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Back to Pleasantview (10)
Published Mar 1, 2010

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Here's part 10, hope you'll enjoy it!

Here's part 10, hope you'll enjoy it!
When I started paying for the groceries I realized my wallet and my cell phone were gone. Luckily, the cashier was very understanding. I left the things I had intended to buy there and walked out of the store, feeling embarrassed. How could I lose my wallet? Or had someone stolen it? And my phone... It was so dark outside, and chilly. It looked like it was going to rain soon. "What am I going to do now?" I asked myself. I didn't have money for taxi, I couldn't call anyone and I was far from home. I wanted to cry. There was a park bench in front of the grocery store so I figured I should just sit down for a while. Getting lost was the last thing I wanted, though I wasn't exactly sure where I was anyway. "Okay, there's no need to panic," I said and took a deep beath. Home wasn't so far, after all. Only 10 miles or so. I could walk. If only I knew which way to go. Looking around I understood that walking home was a bad idea. I would get lost and make everything worse than it already was. I sighed. What other possibilities did I have? Borrowing money from someone? Or borrowing someone's phone and call my father? That seemed to be the most reasonable thing to do. I hoped I didn't look like someone who would run away with borrowed things. Hoped that there was somebody willing to help me.
Suddenly, I heard footsteps getting closer to me.
It was Douglas. I felt so relieved - I was sure he would help me, moneyless and almost lost as I was.
"At first I didn't believe it was you," Douglas said. "What are you doing here? Are you alone?"
I explained him what had happened, told him about Crystal and losing my things. "So what were you going to do before I came?" Douglas asked.
"I was going to borrow somebody's phone and call my father," I told him. "Can I borrow yours?"
"Oh, please, Audrey, don't be silly, I will take you home!" Douglas said and didn't want to hear anything about me calling my father.
"Are you sure? I don't want to cause..."
"Don't be silly," he said again, not letting me finish.
"There's just one more place I need to go and then straight to Pleasantview. So if that's OK with you, let's go now. It's going to rain."
He was right. I could feel the first raindrops on my face and shoulders. These cold, almost icy drops of rain made me shiver.
After a minute it was already pouring. Douglas ran to his car and opened me the door. "Fast, Audrey, you'll get wet!"
He was already sitting in the driver's seat, turning on the radio.
It was nice and warm in the car. I sighed again, happy that everything had solved so well. But as Douglas had said, there was one more place he needed to go before he could take me home. After driving for about 10 minutes, Douglas pulled into one of the garages of a big apartment building. I hadn't asked him any questions but now I got curious. Who was living here? "It's my aunt's apartment. She's away and she pays me for feeding her fish," Douglas explained and then started laughing. "I have the most pathetic job on earth, I know." "It's not pathetic," I told him. Fish could live a long time without food but not forever. Someone had to feed them.
Douglas smiled.
"I'll wait in the car," I said when Douglas started to get out.
"Why? You can come in, see the apartment. Rosemary wouldn't mind."
"I don't know..."
"Come. You'll get bored sitting in the car."
I didn't think I'd get bored in some minutes but I didn't feel like arguing with Douglas so I got out of the car and followed him to the apartment. "I'll go and feed the fish, the aquarium is upstairs. Make yourself comfortable. Or if you want, you can come too. You should see Rosemary's flat screen TV, it's huge!"
Douglas went on talking about all the things I should see in his aunt's apartment, but I preferred to stay where I was. Maybe that Rosemary still did mind.
After I told Douglas the fish were probably starving he finally went upstairs. I looked around in the room. The apartment seemed to be new and... expensive. There were photos of a beautiful young woman everywhere. I assumed that was Rosemary, the aunt of Douglas. Then I noticed her name on one of the photos - Rosemary Burb. I sat down, thinking about Lucy. Her last name had been Burb before she got married to Alexander. Was Rosemary her relative?
Suddenly,the doorbell rang, interrupting my thoughts. At first I was sure that Rosemary had come home. I started to panic. What would she say if she found a stranger sitting in her living room?
But then I realized that if it had been Rosemary, she wouldn't have rung the doorbell of her own apartment. So that had to be someone else. But who? I peeked out of the window. It was a pizza girl. She must have had the wrong address. "Douglas?" I called, having no intention to open the door myself. How could I have explained the pizza girl that it was the wrong apartment if I didn't even know the address of this place? Douglas didn't reply, so I went to look for him. Before finding him I almost got lost - this apartment was huge.
"Douglas? Didn't you hear me calling you? There's a girl with a pizza outside, I don't know what to tell her."
"The pizza arrived already? Great!" Douglas said with a big smile on his face.
"You ordered pizza?"
"WHY?" I couldn't hide my surprise.
"Thought you were hungry."
"I thought you came here to feed the fish..." I mumbled as he passed me and rushed downstairs to pay for the pizza. "I hope you like pepperoni," Douglas said happily, ignoring my bad mood. I didn't like the idea of hanging out in my classmate's aunt's apartment without her even knowing we were there.
"You shouldn't have ordered the pizza, Douglas."
"Relax, Audrey. We're not commiting a crime here. It's just a pizza. Come, grab a slice."
I sighed. I was hungry and as the pizza was there already, I decided nothing would change if I ate it."
I took a seat next to Douglas.
"What does Rosemary do for a living?" I asked, looking for a subject to talk about.
"She's working as a fashion model. She's travelling a lot because of her job."
"Okay..." That explained the photos. "And her last name is Burb?"
"Yes, why?"
"Is she related to Lucy?" I was quite sure Douglas knew which Lucy I meant, he was from Pleasantview, after all.
"Yes, Rosemary's Lucy's sister."
"Her sister?"
Douglas laughed at my reaction. "You look confused," he said.
"I didn't know Lucy had any brothers or sisters." I replied. I hadn't gotten so far with the diary. Not yet.
"Yes, Rosemary and Rebecca. They're twins. Well, actually they're Lucy's half-sisters."
" if she's Lucy's sister...and your aunt...then you are..."
"Hehe, that's a bit complicated. To be honest, Rosemary isn't really my aunt, she's my stepfather's sister and... well, it's complicated. I think it would take all night to explain you..."
"Okay. Maybe some other time, then," I replied and decided not to ask anything else. I was tired and wanted to go home. Douglas looked a bit disappointed. "Did you like the pizza?" he asked after I finished my slice.
"Mhmh," I nodded.
"Have some more."
"No thanks," I said, getting up.
"Could you take me home now?"
"Of course. Let's go."
Douglas locked the apartment and we got into the car again. I was glad I had decided to go with him and not to stay waiting in the car. We had spent more than an hour in the apartment. Still, I suspected he wouldn't have ordered pizza if I had refused to go inside. I was sure my father was already worried about me. I could have called him from Douglas's cell phone but I knew I'd be home in no time. I was right about my father worrying about me. "Audrey, where have you been?" he asked when I got home, sounding almost angry. "And please explain me why somekind of a drunk man keeps answering your phone?" "I'm sorry, Dad, I lost my phone. Or maybe it was stolen, I don't know. And my wallet, too. I went shopping with Crystal but then she had to leave and I needed a gift for Lindsay and then I found out my things were gone...And I didn't know how to get home and..." "Crystal left you to downtown alone?"
"No. I mean, yes, but I asked her to."
I told him about everything. "...and then Douglas brought me home."
"I know I should have called. I'm sorry. Dad."
I felt so tired. I wanted to sleep.
"That's alright, I'm glad you're okay. But next time you go somewhere, leave me a note," Dad said, hugging me.
"I will," I promised.
"And be more careful with your things."
Though I was exhausted, I still replied to the e-mail that Lindsay had sent me, telling her about my adventures. After that I went to bed and fell asleep as soon as I closed my eyes. The next morning was like any other school day morning. I had cereal for breakfast and then waited for the school bus to arrive. The weather was beautiful and I was happy that it was Friday. I had a great day at school. Even the swimming lesson was not as horrible as I'd been afraid of. At least no one got hurt this time. And no one was laughing at me. After the lessons I was sitting in front of the school waiting for Douglas to finish his soccer practice. He had insisted on walking me home and I had agreed after the 17th time he started talking about it. It seemed to me that he believed we had had a date last night. Oh well. So there I was, sitting and waiting. And what happened then was so unexpected I still can't believe it.

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muiseDec 28, 2010


FikcijaMar 31, 2010

Oh, no drama with the stolen things... But it was still very interesting. And I'll try to guess again. The boy who was just staring at her finally decided to say something? Off to read the next part...

staceface2009pMar 14, 2010

UGH i just love this Kalisa! It's so interesting and it keeps my eyes glued to the screen. Douglas sure seems like he likes Audrey, I'll be awaiting the next chapter. \:\)

SerinValMar 7, 2010

I am loving your story and really can't wait for the next chapter!

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