All That Lies Ahead...Finale
Published Mar 22, 2010

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Hi everyone! I want to say thank you to everyone who has been reading this story and leaving such nice comments. It makes me really happy that people enjoyed this. It wasn't a walk in the park, but I'm really happy that I've completed a story. I feel so accomplished. :D Here is the last chapter and I hope you ALLL enjoy it as much as I have. <3

* Without all the wonderful CC this story would be IMPOSSIBLE, I thank all the new creators & original creators for their wonderful talent.*


Hi everyone! I want to say thank you to everyone who has been reading this story and leaving such nice comments. It makes me really happy that people enjoyed this. It wasn't a walk in the park, but I'm really happy that I've completed a story. I feel so accomplished. :D Here is the last chapter and I hope you ALLL enjoy it as much as I have. <3

* Without all the wonderful CC this story would be IMPOSSIBLE, I thank all the new creators & original creators for their wonderful talent.*

"Time flies when you're enjoying yourself." Malik said as he rested at his kitchen table.
A month had went by so quickly and there was still so much he had to do. He had been spending so much time with Grace and repairing their friendship that Tanya completely slipped his mind. Grace had been the only person who listened to him and encouraged him to do what makes him happy, but what exactly would he say to Tanya so that he wouldn't hurt her? It was a good thing they didn't live together because it would just make things so much harder.
Grace, Grace, was the only name that lingered in Malik's mind. The time they had spent together in just one month had meant more to him than the many years spent with Tanya. He didn't want to admit it to himself but whenever he was around Grace he felt a certain way about her, and it was a feeling that couldn't evaporate in just a couple of days, or months. His private thoughts dissapeared in his mind when he heard a light knock at the front door. He hoped it was Grace at the door, but he doubted it. He hadn't spoken to Tanya in a month so he just knew it had to be her.
"It's open..." He said softly.
It was Tanya, just like he had guessed. He was just too miserable and tired to talk to her, but he had to.
"Malik....where have you been? I've been calling you for weeks and I never get an answer, or a phone call back. What's wrong with you?"
He hesitated to look up at her, and didn't move. "I've been here Tanya."
"Well....why haven't you been answering the phone? Is it off?"
He didn't respond right away but he effortlessly sat up in the chair and looked Tanya in the face.
"Tanya, we have to talk."
"Yes, we need to Malik because this isn't like you at all. Not answering my phone calls and being MIA all in one month. What has gotten into you?" She had shot a glare at him and got very suspicious. "This wouldn't have anything to do with that girl right?"
He slowly looked away and didn't respond.
"MALIK? Answer me, now! I didn't come this far to compete with another woman, especially a woman like her."
"No Tanya, it doesn't have to do with her, it's about us."
"Good! We can talk about this later, I have to go. We have a date tonight and when I return I want you dressed, okay?"
"Sure, Tanya."
Without saying another word Tanya left the kitchen. Malik listened as the front door open and closed, and when the engine of Tanya's car started up and she drove off.
He got up to lock the front door and went to the living room to lay down. This whole situation with Tanya didn't do anything but stress him out and make him tired. While laying on the couch Malik thought of all the possible ways he could tell Tanya that he couldn't be with her anymore. But nothing good came into his head. Malik had soon dosed off and fell into a deep sleep, forgetting about everything that had happened. Later that day after the sun went down and the moon took it's place Malik had been awakened by another knock at the door. "She's back already?" He had said to himself. It then came back to him that Tanya said she would be back, and not only that, they had a date tonight. He wasn't dressed or prepared for their date and now he would have to hear her complaining all night. He quickly got up and rushed to the front door hoping a good explanation would come to mind as to why he wasn't dressed. To his surprise, as he opened the front door, it was Grace. Malik forgot all about Tanya once he saw Grace standing in his doorway. He examined her face and saw that she didn't look very happy. He could sense that something was wrong.
"Hi Grace, are you okay?"
"I'm fine .... can I come in?"
He had politely stepped aside. "Sure, of course Grace."
She didn't smile at all, she just slipped past him and made her way to the living room.
She had quietly sat down but still didn't say a word. Malik joined her on the couch and waited for her to say something, but she stayed silent. Whenever she moved her mouth and attempted to say something, she didn't.
"Grace, is everything alright? Did something happen? What happened?"
"Malik.....I just--I can't do this anymore."
"Do what Grace, what do you mean!?"
Malik wasn't sure what she was talking about but he immediately began to worry.
"Me and you, I feel like I've come in between you and Tanya and it's been killing me. I'm not a homewrecker Malik, I just can't do this."
"Grace! What do you mean? You're not coming in between anything, you're my friend. The bond we share shouldn't interfer with me and Tanya, you know how I feel about her."
"That's the thing Malik, you and Tanya....I--you just don't understand. My feelings are taking over and I'm not sure what to do. With Tanya in the picture I just can't talk to you. I know how you feel about her but you have to decide what you want to do, until then I just can't speak to you right now."
Grace had slowly looked away and felt that she couldn't stay. She got up from the chair to prepare to leave but Malik had instantly got up and took her into his arms.
"Grace...I do understand. I just don't think you do. I love you, and I always have loved you. From the day I met you at the park when we were younger, and every single day after that. Don't you see Grace? It's what I wanted to tell you, fourteen years ago when we stood in front of your house that night. I don't love Tanya, I've told you that and I was going to tell her tonight. I only want you Grace, please don't leave."
As Grace began to say something Malik had gently put his finger on her lips and pulled her in for a kiss.
Grace didn't hold back, and neither did Malik. They had kissed so passionately, and the sweet smell of Malik's cologne had only made Grace want to kiss him even more. Malik ran his fingers through Grace's long black hair while Grace lovingly wrapped her arms around him. The enviroment around them had become non existent and they continued to kiss romantically and express their love for one another all through one kiss. As their lips departed Grace looked into Malik's eyes and whispered ..."I Love You Malik, you mean everything to me, you always have."
Grace and Malik had continued to plant soft kisses on each other's lips and share a moment of lust until the unexpected happened...
"What in the hell is going on here!?"
It was Tanya! Malik had forgotten all about their date as soon as Grace arrived, and Tanya was furious that he was in the arms of another woman. Not only was it just any woman but the woman that she envied.
Malik had slipped out of Grace's embrace and tried to explain what was going on. "T--Tanya! Listen--"
"Save it Malik! I knew it, I just knew it! You love her don't you?!"
It was certainly obvious that Tanya was angry and deeply hurt that her only love was holding another woman in his arms. Malik continously tried to let out how he had felt about her, but she refused to let him speak. She threw hurtful words at him, called him all the names that came to mind, and insulted him harshly. Things had happened so quickly and unexpectedly. He just knew that he loved Grace and refused to hold back tonight. Malik continued to argue with Tanya, and it got worse after each word tumbled out of their mouths.
Grace couldn't stand to see anymore so she quickly exited the room, and eventually left the house. Malik had been so caught up into arguing with Tanya that he didn't realize she had left. It's crazy how everything can go up into flames in just a matter of seconds. There was no telling how this night would end, or where anyone would stand after what had happened on this very night. Only time would be able to tell..... { 2 Months Later }

The night was cool, calm, and collective, but the tension that lingered around everyone for the past two months wasn't. Grace hadn't spoken to Malik since the day Tanya walked in on their lustful moment together,and she had gotten heaps of phone calls from him but she refused to pick them up, or return them either. She was confused, she always wanted to follow her heart but this time she wasn't sure. However, there was that one person she could lean on during times like these, which was Olivia. She had been staying with Grace for some weeks to help her cope with this, and give her any advice that she needed. Even if she wanted to hear it or not.
The room had stayed silent for quite awhile, so silent they could hear the crickets making peaceful noises and the engines of the cars that drove by every so often. Grace had told Olivia everything about her and Malik's history earlier the same day, but there was still silence.
Olivia eventually spoke up, but very softly. "Grace honey, why won't you return his phone calls? I mean, what did he do wrong? All he did was love you, you can't blame him for meeting Tanya and trying to move on from what his life used to be. Judging from what you told me, he had no one. He only did what he thought was right, and so did you. I just don't understand why you choose to ignore him like this, he's an amazing person from what you tell me."
Grace looked to her right, uttering out a few sentences. "Olivia, to tell you the truth, I just don't know. I just feel so guilty, like i'm the reason they had gotten worse. What if he could've developed feelings for her if he didn't see me? I feel like this is all my fault. I love Malik with all my heart but I don't want to play tug of war with him."
Olivia nodded. "So that's what it is huh? If you love him, you need to get him before it's too late. I doubt he's with Tanya anymore."
Grace had felt a bit of relief once she heard that statement, and hoped it was true." do you know that?"
"She's been huffing and puffing around the office for the past two months and I always hear her silently crying by herself whenever we're on break. If they were still together do you think she would be that miserable? The Tanya we know is always so pritsy and talking about how much she loves her fiance`, she hasn't mentioned his name in months."
Grace had knew that Olivia was right, she came from a strong woman like aunt Vivian, so her advice was very reliable. Did she really want to give up on the only person who she ever loved, and who she knew loved her back? She had lost Malik once, and she refused to lose him again. She didn't care if Tanya was still in the picture or not, she loved Malik and she wasn't going to let anything hold her back anymore. This was her chance at love, and the one chance she could have Malik as hers.
"Olivia, you're right. Tomorrow I'm going over there and expressing how I feel about him. I love him beyond my heart and more than words can explain. I guess when what you want is right in your face you don't know what to do. But now, I know what I'm going to do....and I'm going to get my man. "
The next morning, Grace had gotten up and got dressed bright and early. She felt the same butterflies come back all at once. She was afraid that he wouldn't want to see her, or even talk to her. Giving up and forgetting about him wasn't an option, if he rejected her on this very day Grace would be hurt, but eventually accept it and move on. Once Grace arrived in front of Malik's house and rang the doorbell numerous times, she stood and waited. There was no answer. She rang the doorbell over and over and Malik never came to open the door and flash his beautiful white smile and welcome her in. Just when she felt her tears coming, it had then hit her that Malik could only be in one place if he wasn't home........Valley Park. Without standing around and wasting anymore time, Grace immediately rushed and made her way to Valley Park. She sprinted through the entrance and turned the corner only to see a handsome young man in the distance, resting on a bench. Her heart began pounding out of her shirt when she realized that it was Malik sitting on the bench. She slightly took one step, then two, then three, and four. It was like following the yellow brick road to happiness. With each step, Malik had become clearer the closer she got. When she approached him, he had looked up in shock, but didn't say a word.
"Hi....Malik. Can I join you?"
He still didn't speak, but made a gesture that must of meant yes because Grace proceeded and joined him on the bench. It was such an awkward moment for them both because they haven't seen each other since they day they were caught red handed. Grace wanted to just jump into his arms and tell him how much she loved him, but she didn't know how he would react.
"Malik, I--I'm so sorry. I know you've been calling me, but I was ju--just confused about everything. If you hate me I understand, but I truly love you, and would do anything for you. I know Love isn't when you ignore someone's calls, but I don't know what I would do if you were to walk out of my life again. You are the other part of me that makes me complete, please forgive me."
Malik looked over at Grace and scoffed at her. "How do you know you love me Grace, huh?"
Before she could respond to his hurtful reaction he angrily got up from the bench and began to exit the park. Light tears began to fill her eyes, but she refused to let them fall, and refused to let Malik leave her in this park like this.
She jerked her body off of the bench and ran after him, grabbing him aggressively.
"Malik, baby? I know I love you! Do you know why?"
"No, I don't Grace."
Grace had let her light tears finally fall from her eyes and let the words roll right out.
"If I'm away from you for more than an hour I can't stop thinking about you. I carry you in my spirit and pray for you more than I pray for myself. There is no one I can see myself with but you, and only you." Grace could see Malik cracking a smile but he tried to hide it. "And that, that smile. When you smile like that, my world is alright.... I am in love with you, Malik Turner. I know you might still talk to Tanya, but I jus--"
Malik had instantly shushed Grace's statement and looked into her eyes.
"Grace, me and Tanya are through, we've been through ever since the day we got into that argument. I called off the engagement and told her how I really felt, she was furious. But I had realized that I needed you, and I deserved to have someone as special as you. You've been here since day one, I thank you and love you Grace Depina. I want you to kiss me and let me know that we will be, always, and forever."
Grace's tears fell fluently and she pulled Malik in closer and kissed him like she had never imagined. She couldn't believe this was happening, was it a dream? After all those years of stress and tears she finally got what she had always wished for. She had a loving cousin, aunt, and someone she was sure she would spend the rest of her life with. It wasn't just anyone, but it was Malik, the man she had wanted all her life.

{ Grace and Malik knew they couldn't predict their future but they would live day by day loving each other and dwelling in the happiness they had both longed for. They would give each other the love that was never there, and protect one another from everything. You never know what lies ahead in life, and when you've found that bit of joy and happiness, cherish it and don't ever let it go..... }
Thanks to everyone who has shared this story with me. I appreciate it VERY, VERY much! Thank you to everyone who has read this story and who continued to read it and give me such nice feedback. I'm very happy that I've completed an expanded story. This isn't the last of my stories, so don't forget about me ;)

-Stacey H.

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#9extremevazgirlMar 29, 2010

Wow that was a great story! you need to write more! \:D

#10spitzmagicMar 30, 2010

YAY, I am happy....I love happy endings....Bravo Stace, clap clap clap....\:wub\:

#11lolipopviennaMar 30, 2010

Just a question how do you get the sims to pose in all of those diffrent positions? also very good story cant wait to read your next one \:D

#12candy820Apr 1, 2010

Awww! \:D  That was so good so romantic. I loved this story.\:D \:D

#13shaml_sim Apr 2, 2010

Stace, that was so sweet!! \:wub\: A beautiful ending to a beautiful story! You wrote it all so well and I enjoyed it very much...thanks for sharing \:\) I'm sure Malik and Grace will have a beautiful life together and I can't wait to see what you have in store next! \:D

#14joxanthVIPApr 3, 2010

Great screenshots, great descriptive wording, great story.  Thanks for sharing!  :P

#15IllandryaApr 3, 2010

The perfect ending to such a beautiful story. I've enjoyed every minute I have spent with Grace throughout the chapters and am happy that she and Malik were reunited - especially love the ending photo, so cute!

#16lexivampireApr 10, 2010

Awwww.\:\)  Can you make a-a ending after this telling about grace's and malik's life!!!!! BTW\:rah\: \:wub\: \:rah\:

#17meandtheeMay 8, 2010

This was a beautiful story and I can see that you are a fan of Tyler Perry\:\)

#18just_wonderingMay 23, 2010

awww great ending<3

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