All That Lies Ahead...03
Published Mar 13, 2010

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Welcome to Part 3 everybody! I would have to say that I really enjoyed writing this chapter a lot. However, I wanted to submit this story earlier but I've been so busy. I graduate in three more months and I've been really busy getting ready for Prom. (Finding a dress is just so difficult.) Lol but anywaysss .... on with the story. hehe :D

* Without all the wonderful CC this story would be IMPOSSIBLE, I thank all the new creators & original creators for their wonderful talent.*


Welcome to Part 3 everybody! I would have to say that I really enjoyed writing this chapter a lot. However, I wanted to submit this story earlier but I've been so busy. I graduate in three more months and I've been really busy getting ready for Prom. (Finding a dress is just so difficult.) Lol but anywaysss .... on with the story. hehe :D

* Without all the wonderful CC this story would be IMPOSSIBLE, I thank all the new creators & original creators for their wonderful talent.*

As the sun slowly begin to rise, Grace opened her eyes and gently pulled her covers off of her. While tucking some of her flowing hair behind her ear she sat on the edge of her bed, thinking about how much joy the past few months had brought her. Meeting Olivia had been the best thing that has happened to her in all her years of feeling desolate. Olivia felt more like a sister than a cousin to Grace, and whenever they were together their bond sparkled. Just months before, they had promised to keep in touch with one another and one phone call had lead to many more phone calls, followed by some sisterly like bonding. The two would spend hours talking and laughing about everything under the sun and catching up on things they missed out on. Olivia had continued to fill Grace in on the other half of her life she never knew about. Grace also got the chance to meet her mother's sister. Vivian Reyes was her name and she was nothing like how Grace had imagined her to be. She had never met a woman so warm-hearted and sweet like her aunt Vivian. She was the complete opposite of her mother and it came as a bit of a shock. Their childhood wasn't a good childhood at all but Vivian was a strong woman at heart. It clearly showed whenever she came around. Vivian also treated Grace like a child of her own. They had all missed out on each other for years and it never felt so good to be able to reunite with her lost family members. Sometimes Grace thought that bad things always blossomed into good things. Good things didn't come right away or happen overnight but they eventually came overtime. The death of her mother had brought nothing but good things into her life and she felt blessed to finally find some happiness. Grace was a very beautiful woman, and she knew she was beautiful, inside and out. She admired the reflection that stared back at her, from her long black hair, warm brown eyes, and her petite hourglass shape. She admired her reflection a bit more and decided it was time for a shower. She was going to Olivia's house to hang out later on and she wanted to get ready ahead of time.
After a long soothing shower Grace had gotten dressed and as she looked in the mirror she realized that everyday her long beautiful hair was always down. It looked so simple. She pulled a piece of her hair to the right, another piece to the left and whispered to herself. "It's a time for a change!" She pulled all her silky luxurious hair up into an updo and finished it off with a headband and a bang. "Now, that's much better." And she smiled. It was different and made her face stand out more than it did when her hair was let down. She was soon distracted once the phone began to ring throughout the whole house, and she knew it was Olivia. She raced to the phone, picking it up after three rings and answered with an excited "Hello!"
"Hi Grace! I hope you're all dressed, I also hope you don't mind that a friend of mine will be joining us today. She's a friend from work and I thought I'd invite her over. Is that okay with you?"
"Oh, yes it's okay with me, as long as she isn't snooty."
Olivia chuckled and Grace could sense her smiling through the phone. "She's not snooty to me, don't worry."
"Well okay, I will be there soon then."
"Alritey, See ya soon!"
Grace put the phone back on the receiver and made a few adjustments before leaving and left on her way to Olivia's house.
When Grace arrived at Olivia's home the first thing she noticed was Olivia's friend. She had such a certain arrogance to her personality and Grace could sense it. Every five seconds she would fix her hair, adjust her clothes, and act so pritsy. Grace disliked people like that, and tried to be as respectful as she could in Olivia's home. Olivia rushed towards Grace and politely introduced her to her friend.
"Grace, this is my friend Tanya. Tanya, this is my cousin Grace, she's like a sister to me."
"Hello Grace, Olivia always talks about you. You don't look like how I pictured....but don't worry it's okay."
Grace shot a glare at Olivia and knew she was't going to like this woman already. Olivia gave her an apologetic look in return and made a gesture for them to sit down.
Seconds after they sat down Tanya had got right to talking and it was difficult to squeeze in a response every so often. She talked about so many random and pointless things that Grace got extremely annoyed.
"My fiance` will be here soon. Olivia has already met him. He is such a great man and my engagement ring is so beautiful. Each time I look down at it I think of him."
Grace had wondered how her fiance` could put up with her and her hideous personality, maybe he was just as annoying as she was and they could bond so easily.
Tanya had slightly lifted her left hand and flashed them her engagement ring. It was a beautiful gold ring with a huge diamond sitting at the top. Olivia had seen the ring about one hundred times at work so it wasn't much of a surprise to her. Grace on the other hand was surprised. She just had to see this fiance` of hers because this woman was just too annoying and arrogant to be tolerated. Tanya continued to flash them her ring and wave her hand around showing it off. She was soon interupted by the doorbell and Grace was greatful that something finally shut her up.
"Oh, goodness! That's him, I can't wait to see him. You guys are going to love him."
Olivia got up to go open the door with Tanya directly behind her, awaiting to see her fiance` and jump into his arms. Grace didn't bother to get up because she assumed that her fiance` was just as annoying as she was. She couldn't handle being annoyed anymore than she already was. She could see them from out the corner of her eye greeting each other and hugging. She slightly looked over to her left and remembered that she was going to be respectful in her cousin's house. She effortlessly got up and slowly walked towards them and she came to a pause once she got a good look at Tanya's fiance`.
She began whispering to herself. "It cant be...No, no. It's impossible."
As Grace got closer and closer to him her body had gotten stiff and numb. She knew who it was, after fourteen years she knew that face anywhere. It was......Malik.
Grace's mouth had completely dropped. She slowly approached him and examined every little feature on his face and body.
"Ma--Malik? Is that really you?"
" it really you?"
The two stood in silence and didn't move a single muscle, all they could do was look at each other. It hadn't registered in their minds yet that they were standing face to face looking at each other.
Malik's cheeks had turned red. "I--I--I can't believe it. It is you!"
Grace looked over at Tanya and Olivia who looked just as shocked as they did. Tanya looked disappointed and she wasn't happy about the situation. She had looked Grace up and down and began questioning Malik.
"Babe? You know this woman?"
"Ye--yes. Yes Tanya, I do know this woman. We grew up together as kids."
She was lost for words. "What? I don't understand. Why? I-- I don't know what to say Malik." Tanya had quickly grown jealous of Grace because she knew she was beautiful and she could most likely have any man that she wanted. Tanya refused to compete with her and didn't want Malik anywhere near her. "Malik! I'm leaving, you can come with me or you can stay, but I'm not staying here. Goodbye!"
Tanya had stormed out of the house and as much as Malik wanted to stay and talk with Grace he knew he couldn't.
"I'm sorry Grace, I have to go. She will be mad at me for days and I don't want that." He dug in his pocket pulling out a small card with his number on it and handed it to Grace. "Call me sometime Grace, we have to catch up on some things." He gently placed his hand on hers and smiled. "It was good seeing you." Then he left, closing the door behind him.
Grace watched as the door closed and couldn't believe what had just happened. She slowly turned around to face Olivia and there she stood with her arms crossed.
" know him? How come you never told me about that part of your life?"
"I don't know Olivia, it hurt too much to talk about that part of my childhood. He was the one person who believed in me as a child, and for my mother to take that away from me I just couldn't share my pain with anyone but myself."
"It's okay honey, I understand. Whenever you feel like you want to let it out you know that I'm here."
"Thank you Olivia, I'm glad I have someone like you in my life who understands me. I just--I have to go. I'll call you later, I promise."
A week had slowly passed by and Grace couldn't manage to pick up the phone and dial Malik's number. She still had the card with his number on it but all she could do was look at it. There were butterflies in her stomach and they had been there ever since the day she saw him. How could he be engaged? Engaged to someone like Tanya, he was way too good for her. She didn't want to be caught in the middle of him and Tanya's relationship and she wasn't sure if she could 'just' be his friend either. There were so many butterflies lingering inside that it began to hurt. She considered that a shower would somehow make them dissapear and she would forget all about calling Malik. But after her shower the nervous feeling in her stomach had increased and she didn't know what to do. She kept picking up the phone and slamming it back on the receiver, she paced back and forth and even tried to rehearse a line in her head to say to him. She never thought it would be this hard to pick up the phone and just call someone she had been wanting to talk to for years. After building up enough courage Grace had got up and grabbed the phone off the receiver."I'm just going to do it!" She dialed the number and waited patiently until someone picked up. She continued to mumble and rehearse lines she would say when he picked up but her silent thoughts were interupted with a "Yello!"
"Umm..Uh...Hi Malik. Wha--What are you up to?"
"Grace! I thought you had forgotten about me. I was about to head over to Valley Park to clear my head. Would you like to join me?"
"Uhh...Umm...Okay, sure, sure!"
"Great! I'll see you there."
Grace put the phone back on the receiver and she was extremely nervous. What would he be wearing? How would his face look like? Good thing Valley Park was in walking distance because she could just walk right on over there.
She had only been to Valley Park one or twice, but today was a beautiful day and the park looked lovely. She walked into the entrance and looked all around to see if she would spot Malik, and there he was, fine as ever, sitting on a bench by himself. Grace was quite shy and didn't know what to say. He quickly noticed her and smiled.
"Hi Grace, take a seat. I won't bite, I promise."
She smiled back at him and took a seat.
They sat in silence for a few minutes until Malik spoke up.
"So, how have things been for you Grace?"
"Fi--Fine. I can't believe I'm sitting here with you right now. You haven't changed at all."
He gave her a warm smile. "You haven't either. Life has been such a rollercoaster hasn't it?"
"Yes, it really has. My mother passed away a few months ago."
"Seriously? I'm so sorry Grace."
"No need to be sorry, she didn't do much for me. Except ruin my life."
"I'm sorry you feel that way Grace."
"It's okay. I've moved on from it and I'm doing better than I ever was."
"That's good to hear."
Grace had soon felt the butterflies in her stomach go away and it felt just like old times, when her and Malik would sit on a bench in the park and just talk and laugh about anything. But Grace was more concerned about how his life was after she left, and also, how he met Tanya.
"Malik? Can I ask you something?"
"Sure, go ahead."
"How were things after I moved away?"
His facial expression had changed and he looked down at the ground.
"It was tough Grace, I had no other friends...
I had sat outside every single day, just waiting, waiting for you to come back. I didn't want to believe it that you had left. I was so hurt that I didn't get to say goodbye to you. You were my best friend, and to lose a best hurt my heart. I grew up with no friends and no one liked me. My mother was always there for me but I missed you so much." "Well....what about Tanya?" Grace had politely asked.
He had smiled, but it was more of an uncertain smile. "Tanya?"
"Yes, Tanya. Aren't you happy? I mean, you're engaged right?"
"Yes, we're engaged, but I just...I'm confused Grace."
"What do you mean Malik?"
"When we first met, I was new to the school and she talked to me a lot and made me feel comfortable and showed me around. She was such a sweet girl and I began to like her a lot. We started to date and she fell head over heels for me but my feelings weren't as strong for her as hers were for me. I'm not the type of person to break someone's heart so I stayed with her, all throughout college and as adults. I had thought that if I proposed to her my feelings would get stronger for her, but they didn't. I mean, I like her a lot but I don't love her. The worst part about all of this is that the wedding is in two months." Grace had felt really bad that Malik had been stuck under someone like Tanya. She was such a princess, drama queen, arrogant, and annoying person. Of course his feelings couldn't get stronger for her. His wedding was around the corner and with him feeling the way he was, he needed to make a decision, and make a decision fast.
"Wow, I'm sorry Malik. You shouldn't marry someone you don't love, you will be miserable your whole life. Try talking to her about it, if she loves you she will listen and understand."
"It's easier said then done Grace. I can try but I don't want to hurt her."
Grace had placed her hand on his shoulder. "Malik, you are hurting yourself by being in an unhappy relationship. Do what you think is right. I'm here for you, and this time, I'm not leaving."

*To Be Continued*

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#6MangioMar 15, 2010

im glad Grace and Malik have met up again \:wub\: poor Malik - i hope he soughts things out before they are too late. i dont like Tanya \:mad\: getting in the way of their friendship and possible romance. \:wub\: cant wait for more \:\) what a great chapter this was too \;\) \:wub\:

#7bubblebaby10Mar 15, 2010

ahhh i love this story sooo much, this was a great chapter keep it coming!!! xxxxx

#8squeakersMar 16, 2010

\:wub\: Another beautifully written story, you have a very special gift, I feel like I am really there, I got very caught up in the story, and I was hoping with all my heart they would meet up again!!! Your screenshots are simply gorgeous, you have really outdone yourself!!!! I cannot wait for the next chapter, I know what I want to happen, but will it? LOL Keep me posted, I simply must find out what happens!!!!\:wub\: I wish I could rate this more than a five, you are brilliant!!!!!\:wub\: \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

#9duke2010Mar 16, 2010

I wish i could rate more than 5!!!!!!!!!!!\:D That is an awesome story!!!!!\:\) Your a brillant writer and an asome photographer!!!!!!!!!!!!\:wub\:

#10spitzmagicMar 19, 2010

Oh my, fantasic chapter. I loved it. You wrote it so well even I could fell the butterflies in my tummy. Bravo Stace, well done. \:rah\:

#11vikachueMar 20, 2010

Great job!!

#12Malrose828Mar 21, 2010

Beautiful chapter! I loved it... so glad that Malik is somehow back!! Hopefully he doesn't marry that woman... \:o

#13candy820Apr 1, 2010

Great chapter! \:D  And she gave him great advice at the end of this part. \:D  Hope he listens to it.

#14IllandryaApr 3, 2010

I'm so glad that she found Malik again! Great chapter, I can't wait to find out what happens between Malik and Tanya \:\)

#15haiduongMay 3, 2010

I loved the story! \:wub\:

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