Magic, Schmagic Pt. 4
Published Feb 28, 2010

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Hi! Welcome to Magic Schmagic Part 4! If you're new to Magic Schmagic, and just found it, head back to my profile and find parts 1 through 3, because otherwise it'll ruin the EFFECT of reading these and wondering what's going to happen next. If, however, you're one of the people who've been around since Part 1, like xxheartlessxx12, or Golden97, THANK you for sticking with my story, and thanks for all your great comments! The whole time, Laura's been trying to figure what's going on with her mom, and all these hidden secrets. Well now, she's going to find out. Without further ado, read on.

Hi! Welcome to Magic Schmagic Part 4! If you're new to Magic Schmagic, and just found it, head back to my profile and find parts 1 through 3, because otherwise it'll ruin the EFFECT of reading these and wondering what's going to happen next. If, however, you're one of the people who've been around since Part 1, like xxheartlessxx12, or Golden97, THANK you for sticking with my story, and thanks for all your great comments! The whole time, Laura's been trying to figure what's going on with her mom, and all these hidden secrets. Well now, she's going to find out. Without further ado, read on. "You're a a a a a a a......a witch!" Brandon stumbled. (Really Bran? He was even a klutz when talking.) I had to smile, anyway though. "I'm still me, though. But with a magical bonus!" I clapped my hands, kinda spazzy. Brandon stared for it minute. But, instead of reminding me that I was a girly spazz, he smiled. He wanted something. "Yeah!" I looked at him again. "Just...I can't believe mom couldn't tell us. That she could hide this from US. We were always the 3 musketeers, together. It hurts. And pisses me off." Brandon nodded. "Sucks, doesn't it? But, anyway, with your magical bonus, can you fix it so my soccer team wins the championship?" I blinked, not surprised. I knew he wanted something. Usually, I would've spazzed, yelled, and probably gotten pouty, or started shunning him, but I was feeling sort of sympathetic, and I'd really really missed Bran. "Sure, why not? Gotta start somewhere, right?" Bran nodded, emphatically. "Exactly!" I walked to the spell book, and started scanning the lines. "There should be a spell like that in here. It IS a spell book, after all." Bran was watching me. "Wow. A real, live, witch. Wow. I wish I was a witch. Or, actually, a warlock. Who'd want to be a girl?" I sighed, reading harder. Come on, spell. "You'll be interested in girls eventually." I told him. "There it is!" I exclaimed. I read it. "There it is. And I won't be doing it." I said, stepping away from it. Bran looked disappointed. "Why not?" He asked. "See for yourself," I said, pointing it out. Bran read. "Yeah, no. Please don't do that...I don't like blood, or drawing blood. But... what now?" I shook my head. "I don't know...." I turned away from him. I was a witch, with the power to kill. Destroy. Control. I didn't want that. Really didn't. I was good. Wasn't I? I shivered. Drawing blood. "Laur?" Bran said quietly. "Are you okay?" I swallowed. "Yeah. But...aren't you tired? You waited a whole day for me- we should call it a night." He shrugged. "Sure." He walked towards the bookshelf. He pulled the green book, and a spun out of sight. I was all alone now. Witchy and alone. How had mom not told me about this? She never ever even hinted that there was ANYTHING in our blood. And then, it turns out I'm a witch. Great. I walked to the bookshelf, and pulled on the bookshelf. Who was I? I stepped through to the other side. Bran rushed up, and hugged me. "I'm sorry if you're upset, Laur. Don't be. Please? I love you." Blink. Whoa. I totally hadn't expected that. "I....Bran. Thank you. But. It's been...long. I mean, a long day. We should go to bed." Bran walked to his bed. "Yep." He could tell I was upset. Crap. Why was I so obvious? Anyway, thank God he knew when to listen, and go. He hopped onto his bed. I watched him slip under his covers. He yawned. "Laura?" He said. "What?" "I love you." "Yeah. I got that. I love you too." His eyes closed, and he pulled his blanket to his chin. "Night sis." He muttered, and then stretched. I wanted to tuck him in-but I also didn't feel like doing anything. Funny how I was excited about being a witch, and then I got really down. Bran snored softly. He's asleep. I thought. I ran out of the bedroom and into the bathroom. In the bathroom, I stared at my reflection in the mirror. (well, mirror/medicine cabinet.) Was I still me? I was a witch. But what did THAT mean? Did it mean I was supposed to use my magic just on stuff that didn't matter? I remembered the whole deal with losing yourself as a vampire- but what If I'd lost myself as a witch? There was no proof I was wrong. What if I wasn't me? I started washing my face. I wanted to wash my witchiness away. I wanted to wash it all away. I scrubbed hard- so hard it stung. I wanted it off. I didn't want to be a witch. I wanted to be the Laura I was 2 days ago- painting in the living room. Not the Laura with the secretive mother, with nobody to talk to-or trust. I started washing it off. I let the faucet run (shame on me!) as I stared hard at my reflection. I wasn't the same Laura. I would never be again- but did I have to look like such a...such a witch? I rinsed the last of the bubbles off, and reached for my hair curler. I curled my hair. I looked like a witch, but no more pointy hat, so yay! But I didn't look like me. It was a pretty hairstyle- but it made me feel even more like a stranger to myself. I wanted to look normal. I reached for my straightener. Much better. My old favorite. I'd been wearing it forever and ever. Mom had done my hair like that for a party when I was 9, and that's how I'd worn it since then. I felt better with a familiar look. But my clothes. There was a problem. All decked out in witchy attire. Did I WANT to look like this? No. So- only one thing to do. Shop. And Shop. I needed new clothes. I wanted new clothes. I walked out, and down to our mailbox. But, question, how was I getting there?
I couldn't drive unless mom was in the car with me, and seeing as she's lied to me my whole life, and then ditched us, that didn't really seem an option. Buses didn't run late at was 12:00 a.m. Definitely no buses. But I wanted to go. A little while before, I'd wanted nothing but to come home. And now....I wanted to be anywhere but. So many lies....And, then, I thought, How do witches get around? And there was the answer: brooms.
I stopped at our mailbox, and cleared my throat. "Magic Broom, if you're there, broom, come and take me from the gloom." Suddenly, A white/blue broom sped into my hand. How cool was this? I felt like hopping up and down. I slipped onto my broom, and sat. It was levitating by its self-up, down, up down. COOL! Epic. I smiled to myself, and said: "Higher." Up I went- but not by much. I laughed giddily. I, Laura Lwenzo, was broom riding. How cool was that?! (Okay, I know I keep saying that, but it was REALLY cool, okay?) I just floated for a minute. Even though I was still hurt, and still hated my witchiness, I was still excited about broom-flying. "Up. Higher!" I exclaimed (I hoped no one from my apartment was watching....) Instead of creeping up, like I had, I zipped up. And fast. Slanting towards my roof, I shot a glance over my shoulder. Oh, god I was HIGH! I focused on the sky in front of me and continued up. I swallowed. "To In and Out Clothing store!" And I sped off into the night.
It was not a long ride-soon I was right in front In and Out. I was speeding towards the sidewalk- yay! A fast, and fun ride. The whole city had looked beautiful, and simple, from so high up. I sped faster ....wait, why wasn't it stopping? "Stop!" I shouted. It didn't. I was going to crash! Goodbye, cruel world....but then, one centimeter from the sidewalk, It stopped. I breathed a sigh of relief, and hopped of. "Faithful broom, free from doom, disappear, till I summon you from the gloom!" The broom disappeared into the night. I walked into the shop. Shopping time. I would probably sleep in class at school. I COULD play sick, but I'd already missed Thursday... Anyway, I was glad I could just wear my winter coat...but I was worried I might bump into one of my friends. What would they say? And what would they say at school? What could I tell them? I had a secret now...a dangerous secret. Walk, walk, walk, all around. I headed towards the everyday clothing rack. It was time to do what I did best. I grabbed as many things as I could and stumbled into the change room. And I wondered: why had mom lied? I'd trusted her...Bran had trusted her...and know, where was she? I seethed, as I pulled the curtain closed. In the end, I bought 3 outfits. 3 cute outfits. In my pocket, as I was paying, I found a necklace of mom's. She'd obviously left it in there after washing it. Cackling very witchilly, I dropped on the ground. Hee hee. The cashier looked at me like I was crazy....which maybe I was? I payed and headed out, for home. I pulled my broom to a stop, and hopped off. I arrived back at the apartment, safe and sound, happy and excited. Unfortunately, It was around 5:00 a.m. (I take time shopping, okay?) I headed through the foyer. As I was waiting for the elevator, I spotted some homework-and picked it up. Up I went to my floor. I'd be back in bed soon, and I would not look nearly half as witchy. I wasn't as upset anymore, either. I was almost happy. I felt better. Sure, there was a bunch of dark magic....but I really was still me...with my magical bonus. Into the apartment, and then to mom's bedroom. (If you're wondering what I was doing, it's changing. It's the only place with a wardrobe in our apartment.)I pulled the drawer open, and put my clothes in. I froze, and held still. Suddenly, I was scared. Mom was home. Now was the time to confront her. Now was the time ask questions. Now was the time. But I was frozen. Scared. Terrified. Frozen still. I breathed, as I listened to Mom walking in the kitchen. Deep Breath. I needed to talk to her. So I walked into the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen angry. Mom was standing a the counter making herself some coffee. "Oh, hi sweetie! What are you doing up? I usually have to pull you out of bed at're 2 and a half hourse early for that." I looked at her, in her red sweater. And I felt REALLY mad. "Mom, um...could we talk? I found out something yesterday, and....I need to talk about." Was it just me, or was she shaking. She turned her head to look at me. "Um...sure Laura. Let's just...sit at the table." Mom was definitely nervous. I sat down at our kitchen table. Mom set the coffee pot down, and joined me. I bit my lip. "Mom....have you been keeping something from me and Bran?" I prayed she'd tell me yes, just admit it, and have a good explanation, that she could fix this. I prayed she'd help me, and that all this was just a misunderstanding, like she always did when someone was mad. "No." She said firmly. So much for that. "Mom...I know. I'm a witch. Me and Bran... we found your room. I got taken to Magickicia, and I turned in to a witch. I know, so you don't need to keep lying mom. But, by now, I wonder if you can even stop." I snapped. Mom stared back at me hard. "What happened to you over there? What did you see?" I glared. "What happened to ME? I got turned into a vampire, and then turned back. I was almost killed. I got lost in a forest. And you left Bran ALL BY HIMSELF! If you would've told me a long time ago, everything would be normal. But no. You lied to Bran and you lied to ME. And that's what I realized. That's what happened to me in Magickicia. Mom held her ground. "Don't you dare call me a liar! I was trying to protect you!" I felt furious. I leaned forward. "PROTECT me? Funny how your 'protection' hurt more then anything else! You betrayed me! You couldn't even tell me who I was. And you say it was to protect me. Well, I might've bought your lies my whole life, but not anymore." "I was trying to protect you from that world. You were bitten within one day. And almost changed. And you blame me for doing my job as your mother?" "You weren't a mother. You were a liar." I could see how hurt she was. Good. She probably felt about half as bad as I had when I found out I didn't know anyone, really. "I wanted to keep you away. I never wanted you to go through what I did..." Oops. She slipped. "What did you go through, Mom? A happy, normal life? The kind without lies? With a normal mother?" She looked at me. "I'll tell you, if you'll be nice enough to zip your lip." I obliged. I was running out of fuel...I need to reload. "I grew up in Magickicia, in a little two story brick house. It was nice, and homey. I always loved it. My parents did, too. And back then, Magic wasn't a secret. EVERYONE knew about it, whether they were Magical or not. We didn't hide- we made friends, got along, even married those without magical powers. Magical creatures like unicorns, or mermaids, didn't hide either. It was all around good." "I lived with my Mother, who was also the chairman of the board. She had serious talent for magic- there was no question...none at all that she was one of the best. She also was a kind of judge if you will. She decided when someone was too bad to stay. When someone had to be banished." "My Dad was there too. He was just a teacher, not a big, glamorous important person. Well, at least not to the public. He taught magicians of all ages, and even taught some classes for people who didn't have or use magic. He had more power then Ma, but then, he didn't use at the drop of a hat, like she did." "I also had a twin...Katelyn. The green woman that came for me the other day. She was like my best friend. I loved her. She loved me. We were great together, and we were both super eager to get our powers." "And then, there was my brother, Quip. Quip loved to play guitar, and train. He had tons and tons of skill. He really did." "The day everything changed, Katelyn and I were having a pillow fight. Dad was teaching, Ma was at a meeting, and Quip was in his room, practicing. The doorbell rang, and I rushed to answer it." "It was a pretty young woman, who introduced herself as Katarina. She had black hair, and nice eyes. We small talked for awhile, and then, she asked if my ma was home." "I got scared, and said 'Why don't you leave?'. She would not. She then said, and scowled:'I need my power back. Your mother stole it from me. So now? I'll take it back from YOU.'" "I was horrified, but she started. And when she was almost done, Katelyn came down. It was horrible time. She switched to Katelyn. I tried to make her stop. She wouldn't- and just then, Quip heard. And he came down." "And Katarina took him. They disappeared. I never saw my brother again." I stared. "Mom. I'm so sorry. I didn't.... I didn't know." She nodded. "Almost no one does. Your father never knew. My ma looked everywhere...but Quip was long gone. And I never wanted that to happen to you and Bran. I never wanted you to have to be in that spot, to have to make that decision. I never. So I never told you. It was easier." I tried to get mad. It didn't work. Not at all. "Well...what now?" Mom thought it over. "Well, you should train. Definitely. With such a dangerous guy on the loose..." What? "Mom, what? Who?" Mom shook her head. "I can't say right now. But I will. Soon. We'll start training tomorrow. I've got another girl I'm teaching, too. So, that's what's going to happen." Mom stood up. I pushed my chair back. And then, I ran to her and hugged her. Maybe, now, things would be better. Well, there's the end. Hmm....just as long as part 2. Well. There we are. It sure took me a LONG time to get this out, and I'm afraid part 5 will take even longer. Like, no part 5 until April. Sorry. But, please tell me what you thought! Did ya like it? I hope so! Until next time, happy simming!


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#2Golden97Mar 1, 2010

Great chapter \:rah\: Cant wait to read more \:\)

#3this_is_meMar 1, 2010

April? \:eek\:\:\( great part though \:\)

#4candy820Mar 2, 2010

Great part! I was glad to see this chapter up. Waiting for April when the next part will be up.\:D 

#5kjw19Mar 2, 2010

amazing chapter can't wait to read more

#6xxheartlessxx12Mar 13, 2010

brilliant as always!!! Definitely keeping my eyes wide open for the next part! 5.0!

#7xxheartlessxx12Mar 13, 2010

and thank you for the shout-out! \:D

#8AnGy-Hello-KittyMar 13, 2010


#9Nox Noctis DeaMar 20, 2010

Love this! Love your sense of humour too, hope you update soon! \:D

#10gretihApr 4, 2010

Hmm...Charmed? =D

#11Simlight16May 7, 2010

W.O.W! The story just keeps getting better and BETTER! I am SO sorry about the you-made-vampires-look-bad part of my post for part 2, I have realized that only the Cullens and THEIR friends are GOOD vampires. PLEASE hurry up with part 5!

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