion. They fall back onto the neatly made bed. Will leans down slowly to kiss Eliza..... ....but she moves her head slightly to kiss his neck and he lets out a small moan of pleasure. The sensation from Eliza's kiss causes him to move his mouth onto hers and passionately kiss her. She moves her hands up and down his back feeling his toned masculine frame. As they both jump under the covers Eliza lets out a little giggle and Will smiles in return.
The rest of the night is filled with heated passion and eventually becomes a daze of tender and pleasurable moments.
Rising early the next morning Eliza grabs a change of clothes she had in her car for gym and takes a quick shower. She tip toes around hoping not to wake Will up as she wants to prepare breakfast for him.
Cracking the egg open she hears footsteps coming up the stairs.
"Hey, your up early?" Will says walking into the kitchen.
"Well since we didn't have any dinner last night..." she pauses to look at him with raised eyebrows. "...I thought I'd cook some breakfast for us. Plus I've got to be at work later this morning. My boss needs the whole low down on how my trip went."
Will stands there staring at her, amazed by her beauty and gracefulness.
He leans in and gives her an intimate hug, "Good morning" he says.
"Oh...good morning." Feeling Wills strong arms wrap around her causes memories of last night to flash though her mind.
"How did you sleep?" he asks.
"Fine, how about you?" Eliza replies.
"Best night's sleep I've had in a long time...thank you"
Eliza resumes to her cooking and Will wanders into the living area.
"So what's the morning like?" he asks opening the sliding door to the back decking.
"It's really lovely outside. I think it's going to be a perfect day" Eliza replies optimistically.
Walking out onto the back decking Will feels the fresh ocean breeze wash over his face. The decking is still moist in spots from the nights dew and it feels wet underneath his feet. Taking a deep breath Will thinks Eliza is right, it is going to be a perfect day. "This looks great, thank you" Will says smiling up at Eliza before taking a piece of scrambled egg & toast onto his fork. "So what happened on your trip?" he asks taking a bite.
Eliza sighs and explains what happened. While meeting with the Yat Shen's she discovered that Mr Yat Shen had passed on and when Mrs Yat Shen was about to sign the agreements it was her time to pass on as well. If anything were to happen to them then everything was left up to their son, Liang.
Will stops eating for a moment. "Gee that's just terrible. I'm sorry it didn't go well."
Eliza gives Will a smile and continues, "I asked Liang to call in the next couple of days to let me know what his decision would be." She takes a small bite of her breakfast but has trouble swallowing it as she is concerned about how her boss is going to react. "So what are your plans for today then?"
"Probably just some fishing and maintenance around the yacht" Will replies. He has been thinking about his family lately and how he abruptly up and left them after his father disappeared. Maybe he will call them today. Eliza finishes the last of her breakfast and Will rises from his chair to clear the dishes away.
"I'd better get going. I've still got to unpack and wrap up a brief report for my boss, if that's even possible with what has happened." Eliza now thinks that her promotion may have gone out the window.
"Sure, I'll walk you out."
Will puts the mornings dishes in the dishwasher while Eliza grabs her clothes from the bedroom floor.
Walking to her car Eliza's phone rings. It's Liang Yat Shen and he has decided to go ahead with the company merger. Eliza couldn't be more thrilled.
"That was Liang! He has signed and super express posted the documents. Oh what a relief!"
"That's fantastic! Well done" Will says happily.
"Maybe I'll see you later?" Eliza asks as Will cups her face with his warm hands.
"You should get some rest today. There is always tomorrow" he replies. She is tired but Eliza doesn't think that she will be able to spend another night without him.
Will moves in to kiss her and Eliza places her arms firmly around his waist pulling him in.
They embrace for a long time before Eliza breaks away and walks to her car.
"Have a good day then" Will says.
Watching her back out he waves as she drives off. Knowing that he will miss her tonight not being wrapped in his arms, smelling her sweet scent as they hug or roll around playfully on the bed. Feeling like the day is his and his alone, Will walks with a spring in his step and collects the newspaper to read with his morning coffee.
For once he actually feels happy inside. He locked his heart up years ago and threw away the key never thinking that there would be another woman out there for him. But somehow Eliza found that key.
But will she be able to help him deal with the loss of his father also?

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Kayla_MarieJan 13, 2011

what an awesome chapter

maxi kingJan 6, 2011

\:wub\:wonderful part!\:wub\:

RatRaceRobAug 17, 2010

A very passionate chapter-- their romance is very compelling, so much so I must make time for the next chapter, like right now lol \;\) :P

mogan44Jun 3, 2010

Great chapter!!! You're an awesome writer. I am loving your characters and hoping that everything turns out happy!!!!! *fingers crossed*

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