Someone Special - Part 7
Published Feb 24, 2010

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Hi is Part 7 of Someone Special.
Thank you for all your wonderful feedback! I just wanted to let those of you who are new to my stories know that all previous parts to this story, and all my other stories, are available from at my mini-site. This is the link to my story section:
Hope you enjoy!

Hi is Part 7 of Someone Special.
Thank you for all your wonderful feedback! I just wanted to let those of you who are new to my stories know that all previous parts to this story, and all my other stories, are available from at my mini-site. This is the link to my story section:
Hope you enjoy!
Here he was, sitting next to his best friend, and words wouldn't come. Nikki seemed equally shy of words but he their reasons for this were different.
It was now Monday afternoon and so many aspects of Dan's life had changed in just one weekend.
On Saturday morning, his weekend had started out like any other. He had gone for his early morning jog, had a coffee with two sugars and skim milk, and sat down at his computer to check his emails. But as soon as his inbox clicked open, something was instantly different.
In amongst the expected emails from his business contacts lay another with the sender name - Macy. His reaction to that name was almost instantaneous and knew there was no mistake. Totally unprepared for what could be in store, he clicked open the email.
It read:

Dearest Daniel,
How are you? Oh, I don't know how else to start this. It has been so long, I know. I still think of you as how you were all those years ago but I'm sure you have changed, as we all have.
You must be wondering why I'm contacting you after all this time but first I want to express how sorry I am for the way we parted. Everything was so good between us for so long and you made me very happy. I knew you had dreams for the future and so did I. All of them included you in it. But something happened which changed everything and now everything has changed again.
By this time, Dan's heart was beating fast and he looked away from the screen, unsure if he should read on.
Something was going to be revealed to him and a gut instinct told him it was big. Nevertheless, he began to read once again.
It pains me to tell you this, Dan, but I lied to you all those years ago and I kept something very important hidden from you. I assure you, though, I only did what I thought was best at the time.
I know what I told you but I never cheated on you, didn't leave you for another man. I fell pregnant with your child and became terrified. I left town without telling you to raise our child on my own.
I'm so sorry, Dan, so much so that it's tearing me up has been for the past six years. I have wanted to tell you you have a daughter ever since she was born. She's just beautiful - perfect - and I know you would be so very proud of her. I have attached a picture of her with this email if you feel up to taking a look. Her name is Nadia.
Dan opened the attachment apprehensively and came face to face with a pretty little girl. She had an olive complexion, long brown hair and shining, emerald eyes.
"My daughter," he whispered, his tongue rolling over the unfamiliar word.
He had a daughter. A daughter!
How could Macy have kept this from him for so long and why was she telling him now? If the little girl didn't share so many of his features, he would have seriously doubted Macy's sudden revelation.
Trying to calm himself, he finished reading the email.

I know this is so sudden and you must be feeling so confused. Keeping Nadia from you has never been easy and I never intended to for so long.
When I found out I was pregnant, I was devastated. I knew we would have to give up on our dreams to raise this child so I decided to keep it a secret. I could deal with giving up on my own dreams but I couldn't live knowing you had to give up on yours, too.
So I left and that was that. But I never, ever stopped loving you and many times I wondered if I had done the right thing. As time progressed, I became too scared to come back...scared of your reaction. But things have changed drastically recently and I need to come and see you ASAP. Whatever you may think of me, please do this for Nadia, your daughter.

Yours truly,
Tearing his eyes away from the screen, Dan had stood and walked to the window, his legs barely holding him up.
How could your life be turned upside down so completely within a matter of minutes, he asked himself.
Of course, he could have chosen at that moment to deny and ignore Macy's admission, hoping it would just disappear, but that wasn't in Dan's nature. He had a child; it seemed so surreal but he needed to accept it in order to make it a reality. And he couldn't ignore the urgency to the email.
Macy had tried to explain why she kept Nadia from him but still he found it difficult to wrap his head around the fact that he'd had a daughter for six years - six years! - of which he'd had no knowledge. All these years he had been a father.
Bringing himself back to the end of Macy's email, he wondered why it was so important that he get in contact with her straight away. It was easier said then done - he had so much to think about, issues to come to terms with - and there was one person he needed to consult.
That was how he ended up at Nikki's place on Saturday night. She'd already had the wine out when he arrived so there was no reason to refuse a glass; he was in dire need of an escape, after all.
But one glass turned into two...then three, four...until he lost count. It was easier to forget about the daughter he didn't know than sit alone and wonder: why me? At least for now.
And now, here he sat in an uncomfortable silence with Nikki.
"I need to apologise, Dan..."
Dan shook his head. "No, Nikki, don't. Please, let me explain something first."
Nikki looked unsure but she nodded.
Dan continued. "Please don't apologise for what happened. I was as much responsible as you were, if not more. I should have been the one who looked after you." He took a deep breath in. "I only drank as much as I did because I received a very unexpected email from Macy on Saturday morning."
"Macy?" Nikki sounded confused. "Your ex-fiancee, Macy?"
"Yes," Dan replied. "I was as shocked as you are and what she had to tell me almost knocked me for six. But still, that was no excuse for what I did. I don't want what happened to affect our friendship. I'm sure we're both as embarrassed as each other about our actions and mature enough to put them behind us. Do you agree?"
Nikki's face flooded with relief. "I couldn't have said it better myself."
Dan knew their intimate night together (or what they remembered of it) couldn't be forgotten with a snap of their fingers, but with both of them willing, it could fade to a distant, blurry memory.
Suddenly, Nikki focused on him. "But what did Macy need to tell you? It's been so long!"
He sighed and absently told his best friend the shocking news. He was only reluctant to pass it on because he had not yet completely digested the news himself.
They both sat in silence for a long time afterward, wondering what to say. Nikki was first to speak.
"Wow...I was not expecting that," she whispered. "Oh, Dan, how are you feeling?"
"I don't know," he answered, honestly. "I really don't know. It's come as a complete shock, as you can imagine. I'm very confused but I do know one thing - I want to meet my daughter."
Nodding confidently, Nikki watched Dan's body language as varying emotions tugged at his usually complacent features. She tried to imagine how she would be feeling in his shoes but try as she might, she just couldn't. Her kids were everything to her, so to imagine missing out even a year of their precious lives was like a knife to the heart.
"Dan," she said, looking into his eyes, "if you need some support when you see them, I will be happy to accompany you. You'll have my support either way, of course."
Without saying a word, Dan and Nikki shared a smile and Nikki knew Dan needed to do this on his own but was appreciative for her support.
Just over a week later, Dan found himself walking towards the front door after hearing several soft knocks.
She still knocks the same, little beat she did years ago, he thought to himself.
A nervous laugh began creeping its way up his throat at his strange observation but he managed to stifle it. The last thing he wanted to do was to open the door laughing!
He closed his eyes for a few calming moments and then confidently opened the door, pushing his shoulders back as he did so.
"Macy." His breath exhaled as he said her name. She was much more beautiful than he remembered; her eyes softer, kinder. The vision he had conjured up in his mind of a selfish, life-sucking ogre vanished instantly.
Her moist, brown eyes locked onto his and memories came flooding back. "Oh, Dan."
Without even the slightest hesitation, both wrapped their arms around each other. Several moments passed before they broke apart and Macy wiped away a tear before Dan could notice it.
"I'm so very sorry I've come back like this," she murmured.
Dan just nodded. "Me too, but there's no turning back time. Come on in and we'll talk."
Macy followed him inside and through to his sitting room, glancing around curiously as she did so. After Dan gestured for her to take a seat, she did and began fiddling with her hands in her lap.
Before taking a seat opposite her, Dan asked, "Would you like a drink? I've got tea, coffee, water, juice..." But quickly changed his mind before offering something stronger. He didn't want a repeat of Saturday night.
Macy smiled. "No, thank you. I'm fine."
Without stalling any longer, Dan brought up the reason they were both there. "Where's Nadia?"
Macy flinched at the name. "I told you I wasn't going to bring her here this first time," she said. "She's at a friend's."
"Does she know about me?" he asked out of curiosity.
"Of course. I've told her stories of you all the time as she's grown up; what you look like, the kind of person you are. She's seen a couple of photos but I'm still getting her used to the fact that she's actually going to meet you."
Frowning, Dan scanned Macy's beautiful but troubled face. "Why now? Why tell me about our daughter and arrange for us to meet now?"
"I know I can't give you back the years you missed with Nadia," she replied, "and I will never stop being sorry for that. But enough time has been lost and recently I've felt that the time is right. I want you and Nadia to get to know each other...have the chance to create a father to daughter bond."
Despite what she was saying, Dan felt that there was more to it than that. After all, she had contacted him so suddenly, out of the blue, with an urgency attached to her request for him to reply.
"Macy," he said, softly, "you and I both know you're keeping something from me. Why was it so important that I got back to you so quickly? Is there something wrong with Nadia?"
"No, Nadia is perfectly fine," Macy said, quietly, and let out a sad sigh. "I didn't want you to know so soon but I guess you have a right to, seen as it will indirectly affect you. I just wanted to get to know you a little again, let you and Nadia get to know each other, before you have something distracting you."
Dan was suddenly very wary. "Macy...what is it that's going to distract me?"

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#34tsimsgirlMar 1, 2010

Amazing part ! I <strong><em><span style="text-decoration: line-through;">cannot</span></em></strong> wait for the next part !

#35asiaminorMar 4, 2010

Great story!!! I can't wait for the next part!!!! This is better than any soap opera

#36mollymooh@insightbb.comMar 6, 2010

I hate cliff hangers.....hate them... hate them a lot

#37Peachybitz1Mar 7, 2010

And again!! That damn button wouldn't pull up another screen \:D...I'm off to read the next bit..I <strong><em>need</em></strong> to know what Macy has to say!!

#38artsysimaddictMar 7, 2010

OMG!!!!Dan has a daughter? And, cliffhanger much?! I love this story. 5.0 all the way. Curses. There's only 1 part left....\:\(
This was amazing. Well written, and your pictures captured the feelings and thoughts of th people! Amazing.

#39isarpgistaMar 16, 2010

Wow!!! Macy acted very wrong! I think she was very selfish! But I wonder why she came back now. I'm going to read the next chapter of this amazing story! \:D

#40mogan44Apr 13, 2010

Click, click, click, click......I want more!!!!&nbsp; Great part!

#41runesong54May 11, 2010

I have no idea what is going to happen next!

#42dolphin.laughterMay 13, 2010

ahhhh...This chapter was great!!! I'm gonna read the other now!

#43Nov 27, 2010


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